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  1. 1956 322 - Chirping Distributor

    Are you sure that it wasn't a little bird that was in there?
  2. 1956 Buick Special hesitation issue

    I love '56 Buicks. They're great cars. I am on my fourth one.
  3. WTB - Seeking 56 Buick car

    I have a 1956 Buick Century Model 63 and it's a great car. It only has 58,000 original miles. I drive it like a stole it and it keeps on going. But it's not for sale. When you find one look it over and drive it. You'll like it.
  4. 1957 Century Sedan on CL - $13,500

    1957 Buicks were not supposed to have wire wheels.
  5. Set of wind shield arms and blade holders for 1961 - 1965 Buick full size. $25.00 plus shipping.
  6. 322 valve cover stud and spark plug cover

    Thanks for the Ha Has.
  7. 322 valve cover stud and spark plug cover

    Nuts to all of you.
  8. Great looking office. I also like your dog!
  9. 55 Buick century antenna bezel

    Concur also.
  10. 1950 Bias White Walls

    Your tires and wheels look great!
  11. 1956 Century - rough ride

    They are dual exhaust 1 3/4 inches in diameter, same as the stock factory. They look good. I have the rectangular exhaust tips which extend out at the ends of the bumper and they are in perfect condition.
  12. 1955 Buick Super or Roadmaster Octane

    I run premium in all of my Buicks.
  13. 1956 Century - rough ride

    Took a ride to Mike's Muffler in Merced for new tail pipes and on the way home opened her up to 100 mph. She lives up to her name!
  14. 1956 Century - rough ride

    I hear that registration will go up by $65. I don't even put $65 a year in gasoline in three of my vehicles. I used to live in Danville now Mariposa County.