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  1. I made two more of them and would sell them to you for $10.00@ plus shipping.
  2. Go for the larger 1.125" sway bar. I have them on all three of my Buicks. The ride is fantastic!
  3. I went with the larger sway bar (1.125") with all of my Buicks. They are much better with the thicker bar.
  4. Airy Cat

    1956 Buick differential lube

    The 1956 Buick that I own has no axel filler plug nor can the cover be removed. The cover is welded on.
  5. Airy Cat

    Have you installed a covert closed PVC System ?

    I haven't experienced that.
  6. Airy Cat

    Have you installed a covert closed PVC System ?

    Why install a PVC in the first place?
  7. I have reproduced the stock carburetor block off plate that goes between the top of the intake manifold and the gasket that goes on the bottom of the carburetor with a 1/16" steel plate. It works great. I have had it installed now for about 6 years and 10,000 miles on my '56 Century.
  8. Airy Cat

    1956 Buick differential lube

    So, you can suction it out, but how do you get the fresh lube in through the bottom bolt hole/
  9. Airy Cat

    Best differentail lube for 1950's Buicks

    I want to check the lube in my 1956 Buick Century differential, but it has no drain or fill plug. Does anyone know how to drain and fill this rear end?
  10. Airy Cat

    1956 front sway bar.

    I bought 3 of them for my '54,'55 and '56 Buicks when they were available and I swear by them. No more wallowing around corners in mountain roads. The guy that made them is no longer producing them.
  11. Airy Cat

    Rear End Fill Plug 53-56 Buick

    My 1956 Buick Century does not have a fill plug for the differential. The shop manual states that it does not have one.
  12. Airy Cat

    Which engine oil grade to use with 56

    I have been running Synthetic 10W-30 in my nailheads for years and no problems.
  13. I have been running Autolite #175 spark plugs in my '54 '55 and '56 Buicks for years and have had no problems with them.
  14. Airy Cat

    1956 Century - rough ride

    I try to avoid rough roads.