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  1. Airy Cat

    Which engine oil grade to use with 56

    I have been running Synthetic 10W-30 in my nailheads for years and no problems.
  2. I have been running Autolite #175 spark plugs in my '54 '55 and '56 Buicks for years and have had no problems with them.
  3. Airy Cat

    1956 Century - rough ride

    I try to avoid rough roads.
  4. Airy Cat

    Where to get a DYNAFLOW rebuilt ?

    Moore's Automotive This guy has rebuilt three Dynaflows for me and they turned out perfect. 998 Atwater Blvd. Atwater, CA (209) 358-0091
  5. Airy Cat

    55 roadmaster 322 , 2 barrel carb problems

    What happens on day 2?
  6. Airy Cat

    55 roadmaster 322 , 2 barrel carb problems

    I have been running Pertronix ignition on my three Buicks on 12volts for at least 10 years and no problems.
  7. Airy Cat

    New Scheme: second sway bar on a 55

    Correction: That should be Pacific Grove and not Garden Grove, CA
  8. Airy Cat

    New Scheme: second sway bar on a 55

    I installed 1 1/8" front sway bars to my '54. '55 and '56 Buicks. They made a very big improvement in the handling performance of the car. No more wallowing on curvy roads. I got them from Steve Dole, (831) 655-4838. Garden Grove, CA $165.00 each.
  9. Airy Cat

    1956 Century - rough ride

    Living in the mountains of Mariposa County the politics is mostly conservative. We like it that way. Support the State of Jefferson!
  10. I have a 56 Century and you do not have to take off the door panels.
  11. Airy Cat

    Idaho salvage yard

    Too much blah blah blah.
  12. I just like Buicks that are not modified from factory equipment.
  13. I kept all of my Buicks with the factory oil filter. I could say more, but I won't.
  14. Airy Cat

    Right Tire Pressure

    The side wall of my tires show a maximum inflation of 35 psi. I have been inflating all of my tires to 32 psi when cold. I have been doing this for at least 40 years and have had absolutely no problems with them.
  15. Airy Cat

    Starter cover

    I just checked and it's 1/4 x 20 by 3/4" long and the head is 1/2" with a flat washer sized area next to head. You need 4.