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  1. Link above is to the shop manual pages describing he stromberg carb/
  2. 1930 Model A engine stuck

    Could be the bearings are stuck too in addition to the pistons in the cylinders. To get the penetrating oil to the main bearings, remove the distributor, and pour your concoction down the hole in the head where the distributor was. This will get the fluid to the valve chamber, where it will seep down to the bearings via the oil passages.
  3. No sound from horn

    I had this issue with my Buick. I don't know the specifics of a 53 Ford, but it can't be too different. You could have a hard problem or an easy problem. There is a wire that runs down the inside of the steering column from the horn contacts in the hub. The wire on my Buick ends up with a male connector sticking out of the column down by the steering box. Check for continuity between your horn contact in the hub and this contact down on the column. If no continuity, the internal wire is shot, and that's hard to replace. Then there's a wire that runs from the connector on the column to somewhere.... on my buick it was a junction box on the radiator support. Check the continuity of that wire. If shot, that one is easy enough to replace. I just ran a whole new wire rather than unwrapping the wiring harness and replacing the horn wire.
  4. "She"?

    Because, as Waldo said, things of beauty, grace and speed are often referred to in the feminine gender.
  5. Body Mounts This shows it fits '58 fords, so maybe it fits Edsels too?
  6. New 28 Ford, have some questons

    1. I just replaced the headlight bulbs with 2 Bulb Type - 6 Volt - Double Contact - 32-50 Candle Power. Now when I turn on the headlights the ammeter pegs discharge and the car will sputter and not want to run. What bulbs can I use that will correct this issue? More than likely this is a short in the headlight socket, not a bulb issue. A's are notorious for the contacts in the headlight socket shorting out to the body of the socket. 2. The key does nothing. Car will run with it in off position. It's original to the car. Can this be rebuilt and who does this type of work, is it worth keeping original? Or is a repro better? Is it an original pop out switch? If so, you push the button in until it clicks and stays put to turn off the ignition, turning the key will unlock the button and cause it to pop out. 3. The nickel plating on the radiator and headlights is dull. What can be used to polish this with out buffing through the plating? Any chrome polish will do 4. The horn works but doesn't always give the full ahooga. Is there a cleanup trick for this to get it to work smoothly? Clean the commutator (the copper thing visible when your remove the horn cover) with a pencil eraser! Have someone beep the horn while you gently apply the eraser to the spinning commutator. Then oil the armature with a light oil- sewing machine oil works for this.
  7. 2007 Lacrosse fuel pump relay

    Thanks NTX5467, I've searched all the online auto parts stores, and none list a fuel filter for a 2007 LaCrosse.... If searched fuel system schematics, and from what I can see there doesn't seem to be a fuel filter in the system. I've seen a blog that confirmed this, and mentioned all there is is a screen in the pickup in the fuel tank.
  8. 1952 Buick clock fix

    What could be causing my clock fuse to be burning out? I go through the restart procedure, disconnecting the battery, replace fuse, etc., and it will work for months. But then the fuse will just fry.
  9. What could cause the fuel pump micro relay on my 2007 Lacrosse to be burning out? It's not like it happens a lot. I've had the car since new, and I've had to replace it twice now- the first time about 6 years ago, and again just yesterday. So they last like 6 years . The casing of the relay is burned brown on the outside, and luckily the headlight high beam relay is the same as the fuel pump one, so I just switched it to get me home. Thanks Pete
  10. Buick straight 8 overheating - need some help here.

    The jacket behind the rear cylinder is more easily accessible with the head removed. I understand the resistance to such a commitment, and the comments that junk and water can get into the cylinders. But you can tape off the cylinders to prevent junk from getting in. And by removing the head and inspecting its condition, you may find another reason for it running hot- such as stuck or burned valves, excessive carbon buildup, head gasket failure, etc.
  11. Generator Rebuild

    A few of the wires on my armature let go. I saw a part number stamped on the armature. Typed it into ebay, found a NOS replacement still in the box. Less than $50.00
  12. Anybody know where I can get a replacement transmission cable for the right side wiper? Thanks.
  13. Boner Move Club

    I don't understand how the fender on the non-step plate side would have dented from just your weight. That fender is the same gauge steel as the one on the other side with the step plate, and that one supports human body weight without denting. Maybe that fender was knocked and repaired some time in the past, and you just opened an old wound.
  14. Can a bad battery cell be revived?

    Thanks everyone. I was grasping at straws because I didn't know where I could get that kind of group 2E (long, narrow) battery quickly, and didn't want to wait several weeks for the replacement. No Farms Supply stores here on Long Island! I ordered the battery online from NAPA for pickup at a local store. They didn't have it in stock, but they will have it by tomorrow morning!
  15. Can a bad battery cell be revived?

    Yeah, it's over 5 years old, but the replacement is going to take a few weeks to be ready. I did find that I can order a group 2E from napa. It won't look right, but at least it'll be usable until the new correct one is delivered. Thanks Larry.