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  1. maybe2fast

    Selling some parts (EBAY) Reatta

    stuff still on long term ebay listings
  2. Listing some of my Reatta parts Reatta Front Grill Center caps (set of 2) Set of Gray Latches Door Emblems 1990-1991 Famous coin holder 90-91 Dash Headlight bucket parts (SOLD) Door Rubber moldings ABS computer Reverse Lights Let me know if you want anything, we can work out something on the forum here. I also have a set of vent windows with tracks
  3. maybe2fast

    90-91 Coin Holder

  4. maybe2fast

    90-91 Coin Holder

    I don't understand the joke.
  5. maybe2fast

    90-91 Coin Holder

    1 day left on the auction
  6. maybe2fast

    90-91 Coin Holder

    Jim- It has been forever! I sadly do not still have the car. I had to sell it to make room for my Trans Am. I still have the TA 400rwhp and daily drive a Trailblazer SS. Of all the cars I have owned ans sold the Reatta is my biggest "I miss it" really wish I still had it, I really wanted a L67 swap. I have a few more items. 2 vent windows with tracks L and R Good set of door rubber weatherstripping L and R Few headlight parts Jim thanks for the help all those years ago!
  7. maybe2fast

    90-91 Coin Holder Hey is a perfect condition 90-91 coin holder I had from my Reatta. Just thought I would give the members a look. If you guys decide you want it. Email me and I will end the listing Don:cool:
  8. maybe2fast

    90-91 Portfolio

  9. maybe2fast

    90-91 Portfolio

    I also have both sides vent windows with tracks. Make offer
  10. maybe2fast

    90-91 Portfolio

    Year: 90-91 Make/Model: Reatta Price: Bidding Description Portfolio with booklets Location (Commerce, MI, USA) Contact Information (Don, I thought I would post up my portfolio I have on EBAY. Hope someone needs has alot of original booklets inside. Still miss my Reatta BTW this is out of my 1 of 363 1990 Driftwood Coupes with the options ​
  11. maybe2fast

    My possible T-shirt design

    I look forward to seeing what develops of this
  12. maybe2fast

    AC delete belt

    I need a length or part number for a serpentine belt that will bypass the ac compressor
  13. maybe2fast

    Vent windows

    make offers...please
  14. maybe2fast

    Vent windows

    make offers...please
  15. maybe2fast

    Vent windows

    I have a drivers and passengers vent window complete with tracks. make me an offer, I will split them individually