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  1. Layden B

    Early Chassis Identity Sought

    I especially love the headlamps! Made from Model T Ford 1917 and later sidelamps with projecting lenses added on the front. Model T Ford 1919 and later wheels too.
  2. Layden B

    1915 Series F and 1917 Series R Sales Catalogs

    Sold them both.
  3. Can anyone give a name to this lost soul? 1 to 1 internal ratio, The brass gear may not be same brand. Thanks for any help
  4. Layden B

    1929 1930 M Hubcap

    Very nice cap special to Stutz for this model, what might be taken for scuffs on the face is a reflection. $250, domestic postage $12.
  5. 2 original and very nice sales catalogs, the 1915 also includes the one year only H.C.S. car. 1915 Series F is $285 1917 Series R is $225 Both have illustrations of the different body styles, chassis details and specifications.
  6. Layden B

    Cowl lamp ca. 1913-15 - any ideas?

    I would say 1915 Cadillac but I think their small side glass is oval.
  7. Layden B

    Vacuum tank woes

    A filter in the modern sense may be too much restriction. A well designed sediment bulb that allows the particles to drop out by gravity should do the job.
  8. Layden B

    Help ID Truck in the Photo

    That cab was new introduction for 1925 and the basic truck with only very minor changes continued thru the end of Model T production in 1927.
  9. Layden B

    Early Chassis Identity Sought

    From a more cynical point of view, many owners of such vehicles ( or any other such object) really know just what they have but are subscribers to " The Greater Fool Theory".
  10. Layden B

    Early Chassis Identity Sought

    Drive components and rear axle, maybe rear half? of frame too appear to me to be 1911 Buick Model 14.
  11. Layden B

    Mystery early four-cylinder timer/distributor

    Four lobes on the cam indicates four cylinders. As it has one set of breaker contacts it would have worked with one ignition coil to send spark to the center of the distributor cap for distribution. Thus a distributor. A timer would have one set of contact points for each coil as the coils are each attached to one spark plug. No high tension distribution occurring in a timer and coils set-up. Hope this helps.
  12. Layden B

    Durant Star rumble step plate

    Step plate for 1927 1928 Durant or Star Coupe or Roadster rumble seat, nice original cast of aluminum with part number 18658 stamped on, $175.
  13. Layden B

    Adlake lamp firewall of truck?

    Has anyone seen an application for this? Perhaps shines forward through a large wooden firewall on early truck? Small clear lens might illuminate dashboard?
  14. Most distinguishing feature would be the latch on the rim where the ends meet. Not much can be told from the tire side of the rim. You did catch the Kelsey model however. Kelsey No. 210 rim was only made in 4" wide size and only used by Lexington on their 1924 Model MM This is a 24" rim size.