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  1. Did you install a power brake booster when you went to disc brakes on the front? I want to install disc brakes on my 1955 Special.
  2. I bought a set of Tre=Spoke wire wheels for my 1955 Buick 10 years ago and they have worked out very well. I am very happy with them.
  3. This is a "killer car." If I had the 25Gs I would buy it in a second!
  4. Here are a few more color combinations.
  5. I went with Diamondback on my '54 and Good Year on my '55 Buick. No Cokers for me.
  6. I took my 1954 Buick to the GM car show in Clovis, CA and won 2nd place in the original unrestored class. RT of about 130 miles.
  7. I hope it fits OK.
  8. Just don't drive it in the rain.
  9. I make the steel plates a little thicker than the stock one. If you want I will send you one for $10.
  10. I think that 1968 Cadillac front shoes are 2.5 inches wide and will fit the Roadmaster.
  11. This club puts on a great show only for Pontiacs, Oldsmobiles, Buicks and Caddilacs. No Fords, Chevys or Hot Rods. Check it out.
  12. Here's my garage.
  13. Your garage is too neat.
  14. You can also pipe up instead of sing out. Another NAVY term. AMS2 Wright
  15. I tried to install the upper spacers in my '56 and I couldn't get the spring to compress enough to fit it in, so I left it off. No problem with noise or clanking.