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  1. This may have been asked, but have you decided on the final body color?
  2. Not a Dodge on the left. I also think it is a Buick.
  3. I would LOVE that Healey.
  4. Yep....Austin Healey and 1950 Dodge.
  5. Try here.... or here....
  6. eyes.....
  7. Yeah, I was thinking maybe 1933 Plymouth with that tubular front axle.
  8. It is in one of my books, but only says that it is for a Studebaker. Yep. I knew THAT part.
  9. Can't answer....I am watching a NASCAR race....
  10. 1951 Chevrolet.
  11. There should be an adjuster knob on the back side of the clock.
  12. Looks like both fins are buckled.
  13. Hudson would probably have a triangle. Might be an aftermarket item or maybe Hupmobile.
  14. Maybe like one of these?....(upper right item)....
  15. I have no idea what vehicle it goes to, but it looks like a lot of the ones I have seen.