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  1. Thanks Larry, sorry it took so long the acknowledge your response, the "New Improved" Forum hasn't allowed me access till now! I've looked in several editions but failed to find an Eagle carb listed. There must be a later Maxwell owner whose car owners manual shows how to adjust this carb but I can't seem to get them to respond?? Howard Dennis
  2. 1917 Model 25 Splash Apron Grease Covers

    More information than I had before. Waiting for a reply from another owner who said he had made copies for his and might be able to help me out. Howard Dennis
  3. I'd take the K D to the local NAPA parts store and get the fittings. Mine uses 5/16 copper tubing and the nuts take a 5/8 wrench. These flare nuts are not pipe thread but are tubing thread. You should have a metal stamping on the right side of your dash that should have a knob and short shaft drilled for a .012 or 30MM wire. I used a guitar string from the local music store. It was twisted around a homemade clip resembling the parts book illustration. The metal stamping should also have a lever that slides left or right from "rich" to "lean". It needs a rod with a 90 bend and cotter pin on the top end and goes through the floorboards and threads into a ball joint type fitting that threads into the mixture needle arm on the K D. Howard Dennis
  4. 1917 Model 25 Splash Apron Grease Covers

    Thanks, I'll add these to my files, appreciate the help. Howard Dennis
  5. Anyone have adjusting instructions and/or diagrams for an Eagle Carburetor used on 1919-21 Maxwell's from period literature or owners manual. Howard Dennis
  6. Anyone have adjusting instructions and/or diagrams for an Eagle Carburetor used on 1919-21 Maxwell's from period literature or owners manual. Howard Dennis
  7. fuel gauge

    That's IF the conversion didn't already burn the gauge out! Howard Dennis
  8. MRCVS, see if this helps explain building a float for an early carburetor. Howard Dennis Maxwell KD Carb Float rework.docx
  9. 1917 Model 25 Splash Apron Grease Covers

    My pictures were pulled off the internet from an unknown source long ago. It seems you have the only actual example so the ball is in your court. I don't have any sources for someone who could reproduce these but always thought if accurate measurements were obtained maybe a hardwood mold could be created that sheet metal could be beaten into? Just a thought and am certainly open to any suggestions. I'm betting that you and I are not the only ones needing these. Howard Dennis
  10. No Problem, Just passing on my experience from long ago with a highly respected automotive machine shop, established before your engine was built, who did my first rebuild on a 1932 Plymouth which had a motor almost identical to my current project a 1917 Maxwell. Later they did my 426 Hemi's. Unlike some I respect what the oldtimers accomplished and try to learn from them as much as I can because I don't believe I know everything nor do I think modern ways are absolutely always the best when dealing with century old machines. Howard Dennis Purveyor of Folklore Shade Tree Mechanic
  11. JV, are you going to cam grind those pistons? I ask because as a teenager 50 years ago I had a machine shop turn a set of "semi" pistons for me and they turned them round and when I sent them to my engine rebuilder he said they were ruined because they were round and not "cam ground". Luckily I was able to get a second set but it was a costly mistake. Howard Dennis https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/cam-ground-pistons.538613/
  12. Does anyone have a pair of splash apron grease covers or can they supply dimensions so they can be reproduced? Howard Dennis
  13. 1931 ford tudor as a daily driver

    Wrong year but it's still a Model A. I was blown away the first time I saw this: Howard Dennis
  14. 1931 ford tudor as a daily driver

    I can appreciate how scared everyone was at the time but have to add that it was the fault of the last owner's inability to properly adjust or adequately repair the mechanical brakes. If all 1931 Fords were this scary there would be none left today. Are they as good as hydraulics? No but they are not worthless either or Ford wouldn't have been able to sell them for nearly a decade later. Howard Dennis
  15. Haynes hubcaps and radiator emblem needed

    Just saw this on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Motometer-for-Haynes-with-dogbone-/132264771711?hash=item1ecb98407f:g:8-kAAOSwpINZY7ku Howard Dennis