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  1. keiser31

    Stolen Ford Model T

  2. keiser31


    I LOVE those rolls!
  3. Coming back from a wedding at the coast, we cruised by these....
  4. keiser31

    oil pump

    There should be a pressure relief valve on the left side of the block. Take it out and check to see how clean it is before you dismantle the oil pump.
  5. keiser31

    Billings? I am in Keizer, Oregon....
  6. keiser31

    1948 chrysler wheelbolts

  7. keiser31

    1940 Plymouth 4 door Sedan NEWB

    Here you go. A little information....
  8. keiser31

    Wiper arm and blade

    This is how it looks without the little cover at the top and how it fits together....sorry for the blurry shadowy shots....
  9. keiser31

    Help Identifying Tool

    Looks to be fairly new to me. I was busting tires in the 1970s and I never saw one of those. Is there a patent number on it?
  10. keiser31

    Wiper arm and blade

    Check this one might be able to use the shorter of the two arms. Looks a LOT like my 1931 DB item. Oh....I see that one was altered. Anyway....that is the stlye that you need to look for. There are blades of different lengths for sale on Ebay, too.
  11. keiser31

    1940 Plymouth 4 door Sedan NEWB

    Welcome to the forum. You can scroll down to the Plymouth section below for more information and go here for even MORE information....
  12. keiser31

    1940 Plymouth 4 door Sedan NEWB

    Yep....that is your standard 6-passenger sedan....not the 7 passenger. Can't tell if it is the Roadking or the DeLuxe.
  13. keiser31

    1940 Plymouth 4 door Sedan NEWB

    If it is original, I recommend getting a factory shop manual. It will explain the brakes.
  14. keiser31

    1940 Plymouth 4 door Sedan NEWB

    Does it have jump seats? It doesn't look long enough to be a 7 passenger sedan. What parts are you looking for? Is it original except for the paint and wheels?
  15. keiser31


    I believe this should be the correct cap....