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  1. I don't know about the screen and vent, but be sure to grab that hood hinge bracket. Those are tough to find.
  2. If you are going to "auction" them, it sounds like Ebay is the best place for those.
  3. want to buy

    This is the style you need, but don't buy this one. It is a Chrysler cap and NOT a Ford cap. It cannot be used or restored....
  4. I had a 1939 Plymouth coupe that had that feature.
  5. Winner, winner, chicken dinner....
  6. I believe the switch is on the master cylinder.
  7. That logo was identified on here a few months ago, but I'll be dipped if I can remember what it was for.
  8. Toyota comes to mind.
  9. I believe the 1939-41 Plymouth had that type of speedometer.
  10. I actually remember that Metz in the second series of photos.
  11. ARE the man. Good on you.
  12. The grilles are different and there is a bump on the sides of the 1960. Here is a 1960....
  13. You say, "wiring good". How can you get spark into the distributor without getting through to the plugs? Are you getting spark through the wires?
  14. That car is looking soooooo sweeeeet!
  15. Did I miss it or did this happen? Is the car running?