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  1. Went out to view a 1946 Ford firetruck for the local historical society, yesterday. It is being donated and I was there to figure out if it is a viable project for them to undertake. Looks VERY solid and maybe won't take much to get the old flathead going again. LOTS of possibilities....
  2. My thoughts, exactly.
  3. You could probably make room in the KITCHEN for it as they are quite small. A friend of mine had five of them in his two car garage.
  4. Mine were done by the previous owner who worked at a powder coating shop and he got a little carried away on my '31 DB.
  5. A LOT of spare tire mounts have only three studs to mount a wheel. That is enough to hold it on. That could be for a six-lug wheel since they look evenly spaced.
  6. I believe it is 20 amp, but just going by my 1931 Dodge fuse. Although, the gauge set I just received from a buddy has a 30 amp fuse in it.
  7. Maybe some sort of lift-out panel that goes behind or under the seat?
  8. It was probably worth $100.00 at that time. It was priceless and one of the all time coolest ornaments, to me.
  9. Just a little hint about powder coating wire wheels. Make certain that if the wheel is hung with a wire hanger around the inner rim where the rubber band goes, to be careful. When the wire hanger is removed, it sometimes leaves a jagged edge of powder coating paint. This may act as a poker to flatten your tube. It took me three flat tires on my front right tire to figure it out. The paint was poking right through the rubber band on the rim and jabbing the tube. File those edges down prior to mounting the tire and tube.
  10. 1953 or 1954 Nash on the right.
  11. These guys are somewhat helpful....
  12. A friend of mine had one hidden away in the box, basically n.o.s. He never got it out for me to see, but he always mentioned it. One day, he calls me up and tells me he's having a yard sale. I zip over there and while I am there, he tells me that he found that ornament and was so proud that he got $20.00 for it. I about DIED! I would have given him a hundred bucks for it and I never even got to see it. His girlfriend said it was, "REALLY in wonderful condition". I just walked away.
  13. If you really like it and are going to fix it up to use it and not try to make a lot of extra money, I say go for it. I see that as a very good car for that price. The headlamps are the bowl type and look original to me. They match the cowl lamp shape.
  14. I would guess that 90% of the people here do not want to go to a link for information. I know I won't.
  15. Sorry. Your original wording was not clear to me.