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  1. hddennis

    Ignition switch... can anybody help on this one?

    Universal replacement switch for cars ,trucks and tractors basically anything with an ignition system, sold a zillion of them as a teenage NAPA counterman in the early 1960's. Howard Dennis
  2. hddennis

    Model 48 Locomobile

    Bob, as an impressionable teen two cars stick in my mind and maybe you know of them. One was a mile long red early Chrysler Imperial? roadster I thought someone mentioned had actual Chrysler family connections and the other was a gorgeous maroon and black Rolls Royce town car with caning on the rear quarters. Howard Dennis
  3. hddennis

    Model 48 Locomobile

    Boy don't you know it Bob! As a fairly new driver at 17 in 1966 I thought my old worn out 1961 Falcon 144 was going to blow up trying to keep up with Peter on RT. 22 heading to my first Ridgefield meet. I backed off at 75 MPH and Peter was pulling away! I'll never forget the sight of those drive chains arching up off "Old 16's" rear wheels and the bark of those exhaust stacks! Howard Dennis
  4. hddennis

    Model 48 Locomobile

    Thanks Bob, I figured you would know. Right after I posted this I remembered a 1920's green touring that used to go roaring up Quaker Hill in Pawling in top gear while I was teenager cutting lawns for spending money in the early 1960's. Guess we saw more than the average number of Locomobile's in our youth.
  5. hddennis

    Model 48 Locomobile

    Bob, did this car ever reside in Gaylordsville, CT? I seem to remember running across it there in the 1960's. Can't remember if the little gas station there was working on it or if they said they owned it? My brother also mentioned years ago he ran across a big Loco owned by some scrap yard in CT? Howard Dennis
  6. hddennis

    Oil Leak Remedy Sought

    Nice try on the float. It was replaced with modern Nitrophyl replacement about a year ago. Howard Dennis
  7. 1924-26 Chrysler 6 Radiator Emblem Restored $110.00 + shipping if overseas address Howard Dennis
  8. hddennis

    Oil Leak Remedy Sought

    Thanks Terry, it's a 1917 so it's a completely different beast than the early ones, more akin to a Model T Ford engine. Please share your oil pan bolt sealing tricks as I believe that is my main problem. Howard Dennis
  9. hddennis

    Oil Leak Remedy Sought

    Thanks for the vote of confidence but my asking shows how frustrated I actually am. Howard Dennis
  10. hddennis

    Oil Leak Remedy Sought

    Bernie, funny you should post this image. I have this picture on a period post card and believe the guy on the far left is Eddie Rickenbacker who drove for Maxwell. Howard Dennis
  11. hddennis

    Oil Leak Remedy Sought

    Thanks Dave, I've been hoping this thing would clear up for a long time now and purchased a large drip pan from local auto parts store. Pretty sure as stated above the synthetic oil opened pathways and if I can ever get it all cleaned out and using sealers I "should" be able to stop it. I think the most leakage is through the pan bolts which are drilled into the crankcase and oil spray hits the ends when it's running. Wish I could sue Shell for all this unnecessary aggravation. Howard Dennis
  12. hddennis

    Oil Leak Remedy Sought

    I have to respond to several responses: Overfilled? I didn't work for over half a century on motors without knowing enough to NOT overfill a motor especially when it has a cork float gauge on the side of the block! Synthetic oil was sold to me as non detergent in mislabeled bottles, I didn't choose to use synthetic intentionally. My 1917 Maxwell has survived just fine on a diet of non detergent oil for over a hundred years and I see no reason to change now especially on a car used very little in controlled environments with frequent oil changes. Howard Dennis
  13. hddennis

    Oil Leak Remedy Sought

    Thanks Bernie, that half century of engine rebuilding I mentioned was mainly done on antique motors and after an early experience with a Model A motor that sat for 50 years and had the oils acids pinhole the dipper trays, that is one of the first things I look for. This is a very clean bare metal pan and the leaks seem to be going through the pipe threads on the drain plug, between the block, pan and gasket as well as through the pan bolts. Basically anywhere that damn synthetic oil touched the 30w follows. Howard Dennis
  14. hddennis

    Oil Leak Remedy Sought

    I need some guidance on something I've never had to deal with before, persistent oil leaks! When I got ready to fire up my Maxwell for the first time I filled it with 30W non detergent from Shell and when I came out to the garage the next morning my newly assembled motor was leaking like a sieve. Online research revealed I'd been sold mislabeled synthetic oil which is known to leak in older motors. I've disassembled it twice and cleaned and made new cork gaskets and refilled with non detergent oil all to no avail. I'm about to add detector dye and see if I can pinpoint the exact points of leakage and do something I've NEVER done in over half a century of motor rebuilding and that's to slather it up with sealer to try and stop this annoying problem. Does anyone have a leak proof sealer they can recommend that has always worked for them. Don't care if it's one of the old time sealers or something space age designed specifically to stop this crappy synthetic oil from ruining my restoration, garage floor and marriage!! Howard Dennis
  15. hddennis

    Plymouth Radiator 1931-1932

    Can someone move this to the proper "For Sale" section so it gets more views? Howard Dennis