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  1. Cincinnati Salvage Corps

    I don't know what they were, but they sure had interesting trucks! http://www.cfdhistory.com/htmls/company.php?name=62 .
  2. Tuscon Western Meet

    Anyone driving West on I10 through El Paso to Tuscon please PM me. Might be able to get you into a 120 car private collection here. As we all are going to Tuscon Meet, our schedule may not permit the tour.
  3. 1931 Grham 6 hubcaps instruments

    wood wheels. I am not certain which model it is, but it is a 6 cylinder. The engine number appears to have been on a sheet metal plate attached to the engine. Someone years ago stole all the hubcaps, emblems and the engine plate. I have not located a serial number plate; it is not where it is supposed to be.
  4. parts 1940 Super-8

    I have bought many items from this vendor. Does a great job packing and shipping. Parts are always as described.
  5. supercharged Cord

    Steve Snyder at The Vault had a Cord engine for sale.
  6. supercharged Cord

    I believe there was also a green, but maybe only on sedans?

    Not sure why they chose "If I only Had a Brain" for the background music, but I sure have thought that many times in a restoration project. Wouldn't chorus girls be cheaper? Fantastic video. He is showing very hard cars to restore as you cannot buy parts from catalogs.
  8. 1931 Grham 6 hubcaps instruments

    We need good hubcaps and a complete instrument panel for a 1931 Graham 6 cylinder.
  9. 1970 fj40 for sale

    Where is it?
  10. Importing a car?

    f the car has wood in it i.e moldings, etc., it does not need all that treatment as the wood is sealed. The engine, transmission, rear end do not have to be drained. Gas may be another story, depending on how it is shipped. We have imported a dozen European and American cars from Europe over the past few years, most recently 2017, including a Hisso from Spain. The USA and Canada have had reciprocity for decades. I once drove a Willys Jeep, , without title or registration from Canada into the United States. Only when I reached the bridge did I think that maybe a Datsun body might cause a problem. The snow plow in front of what had to be the world's ugliest car added to the affront. Immigration took one look and passed me through. Warm as toast plowing my driveway in New York.
  11. I remember my parents worrying if they would be able to buy antique plates for their 1927 Chevy 2 door because Ohio was considering changing the cutoff year past 30 years old.
  12. Binders for The Antique Automobile

    The collection I am working with has 1952 - 2005 in binders. I am giving them my copies from post that date so when you are dealing with that many magazines Steve's suggestion of the local office store is helpful. I have a box of clippings from Old Cars Weekly, and as such are useless until I put them in folders by marque. Myself, I have 30" of car magazines/books 8' high or 240 sq feet of front space. In the collection I am working with, there are automobile books back into the 1890's is several languages. Friday, I took over 6 big boxes of magazines to the collection, and today I found two 1942 Packard parts I was missing. However I am challenging the universal rule that once you give something away/throw something away you immediately need it. So all my size 42 "skinney" jeans and extra large shirts are going to the Goodwill. Universal law states I will need them in 2 or 3 days. No other diet has worked.
  13. Are the Post WWII to mid 1950s Cars In Again?

    Muscle cars seemed hot in the January auctions. Full Classics, unless very unusual, and American late 40s - 50's cars are still soft. The Avanti seems to finally be moving up. But prices are only good until the next auction. Just because somebody says a 53 Plymouth was appraised, the set value means nothing. Divide the price by pi, and negotiate down from there.
  14. Palm Canyon Drive 1934 & 1939

    St Louis Blues was a 1939 film. A Broadway musical comedy star tires of the same old grind and flees the city. She runs into the skipper of a showboat who befriends her, and they make plans to put together a musical revue. But a competing carnival owner hatches a scheme to put an end to the show before it begins. For some reason, the local theater did not seem impressed that Dorothy Lamour was in the film.