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  1. Advice on a Bentley please.

    This is one of the worst threads on AACA, with so much information. Ignore all the pundants talking about prewar RR/Bentley cars. Ignore ll the experts talking about post war V-8 RR/Bentley products. The engine and car you are asking about is a F head 6 cylinder car. The engine in question is an industrial engine. It was used in tanks and many applications during the era in question. It is a fantastic engine. There are two antique vehicles that are used more than any other in around the world rallies or "races." the circa 1929 Chrysler 75 and the postwar Bentley 6 cylinder. A MK VI Bentley enthusiast, a member of the British army, saw many RR/Bentley motors in ditches during his service in Iraq. The aluminum head on the iron block can be a issue; but that is it. The automatic transmission is GMC, and filters are available at Pep boys or any major auto parts. Nothing says money more than a RR sliver Cloud or the Bentley SI. A fantastic car for the money. Perhaps the BEST BUY in all of auto collecting----a post war RR/Bentley 6 cylinder. The 6 cylinder car is very very very different than the V* car.
  2. A few days with a Packard

    Ohio tags. Someone has old CCCA rosters. I would look there. Must be something in the AACA library.

    What automotive art is available?
  4. Benz manual wanted

    We have a reproduction of the 1886 Benz three-wheel automobile and need the operator's manual for same. Xerox or downloadable copy is fine. We would like to get it running.
  5. Pilgrim These were semi hand built cars, finished outside the Packard plant. Packard was a luxury car. 1953 Eldorados bring more money, but it is similar to the two cars you mentioned. Best riding car I have ever ridden in.
  6. where is the serial number?

    Friend's car- a convertible sedan. We are getting it ready for CCCA judging.
  7. where is the serial number?

    Looking for the location of the serial number on a 1932 Pierce Arrow 8. Thanks!
  8. Ford's Piquette facility

    The Antique Automobile is correct in reporting that Ford Motor Company assembled cars at the Piquette location, but the term "assembled" gives the reader a different picture than what really happened. All the early Fords, were mostly constructed at the Dodge Brothers plant. Somehow they were delivered to The Ford Motor Company where wheels, and wood bodies were attached. This is clearly shown in contracts that survived. I might note that the company and business was always referred to as "Dodge Brothers" and never "Dodge." Also, well into the 1920s, the Ford Motor Company, the vehicle was always referred to as The Ford car, or Ford Automobile. Apparently, it was protocol to separate the man, Ford, from the product. An interesting, if not now quaint way of expression.
  9. Who was first?

    You would be wrong. RE Olds used an assembly line, and had rather crude interchangeability of parts, but the cars were pushed from station to station, much like Colt revolvers would be moved from station to station. In the gun case it would be passed either individually, or in boxes. I say "crude interchangeability" as when Olds was unable to keep up with engine production----transmissions were Dodge Brothers---, he contracted Henry Leyland (as well as Dodge Brothers and others) to produce engines. As Leland was the most exacting of the world's machinists, the low tolerances in the Leland produced engine. Even the experimental assembly lines at Ford Motor Company consisted of rails where chassis were pushed from worker to worker. I cannot conceive how a moving production line could exist without the engineering of Leland, and that was not proven until Leland took the Cadillac to England in 1906 and won the Dewar Trophy. I am certain Olds did not have a moving assembly line. None of my books support that statement.
  10. Who was first?

    If Henry Ford, or more specifically Ford Motor Company wasn't first with a movable assembly line, then who was?
  11. What is a "Felloe Plate"?

    Several Model T vendors sell bolts and nuts. I don't know if they would be the proper length for your DB.
  12. Looking for a very good original or information on a reproduction if available.
  13. Swap Meet Food - Any Stand-Outs?

    Auburn Auction had the homemade ice cream. Dozens of machines churning out ice cream. The Stowe Vermont show had a steam engine turning the BBQ spit. The CCCA Grand Nationals in Waxahatchie TX always have a really good real BBQ banquet. The only good banquet food I have found.
  14. First Aid Kit

    Given the age of most members, a heart defibrillator and oxygen bottles should be available. While I might be facetious on the first item, I have seen many instances where oxygen was needed or would be helpful. Electric wheelchairs should be provided also, or at least replica Oriental Buckboard, electric type, made available for sale. Otherwise, duct tape, for the car and me, a handkerchief, water and some aspirin are all I need. But yes I have a small first aide kit in my truck. There is probably one in my trailer too, but good luck finding it.
  15. Confucius say, "It takes two to make an auction." I have seen many great deals lately, but I am in the market for nothing, and turning cars is not as easy or as fun as it used to be, so I am not interested in buying to selling. Almost all my friends are in the same state of mind. Too many cars, no space, etc.,etc. In fact some have great deals that might have interested me at one time, but not now. Saw a lovely Fiat 124 yesterday for only $7500 OBO. Running and needing nothing. Add the crap gas we have to buy and constantly fighting fuel problems, it just isn't the fun it was. Thank you corn lobby! Storage is also expensive, and troublesome. How many cars are being destroyed in the Houston area right now?