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  1. julrickpackard.com
  2. The 37 godess is one peice plus the base.41's are three peices head,body & glass wing + base. G
  3. There are supports that go on the cross members on your shields and bolt to the bumper bolts. Greg
  4. I have 2 retainers.
  5. Check your vacuum advance. Greg
  6. What vintage is this inflator?
  7. What make of pickup does this fit?
  8. PM sent. 4t1pack
  9. Sounds like your main shaft going through the clutch is binding on the pilot bearing. Good luck.
  10. I have one out of a 1941, will that do? Saltydog
  11. Black
  12. 1935Packard, Service letter dated 9-15-41. sent you a PM. Saltydog
  13. As I said befor it's your windshild wiper motor. Refer to page 35 in the electrical section of the service letters. Saltydog
  14. If your noise sounds like a telegraph, you should look to your windsheld wiper motor. Try truning it on and off when you hear the noise. Saltydog