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  1. Phinney-Walker rim wind clock circa 1912

    I will take it! Sending you a message.
  2. What is this car?

    The oval filler is a feature of Kinwood brand radiators. While Overland was the largest purchaser, there were others that had this same filler, Stoddard-Dayton included.
  3. What is this car?

    How about 1911 Overland Is that the trademark script painted on the hood, just showing above the crown of the left front fender?
  4. Unknown 33 x 4 SS Rims

    I believe these to be late 1920's truck rims. Sorry I do not know the manufacturer. Can you measure the rim size ( tire inside diameter) at arrows? They may be 24", a common truck tire size.
  5. Unknown 1912 era car, ID requested.

    The unknown car has been identified as a 1911 Haynes Model 20 Fore-Door Touring. Standard wheels were non-demountable, it would seem that the 2 lug demountable wheels were aftermarket or perhaps special ordered ( or offered) thru the factory ( or dealer). Here is another image of the same car/model. There seems to be an artist touch up for the advertisement, the steering gear thru the side of the hood has been erased!
  6. Early Magneto? Water Pump? Crank Handle? Drive

    Looks badly worn or rusted but may be this: Magneto drive coupling, this type is called Simms. See upper left. There is one more corrugation on one side than the other allowing a fine adjustment of timing.
  7. WTB Split Rims

    Maybe this will help. I know of no 21 1/2" rims.
  8. The correct size magneto?

    Well excuse me for trying to be helpful!
  9. What is a "Felloe Plate"?

    Some wheels have a special T shaped rivet to hold the ends of the 2 sections of the wood felloe in place. Pictured in lower left. These are usually not reusable. You wheelwright should be able to supply these if your wheels use this type and it looks like they do. 10 O'clock position on the wheel standing at left in your picture.
  10. Felloe bands for wood wheels

    Need 2 felloe bands for wood felloe wheels, Baker or Jaxon brands, size 34 x 4 1/2.
  11. Unmolested complete ZR-4 Bosch 2 spark magneto, fires 2 sets of spark plugs for a 4 cylinder engine. Right hand CW rotation. Will need restoration including cleaning out old stiff grease and relubricating, $2950. Can ship worldwide. Happy to answer questions or supply more pictures.
  12. About 8" in diameter I believe, has screws that hold the 2 halves together. Any help appreciated.
  13. Unknown 1912 era car, ID requested.

    Mystery car has steering shaft for pitman arm coming out above the frame, thus a rounded cutout in the hood. I have seen 2 bolt demountable wood wheels in a picture of a 1910 Marion race car. Wheels are probably from an outside supplier to the car manufacturer rather than proprietary to the car. Anyone have info on the wheels?
  14. Help appreciated on this unknown. Note the unusual 2 lug demountable wheels and what appears to be a rear view mirror on the left ( far) side of the windshield. Canadian??
  15. Mike, Your switch is a vibrating duplex. Not to be confused with a duplex switch/coil used with a duplex magneto. Bosch terminology of that period is quite complex. Your switch was used with a vibrating duplex coil ( shaped like a Derby hat) to make an independent magneto such as your DU-6 start on battery and run on magneto. I doubt that you can adapt it to run 2 sets of spark plugs, surely not 3 with a timer. I have a large collection of Bosch literature as well as magneto ignition pieces. Contact me if I can be of help.