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  1. Torque Wrench history

    Don’t get torqued about it
  2. Franklin events for 2018

    Does anyone know if there are any Franklin regional meets planned -- definite or tentative? In addition to the Trek, Westrek and Midwest meets, in the past there have been meets in places like: Long Island Louisiana Florida New England Canada and other little gatherings around the country. --Scott
  3. 1940 show winner collector 4 door packard car for sale

    Well said Matt. Its not always the old car guy who has an inflated value of a car’s worth. As suggested the family may also think a car is worth huge money which only makes it harder on everyone. Some years ago a dear friend many years my senior was selling his collection bit by bit. He had a Franklin which I really liked but being young I did not own a house and had no storage for the car. We agreed on a price, however, with the understanding that when I was ready I could acquire the car as we agreed. He gave me a written letter to that effect and had a copy in his personal papers. My friend died suddenly shortly after. Within a couple of years I had settled down and had a house with garage. When I approached the family I was turned away because they felt the car was worth more than we agreed to. They said I could make an offer but I did not because I felt our agreed to price was fair if not even more than the car was worth at market. I had nothing more to do with the family. Eventually the car was sold but I do not know to whom or the price. It took quite some time. So, an unfortunate end. I should have paid for the car and let my friend store it for me... but live and learn.
  4. Bedford Tires 700x19

    I suggested my estimate of $100 shipping because when I got four new Firestone’s to replace these Bedford’s it cost only $75 to ship the four. Got them from Universal in PA.
  5. History of hardened bolts

    Today we commonly have Grade 2, Grade 5 and Grade 8 bolts at our disposal depending on the severity of the application. When did this distinction come about? On cars I've worked on from the teens, 20's and 30's, I've never seen any markings on a bolt to indicate its relative hardness. Even in the engine for connecting rods, main bearings or driveline. It seems back then a bolt was a bolt was a bolt. It was just the diameter that determined its strength. True? If not were there different hardness specs? If not, Was it also WWII which inaugurated the use of hardness markings on bolts?
  6. Torque Wrench history

    Anyone have a feel for when the torque wrench became a common tool for the home mechanic, or small-scale shop? When did the concept of tightening bolts to specific pre-determined values become used in factories on assembly lines?
  7. Bedford Tires 700x19

    Great looking tires for a big Classic.
  8. Bedford Tires 700x19

    For sale --- Four used Bedford Famous Coach tires, 700x19. Tires have good tread left but are 30 years old. An inexpensive and great looking set of tires for a car that you don't drive too much . . . . or your call. Brand new Bedfords are $250 each from Lucas. This set is $250 for all four plus shipping. Figure on $100 shipping but I will let you know the exact amount before you send a check. --Scott
  9. Pickup

    Only in the very early days. 1910 and earlier. If you need exact years you could look it up in ACN.
  10. revets

    I haven’t looked up your rivets specifically but McMaster Carr has just about everything you could want. Their online catalog and mail order service is the worlds largest hardware store.
  11. Does anyone know Ed Wager in Virginia

    Ed Wager in Montpelier, Virginia has a car for sale on the HHFC website. I've tried to contact him but there is no response from the e-mail address and the telephone number listed has been disconnected. Does anyone know Ed or Sarah? Any way to get in touch? --Scott
  12. 1918 Franklin 9B Touring

    Just to throw in my two cents, I've found the original Wilkinson carburetor to be very nicely designed. It works well, is very efficient and gave me no troubles. I love the adjustable needle valve for you can not only finesse the mixture while running but you can shut off the car that way, and restart it on hot days very easily. Like a vacuum tank and six volt starter, don't give up on the original equipment. It works well when properly adjusted.
  13. High Speed Gears for Packard

    Those of you using an overdrive, what brand are you using? And how or where is it mounted?
  14. Why One Noisy Valve?

    You get more visibility and better Response in the general technical section. I also thought this problem may be relevant to similar L-head engines.
  15. Why One Noisy Valve?

    Can the cam followers be removed and more importantly replaced without removing or disturbing the associated valves?