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  1. Layden B

    Salisbury Differential

    This is from Delson Interchange, more comprehensive but I doubt helpful as all are quite obscure.
  2. Layden B

    Mystery late teens car in NZ - run on coal gas

    What is there about the "Regal 4" on the tank that you guys don't like? First picture has a Regal billboard in the background. Yes most Regals were not underslung.
  3. Aftermarket electric lamp ( sold originally in pairs) to replace original gas lamps, mid to late teens era.
  4. Layden B

    Think whitewalls weren't used before the war?

    This Model T Ford had it's picture take July 31 1915. First car into Yellowstone Park.
  5. Layden B

    Need Help ID a Buffalo Wheel

    Yes this is a 4 1/2 size, type MS Buffalo wire wheel hubcap. Jordan 1926-1927 light 8 Rickenbacker 1926 both 6 and 8 cylinder Wills Sainte Claire 1924-1926 and no doubt others. Buffalo also made types CB and H in 4 1/2 size.
  6. Layden B

    Free Stuff, Need Some Info

    Model T Ford later teens era.
  7. Layden B

    Unusual flip-open oval radiator cap, ca.1930

    Years ago I had a radiator with an oval filler. I tried for a long time to figure out what model of Stoddard it fit, only to find it wasn't Stoddard at all. My radiator was made by Kinwood and the detail features including oval filler that I thought were Stoddard were actually standard offerings by the Kinwood Company to the trade. My radiator turned out to be Lexington. .
  8. Layden B

    Can anyone help identify this old car frame

    4 cylinder Buick I think Check out this front crossmember
  9. Layden B

    What might this hood be from?

    Early 490 Chevrolet ??
  10. Layden B

    Outside rear view mirror 1960s?

    Sorry, I forgot to include that it is absolutely plain underneath. No numbers or marking of any kind. Aftermarket??
  11. Layden B

    Outside rear view mirror 1960s?

    Thanks for any help on ID of this lost soul. Yes, it is for sale.
  12. Layden B

    1920s-30s Buick Hubs

    A5 was a Buick application only. Red background on the logo plate was used 1928 only.
  13. Layden B

    1907 Ford model K original headlights.

    Picture of the bonnet would be helpful. Anything marked on the knob?
  14. I suggest they are from 2 different vehicles. Left and further away, Model TT ford truck rear?
  15. Layden B

    What is this car? 1915-25

    1913-14 Model T Ford parts against the wall.