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  1. Educated Guess as to Year - Make - Model ?

    does anyone remember the J Duesenberg, cut up into a pick up by a pig farmer in PA? I used to have a photo of that one and dont know where it is..................... it happened in the late 40's and has since been rebodied.
  2. Saw this Packard project

    a 4 dr that wouldnt have been restored anyway...................
  3. Antique car Insurance

    they seem far more accommodating than other insurers in many relevant ways, I have little in the way of use restrictions, no deductibles, no mileage caps, etc. Good luck on your search! I agree Chubb is the best- but what you dont mention is price. I am paying about triple what a normal home owners policy would be..................... coverage is amazing!
  4. vacation in Main

    my favorites are the Wells and Seal Cove. Huge on brass.................................!
  5. 1930 coach

    take a wander over to the Ford Barn- lots of help and info on model A Fords.....................
  6. Wire wheels or not?

    Members 82 1,053 posts Report post Posted 8 hours ag Someone mentioned that on a Spitfire, " centers werent grooved well enough and the splines would strip". The maintenance of knock-on spoke wheels must be adhered to without fail. Periodic tightening of the hubs and wheel removal, spline cleaning and re-greasing is required or the splines, inside the wheel and/or on the hub, will wear and fail. I would guess that indifferent maintenance rather than a manufacturing error caused the loose wheels. give me 30 minutes in a spitfire today, taking curves aggressively and I will "automatically" remove all four wheels wo any wrenching................... those cars were wannabee racers. nothing more then show. no different then the electrical problems and oil seepage we all became accustomed to............. I could further go on and tell some great stories of my TR6 losing fuses regularly while on a date................... very comical looking back.
  7. Wire wheels or not?

    love the look of wire, but........................... when I was 17 and driving my first Spitfire- it had wires with centers. I loved racing it around the curves on back roads and more then once, the wheels nearly flew off! the centers werent grooved well enough and the splines would strip. Need less to say, I would buy rims if I wtd to enjoy the car "playfully" today.
  8. How to Sell A Huge Shop of Classic Car Parts

    No Larry, not a power seller. the math shows 10% across the board for ebay and 4 % for paypal. Guess we both have had different math............ nobody would use ppl if it cost 15%
  9. 1931 ford tudor as a daily driver

    Posted 4 hours ago · Report post I myself don't think it is a good idea as an everyday car in the age of cell phones and distracted drivers. When these cars were on the road new everyone was on the same playing field driving. I had sold my 31 Chevy because of two real close calls with distracted drivers on a back roads during off hours. Again it depends where you live and what the weather is like. Get caught in a severe thunderstorm with old slow wipers and dim lights, wingski likes this John, cant blame you- Long Island is a nightmare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(
  10. How to Sell A Huge Shop of Classic Car Parts

    Larry, have no idea where you come up with 30%? ebay charges a flat 10% and paypal is an additional 4%, if you use paypal. much easier then having 200 people run through your property, destroying everything in their path! diff strokes, diff folks...............!
  11. 1931 ford tudor as a daily driver

    there are folks that sell revamped f150 steering boxes, that make steering an A a breeze. Might be the better choice then rack and pinion........... love the :modern: headlights on that Stude!
  12. Antique car Insurance

    I use triple A premier and it came in real handy about 6 months ago when the fuel pump went on my truck. Got my truck towed 220 miles and owed for the 20 miles. Glad to have it. Great insurance! Since my son has it, he pays 100. a year and I pay the same.
  13. How to Sell A Huge Shop of Classic Car Parts

    I disagree with the auction notion, which most seem to be fond of. reason being, the fees, did I mention the fees? then buyers premiums and then, the question of do you get enough interest. I have been to auctions where most everything was given away. I agree with baaryh. separate the parts into lots and sell them off that way on ebay. this way you have control of a reserve, very little overhead and you are not spending the next 20 years of your life selling one part at a time. I too am sorry to hear of your father's illness. It does suck getting old.....
  14. 1931 ford tudor as a daily driver

    sounds like you are looking for a Shay repro car. that would click the box for the auto and air............ my suggestion is to head to the Ford Barn site and post the same request- you will get a multitude of answers. some guys there live in AZ and have put air in their A's-others have made them automatic, because of old age and shifting problems. you will get much more feedback there- and by the way, dont think you cant just drive a stock A 55 mph at around 100 miles a week-you can. being done often and all over the world!
  15. titles FS- over 4000 starting at 99.

    ttt what do you need?