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    Wanted Model A Ford

    MAFCA and Ford Barn would be a good place to look.
  2. as Mc said, only real advantage of 12 volt is if you do a lot of night driving, which most of us dont.
  3. need the S configured bumper bracket for the rear split bumper- approx 3 x 5 x 2 if you have a spare, pls write thanks! ron
  4. Super has 3 port holes and roadmaster has 4. is that your question? Roadmaster is a longer car with larger motor.
  5. mercer09

    1923 willy overland model 91 three door sedan

    a 3 door sedan- very cool! Have never seen one. Good luck!
  6. mercer09

    Pre war cars insane prices

    Think we have achieved Sturgeon's Law. Never cared for caviar anyway............................................
  7. mercer09

    wtd Mercer project

    Fred Hoch at Shaeffer and Long Restorations
  8. mercer09

    wtd Mercer project

    touring, sedan or just a chassis..............
  9. mercer09

    1942 willys sedan title FS

    for display purposes............... first 299.
  10. mercer09

    1932 Pierce Arrow V12 sedan, Kokomo IND

    22 for a v12- not bad........................!
  11. mercer09

    The toy box and the big shop, my New shop Build.

    Members 513 2,948 posts Report post x #53 Posted June 3 Perhaps if you moved the bathroom next to the bedroom she would consider your proposition, and maybe add a walk in shower. its called- on suite..............! lol
  12. mercer09

    1929 DA-6 4-dr sedan roof framing

    Great thread, as I just bought a 29 Dodge 4 dr this weekend and whole roof is gone. Dont have the metal brackets for the perimeter. Also like the luan idea. Stiffens the top up nicely!
  13. mercer09

    Need gas tank build

    your tank is so basic, you should be able to find one on ebay to fit- if not, buy one and have it cut down would be far less expensive.
  14. mercer09

    1936 CORD 810 SEDAN

    being a Beverly- it will also have the "knapsack" trunk, which I never liked that much- so while you get that great interior, body style changes a bit. also if I remember correctly, any color could be custom ordered for paint for an extra 125.
  15. mercer09

    1926 Auburn Brougham Sedan

    NIce find George!
  16. Members 118 1,785 posts Report post x #31 Posted Wednesday at 07:49 PM I think you all should settle down,he posted a car for sale.granted ,poor post,you guys are hateful.w Who cares what he is asking for it.There is a way to make a point without trying to run someone from the forum.I do agree with most post,not the way they are received 6 You, g-g-g0, roysboystoys and 3 others reacted to this × I couldnt agree more. Especially when it comes to some of the high folutin dealers who think they know everything.................... Every time someone tries to sell a car that is less then spectacular on here, they are bombarded with tomatoes! This forum is for the rich and poor alike and should be treated as such. For anyone to look down there nose here is a real joke. Many different classes of collectors here and there should be respect on all counts..................
  17. mercer09

    The decline of Sears

    My Mother was a Sears. My mudder was a mudder, my fatter was a mudder.......................... lol! sorry Restorer, couldnt resist!
  18. mercer09

    This has happened before..

    so one has the original set of numbers and the spare may be preceeded by the letter A or 1 or whatever. they both end up having titles and not the biggest deal in the world, unless you are trying to resell for big money............. documentation and history also can be very important in this instance.
  19. mercer09

    1940 Buick Special Convertible

    4 vents is a Roadmaster- yours is not. Best place to source parts will always be Ebay. You can find more on there in an hour then 5 years of flea markets. Hirsch in NJ is a great source for top material - you can google them good luck!
  20. mercer09

    Pre war cars insane prices

    I found the initial question very general. Great answers were given that were indeed quite a bit more specific................ So I say- are we talking about 5k model T's or the approx 30 left brass Mercers worth around 2 mill a piece? as previously mentioned- supply and demand and the markets will sort it all out.......... While the topic of expense entered from Canada- as Canadians buy less pre war cars, does that mean that the Chinese wont take up the slack? After all, more Chinese millionaires are being minted then any other nationality out there. So while it is easy to forecast, it is far more difficult to predict the future, as has also been mentioned. Neil Bohr sited that around 1927 and Yogi Berra famously stole the line in the early 60's. I find the responses have been great, though maybe not what the OP had hoped for. Life isnt only about money. Thank God!
  21. mercer09

    Pre war cars insane prices

    Greg, I thought we were talking about cars? yes 100 year old horses are ALL dead now............... that was mentioned earlier in another post
  22. mercer09

    Pre war cars insane prices

    so youve waited 10 years to buy a car, tells me you really have no intention of buying a car. I went on ebay last night and bought a 1929 dodge sedan for 1900. I bought it to are everywhere if you open your eyes and stop complaining. People who do in life succeed! whiners will always whine.............
  23. mercer09

    1936 chevrolet 2dr

    the 6 lug is the standard and 5 lug master...................
  24. mercer09

    The decline of Sears

    so you helped them out by defrauding them not sure where the fraud occurred, the lug nuts were stuck in the sockets and unusable and they found it fine to give me a new set. wasnt my call............ nothing like a pissed off persons opinion! lol
  25. mercer09

    A Nice Story of Hudson and a Tesla

    and what will Walt do in two years when Tesla goes out of business? He wont be able to machine new parts? LOL