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  1. Hello, Does anyone know where the RPO tag was placed on the 1977-78 Rivieras? I have a 1977. I have already checked the glove box and inside the trunk lid--no luck. Any leads are appreciated! Chris
  2. Hello, i would like like to learn more about this car. I may have an interest in purchasing it. Can you please private message me? Chris
  3. I was almost in shock, NOT at seeing the Lacrosse Super. Read the entire ad closely..."I'd say it's just about as fast as a Grand National." This is probably the first time in about 15 years that I saw a public ad in which Buick actually ACKNOWLEDGES that they built the Grand National. I almost couldn't believe I read that. Is it really as fast as a GN though? I'm not so sure. T-type Chris
  4. I recently did a coolant flush on my '99 Regal GS (also changed the hoses and thermostat). Now the "low coolant" light comes on although it will eventuallly go off after driving for a while. I have checked the radiator and coolant tank and they are filled to the proper level. Can anyone help me with this problem?