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  1. Joy Rainey is a championship racer in England. http://www.bmsad.co.uk/introduction-1/competitors---hillclimbing-and-sprints/fred-bloggs https://www.tradeuniquecars.com.au/features/1502/feature-joy-rainey I need articles from magazines, newspapers regarding her career. She wrote for some English journals. I have her book, Fast Lady. (https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00NPNQUJ4/ref=tmm_hrd_used_olp_sr?ie=UTF8&condition=used&qid=&sr=) I would like a copy of her father, Murray Rainey's book:Alfa Romeo Ferrari. I have done the usual internet searches and have found very little. I am especially interested in her Alfa Romeo 6C racer. The fantastic AACA Library and Research Center is helping. Thanks!
  2. Dave Fields

    1939 desoto s6 custom

    There is no need to upgrade the brakes. It has fine brakes. Parts are readily available, you just have to be patient. Sounds like you might be looking for excuses to rod the car. That would be a bad decision, if that is what you are thinking. A friend bought one in Reno and got a speeding ticket driving her home. Have fun researching and hunting and keep her stock.
  3. Dave Fields

    1940 Plymouth 4 door Sedan NEWB

    Chrysler product brakes can be a little tricky to adjust, but once right, they are among the best ever made. The 1940 Plymouth has enough power, an excellent transmission, the best ride of any 1940 popular car. They steer and shift easily - no need for power steering, and came in several attractive colors. Correct colors, wheels, and hubcaps and you will have a lovely car. Parts and manuals for your car are on EBay all the time.
  4. Dave Fields

    Help With 20's Chrysler

    The metal in the body was framed with wood. In addition, the entire top half of the body might have been wood with a cloth covering, or the metal for the top is either missing or is lying in the car. Parts for Chryslers are not easy to find, and some parts, like the wood will have to be made. If you believe in the minimum wage and want to make more than 25 cents an hour, this is not a car to restore. However, Chrysler sixes of this era are fantastic cars, and are great drivers. AS others have suggested, buy a more complete car and use this for parts..
  5. Dave Fields


    Remember we also have a driver class where items like this are not deducted. Many owners show the car without the safety items or items added for practicality removed and then added, or not installed until after the car has won its awards. Is here a way to tuck the gauges behind the dash during judging and then reattach them after the show?
  6. Dave Fields

    Trying to find what it is worth

    Comparables would be a Ford LeBaron and the Ford Brewster. Please advise if it is for sale. The Cunningham, not the other car.
  7. Dave Fields

    1954 Chrysler New Yorker Parts

    You never know what turns up on Ebay. I got a new in the box thermostat for my 1950 Desoto a month ago after needing one for 2 years. You own a fantastic car and a great value.
  8. Dave Fields

    1954 Dodge Royal 500 Indy 500 Pace Car Convertible Hemi.

    Is the other car for sale?
  9. Dave Fields

    Who did ‘57 Better? Ford or Chevy?

    I certainly disagree, and there are many sources that state that GM styling had to do an emergency re boot of the entire product line. Chrysler, as usual, shot itself in the foot with many quality control and recall issues with their product line that slowed production. If memory serves, the headlight areas were rusting before they got off the dealers lots. GMC had too much planning for what you state to have happened.
  10. Dave Fields

    Who did ‘57 Better? Ford or Chevy?

    Chrysler did 1957 better, at least on the styling board. It caused GM to trash future model years, and make the 1958 GM cars a one year only styling offering. But Chrysler had many QC problems, and both Chrysler products and Ford products rotted, especially in the highly stressed complex curves at both ends of the car. GM, of course matched Chrysler and Fords for rot speed when they introduced their 1959 models. One has to really appreciate the modern carbon fiber bodies with wonderful sharp edges, as well as the styling features of modern head and tail lights.
  11. Dave Fields

    wanted 1933 Cadillac parts

    I don't think the interior is correct. Does anyone have proper photos? 1933 Cadillac sales literature has a few exterior drawings. No photographs.
  12. Dave Fields

    Auburn Speedster paint scheme

    Picture on page 79 and 80 of Errett Lobban Cord book. In El Paso, The Auburn dealer hired the lobby of the main hotel and placed a roadster inside. There was a picture inside the hotel, which is currently closed undergoing a complete rejuvenation. The car has the Auburn sweep, which was first seen in a rough sketch E L made before he began the empire. Is that a chauffeur, a pilot, or both in the picture? He has a military air.
  13. Dave Fields

    Auburn Speedster paint scheme

    I was dropping off tree branches at the city recycler today and could have got a can of that green for free. How was I to know it was an ACDC color?
  14. Dave Fields

    "Restoration" of a 1924 Renault KJ1

    Sounds like a Model T. I was expecting a French accent. Wonderful video. Called a cloverleaf because of the seats for three.
  15. Without a doubt, the Ford Falcon was the best because it became The platform for all compact size Fords and Mercury's for the next 20 years. The Mustang? A Falcon platform. Fairmont? Mavrick? Brazilian Fords? All, and many more were dressed up Falcons. The Falcon based cars easily outsold the Ford Model T. One of the most successful cars of all time. The other two weren't even in the competition.