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  1. Retired w/Reatta

    spark plug gap

    Thank you.😊
  2. Retired w/Reatta

    spark plug gap

    I should be able to find this info as I know Padgett has mentioned it in several threads, but my search words don't turn up the answer. What should the plugs be gapped at when upgrading the coils/ecm?
  3. Retired w/Reatta

    Who has CADILLAC wheels with Caddy logos on their Reatta?

    Thank you Ronnie and Dave for your great ideas.😁
  4. Retired w/Reatta

    Who has CADILLAC wheels with Caddy logos on their Reatta?

    Last week I put my shiny chrome 17" Lucerne CXL wheels back on the blue coupe. I thought about putting the Reatta centers from hubcaps on them to replace the Buick tri-shield but the Lucern's centers are only 1 1/2" in diameter. What did you use to cut down the larger size Reatta centers, a bench grinder?
  5. Retired w/Reatta

    HVAC Plastic Vacuum Line

    Tom if you can't find that little plastic Y connector I can send you one. I try to pick up at least one every time I go to a PnP.
  6. Retired w/Reatta

    D-A-N-I-E-L is a GREAT MAN!

    Daniel, The set I bought from you are still working great on my blue coupe. I'd like to order another set for my ragtop. Please let me know what you want for them and how you want to be paid. Thank you, S.
  7. Retired w/Reatta

    coil pack/ignition control module

    Thank you both for the explanations.
  8. Retired w/Reatta

    *Free* Stabilizer Bushing Kit for 1st person to respond

    If these will fit a '90 I'll take them. Let me know and I'll PM you details. S.
  9. Retired w/Reatta

    coil pack/ignition control module

    Yes, this is the replacement harness from the '92 Riviera. The looms were not in bad shape, no meltdowns; I only removed them to clean out the gunk that had accumulated inside. This was the only section of wire that was bad. The insulation on the broken wires is discolored and you can see some pitting/burning on them as well. Harry, would you please explain fixed vs adjustable? Is DS_Porter 89 Burgundy's method the way to go?
  10. Retired w/Reatta

    coil pack/ignition control module

    So here we are. Today is Cinque de Mayo. My mother-in-law passed away Tuesday night. Ninety-nine years and three months. When I saw her Wednesday morning she looked as if she were calmly sleeping. If this can be said, it was a good death. And life does go on. This wiring harness was filthy, so after cleaning it with spray degreaser, I decided to remove the tape and split-loom to clean the wires and install new tape and split-loom. This is what I found; Is this incredible or what? I'm going to repair all these insulation breaks then install this wiring harness in place of the one on the car which has bad wiring. I tried to research re to R&R the crankshaft position sensor but got poor results. If someone out there could explain how to do this procedure with the car parked in my carport it would be good. I did read that removing the passenger front wheel and plastic surround will make access from the side easier than access for the top. Si?
  11. Retired w/Reatta

    coil pack/ignition control module

    Thank you Barney. This repair will take me awhile as I will only be able to work on it for a few minutes here and there. Not they way I like to work but the coil pack one day, alternator another day and soon it will be done. I take it this is the time to replace the crank sensor also?
  12. Retired w/Reatta

    Taillight Letters

    Night and Day.
  13. Retired w/Reatta

    coil pack/ignition control module

    So an update: It's late and I just returned from Hood River where my 99-year old mother-in-law is going into hospice; but it's ok. She's not in any pain, she's lived a good, if hard, life, and she still considers me her favorite son-in-law (I'm also her only son-in-law!). And I'm on my second glass of Burgundy. Anyway, on Wednesday I spent over two hours at the yard removing the wiring harness from the '92 Riviera. I couldn't believe how many parts I had to remove to get to this harness; the coil pack and ICM (which I was keeping) , the alternator (which means removing the serpentine belt (which I just cut off, this is a PnP after all)), a couple of hoses, and some brackets; (one around the crankshaft which had 17 mm bolts holding it on, as compared to the same bracket on the Reatta having 10 mm bolts). And the engine had an oil leak which meant everything was filthy with grimy oil; to paraphrase the king of Siam, " et cetera, et cetera and so forth). In other words, a typical day at the yard. You know it's either cold and wet or hot and dusty. This day it was hot and dusty. I had to return Thursday morning to finish up but I got it all. Thank you again 2seater, I'm sure this is the same harness and it cost me $5. I also picked up the coil pack and ICM, which cost me $50, and the alternator (which I had to remove anyway, and I had checked out at my local FLAPS (O'Reilly's), and it tested good, for $35). I have not tried to start the 'vert since the wiring is obviously suspect. I am about to begin the journey of replacing the wiring harness. I will try to keep you all (I can't believe I said that!) posted but my personal life keeps interfering with my automotive life. I can't understand how that happens.
  14. Retired w/Reatta

    coil pack/ignition control module

    Thank you, I will try to get to the yard today.
  15. Retired w/Reatta

    coil pack/ignition control module

    2seater, a '92 Riviera just came into a PnP near me, does it have the same type of sub-harness as the '90 Reatta?