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  2. eBay Refund

    OK Curti, very easy. file a complaint in the resolution center with ebay. mail the check back or tear it up and go through ebay. they will give you your money back and one of the shipping charges. 2nd recourse is to file for a refund through paypal, which I assume you made payment through. finally, if all else fails, which it wont, you can have the charge removed from your credit card, which is on file with your paypal acct. then you will have recd the refund you want.
  3. eBay Refund

    Members 64 132 posts Report post x #5 Posted 4 hours ago I feel that if the seller misrepresented the carb, he should pay the shipping both ways. Why should you pay for his mistake? because in the end- everyone has a different opinion of everything. things rarely go smooth when there is a complaint. Curti, if you didnt accept the check, you would recve a refund through ebay and yes, you would have recd one of the shipping charges. you didnt follow protocol unfortunately.
  4. Need a 1948 nash title

    check PM
  5. Grand Prix Race this Saturday in Coatesville, PA

    interesting that it is called Grand Prix............. that conjours up a whole different set of images in my mind then drag racing.
  6. Test Drive Gone Wrong

    and a full fledged heart attack wasnt a possibility?!
  7. Beautiful car Ed. Congratulations! look forward to seeing it in the field.
  8. To use a title purchased from anyone would require either changing the VIN to match the title or changing the title to match the VIN. I believe both are illegal? not suggesting that at all restorer........... all legal, the correct numbers, bring the police force over for a title party............ understand? I COLLECT titles........... I understand titling-most on here arent even remotely close. everyone walking in the dark with a cane.
  9. 35 Auburn 851 Cabriolet barn find

    Mercer, I'm glad you are enjoying the topic but since you aren't among the people making a offer yet I'm puzzled as to how your time is being wasted except by yourself. In reality to a serious collector not on a budget the asking price the forum wanted isn't a moon shot and the obo lets us keep making progress from the other direction. and you think I didnt make an offer? huh...................................... you are obviously fishing and that is a waste of time to me. Especially when you now say the bidding may be extended, go on ebay, etc. you are smooth, but not smooth enough for me. and yes, good luck with your sale. I am out for sure.
  10. Emotionally attached to vehicle

    Report post x #13 Posted 12 minutes ago Some things are better left a dream. my marriage to Christie Brinkley!
  11. 35 Auburn 851 Cabriolet barn find

    A couple prospects didn't like my "fishing" but would prefer a set buy it now price. A couple would prefer to bid on a ebay format. I've asked the executors who happen to be 2 of my relatives to look into setting up a estate ebay account for the car auction to see if it is viable. I'm waiting to hear back. The buy it now suggestion went towards the more outrageous end of things. I was requested to make that $ 30,000 dollars for the collector who wants it now. The time table may be extended further into October to give more people the chance to see it if they want to. These aren't my calls so don't shoot the messenger. exactly why threads like this are a waste of time, other then an enjoyable "curiosity".
  12. Emotionally attached to vehicle

    if you offered him 5k for that and he didnt take it- walk..................! you dont need it.
  13. 35 Auburn 851 Cabriolet barn find

    reminds me of the Bugatti they pulled out of the Swiss lake, because the owner couldnt pay the bridge toll after a long night of card playing!
  14. FS over 4000 car titles

    starting at 99. Auburn to Stanley............... truck titles and motorcycle titles what do you need?
  15. Real world value of my car (55 St Regis)

    I am not in a position to tell you value either way, but would expect you will take around a 40% hit with not having the car together and running.