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  1. Magic Potions

    Occasionally I will run 5 gallons of 100+ octane Av gas and the rest premium gas with Lucas fuel treatment. Been doing this for the last 20 years and everything runs great.
  2. 38-46 on BAT (not mine)

    That's a killer car.
  3. Carburetor: WCFB 2197S idle problems

    Every once in a while I'll pour in a half a tank of 100+ octane Av gas. It cleans everything out and perks up the engine.
  4. Wth? Gaping hole in new water pump?!

    When reinstalling the water pump and/or timing cover I always use stainless steel bolts.
  5. Auxillary Vacuum Pump for my 56 Buick

    Just don't drive in the rain.
  6. I drove my 1956 Century to town and back for breakfast about 35 miles. I went early and the highway was clear. Ran her up to 95 mph to get the cobwebs out of the carburetor. This car runs so good that I can't stand it!
  7. 1952 Buick Special (Modified)

    Did you install a power brake booster when you went to disc brakes on the front? I want to install disc brakes on my 1955 Special.
  8. I bought a set of Tre=Spoke wire wheels for my 1955 Buick 10 years ago and they have worked out very well. I am very happy with them.
  9. 1957 Buick Roadmaster 75

    This is a "killer car." If I had the 25Gs I would buy it in a second!
  10. 1955 buick paint schemes.

    Here are a few more color combinations.
  11. Coker Bias Ply Look Radials - OK for judging?

    I went with Diamondback on my '54 and Good Year on my '55 Buick. No Cokers for me.
  12. I took my 1954 Buick to the GM car show in Clovis, CA and won 2nd place in the original unrestored class. RT of about 130 miles.
  13. Exhausting wrk 1955Cent

    I hope it fits OK.
  14. 1956 Buick Power Wipers/Washer conversion

    Just don't drive it in the rain.