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  1. prices vary If not noted, parts are for 1941 Cadillac's Bumpers<o:p></o 7 1941 front (some with bumper guards and brackets, 3 1941 (some with bumper guards and brackets), Convertible: 2 1941 top assemblies (may be incomplete),Doors:2 (L, R) 1937-1940? GM convertible doors<o:p></o 4 (L, R) 1941 Cadillac convertible doors (2 with rust through, 2 solid but incomplete);4 1942 Cadillac 4 door doors With interior forpatterns. Fenders(many with inner fenders), 4 Right front 1941 Cadillac fenders, 3 Left front 1941 Cadillac fenders, 2 (L R) rear 1941 Cadillac convertible fenders withtail lights, Hoods 1 1939 – 1940, 3 1941 Cadillac,2 1942? Cadillac Gravelshields<o:p></o 3 pieces 1941 Cadillac?, Several pieces between frame and engine, 1 1941 front from grill to both fenders (3 piece), Grill former, Grill shutter assembly,Transmission cover (part of a floor),Radiator yoke 1941 Cadillac. Interior<o:p></o 3door panels from 2 door or convertible misc years inc 1941<o:p></o Carpetfor patterns<o:p></o Firewallinsulation<o:p></o Wood spare tire cover with hardware<o:p></o Misc interior and exterior trim pieces<o:p></o <o:p>Seats<o:p></o 2 sets 1941 Cadillac convertible front<o:p></o Convertible rear partial<o:p></o TrunkLids<o:p></o 2 1941 Cadillac convertible<o:p></o Exterior<o:p></o Many chrome pieces from grills, rocker moldings,etc.<o:p></o</o
  2. Dave Fields

    Custom enclosed car hauler - DELIVERED

    Trailers with a side door that opens to allow your inside vehicle's driver door to open all the way are the easiest to use. So much easier to get in and out of.
  3. Dave Fields

    Painting wood on pre WW1 car

    Jamestown Distributors is a good source. I bought the "varnish" for my woody from them. Do not give them your email because thy will pummel you with email offerings you never need.
  4. Dave Fields

    Change in selling trend

    At The Quail and The Italian Concorso in Monterrey, there were tens of thousands under age of 50 with sports cars, many under 25 years old. (Like the CCCA was when it started.) In El Paso, the young people are into Rock-A-Billy with over accessorized 30s-50's cars, and 40s-60s cars, some rat rods, some original, and some lowriders. They center around tattoos and Rock-A-Billy music.
  5. Dave Fields

    Duesenberg watching

    Ed, I was with people who liked the sports car and didn't get to see all the cars. as we had to make air connections. Unfortunately, bot planes were late, and we sat in Monterrey and Phoenix airports for hours, time that could have been spent looking at cars. Believe me, my biggest disappointment of the weekend was not seeing you and your car up close. I did see it at the reviewing stand.
  6. Dave Fields

    What is the largest antique car show in the world?

    As far as I know, Greenfield Village-Henry Ford Museum is the oldest American antique car show. There is nothing like Hershey; it is a type of its own. There is a stunning amount of 100 point American big iron at Sweden. Almost all 50s-60s cars, but They bought up the Olds 98s, Buick Electras, Lincolns, 8 door limos, Mercurys, Bonnevilles, etc when we focused on Vettes, Mustangs and T-Birds. When I was at Big Power, there were 3 1959 Cadillac Eldorado convertibles, and 3 58-60 Lincolns. As I discovered at Car Week in Monterrey (Pebble, Quail, nearly a dozen auctions, bigger is not better. It just becomes overwhelming.
  7. Dave Fields

    Duesenberg watching

    Jeff, I saw the two J's at Pacific Grove, but somehow missed this one. Easy to do as there was an overload of things to do and see that week.
  8. Dave Fields

    Is This Worth Saving?

    According to the announcer at Pebble, the Paige 6-66 was the first American production car to do 100 mph.
  9. Dave Fields

    Not bad first negative feedback in over 10,000 sales

    how is great product with fast shipping negative?
  10. Dave Fields

    What is the largest antique car show in the world?

    I have been to the Big Power Meet. They claim 20,000 American cars. I think that count is quite high though. Hot August Nights caps their event at 5,000 registered. I have heard 15,000 at Louisville, but haven't attended.
  11. Dave Fields

    Duesenberg watching

    Joe in Canada: I would add Hot August Nights in Reno, a vintage race, an event in Europe, The Glidden Tour ( VMCCA registered trademark) and any of several private and public collections, often accessable via AACA or CCCA national events. The Canadian Auto Museum in Oshawa is interesting for the many Canadian built cars. Neithercutt in California is free, Peterson in LA is fantastic for its interpertation of American auto culture.
  12. Dave Fields

    Duesenberg watching

    Automotive Quarterly's E L Cord book originally sold for over $1,000, but there are copies available either at Amazon or Ebay for under $100.00. A small Duesenberg book, The Duesenberg by Steinwedel and Newport, Duesenberg , the mightiest American Motor Car by Elbert is also an inexpensive book. You should be able to buy all three for under $100 total. I might mention that while It is reported that Duesenberg only supplied chassis, La Grande was part of the E L Cord empire and supplied some of the more spectacular bodies for Duesenberg. According to the E L Cord book, at times La Grande supplied bodies on Duesenberg chassis before there was a buyer. B & S bodies are usually quite graceful, so this body isn't in keeping with their styling ability. B & S was one of the early builders of Custom cars, not in the classic sense, but in the Rod and Custom sense, creating a bridge between the the customs accepted by AACA and CCCA and those more in line with the L A Roadster show or Hot August Nights.
  13. Dave Fields

    Monterrey California Car Week

    One person called Pebble Beach the "Kentucky Derby" of cars. Indeed, there were perhaps as many people there to be at the scene as were really interested in the cars. Ladies were wearing shoes that probably cost more than my daily driver. It seemed that every Lear Jet in the world was at the airport. The two vehicles that attracted the most attention at Pebble were the 1956 Cadillac Presidential parade car - seen in the Dallas parade when Kennedy was shot (in original un-restored condition), and a 1970's Pininfarinia's Ferrari- based Mondulo with 550 HP and 36 inches high. I saw two damaged vehicles on the fields of various concorsos. There were so many Lamborghinis at the Italian Concorso, they may have covered nearly 2 acres. One person named it "Lambo Field." The streets were covered with RRs, Bentleys, Lambos, Ferrari's, McLarens and Ford GTs. Not a place for grocery- getter Corvettes. I called the week "A Hurricane of Automobiles." The Bonham Auction had 850 automobiles and motorcycles. They had a tent for super cars. It alone was worth the trip. 850 cars must be a half dozen acres of cars. It seems every car company in the world, and many companies I had never heard of were showing super-cars. Bugatti unveiled its new 5.5 million USD dollar car. The companies set up displays that looked like dealer showrooms complete with wood floors. My feet were killing me and young very attractive ladies were walking around in platform high heels. I just couldn't take it all in, and couldn't even digest the parts I visited. I did two auctions and three concorsos. We showed a 1936 Alfa Romeo 6C at The Quail and The Italian Concorso.
  14. We bought a bow and arrow from Don Sommer; excellent and easy fix and very reasonable.
  15. Dave Fields

    Only at Pebble Beach

    It was also parked in the dirt lot for spectators at the Thursday night auction. Unbelievable. Of course, there were cars even more valuable than the Tucker driving around during the week. Staggering!
  16. Dave Fields

    1931 Graham hubcaps needed.

    1 to 4. Please email if you have them.
  17. Dave Fields

    Smoke cleared a bit and I saw this

    Very conservative Christians would buy the bottom trim level cars like the 150. They viewed personal adornment s a sin. They often dressed similar to Amish. Very, very conservative. They must have loved the 1942 black out models...
  18. Dave Fields

    1974 Dodge Dart Diesel

    Was it The Antique Automobile magazine that recently had an article on the Perkins Diesel put in Plymouths in the mid 1950's? Seemed the only drawback was they smelled like pancakes cooking.
  19. Dave Fields

    wanted 1933 Cadillac parts

    We are missing the internal components for headlights (some one made a sealed beam conversion, the front hood hinge fastener, trunk rack, parking light lens and components.
  20. Dave Fields

    Parts valuation, Pierce Arrow

    Might run or ran years ago is very different than running. Very different indeed.
  21. Dave Fields

    video need caption

    https://www.youtube.com/embed/FG1LGKieTxY?rel=0 (Welding supply truck crashes!)
  22. Dave Fields


    There are a lot of Mona Lisas in red or pink dresses at a concorso d'Eleganza. I wonder if the cars that have lost their authenticity will be worth much 50 years from now. Originally in the 40s and 50s, the concorso was not about restoration, but about the raw elegance, beauty, and design of the car. Patrick Lesueur's book, Concours d'Elegance is a book I treasure.
  23. Dave Fields

    Seagrave 16000 ccm speedster

    Do you visit El Paso anytime? I recognize I-10 downtown El Paso. Wonderful project.
  24. Dave Fields

    Need help on 1949 Cadillac purchase #2

    What colour is it? LOL.
  25. Dave Fields

    Looking for Correct Style Jack

    Parts books often list the tools that came with the car. Probably tire tools, combination wrenches, a screwdriver, hammer...