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  1. Right Tire Pressure

    The side wall of my tires show a maximum inflation of 35 psi. I have been inflating all of my tires to 32 psi when cold. I have been doing this for at least 40 years and have had absolutely no problems with them.
  2. Starter cover

    I just checked and it's 1/4 x 20 by 3/4" long and the head is 1/2" with a flat washer sized area next to head. You need 4.
  3. Starter cover

    I think that there are only 3?
  4. Starter cover

    So, you want me to crawl under my car to pull one on those off to get you the size?
  5. For sale: 1963 1964 Buick Riviera A/C and heater controls. All levers are in good working order.
  6. I have heater and A/C controls in very good condition for '63 '64 Riviera. All levers are in good working order. $150.00
  7. 20th Annual GM Car Show

    The Pontiacs of Central California will hold their 20th Annual all GM Car Show in Clovis, CA on May 5th, 2018. No Chevys.
  8. I took my 1956 Century out for lunch with some car club guys ( Mountain Road Rattlers ) of Oakhurst, CA. I put about 32 miles on it.
  9. I took out my 1956 Buick Century today for a 50 mile trip. It runs so good that I can't stand it. Hit a max of 70 mph.
  10. 54-56 muffler length

    I put Turbos on my '56. Sounds good.
  11. 1955 Century 3 speed - $8500 on CL

    My 1955 Special has the 264 cid engine but I installed the 4 bbl Century carb and the switch pitch dynaflow tranny. It has all of the Special markings and it runs very well!
  12. 1955 Buick factory power brake line routing

    I would like to know also.
  13. 55 Century Hood Bumpers

    I went through with that same dilemma a few months ago. I have no solution.
  14. 1955 Century Brake Mystery

    I too have a Border Collie that looks just like your dog. His name is Jack and he is a lot of fun and too smart for his britches. Ha Ha