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  1. keiser31

    What type of wheel is this?

    I don't think the BUDD tag would be located on the backside of the wheel.
  2. keiser31

    What type of wheel is this?

    I was going to suggest solid rubber for a big truck, but I have never seen a solid rubber tire wheel with the rubber missing.
  3. keiser31

    What type of wheel is this?

    They look almost like railroad wheels. Budd DID make auto wheels.
  4. keiser31

    What type of wheel is this?

    Well, I can tell you that they are Cadillac hub caps.
  5. keiser31

    1929 Chrysler 65 side mount spare tyre

    This shows that the Model 65 two door sedan could be ordered with side mounts. I imagine that the four door sedan could be, too.
  6. keiser31

    Help identify steering wheel

    1956-62 MGA.
  7. keiser31

    Early Beach Cruiser...what is it?

    American Austin. 1931 or so. Here is a similar one. Not the same, but similar.
  8. keiser31

    DA Window Crank

    Bullfrog....PM me your mailing address and I will send a handle to you. This is the one I have. John
  9. keiser31

    Crankshaft Pulley Removal 218CID G70

    Can you reach the flywheel to lock something onto the teeth to stabilize it?
  10. keiser31

    Car ID?

    There are a LOT of parts to glean from that car. ANYTHING such as the grille and surrounding stainless, the horn covers, windshield , instruments, windshield crank would probably be worth getting. Even the steel top insert in the condition it is in will be needed by someone.
  11. keiser31

    Need help identifying a chassis

    The arched cross member near the rear of the frame in question seems to be a bit different as the Chrysler item drops below the frame side rails and kicks back up. The item in question seems to be level with the side rails.
  12. keiser31

    Auto Trunk

    It would probably fit a 1928-29 Dodge Brothers Victory Six quite well....
  13. keiser31

    Car ID?

    The giveaway that it is 1936 Dodge Brothers are the tombstone-shaped horn covers on the fenders under the lights that match the grille.
  14. keiser31

    Need help identifying a chassis

    That tube style front axle has a Chrysler look to it.
  15. keiser31

    Need help identifying a chassis

    The chassis photos....