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  1. keiser31

    1932 Marmon Sixteen sedan body - $6500

    I remember seeing a 1932 or so Marmon chassis on a property owned by a Mrs. McKim in Auburn Hills, Michigan when I was 16 in 1969. No body, but the engine and drivetrain and fenders were there. I guess I should have looked closer at it and purchased it. I think the old lady only wanted $50.00 for it. That V16 was huge. I wonder whatever happened to it.
  2. My honey and I go to Planet Fitness and we saw these two workin' trucks on the way home. I spotted the first one. She spotted the second one.....yep....she's caught the fever from me....
  3. Going to pick up my lunch, I was walking back home and saw this nice Thunderbird on a trailer....
  4. BEAUTIFUL job you are doing there.
  5. The bend would be in the center if someone wrapped a tow rope/cable around the front axle and tie rod at the same time to tow it. I have never seen a tie rod bent in the center except from what I just described. Just a suggestion, but you may want to ask other owners of a DB like that to see if their tie rods are bent, too.
  6. keiser31

    Car Show Pics CA

    NICE! Thanks for sharing.
  7. keiser31

    Rare 1916 Buick D4 Express Truck

    Cool truck!
  8. keiser31

    1918 Kissel Roadster / Hardtop

    Try here if you want to Phil Staub....
  9. keiser31

    New car

    Looks like a Buick to me.
  10. keiser31

    1953 Plymouth parts

    Try here for those pieces....
  11. THAT will make it a tough one to find....
  12. keiser31

    Identify car from picture other thing that we see is that the car was a two-door post model.
  13. keiser31

    What is it. Non Auto

    Sure looks like it.
  14. keiser31

    Identity a couple wheelcovers

    1-1954 Oldsmobile. 2-1970-72 Pontiac. Not sure about the mag center cap. Could be from Astro mags of the 1960s.