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  1. richie3

    Jacox steering gear

    Wanted Jacox steering gear Thanks Richard
  2. richie3

    Standard Auto Electricians Manual 1913 to 1923

    I will buy Thanks Richard
  3. Wanted 1908 Motor's Motorcar Directory, hardbound book showing all car available for purchase in the USA, Thanks Richard
  4. richie3

    Concours d'Elegance Amelia Island question

    Without a doubt, the best I've ever attended. That's over 50 years of events.
  5. richie3

    1928 Pontiac wire wheels

    Wanted 2 wire wheels for 1928 Pontiac. Thanks Richard
  6. Wanted high performing car, early 1920's. Roamer, Daniels, Kissel, Cunnimgham, Revere, or similar. Thanks Richard
  7. Need Cushman scooter moved from Dix Nebraska to Florida, near Ocala Richard Williamson 352 843 1530
  8. richie3


    Need Cushman scooter moved from Dix Nebraska to Ocala, Florida or any where in Florida. Richard Williamson 352 843 1530
  9. Nedd 2 1/2 Cushmans transported from Maine New Hampshire border to Hershey by Wednesday Thanks Richard Williamson 352-843-1530
  10. richie3


    Wanted: High performance, late teens, early 20's automobile. Roamer, Revere, Kissel, Cunningham, Daniels, Stutz, or similar. 352 843 1530 Thanks Richard
  11. richie3


    Wanted: 1908 Motors Motorcar Directory Thanks Richard
  12. Want to buy late teens through 1920's high performing car. Revere, Roamer, Cunningham, Kissel or similar. Thanks Richard
  13. Wanted 1928 Pontiac wire wheels, even 1 would hepl. Thanks Richard
  14. Wanted 1908 Motors Motorcar Directory Thanks Richard
  15. richie3

    23" Buffalo Wheel

    Wanted 23" Buffalo wheel #4 also 23" Houk wheel also 21" Dayton dental drive wheel. Thanks Richard