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  1. Chevrolet roadster

    I have a nice 31 that needs assembly- all new wood etc. but I want to see it stay original.................................. so would have to guess this isnt the site for buying. The Hamb is specific for your needs. good luck!
  2. which one do you most regret missing?

    missed a Marmon speedster on here a little over a year ago. Called up on it and someone else was one step ahead of me by a day or two.................. 25k.
  3. a set is 1-4 John I have a set for my 07
  4. All over ebay John- yes they are real and not worth a whole lot. Open the bid at 20.00 and let them go from there.....................
  5. 1923 Indian Motorcycle Question

    the price is about right, because as pointed out, the engine is trash. all depends what you are looking for. you could replace the motor with one that is a close year and have lots of fun. if you want it authentic, I would move on as stated above. this motor will be very difficult to find and at what Price? also, is it staying in Canada or do you need to import it to the US?
  6. Stoddard Dayton Carburetor

    Good luck with your sale. Im out...............
  7. 1906 Model L Universal Joint

    I would check to see how worn yours are first. Not a major stress point in the car. The jugs on these cars is something to consider, as they do crack over time.
  8. Stoddard Dayton Carburetor

    pm sent
  9. What was your biggest screw up working on the cars

    Report post x #2 I will be resuming it's assembly this spring. Ive been saying the same for over 20 years now and it never happens! time to take up knitting.................
  10. What was your biggest screw up working on the cars

    lLooks like hot rod fodder to me!
  11. which one do you most regret missing?

    well cash appears to be the problem half of the time and garage space also seems to be a major concern...... I had a chance at a 1915 National about 8 years back. It was in parts and almost there for a speedster. The price was 8500. I wanted to see it and was told it was put away in a barn in PA and would take a few months till the weather broke, to go and see it. So I contacted the seller a couple of months later and was told it was already sold. My best acquisitions have come when Ive been persistent. Sometimes sellers need to be persuaded. some great stories.............. keep them coming!
  12. of all of the cars you tried to buy over the years, what is the single most one that you regret missing?
  13. How Many Are Enough?

    If you have a car, or cars, that you didn't drive last year, you may already have too many. Guess its time to sell them all! What happened to " just admiring them"? Think of all the money I saved not going to a shrink in my lifetime...................
  14. To start with, do you have a fresh battery? 6 volts need to turn at a good clip to fire. What is happening?
  15. Multi-classic insurance?

    Why not get other pricing from the 6-8 other insurance companies out there that do antiques? I have always found JC Taylor the easiest to work with and having some of the best rates going. They are the largest concerning antiques.