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  1. Solder a Model T Ford reproduction float to your mechanism? They also have floats of new modern material.
  2. The oval radiator filler is an Overland feature because Overland bought Kinwood radiators and that was one of their available radiator filler styles. Other makes of cars with Kinwood radiators also have oval fillers.
  3. Sure says 490 Chevrolet to me!
  4. 1922-1923 Oakland 6-44
  5. 1914 Model T Ford Windshield braces have an offset in them that allows the windshield top half to fold toward the rear.
  6. Throttle and choke arms are in appropriate positions for Model T engine. Could be an aftermarket accessory carb. Does it bolt right up to a T intake manifold?
  7. Probably wrong drag link, they were made in several different lengths. Too short and it will do that, too long and you do not get full range of steering but hardly anyone notices that! Pitman arm may be bent is another possibility.
  8. Sure looks like a Dodge to me!
  9. Another quite similar and another easily confused with a gasoline engine car.
  10. The parts book I have lists in the Introduction the body styles as these but does not indicate years of manufacture: Fore Door Touring Car Detachable Demi Tonneau Roadster Runabout Demi Tonneau Open Touring Car In the parts list they also indicate Coupe. Will venture a guess that this is a 1912 Roadster ( but then it does not have 1912 wheels!):
  11. Actually EMF was produced for 4 years 1909-1912 under their own name and with some modifications in 1913 as the Model AA35 Studebaker. The EMF parts book put out by Studebaker for all the EMF cars pictures 4 different part numbers for each front fender. It shows 2 very different rear fenders, long ones for for the roadster with 2 mounting brackets and 2 part numbers, shorter ones ( as in pictures above) with 6 different part numbers for the other body types. The parts list shows even more part numbers for fenders. All very confusing! This would lead you to think they changed the fender even if very slightly for each year OR perhaps they renumbered each part evey year and many of the numbers are actually the same part carried over to the next year. Just to muddy the waters....Here is a Studebaker radiator.
  12. I don't think they are Buffalo wire wheels. They look like #60 Dayton dental drives which came on L-29 Cords only.
  13. 1909-1910 EMF ??
  14. Pictures would help make a match from a gasket catalog.
  15. The clamp with FORD cast into it came on Model T trucks ( Model TT) equipped with 20" Firestone demountable rims ( most 1924-1927 production). They were used on the rear, front tires being different rims with smaller tires.