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  1. Five Brake Hoses on a Reatta?

    You are correct. The '90 FSM also doesn't show the 5th brake hose, but you nailed it.
  2. Five Brake Hoses on a Reatta?

    I don't have a 1988 FSM but in the 1990 FSM on pp. 5-17 and 5-18 there are diagrams of the brake hoses.
  3. Do you keep a fire extinguisher in your Reatta?

    Please note that Kidde has a massive recall for fire extinguishers with plastic handles that may break off when being used .kidde recall.webloc
  4. F/S Mazda sunroof, A-pillar (grey) Factory Serv Man

    BTW, beautiful new ride! How about some details and more pix!
  5. F/S Mazda sunroof, A-pillar (grey) Factory Serv Man

    No need to overreact. Ronnie is just doing his job; these are Reatta Forum rules, meant to protect everyone.
  6. Requirement for a item price in the Buy/Sell forum

    I don't think we should make this more difficult. Kevin I know you don't want to sell the part, you're trying to help someone and you're not listing on the buy/sell; but the point is you're offering something for sale. If you don't want to sell it, tell the poster you have one if they get in a bind, but to try other vendors first. On posts such as yours I've wondered what is the ethical thing to do. I have extras of these parts also, should I be able to contact the poster, off-forum, and offer my parts for sale? That seems creepy to me. That's why I like things out in the open. We should all be able to trust one another!
  7. Requirement for a item price in the Buy/Sell forum

    Having a stated price keeps everyone honest. The buyer knows what they're getting themselves in for, and the seller knows what to expect as payment. Stating location is also helpful; especially if the item is heavy, or it's a car, and requires shipping.
  8. Paint Colors

    Has anyone tried paint from this company, do the colors run true for Reattas? Items in Discount Paints USA store on eBay!.webloc
  9. Hey! You want to buy another Reatta?

    You do have a magnetic personality Dave.
  10. New Reatta first peek

    You got yourself a beauty there Brenda. Enjoy!
  11. Treewax

    Hey OMJ, I'm sure the birds will still build their nests in your trees but what I'm hoping is that the bird poop will wash off your Reatta quicker. S.
  12. So I followed my GPS...

    Dave, I'm glad Veronica's OK (and you!). I always thought your best tires should be on the front for steering and braking. But I grew up w/rear wheel drive cars and also learned how to drive in the ice and snow in New York.
  13. Cargirl update & question

    I agree, thanks Kevin. I always wondered why there were dimples in that bumper rub strip. Another summer project.
  14. CRC electric cleaner

    Please be aware that CRC makes two electrical cleaners and one is NOT safe to use on plastics (ask me how I know). Read the directions on the can carefully.
  15. In the Pacific northwest Bigfoot drives a Subaru Outback.