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  1. Retired w/Reatta

    close out at Rock Auto

    Thanks Barney.😊
  2. Retired w/Reatta

    Car Comics

  3. Retired w/Reatta

    Seat Removal

    For the first time this year a Reatta (1989) came into a local Pick n Pull. I used to have access to half a dozen a year. My "90 ragtop needs a driver"s seat (has rips and tears) and this car has a pretty good one (no rips or tears) and is the right color (tan). Today I removed front and rear trim from the driver's seat (not 16-way) and I am going back Saturday (I have Grand Jury duty tomorrow). The seat Is positioned in the middle of its range of travel so I can't get to either the front or rear bolts to remove it from the frame. However I did find the keys and the wiring is still all intact (no battery but cables are still there; I have also removed the 5-switch panel and the light switch). When I return Saturday I will bring my power pack and hopefully I can move the seat. But if I can't how else can I remove this seat? Just from the look of the interior this appears to be a low mileage car, and it also appears that the owner was fixing it up ( in the trunk and the back of the car I found an extra tail light lens, six not bad center caps, three CRTs, etc.). I have two '90s so don't need most of these parts. Anyone with an '88 or '89 who may need something let me know and I'll see if I can get it.
  4. Retired w/Reatta

    Coupe info

    It's starting to rain here and so I've attached my "rain gutters": πŸ‘©β€πŸš€ Bought from Eckler's for a C4. It's an inch too short but still works well. I can't find my photo of them on my car. You really don't notice them. They just snap on and pull off. This photo is from last year's catalog, but the price is current.
  5. Retired w/Reatta

    Convertible info

    When I was replacing the plastic clip (thank you Jim Finn & Son) to hold my tonneau up I broke two plastic retainers holding up the rug. I found these at a local industrial finishes place (they made me rattle cans to match the interior and exterior colors on the blue). The package was $5.25.😊
  6. Retired w/Reatta

    Hello you sexy thing!

    It's definitely a color combo that would take some getting used to!πŸ™„
  7. Retired w/Reatta

    Car Comics

  8. Retired w/Reatta

    Reattas For Sale On Craigslist

    This car's been dropping in price.
  9. Retired w/Reatta

    Oil cooler adaptor

    Barney, I was at one of favorite pick n pulls the other day getting some stuff off a 1989 Riviera. I decided to take a look at an oil filter adapter from a 1998 LeSabre. I removed the two lower bolts with a 13mm combination ratchet wrench, could not reach the bolt on top right and the one above the sending unit was unobtanium. Please, how did you get to these bolts?
  10. Retired w/Reatta

    Antennae is bent

    Hey, I've had my blue coupe for 15 years, second owner. I listen to tapes all the time. They're cheap; they're still out there; and the music is groovy!😊
  11. Retired w/Reatta

    Tail lens assembly for sale

    If you need to figure your shipping costs the light assembly I had boxed at UPS weighs 26 lbs. and measures 67 1/2" X 18 1/2" X 12 1/2".
  12. Retired w/Reatta

    Tail lens assembly for sale

    Not long ago I priced the shipping on a complete tail-light assembly. I had it packed up at UPS for $35. This is from memory but I believe they wanted more than $250. to ship it (if they box it and ship it they guarantee it), USPS wanted about $200., and Greyhound around $100. You get what you pay for.
  13. Retired w/Reatta

    Today's conversation with my bride

    Sounds very similar to the conversations I have with my bride! 😁Nice clean engine. And I like the lapel pin.😊
  14. Retired w/Reatta

    Two Reattas for sale on Copart

    Or You Tube/copart
  15. Retired w/Reatta

    Two Reattas for sale on Copart

    I just got to it from Safari. Try it here