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  1. Layden B

    American Traveler?

    Different brand wheels. The sedan has Dorian wheels. Am thinking the sedan is 1912 and the touring 1913+.
  2. Layden B

    American Traveler?

    So much more appropriate body style than this one!
  3. Layden B

    Help Identify Ammeter

    Original Model T Ford ammeters have FORD script and read only 20 amps, this one may be aftermarket and uses a small diameter 1926-1927 ammeter in an adaptor to fit 1919-1925.
  4. Layden B

    splitdorf coil box

    Picture of your mag on the car?
  5. Layden B

    splitdorf coil box

    David J, Your pictured box is a low tension magneto switch/coil. The number of cylinders is determined by the magneto. A 4 cylinder coil box would have 4 coils in it and a timer to match on the engine. old car fan, The coil on the right in your picture has 2 high tension terminals on the bottom, it is for a 2 cylinder engine.
  6. Can supply these clamps if they will work or can be modified, $100 pr
  7. Layden B

    Stanweld Split rim for a 1921 Premier

    Dave, Sorry no. My interest and collected literature is 1920's and earlier. Most literature is automotive (cars) and excluded trucks, tractors, etc.
  8. Layden B

    Stanweld Split rim for a 1921 Premier

    The latch holding the ends together will vary. It was/is normal to see larger tires than the nominal rim size, hence your 33x5 on a 32 x 4 1/2 rim.
  9. Layden B

    Stanweld Split rim for a 1921 Premier

    You are correct with the 23" rim size. This is the inside diameter of the tire. Since the rim has an edge to hold the tire from coming off, the outside diameter of the rim ( not its nominal rim size) will be larger ( usually about 1 3/4") just as your tape shows. For a double check..go measure your modern car tire/wheel. Your rim appears to be a FIrestone type E. These were manufactured by Standard Welding in Chicago and under the tire would originally have had marking for "Firestone" and made by "Standard Welding".
  10. Layden B

    Early 1900's -What is it?

    Jack Benny's house? Maxwell?
  11. Layden B

    1920s Firestone wood wheels NOS

    Mark, Yes they are certainly Firestone brand but not clinchers. The rims for these take straight side ( Dunlop) tires as we use today. Pictures are from rim catalog and show these as type 24A4. The industry was changing over in sizing designations at that time, thus the discrepancy with 28x4 stamped on the rim.
  12. Layden B

    New Engine

    Delco starter-generator and 6 cylinder, probably Buick. Post a list of the model numbers on the electrical components and we can probably tell make and year and model.
  13. Layden B

    Is this a Model T

    Many such pictures were taken when the car was brand new. This may be one. Could have been taken in 1913 or late 1912 as the new model year started in the fall just as it does today.
  14. Layden B

    Is this a Model T

    Second look! Top half of windshield folds forward, 1913 feature.