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  1. DLynskey

    1927 Chandler Knight Parts

    Danny, Looking gat the original poster's profile it appears he has not visited the forum since 2014 so is not likely to see your post. You could try to send him s private message. If he is still using the same email address it might reach him. Don
  2. DLynskey

    1938 Buick Series 90 with French coachwork

    Photos of the Franay Towncar taken at Charlotte April 2016. Don More
  3. DLynskey

    FOR SALE - 1941 Pontiac Torpedo Coupe

    Lee, You have two nice Pontiacs and they seem to be priced fairly. I hope you have had more response by phone or email than you've had on this forum. I can't believe no one has commented. Photos of the engine compartment and interior might help. If I weren't 1200 miles away I would be awfully tempted, especially on the black '41. Don
  4. DLynskey

    2018 Grand National Photos

    Charlier, Thanks for posting the photos. They look great on my PC. Don
  5. DLynskey

    1932 Dodge

    The car is gorgeous as is and I second the appeal of the blackwall tires. I would leave it exactly as it is. Don
  6. I just read in the newspaper about the Trans America Challenge 2018 which begins in Charleston tomorrow morning, May 27 and zigzags across the country finishing in Seattle June 17. There are 39 registered participants with cars ranging from 1927 to 1973. Almost all the participants are from Europe and Australia/New Zealand. Maybe you can catch them when they pass through your area. http://www.endurorally.com/pages/trans-america-2018 Don
  7. DLynskey

    Identify car from picture

    I believe the car is on its top in the water. A Customline Victoria (2-door hardtop without the center post) would be a rare car. More likely it is a 2-door sedan with the center post. Don
  8. DLynskey

    Any Crosley gurus here?

    1951 Crosley or 1971 Corvette? Tough choice. Don
  9. DLynskey

    1947 Chevy Fleetline

    I was with you until I got to the photo. No problem with the color selection but PLEASE do the fenders in the same color as the lower body. I'm old enough to remember the 1947 models when they were new and I cringe when I see one with dark fenders. They did not come from the factory that way! By 1947 "fat" fenders were going out of style and the manufacturers did NOT try to emphasize them. I've always been a fan of the old Chevies. I remember my grandfather coming home with a brand new 1948 Styleline, but the '46 through '48 Fleetlines are among my favorites. The 2-door was much more popular then and still is, but that makes the 4-door quite unusual and interesting. It always seemed rather stately to me. It looks like you found a nice one. Don
  10. DLynskey

    What's wrong with this '57 Chevy?

    Many things wrong with it, but the most obvious is it seems to have started life as a 4-door hardtop and the rear doors were eliminated to make it a 2-door. Don
  11. DLynskey

    2018 Charlotte Meet photos

    Thanks a lot for the photos. I hope the weather is better next year. Don
  12. DLynskey

    Model year for this car? Can you help?

    Whatever the make and model, 1935 is a good guess on the year. Don
  13. DLynskey

    Hollier 8

    Shaneola, if you click on the original poster's name you will see his/her last visit to the forum was April 2015 so it's unlikely they will see your response. While in that screen you can click on "Message" and send a message which might go through if the account is set up to receive email. Don
  14. Restored with minor performance upgrades.
  15. DLynskey

    FS 1938 Plymouth PT 57 Pu truck running gear

    As a newcomer yourself I'll offer a couple of suggestions. First, you might try calling the phone number in the ad, but I imagine you have already tried that. You can click on the poster's name and you'll see he registered for the forum, posted this ad about 8 years ago and never visited the forum again so it's unlikely you will get a response from him. If you scroll down on this website you will find forums specifically for Plymouths and Chrysler products in general. Post an ad there with an eye-catching title like "Wanted, engine for XXXX. Then describe exactly what you are looking for. You'll surely get some help there. Don