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  1. Soldering Tips Needed

    Keeping a cool, moist rag on the ring part may help ease the heat while soldering or "un-soldering" the hinge.
  2. 1928 sedan

    Looks right to me.
  3. Yes, I have seen where people have altered coupes into becoming convertibles. Not that easy to do. They made convertibles and roadsters at the factory, so there are a lot of those out there, too.
  4. I would start with Google. Type in: "1930 Model A Deluxe Coupe image" and see what pops up. See if any are alike and go from there.
  5. Information like the area that your Grandfather lived and if he was in any clubs will help a little bit. It is tough to find without more information. Photos will help a lot.
  6. Pot metal

    Got a photo of it so we can see what exactly you are working with?
  7. Help... hood ornament??

    1953 Cadillac rear bumper over rider....
  8. Teens touring.

    Running boards don't curl upward on the lighter car in question.
  9. I.D. this headlight bezel?

    1956 Oldsmobile?
  10. Go here....
  11. 1920s taxis

    Yes. Dodge Brothers.
  12. Chrome Window Channel Wanted

    The channel....
  13. desoto roadster 31

    That chassis is looking BEAUTIFUL!
  14. desoto roadster 31

    I am pretty certain the engine block and accessories were black and the cylinder head was silver. A 1931 DeSoto owner may prove me wrong in which case, I am always willing to learn.