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  1. Appears to be a NOS carb. that has lost its way and now needs help with being reunited to an engine it fits. Casting number 10-91 cast into the iron throat updraft section. This seems to be a 1925 era number. Cast aluminum right hand turn section on top has horizontal output where the carb bolts to engine. Thanks for any help.
  2. ID 25 x 2-1/2 wheel rim with T hooks

    The measurements you give are consistent with a rim for 30x3 tires. This would be a 24" rim size (inside diameter of the tire). By far the largest user was Ford on the front wheels of Model Ts 1909 thru 1918 and later on cars not equipped with demountable rims.
  3. Model T? wrong headlamp

    The Yosemite Park and Curry Company (YP&C C) used a fleet of Pierce Arrow cars to give tours. This no doubt is one of them. The cars were purchased used from the Los Angeles area and "used up" giving tours. The Pierce is probably no longer with us, the Wawona Tree is not either.
  4. Early front axle??

    My 1926 Remy Service Manual shows your starter and distributor to both be: 1925 Oakland Model 6-54-C The starter continued on the 1926 Model 6-54-C but the distributor for 1926 is a 636-J
  5. Early front axle??

    If you post the distributor and generator info off the name tags ( starter too if you have it) we can probably ID years of the engine.
  6. Early front axle??

    The Oakland car was a GM product while Star was made by Durant Motors, Inc. When Durant went bankrupt the plant in Oakland, Calif,. that had been the west coast manufacturing center for Durant was sold to GM and became the west coast Chevrolet truck plant.
  7. Early front axle??

    Oh yes, you are in Australia. That would be an American Star, not a British Star. The American made Star was sold into the British empire as a Rugby. The probable source for this axle would be the Oakland, California, manufacturing plant.
  8. Early front axle??

    Star, I think.
  9. Bosch S-12ED2 magneto control switch, complete and nice shape ready to use. 1 3/4" diameter
  10. Mystery sedan and roadster.

    Wood wheels were standard on Studebaker thru 1928, 1929-30 wire wheels became standard with wood wheels optional. Not an Australian picture, steering wheel is on the left.
  11. 1918 Bearcat Starter Motor

    Stutz starters 1914-16 Remy 5A 1917-20 Remy 189-A 1921 Remy 741-A 1922-23 Remy 741-B Remy catalog does not list a 1924 4 cylinder Stutz but I believe the 4 cylinder was still available and would have continued the 741-B
  12. What toy car is it..

    Would think the all green one looks more Pierce.
  13. Mystery touring circa 1910.

    "Platform" 3 spring rear suspension was not exclusive to Cadillac but a large clue.
  14. Stevens Duryea

    Timers came in 1 thru 4 cylinders and 6 as well. Usually the car manufacturer purchased the electrical equipment so the timer is the same make as the coil box. I believe your car is 4 cylinder but do you have a preference as to make of timer? I can supply a 4 cylinder.
  15. 25" split straight side rim

    Firestone "E" came in three different widths of 25" rim size. 32x3 1/2, 33x4, 34x4 1/2