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  1. Retired w/Reatta

    Tail lens assembly for sale

    Not long ago I priced the shipping on a complete tail-light assembly. I had it packed up at UPS for $35. This is from memory but I believe they wanted more than $250. to ship it (if they box it and ship it they guarantee it), USPS wanted about $200., and Greyhound around $100. You get what you pay for.
  2. Retired w/Reatta

    Today's conversation with my bride

    Sounds very similar to the conversations I have with my bride! 😁Nice clean engine. And I like the lapel pin.😊
  3. Retired w/Reatta

    Two Reattas for sale on Copart

    Or You Tube/copart
  4. Retired w/Reatta

    Two Reattas for sale on Copart

    I just got to it from Safari. Try it here
  5. Retired w/Reatta

    Two Reattas for sale on Copart

    The 1988 red/tan in Portland was auctioned today. This morning it had a high bid of $125. I don't know what happened to the California car, I imagine a similar fate. These are auction houses not wrecking yards. You have to register to bid and put up a minimum $1000. cash bond. Many of these cars don't drive so you have to have a means of getting them out of there after the auction. If you have the means, a great way to get a parts car or a non-running "find". Makes me wish I had more room than a 50' x 100' lot.
  6. Retired w/Reatta

    Off-road Reatta!?!?!

    Sorry Marck, that would've been a scary ride. When I returned home the ad was gone. I would have liked to at least have seen the car but I hope someone is using it to good advantage.
  7. Retired w/Reatta

    Off-road Reatta!?!?!

    Tigard is right in Portland's backyard (way back). I'm going to a niece's wedding in Raleigh this weekend but when I get back I'll check out this survivor. May be a candidate for The 24 Hours of Lemons race.πŸ˜„
  8. Retired w/Reatta

    About Discussions of BCA Club Business/Politics

    Thank you Mr. Earl. I always prefer driving in the center lane; the speeders can get by on the left and those getting on and off are unencumbered in the right lane.
  9. Retired w/Reatta

    Tonneau Cover

    I just wanted to finish up this thread: I did get a clip from Jim and it did not take very long to install. I'm sorry I didn't take a photo first (not like me) but it was exactly the same as the original. Jim's son makes these on a 3D printer, pretty amazing! And now my tonneau stays up the way it should. I gotta say I am in awe and am so grateful to people who take the time, and have the expertise, to make "unobtainable" (as per Padgett) parts for our Reattas. Thank you. I won't name names because I'll probably forget someone and offend them and/or offend someone else by including someone. And we've been so nice to each other lately. Anyway, even though I'm more of a lurker than a contributor, it's nice to be a member of this group. Stanley
  10. Someone needs to take the raccoon's side in all this. I never heard what happened to the animal: Was it injured? Did you kill it? Did it crawl away and die? Why were you driving on what was obviously the raccoon's turf? I think Brenda may have something here. You may have to perform a sacrifice to appease the raccoon gods. They're probably not too picky, the ones in my neighborhood appear very satisfied with dog food!
  11. Retired w/Reatta

    Tonneau Cover

    Thanks Dave.
  12. Retired w/Reatta


    Smiles are always in season!😊
  13. Retired w/Reatta

    The Reatta convertible prototype

    This is great news re this piece of our history. Many people have worked hard to save this vehicle. However, I am still interested in this exchange among the Eatons and Booreatta. Kansas, Texas. What's going on here? And Cargirl: People to persuade! You're tougher than I thought.
  14. Retired w/Reatta

    Tonneau Cover

    Last week I was raising the top on my convertible and as I pushed back on the tonneau cover to lock it into place I heard a loud crack! The tonneau would not stay up by itself but I was able to manage it all by turning my back on it and holding it up with my shoulder. I looked inside where the hinges and the lock mechanism are and found a piece of broken plastic. I've shone a flashlight in there and felt around with my hand and can't figure out where this piece of plastic broke from. What did I do and how do I fix it? Thanks, S.
  15. Retired w/Reatta

    spark plug gap

    Thank you.😊