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  1. keiser31

    Clock from what?

    1957 Oldsmobile.
  2. keiser31

    ID Convertible and Van

    I think the steering wheel may look different on the car in question because it blends into the background a bit on top.
  3. keiser31

    ID Convertible and Van

    It sure looks like a 1928 Ford sport coupe to me. If you look closely, you will see the curved spokes on the steering wheel. Yes, it has newer wheels. Here is a similar car....
  4. keiser31

    ID Convertible and Van

    I don't think the truck is a Dodge. The car looks like a Model A Ford.
  5. keiser31

    From the HAMB....what is it?

    I just asked, so maybe I will hear back from the guy.
  6. keiser31

    Tail Light ID?

    Looks like 1966 Pontiac GTO....(edit: yes....if it says '67 on it, it is for a '67).
  7. keiser31

    From the HAMB....what is it?

    Thanks. I just found a 1930 that looks identical.
  8. keiser31

    From the HAMB....what is it?

    Got any ideas about the make on this one?
  9. keiser31

    1931 Buick 97

    Not to diss the guy's ad, but 95% restoration complete? I don't think so. What's up with the Bentley radiator shell and ornament?
  10. keiser31

    Help id a hub cap

    1928 Chevrolet. You can see that logo on the top of this ad....
  11. keiser31

    Wire Wheel please help Identify

    MGAs have 15" wheels. Yes... MGBs have smaller wheels.
  12. My 1931 DB DH6 business coupe has hinges on the top of the passenger side seat back in order to access the trunk from inside the cab. Maybe yours are to access the rumble seat floor area.
  13. keiser31

    Need id

    I see "JM" in the set....
  14. keiser31

    1927 Gardner clutch release bearing

    Try here.... Olcar Bearing Co (910) 693-3324 135 James Creek Rd Southern Pines NC 28387-6833
  15. keiser31

    1961 Buick Lesabre

    If you cannot flatten the areas around the mounting holes well enough, try here for a pan....