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  1. Reg Evans


    Oh....duh... thanks
  2. Reg Evans


    Where was the Vista Rod Run held ?
  3. Reg Evans

    6 volt starter turn over slow or fast?

    What Trimacar and Silverdome said !
  4. Reg Evans

    1933 Dodge Rear End Question ( gear ratio)

    No, I don't know Thane. I'll try looking him up.
  5. Reg Evans

    1933 Dodge Rear End Question ( gear ratio)

    where in Nor Cal do you live Mopar Scott ? I'm also in Nor Cal in Grass Valley. I'd love to see your cars sometime.
  6. Reg Evans

    33 plym oblong bumper bolts

    Where can I buy them for my 33 PD? 4 total. thanks
  7. Yup, looks welded to me......That's Crazy
  8. Reg Evans

    Window Rubber Snubbers

    Check out this link. These might be what your looking for.
  9. Reg Evans

    1952 Plymouth Suburban

    "planning to buy a new alternator for it & see what I need to do to get it running its tight needs freed up some. An need to find out what bolts & springs I need for the hood. The hood is just laying on the car & I am missing all hardware needed to reattach the hood. " I might have all that hood hardware in my bone yard. PM me if interested.
  10. Beautiful car !!! Unless a previous owner swapped out the engine you car came with a 201 c.i. engine, not a 230. Check this link out. PS......Grandpa Dodge is very jealous.
  11. Reg Evans

    Can someone here ID these radiators

    Um.. no...I thought the part number would be what is needed for an ID. But here ya go. I think the 1st one is truck related.
  12. One is a truck radiator I think. Part # 591259 The other is for a car I think. Part # 586029 I want to sell them but need to be sure what I'm selling. Thanks !
  13. Reg Evans

    1948 New Yorker 2 year road trip

    I recommend them highly. I have them on 4 of my 5 old cars and the white wall stays much cleaner and whiter than the ones by Coker I have on my 33 Plym.
  14. Reg Evans

    1934 Plymouth PE Deluxe

    You thought of it so handleman it.
  15. Reg Evans

    1934 Plymouth PE Deluxe

    He may have done what I did as a rookie. Maybe he forgot to hit the "follow" button and is unaware of the comments.