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  1. abs leads

    Thanks Dave. I should have noticed the difference. Just when I thought I knew these cars fairly well something new pops up. Always learning. Keeps me young.
  2. abs leads

    I went to a pick n pull yesterday to pull some front leads off an '89 Riviera that just came in. To my surprise it didn't have a Teves brake system. I thought it was standard on Rivieras; this one had all the other options: sunroof, 16-way driver's seat, and (very worn) suede bolsters. I did manage to get the 16-way seat control and the wiper/defrost switch. I also found a 1990 Cadillac Fleetwood with the Teves system and did manage to get the accumulator and both front leads. However the Caddy's front leads measure 38", the Reatta's measure in at 44". Does anyone know if the shorter leads will fit the Reatta? Thanks, S.
  3. Please welcome your new Moderator

    I echo Dave's remarks. We couldn't be luckier. Congratulations Ronnie.
  4. 1992 Light Switch from a Riviera

    That's a slippery slope. One part here, two parts there and soon you're buying extra shelves in the basement or garage. Good luck.
  5. 1988 in Junkyard

    Imperial62, My lots also pull all the wheels. Drives me crazy. Sometimes if I'm lucky I'll find some hubcaps in the trunk. handmedownreatta, This car got hit on the passenger side/front. That door is toast. 2reattas, Is it the push button set-up you want or the inside latch on the door. I'm gonna try to get back there tomorrow.
  6. 1988 in Junkyard

    Dave, Thanks for the info. I was concerned about removing the center cap and breaking something. in the '90-'91 trying to remove the horn buttons from above will break them. I apologize for not responding to your PM. I will send you one tonight. and.. Barney, Will do.
  7. 1988 in Junkyard

    A very nice '88 (except for the smashed in front end) just showed up in one of my local pick n pulls. Today I got a front abs sensor, hood ornament and some other stuff. The rear taillight lens also appears to be ok but I already have three in my basement. The interior is in very good condition and is the same dark blue as my '90. I'm going back Wednesday to pull seats (driver's 16-way), interior panels and probably some dash stuff if I have time. I'd like to pull the steering wheel. I'm used to working on my '90. Would someone please tell me how to remove the center cap and wheel from an '88. Thanks, S.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving

    Also good to hear from you again, Howard. Happy Thanksgiving to you and I hope your life gets back to normal soon. We all have much to be thankful for. Never take it for granted.
  9. Performance Muffler Applications on Reattas

    Thanks, I really like the sound also. I agree that Buick could have done better to make the Reatta more marketable. But I also believe it's one of the better made cars out there. I'm the second owner of my '90 and it just turned 233,000 miles: Original engine, original tranny. Not many other cars can do that. I still don't understand why there's no demand for them; there are a few in my neighborhood for sale in the $800 to $5,000 (ragtop) range. Good condition but no takers. Yes, I used a piece of cardboard as a template copied from the left side. The bumper fascia was not hard to cut; I used a general purpose shop scissor.
  10. Performance Muffler Applications on Reattas

    I thought I'd get some comments about the sound. It takes less than a minute to download.MVI_1663.MP4 S.
  11. Horn Buttons !

    What color is your interior?
  12. Ignition module

    Gentlemen please, We have been through this before . We have weathered this storm. There will always be people pushing our buttons, trying to make us behave in certain ways, we're better than that. At he end of the day, it's you in the mirror you have to look at, no one else. I wish the moderators would speak up here since a post was deleted and this topic no longer makes sense as it stands. I know this is selfish of me but the Forum without Ronnie is not quite the same. We got a good thing going here. Let's not blow it. Stanley ps moderators if you want to delete this that's fine: I wasn't going to bring this up fearing I would alienate or piss off some but you can't escape reality. It's Easter and Passover. A time of searching the soul and the body. We all want to be good people. Let's do it.
  13. Air foil / wing

    Jon, If it's the kind that is about 2" tall I'm interested. I figure I can repaint it to Maui Blue. My email is
  14. Junkin'

    Weather has been dismally grey and wet in the Pacific northwest this late winter. Nothing new actually and I just read (not on Twitter) that Portland is the most depressing city in the country. This is about the time of the year that we can't take it anymore and need to see that big yellow orb in the sky to keep us going. Luckily I have other avenues. I've been working on an '89 burgundy/light grey Reatta and a '90 white/light grey Riviera. Unfortunately they are in two different Pick n Pulls twenty-five miles and much traffic apart. So I went to see the '90 Riv today and joked with the attendant that I should get a discount for coming out in the rain. He pointed to a sign stating all this week all parts were 50% off due to the flooding conditions in the yard, which is surrounded by a wetlands wildlife refuge. Amazingly the rain abated and I spent almost three glorious hours there. It's amazing what junkin' can do for one's attitude. I got a nice IPC, a nice ECC, door and window switches, IP surround, the thermostat housing and various small plastic parts and metal hardware and (not to rub this in Jim) both front wheel speed sensors whose barrels came out with just a slight turn of a wrench, and check out good with no cracks in the rubber. Also a pair of grey horn buttons from a '96 Century. Canadian Geese were flying over and honking all day and I left as the rain began again. It doesn't get much better than this.
  15. Rear Sway Bar Bushings Again

    Great sayings. May I quote you? Hope you're all bundled up for the night.