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  1. jpage


    What makes it a "limited edition"? Looks like a standard 4 door sedan to me.Some shots of the engine would be good to. Looks like it was backed into something below the rear window but appears to be in fair shape.
  2. jpage

    Need photos '36 Dodge

    '36 Plymouth boards look alot like the Dodge but are of different size and do not have an inner outboard flap. I was told recently that Acuff's website was down and the phone number was out of service. Now I'm told that he is still working but on a limited basis. I have not yet contacted him. Still considering making my own.
  3. I would contact some of the urethane rubber/epoxy suppliers and ask what they would recommend as there is a wide range of product out there. There are also many Youtube videos and making mold and casting parts which are very informative. Here's a couple to start with (800-447-9344), Smooth On Rubber (610-252-5800), Polytech (800-858-5995) and BJB Enterprises. Just google casting resin and I'm sure more will come up. Good luck!
  4. jpage

    Model A Newbie - Questions

    The 155 C is a Town Sedan, which differs a little from the standard fordor sedans in that they have the deluxe interior with side armrests and the center armrest, standard fordors do not. The 170-B Deluxe 2 window sedan also has the center armrest. I've always thought that the Murray body style was more pleasing to the eye than the Briggs. Also the 1930 and early '31 cars had straight windshields but after July 1931 the bodies were changed to slant windshields without the visors. I also like the 3 window version as it adds a little more vision area. Aside from trim and door window design, both the Murray and Briggs cars are very much alike. i think it just depends on what's available in your price range and what you like the best. Good luck in your purchase. Model A's are great cars.
  5. jpage

    Need photos '36 Dodge

    Thanks Dodgenz for the photos. Looks to me that your boards may have been redone at sometime which makes them different. From what I can tell by the parts book, all of the cars used the same mat , domestic and export, but I could be wrong. I just had a fella PM me to tell me that Acuff and his son are still doing mats but part time. If that's true, i may not pursue this any more, but who knows.
  6. jpage

    1936 Flying Cloud Grill Expensive ? ?

    If it's an original grille, which I have my doubts, it would probably bring that price. I would think that these are quite rare. Even a really nice '36 Dodge grille center can command that much today, even more with the crank hole cover!
  7. jpage

    Need photos '36 Dodge

    Getting ready to build a test model to check compatibility of the components and the mould and casting materials.It will also give me an idea of what the finished part will look like. Going to be a lot harder to make 2 full size models!
  8. jpage

    Gas Caps Original ?

    Original Model A gas caps do not have a vet hole in the top. They vent through small openings in the metal thread insert, so some of the ones for sale were either tampered with or are aftermarket.
  9. jpage

    Need photos '36 Dodge

    Pete, Thanks for the photos. If you could, can you get a measurement on the width of the rounded ribs. From the one photo they look to be more like 3/8 in.wide than 5/16 in. Thanks Jim
  10. jpage

    Need photos '36 Dodge

    I do appreciate all the help you guys have given me, the pictures have been a big help. Now I have to come up with materials suitable for making a model for the mould!
  11. The left rear fender on my car looked good until I stripped it and found that all the moulding along the bottom and 2 large dents in the side were filled with bondo. Alot of hammer and dolly work and it looked almost as good as new. The right fender was almost like new but the fronts are a different story, after ridding them of a gallon of bondo they looked like the car was used in a demo derby! Fortunately, little rust but a lot of damage!
  12. Let's hope you can get that tube out without destroying the tank. I have an extra if things go south.
  13. jpage

    Need photos '36 Dodge

    Thanks for the photos Dodgenz. Every picture helps.
  14. jpage

    1936 Dodge Tie Rod

    I sold a guy a tie rod from a '36 dodge car and it was the same as his '37 Dodge truck. I may have one , I'll have to check.
  15. jpage

    Replacement radiator for ''29 Graham Paige?

    If originality isn't a problem, I would just recore it with a traditional radiator core. It would be less costly than replacing the original type core and would probably work as good, if not better than the original and any good shop should be able to fit one easily. I would think that an aluminum unit might be overkill and you may not find one that would fit properly.