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  1. Not so sure you are going to be able to buy the quality everyone mentions for the 6k would be nice if folks gave some pricing comparisons for all of us to ponder.
  2. mercer09

    Parts valuation, Pierce Arrow

    You can use ebay to value your parts or just ask Ed in Mass- he sells PA parts regularly.
  3. mercer09

    Phishing scheme

    I got it too- I am now conversing with a fella in Swahili. He tells me he has a Duesenberg chassis for sale for the ripe sum of 8500. Think Ill take a chance................
  4. mercer09

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    That car must have made Cagney think he was George M. Cohan. Im a yankee doodle dandy.........................................!
  5. mercer09

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    I must have gotten some mis information off the net J581 isnt the Cagney Duesenberg- this is the car which J is this and where is it?
  6. mercer09

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    Standard price for a Duesenberg chassis was 8500. supposedly, that price went up to 10k in the mid 30's
  7. mercer09

    Loyd Young auction

    Milburn for 55k? sounds pretty cheap to me. electrics have been much higher....................
  8. mercer09

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    while discussing Duesenbergs- does anyone know where Cagneys J581 is? about 25 years ago, bought my 07 Maxwell DR from a Canadian fella at Hershey. His father had one of the largest collections of cars in Canada and he told me that his Dad owned Cagneys Duesenberg. His Dad sold it at the top of the mkt and afterwards, kicked himself everyday for the rest of his life for letting it go-because he didnt need the $. Just wondering where it is?
  9. mercer09

    1942 willys sedan title FS

    to the top!
  10. mercer09


    beautiful glass lenses
  11. mercer09

    69 GTO Restoration Costs

    GTO, thank you for the update. To answer your initial question- yes you are correct, you have been totally screwed. There is nobody on this thread who can justify what has been done. This isnt just bad communication, but why people get divorced daily. I have to agree with Zimm-there is NO way I would have allowed this to go on for 3 years. I would have just given the car up and seen a good attorney.....
  12. mercer09

    Possibly the greatest car sale story of all time

    While I'm not the person in the story, there IS a reason why I'm on wife number three... 😱 who wouldve guessed? lol...................
  13. Handmade in England on wood frames- exceptionally bad steering radius. hard to believe they are still in business.