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  1. another just listed on HCCA its a 1910 F 49k
  2. mercer09

    Wanted ANY Pre-1929 touring car (Please read for insight)

    I would suggest a side job or two and come back in a year............... everyone giving good advice. 3000. isnt a real contender.
  3. also, when did the 2 pedal cars stop production? thanks!
  4. mercer09

    1903 Ford A

    very interesting discussion and hope the seller has good success. it is always questionable on restorations, as to how much replacement body work is acceptable on an " original" chassis, and obviously does affect value. Adversely, this automobile is affected from the other direction. The chass is being mostly original with exception to the motor. so many early cars have just original chassis and the bodies redone completely years ago. I guess due diligence is always in order. this is esp true with Stanleys, which sell for a fairly high value.
  5. The one in NJ??????????????????
  6. mercer09

    1929 Chrysler Model 75 Roadster Wanted

    it's out there. We will find you one. do these threads EVER come to fruition? I always see a person wanting something that doesnt exist and everyone else running around doing a song and dance................ maybe its my negativity, but that is all I ever see happen.
  7. mercer09

    RM auction at Hershey

    Thanks for sharing. No "steals", but some really nice cars at reasonable prices. the curved dash olds for 22k was a pretty good bargain to me. love them in that original state...........
  8. mercer09

    RM auction at Hershey

    Agreed Joe- some great deals! The only surprise to me was the 12 Baker electric. Almost 200k! wowser!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. mercer09

    1930 Peerless Six 61A

    Can anyone address how difficult mechanical parts are to locate or purchase? you will need to be a bit of a machinist or good at improvising. parts are not readily available. Orphan cars are tough, but do offer a challenge some enjoy.
  10. mercer09

    Bliss Surrey License& Title

    Looks real good. nice job!
  11. mercer09

    1911 Bergdoll

    wonder if this is the same Bergdoll that was a draft dodger and raced in several Fairmount Park races in Philadelphia, at the turn of the century? what is the car comprised of regarding parts?
  12. mercer09

    Interesting 39 Ford at auction

  13. If that is the Dragon- then Boyertown Museum PA correct?
  14. given your location-keep what you have and enjoy it. target audience may be limited.