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  1. Radiator hose with a hose clamp.
  2. Years ago I ran 30x 3 1/2 clincher tires on my Model T Ford that were branded ( hot brand melted into the sidewall) KSTL. That was done by Key System Trail Lines ( San Francisco East Bay area) to deter theft of their property. I got them off a surplus welding cart they sold.
  3. There were in those days a flexible coupling that had similar hub on both the shafts and a piece of hose between them. Clamps held the hose tight to the hub. It had the necessary universal joint feature and allowed for easy change of timing. The OD of your piece is probably a common tubing/hose size.
  4. For Sale Baker 24" rims and fellow bands

    Buick 1916 D-44,45 some ( the rest of production used 26") Oakland 1917 34 Oldsmobile 1917 37
  5. Is this an Overland?

    Has the distinctive Overland script at an angle on the corner of the hood upper panel, visible just above the crown of the front fender.
  6. Wedding day 1912. Name that auto?

    I am going to say 1915 Auburn
  7. Delco 6-Cylinder Distributor c. 1917 What does it Fit?

    Is there a 4 digit number stamped into the housing? Perhaps just above the Delco tag.
  8. Help needed to ID car make

    1913 Oakland
  9. Wanted: Brass Float for K D Type B Carburetor

    Solder a Model T Ford reproduction float to your mechanism? They also have floats of new modern material.
  10. automobile 1910??

    The oval radiator filler is an Overland feature because Overland bought Kinwood radiators and that was one of their available radiator filler styles. Other makes of cars with Kinwood radiators also have oval fillers.
  11. Unknown early steering column

    Sure says 490 Chevrolet to me!

    1922-1923 Oakland 6-44
  13. What is it??

    1914 Model T Ford Windshield braces have an offset in them that allows the windshield top half to fold toward the rear.
  14. Please help ID Model T Carburetor

    Throttle and choke arms are in appropriate positions for Model T engine. Could be an aftermarket accessory carb. Does it bolt right up to a T intake manifold?
  15. New Model T Did Something Strange

    Probably wrong drag link, they were made in several different lengths. Too short and it will do that, too long and you do not get full range of steering but hardly anyone notices that! Pitman arm may be bent is another possibility.