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  1. First, check to see where your serial number falls on this chart. Maxwell didn't have a factory installed Atwater Kent Type CC distributor until late 1917 but since the Type CC was designed to directly replace a magneto it would not be unusual to find one retrofitted on an earlier car. It would be impossible for an ignition system to function if the points never closed. Howard Dennis
  2. Thanks Grimy, maybe he's still on the road. I'll keep checking back. Howard Dennis
  3. I've responded to this on private email and to the email address listed and requested a price on the N.O.S. AK condensors, twice?? Howard Dennis
  4. Want to buy Large Rotor for Atwater-Kent Type CC distributor. Must fit a shaft diameter of .405. I can find the smaller rotors but would like the large rotor as pictured. Thanks, Howard Dennis
  5. Check here:http://annebobroffhajal.com/category/mysteries-of-my-grandfather/my-grandfathers-all-american-inventions/ Howard Dennis
  6. Check out this new forum startup about Maxwell Automobiles: http://maxwellautomobiles.proboards.com/ Howard Dennis
  7. I've never seen an engine number list as such. My late 1917 Maxwell's engine number is about 900 numbers later than my frame number. I assume it is close enough together that it probably is the original engine. It would be awful lucky if the original was damaged and a replacement this close was found. Hope this list helps you find what you are looking for. Howard Dennis
  8. Have you read my private message? Howard Dennis
  9. Thanks Terry, I appreciate the expert help in getting me to understand this. Do you think it might have something to do with Atwater-Kent's previous involvement with radio which was a more sensitive electronics field. I say that because even though I stated electronics was my weak spot I did spend 13 of my early years selling auto parts as a NAPA counterman and I can't remember a single time I sold a coil marked for cylinder usage. Howard Dennis
  10. Auto electronics have always been my weak point but I thought I had a basic understanding. A coil just came on eBay that I normally would be interested in for my 4 cylinder Maxwell EXCEPT this one is marked 8 cylinder use only. Is this just marketing or could there actually be a difference? Howard Dennis
  11. Thanks, I just checked and I need 1 1/8 inch throat and the bolt holes need to be 2 3/8 inches center to center. Howard Dennis
  12. What is the diameter of the throat and distance from center to center on the bolt holes? If it is the size I need I might be interested in purchasing it. Thanks, Howard Dennis
  13. Saved this off eBay a while back hoping it might help someone. Wished it was a better copy but all I have. Howard Dennis
  14. The very first picture shows a hole at each end of the S identical to the horn button on my 31 Chevrolet. A spring steel wire bent into an S sunk into the rubber and each end of the wire went through those holes and into the steering wheel. It was all capped off and hidden by a thin steel cap that snapped over it all. Howard Dennis