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  1. Just to be clear.............. I bought a 31 chevy roadster and it took 3 years to find all of the parts. I then bought model A fords and havent looked at the chevy again. (put away in storage). there are so many parts for the A- so little for the chevy. Didnt think it would be like that at all, but it is. not nearly as many chevys survived, due to the issue of wood. Love the chevys, but to some extent, are orphan cars when looking for parts.............. just thought you should know.
  2. cars are a horrible investment in general-a passion of love with that said, yes ferrari, porsche mercer, stutz can be very good investments............. they are not your avg layman's purchase though. an extremely rare gold piece is also a good investment..............yawn.
  3. maybe the old fella just enjoys looking out of his window every day and seeing it- sometimes that's all it takes to be happy................!
  4. very reasonable for such a fine looking car! First year of the 8 .............
  5. Wow I wonder if they used a broom or loose nap roller on the paint with very thick tar type mix? If they sprayed it they need to invest in something better than a pesticide sprayer or something finer than 10 grit sandpaper. 1 1/4" stucco roller................
  6. Love the LaSalles................. but they look modern in the realm of things, compared to the Buick. Only the OP can decide which route he wants to go. My personal opinion is the two Buicks are a great choice. Plenty of parts, reasonable and proven. In the end, it is totally your decision Patrick. and I agree with 32, preparation is key. weight around 3500 ibs dry for each
  7. He could do worse than the Buick. I don't know them that well. Can you tell us why a 1929 Buick would be your first choice for a job like this? Rusty, never said it was my first choice, but the overhead valve 6 cylinder is a terrific engine. will cruise easily all day long at 55-60mph. It has the styling I believe the OP is seeking. Said Buick ran in the Paris to Dakar in 2010 and completed and reran in 2013....................... not a bad record and to buy a prepared car for that money? a crazy good deal! I owned a 1930 Buick model 58 opera coupe and it was indestructible. The trip is roughly 7500 miles and all sorts of cars are run and complete it. As said early on, preparation is key, more so then which type of vehicle.
  8. Since that is the case, if you like the Buick go ahead and best of luck to you. I suggested these Buicks at the beginning of this thread, but since Rusty doesnt approve of them, they must not be any good.................. Buicks are durable wonderful cars and easy to find parts for as well.
  9. while 375k is way out of my price range- the styling is fantastic and if I had the $, would rather own this car to a 5 mill Mercedes 540k. Als, looks like the big brass cars are dropping drastically in price to me. Maybe I'm not in the right circles...........
  10. cmon auburn................ you know you want it..............just bid away!
  11. theyve been doing them for years with model A ford 2 dr sedans. A fiberglass rear door used to be sold for around 1200. for the conversion.
  12. Beautiful car, but I agree, would be silly to use such a fine car for that trip. Why not go with a straight 8 Buick???????? Dependable and parts availability.
  13. All the caps were narrow whites and we only kept a few odd black walls for the really cheap guys who wanted to save 2 bucks. haha-that's funny!
  14. try VCCA
  15. always liked that color. very nice!