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  1. plymouth transmission decoders

    For a manual, try here....
  2. 1954 Plymouth hood and ornament. Looks like a 1954 upside down.
  3. Hawthorne 4 Cyl. Hand Cranked Air Pump Info Sought

    Looks like a sort of "clamp to the running board and fill up the tire" thing to me.
  4. Old truck

    Does this help?
  5. Dodge truck

    1936-38. Here is a 1936...1939-48 were way different.
  6. Help identify this car, photo taken in Sweden 1930s

    With that style visor, I would say the car in question is a 1926 Paige.
  7. Headlight ID

    1933-34 Ford radiator cap with dog.
  8. Just count the threads on the end of the exposed axle.
  9. Well, I just now took this castle nut off of an extra CM6 rear axle assembly. It is actually about 1 1/4" across. The center hole is about 3/4". You are welcome to it if it is what you need.
  10. Auto in old photo

    Well, we CAN tell you that the car is a 1925-26 Chevrolet. What we CAN'T tell you is who that lady is, how old she is or when she died. We DO know that she had to have been alive at the moment the photo was taken. We also know that she could NOT have died in 1908 since the car is 18 or so years newer. You asked. We answered. I would say that the granddaughter is mistaken.
  11. Auto in old photo

    Possibly she died in 1928.
  12. Auto in old photo

    That might be a bell behind the car. My cousins had one similar to that on their farm.
  13. Still alive; need ideas

    There is a house right next to me for rent in Phoenix, Oregon....1/2 way between Medford and Ashland.
  14. Auto in old photo

    Could just be the angle of the photo. I had a coupe like the one I posted and it sure looks like the car in question to me. That does sort of look like a lamp.
  15. So I guess I'm a Chrysler guy now

    Matt....that is an awesome car!