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  1. carbking

    buick 364 nailhead 4bbl carb

    You might get a quicker response if your question was more specific. Year? Series? Transmission? Air conditioning? Do you prefer Rochester or Carter? Jon.
  2. carbking

    Engine Stalls when hard stop or turn on headlights.

    It would be nice to know the vacuum reading at idle, unless I missed it. On the new old stock carb you installed: 2-barrel or 4-barrel? Both Carter and Rochester used Velumoid gaskets, which shrink with time, and cause leaks. Strombergs used a material that did not shrink. Is the gasket from carb to intake correct for both carb and intake? Did you install a spacer under the carb? Jon.
  3. carbking

    Listing carburetors on Ebay

    We have used cores for either the Standard or Master. Cores only, no rebuilts. Which do you wish me to list? Jon.
  4. carbking

    Listing carburetors on Ebay

    Ron - the Stromberg LB, LS, and OS carburetors, along with the Zenith HP series, are virtually impossible to keep in stock. They are highly sought after by enthusiasts building "retro race cars" world wide. They are all really good period carburetors, and side-draft in construction. We have been out of most of these for years. Most of them went to Europe. Thanks for asking. EDIT: Don't remember ever selling an OS-2 to a Kissel owner. Have sold a couple to the Ford T enthusiasts, for use with a Frontenac cylinder head, but generally they sell in multiples. The folks building a 4 cylinder want 2 matching ones, and the folks building an inline 6 want 3 matching ones. Just as a suggestion, you might, in your travels, pick up other versions of the Stromberg and Zenith side-drafts (I don't remember anyone who has tried to use 2 Schebler model R's ) Really difficult to match 2 or especially 3. You might be able to do some trading with some of the folks building these things. So far, no one (other than the Frontenac folks) have wanted a specific side-draft; they just wanted side-drafts. Jon.
  5. carbking

    Listing carburetors on Ebay

    To the gentleman needing the LaSalle carb from 1940, I checked and am sold out. We now have active a factory Buick dual quad, a factory Cadillac dual quad, an aftermarket Chevrolet dual quad with a Creitz intake, a factory Ford tripower, as well as a number of rebuilding kits including a SUPER kit for a 1941~1948 Chevrolet 6 with Carter W-1. Please bookmark our auctions, hopefully will be listing stuff for the next several years (unless someone would like to get in the carburetor business). Jon.
  6. The throttle shaft to body clearance should be 0.004 ~ 0.006 inches cold. Less, and it could bind when hot. Honing the pump cylinder should correct the problem. A few pits will not hurt anything. You do not want corrosion "projections" (beads?) to rip the leather. The effect of this early accelerator pump is largely in the mind of the driver. Even if perfect, the output of these pumps may be from 5 ~ 10 percent of the output of a modern accelerator pump (modern being defined as 1950's~1960's). Jon.
  7. carbking

    1936 Dictator 3A Stromberg carb

    A more complete description might help. Will the engine not start? Is the carburetor leaking after you shut it off? If so much fuel is draining into the intake manifold to prevent starting, there are several possibilities, but the most likely would be a defective discharge valve under the accelerator pump allowing fuel to syphon through the accelerator pump circuit. If the spring in the valve is weak, or the plunger is stuck then no amount of fuller earth and liquid soap is going to help; it will need to be replaced. Jon.
  8. Lots of good ideas, however (opinion) the best ideas are testing. In order: (1) Compression test (2) If the compression is good (rebuilt engine), check the valve settings (spring tension, clearance, if applicable) (3) If compression and valves are good, check the ignition, ESPECIALLY with an aftermarket ignition. Would suggest returning to original components for the test. We have solved hundreds of customers "carburetor" problems by having them replace a pertronix with points and condenser!!!!! (4) If all of the above is good, verify the idle settings (dwell, timing, idle mixture) (5) After that fuel pressure test. Compare results to the specifications in your factory shop manual. If you don't have a factory shop manual, acquire one! (6) If all of the above is good, a vacuum test at idle, and off-idle. Again, compare results with expected results. And remember, the white tailpipe of yesteryear was lead residue. A well-tuned car with todays fuel will have a dark or black tailpipe, and if driven around town and never driven at speed, the tailpipe will be sooty. Finally, an engine with a "perfect" carburetor and a defective ignition will be very rich, as there is insufficient spark to burn all of the fuel. Have fun. Very enjoyable to overcome a problem. Do not give up, but more testing and fewer replacement of parts will lead to better results. Jon.
  9. carbking

    Listing carburetors on Ebay

    As close as I can get to the '41 Buick rear is a '42 Buick rear. I do have one of those in used (needing rebuilding) condition. Jon
  10. carbking

    Listing carburetors on Ebay

    Len - actually, you can. From the main page of ebay, in the upper right corner is the blue "Search" button. Just to the right is the tag "Advanced" Click on "Advanced" Scroll close to the bottom and you will see a large page-wide box entitled "Sellers" In that large box you will see a small box entitled "Only show items from" Place a checkmark in the small box That will open a white box entitled "specific sellers" where you can enter the username. OR, 362398523524 Hidden hunter - we have about 15 not totally identified Cadillac Johnson V-8 carbs, plus a couple of sets of V-12/V-16 Caddy Johnsons. The V-8 units are difficult for me to completely identify. If you can, post a picture showing throttle arm, and any markings on the castings. Will check WHEN IT COOLS OFF! These are located in an un-air-conditioned warehouse, and it is hot in Missouri (Misery) However, we only ship to the USA and Canada (Ebay items 48 contiguous United States only). I got tired years ago of getting lit up on some forums for shipping costs, and I own no stock in either the post office or UPS! Beyond my control. Getting ready (in a couple of days) to list a Buick Riv dual quad set-up, and following that, a Caddy dual quad set. Jon.
  11. carbking

    Listing carburetors on Ebay

    I really need to make some room! So, I am listing carbs on Ebay. The present order of how they are listed is basically the ones that are most in the way However, if there are any requests, will see what I can find. Auctions are listed under username carbking. Please let me know if you want a specific carburetor listed. Jon.
  12. carbking

    Holley Model K carb SOLD

    Peter - sent you a message on the IHC forum with a buyer. Jon.
  13. carbking

    Series 80 Carburetor Question

    And I thought I was the only one that threw rocks at the Cadillac (Johnson) carburetors Jon.
  14. carbking

    1936 Dictator 3A Stromberg carb

    Check this link: If the curb idle screw (throttle positioner screw) is screwed in such that the throttle is cracked open, then the fuel will go into the manifold rather than exiting by the throttle shaft. Jon.
  15. Just listed on Ebay 362393436384. Opening bid $450. Buy it now $650. Includes free shipping within the 48 contiguous United States Jon.