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  1. 1090-1910 EMF ??
  2. Pictures would help make a match from a gasket catalog.
  3. The clamp with FORD cast into it came on Model T trucks ( Model TT) equipped with 20" Firestone demountable rims ( most 1924-1927 production). They were used on the rear, front tires being different rims with smaller tires.
  4. It does appear that these are casting and therefore a mold was used not a stamping that used a die. For efficiency most molds for small parts have more than one cavity and they usually show slight differences especially very old ones that were hand made.
  5. I will take it. Sending a message. Thanks
  6. I believe 1914 Maxwell had an independent Simms magneto, simple on /off switch. 1915 went to a Simms dual system magneto that with the special switch/coil would start on battery and run on magneto. 1914 (and some 1915 Maxwells) with Simms-Huff Starting and Lighting system use two 6 volt batteries one of which is connected negative to ground. 4 dry cells are used for the battery side (starting) side of the magneto switch ( if so equipped). So it is a 6/12 volt system. 1915 they went to Gray & Davis 6 volt system ( positive ground) for starting and lighting. A separate set of 4 dry cells were used for the battery starting of the magneto syastem. What brand and model(s) of starter and/ generator do you have? Magneto info? Pictures?
  7. Splitdorf $350 Wico $300 unknown brand $350 Heinze $400 All are 4 cylinder Does yours mount on a shaft or against the case? Picture of your location would help determine.
  8. Your existing coil box appears similar if not identical to units used on Model T Fords. If so, the engine side would be laid out like this Kingston unit. the Ford diagram would apply. Note that your engine would have a timer wired to the coil box, a typical timer is pictured. The wiring diagram shows 1911 Hudson with a special coilbox that controls both that box and a magneto. The idea is to start on coils using a battery then switch over and run on the magneto. Your existing magneto with start the engine if you crank fast enough, it is not capable of making spark from battery power. The idea in the old days was to prime the engine, then turn on a battery powered system that would spark the plugs thereby starting the engine with not hand cranking needed. I am going to guess that your engine has 2 sets of spark plugs. What does the engine side of the coilbox look like?
  9. I am thinking that Jacobson-Brandow made coil boxes that worked with a timer. Your Bosch magneto dates from 20 years after the car so perhaps is a replacement for the timer. Can you post pictures of your equipment?
  10. White cars used MEA and yes they are high end quality. I believe this is a Mea dual switch coil for magnetos equipped to start on battery and run on magneto. Often used on hand crank cars for easier starting.
  11. During that period most wiring diagrams are not auto make specific but rather make of electrical equipment. What make/model of switch/coil and magneto do you have?
  12. Model T Ford This is the "small" size that was sold for cars and trucks, overdrive, underdrive, direct and reverse.
  13. Goodyear No Rim Cut
  14. May be aftermarket body for car or light truck chassis intended for trade use.
  15. I would lean more toward 1926 Buick Master with aftermarket lighting.