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  1. chuck nixon

    Fun with the 1921 Touring

    I had previously posted about the 1921 Buick Touring Model 45 I purchased last May at the Mecum Indy auction. Well, it has been sitting quietly waiting for a couple of minor items that needed attention and to finally be registered here in Texas. Got the safety inspection and it is now registered as an antique. This past weekend the car finally came out of hiding and Friday night I took it to a 1920's murder mystery 'flapper' event at the request of a friend so they could use it for background in photos. That worked out great and then I thought since it is in the trailer why not take it to the festival in Waxahachie. TX about an hour south of Fort Worth. There was a car show with 75 cars as part of the festival which included several hundred vendors for several blocks around the courthouse square. Great weather and enormous crowds after all the rain we have had in Texas. The car was selected as a top 20 participant and had the most fun talking to folks who wanted to know what was it, did I restore it, do I drive it, and what a wonderful vehicle for the public to see and appreciate. I really like the way parents would lift up the little kids, show them the interior of the car and overhear them explain the big tires and wood wheels, the dash and steering, gear shift and brake handle, etc. A real learning experience for many young and hopefully interested car kids. Life is Good😎
  2. chuck nixon

    Denver 2018

    I will ask Roy whqt gives?
  3. chuck nixon

    Denver 2018

    According to Roy Faries we had 64 Judges: Here are Roy's numbers I used in a BCA2018 presentation to the NTX club last Saturday. I was on a team that judged the Riviera's and we had 11 to judge and like Pete I was the chassis guy so I too was up and down a bunch. In the Denver thin air and the warmth of the day as we approached noon the water bottles came in handy. Chuck Final Numbers •Registrations w/guests: 331 • •Vendors: 33 Paved Outdoor spaces 46 Indoor spaces 28 Car Corral spaces 9 Total Cars 171 400 point judging 72 Display only 64 Archival 21 Modified 14 Drivers 53 Senior 15 People Total people 654 Judges 64 Chuck
  4. chuck nixon

    WTB Dash light, spot light, mirror for 1921 Touring

    Thanks Gert, I have a 1932 also. Chuck
  5. Just acquired a 1921 Touring Model 45 and I need the dash light to fill the hole and light the gauges. Also could use a rearview mirror and spot light if they are out there somewhere. What have you? See photos Chuck Nixon
  6. chuck nixon

    1964 Buick Electra 225, 30k original miles, $15K obo

    You should also try Cars on Line as I have sold and bought cars from the Chuck
  7. Just acquired a 1921 Touring Model 45 and I need the dash light to fill the hole and light the gauges. Also could use a rearview mirror and spot light if they are out there somewhere. See photos of what I need on a 1920 Touring at the recent BCA Nationals in Denver. Thanks for looking and any advice or what have you? Chuck Nixon My car
  8. chuck nixon

    Broke a Promise

    Update: Turns out the car was back at White Post every 2-3 years for carb cleanout and tune up plus other minor things to keep it in great condition. I have receipts into the late 90's.
  9. chuck nixon

    Broke a Promise

    Thanks for the encouraging words. I have probably have 20+ letters and invoices from "Billy", owner of White Post in the file documenting the restoration, invoices, explanation of things White Post did over the years including a letter that apologizes for having to raise labor rates from $17.50 to $20.00 to keep his good people and cost of living increases. I am going to copy everything and make a complete history book and perhaps write an article for the Bugle. The car was featured on the cover of the March 1981 Bugle and there was a letter inside giving the history of where the owner found the car etc. There is a letter in the file from the owner to Billy saying he paid for $275 in the late 50's or early 60's but I have to get home from Indy and re-read it all. I sent Pete Phillips, Bugle editor, photos of the car before I bid on the car and we discussed condition and price range. He and I were on the same page on price range so I felt good when I got it at what I considered a good price. With a few cosmetic upgrades it will be like it just came out of the restoration process. Engine purrs and starts easy. More when I get the car delivered to Fort Worth and I get to know it better. Chuck
  10. chuck nixon

    Broke a Promise

    Well, I promised my wife that I was not going to buy a car at Mecum Indy where I am this week. Intended to just have fun watching others spend money and a lot of nice Buicks changing hands. Yesterday I broke my promise.I was thumbing through a catalog of The Maryland Collection, 47 cars being sold at 'No Reserve' and noticed a 1921 Buick Touring car for sale. I walked to the display and was blown away by this wonderful car that had been restored over the years and looked awesome. In the back seat was a 3 ring binder full of the car's history including history back to early 60's, complete restoration receipts from 1979-80 and later by the renowned White Post Restorations of White Post, VA.After reading about the car and work done I decided to check with a friend that knows early Buicks on pricing to confirm what I thought the car might be worth. We were both on the same page so I decided to bid on the car and after spirited bidding, I won the car. I am thrilled as it will be a fun car for family, shows, parades etc. Apparently there are very few 1921 Buicks left, especially in this condition. The car had been sitting in a 100+ car collection in Maryland for more than 10 years and after the passing of the father in 2017, the family decided to liquidate the collection, hence my lucky day.Called the wife and explained what I had done, then sent photos and she forgives me since she loves the older, antique cars.Buicks forever Chuck
  11. Buick GS400 Coupe in Fort Worth, TX.. I have too many cars and have to sell one or two so I am reluctantly parting with this ground up restoration GS400. I bought it in Dec 2013 out of Iowa with the interior and paint done. I added the pin stripes plus all the work listed below: Engine/Running Gear Completely rebuilt, numbers matching original 400 engine and transmission Engine rebuilt to stock specs except cylinders/pistons are .30 over Rebuilt correct Rochester 4 Barrel carburetor Alternator, Starter, water pump, fuel pump, distributor, power steering, all new or rebuilt New 17 electric fan and shroud om new 4 core radiator to meet OEM specs, linked electric radiator fan controls with A/C controls New front after-market disk brakes/master cylinder/power booster All suspension/bearings/bushings rebuilt or replaced New rubber dust shields on fender wells Replaced rear end with one with little wear on third member gears New OEM correct exhaust system Coated exhaust headers Correct Star Wars air cleaner New B.F. Goodrich 14" red line radial tires New Vintage Air Conditioning System and used new A6 aluminum look alike compressor Used OEM under hood A/C compressor mounting bracket/pulleys New under dash Vintage Air heater/AC box with controls Removed existing dash bezel and installed stock A/C bezel with center vent, ducts etc. Tachometer not working New carpet and new Legendary white vinyl interior including new new dash pad and new Kick panels New Custom Modern Radio with blue tooth/USB connection and new rear and front speakers with new radio aerial Excellent condition tilt steering and turn signal levers installed Exterior - New correct OEM spec grill, grill vertical piece re-chromed, improved top grill stainless New passenger side mirror, new new quarter window latches and new rear window new glass Many other odds and ends improved or replaced. . Price $ 31,995 and I am losing a bunch of money at that price and I am willing to discuss offers Engine without A/C compressor installed yet. A/C compressor installed
  12. chuck nixon

    2017 PWD Dinner @ Brookfield National Meet

    We had a great time at the OTHER table getting to sit with the Scheib's and meet other folks. Concur on great food and atmosphere. Chuck & Dianne
  13. chuck nixon

    1967 Buick Sportwagon GS400 'clone' done!

    I plan to Bill, see you there. Chuck
  14. chuck nixon

    1967 Buick Sportwagon GS400 'clone' done!

    Thanks again for the positive comments. I was overwhelmed by the positive comments about the SportWagon at the BCA meet in Brookfield even to the point that several folks told me it was their favorite car at the meet. That included a gentleman who, while I was drying off the car Friday morning introduced himself and his 14-15 year old son and said " I just wanted to tell you that my son says your car is his most favorite car at the meet, and likes it better than mine!" We had a good laugh and I shook the son' s hand and thanked him for coming and enjoying the cars. Had several folks come by who wanted to talk about growing up and having a station wagon in the family and their experiences. To see all the cars at the meet, whether archival, restored, modified, or drivers, etc. plus meeting and talking with folks was well worth the trip from Texas. The SportWagon was trailered up and back and other than having to buy 4 new tires for the trailer after a blowout in Oklahoma, the 2200 mile round trip was uneventful. Wife and I look forward to BCA in Denver in 2018 and in Oklahoma City in 2019. Chuck
  15. I may have missed this somewhere but I remember a Forum breakfast at a previous meet. Is there one this year? Thanks, Chuck