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  1. Wow, would I like to find an express like that. Saw one of these at Hershey many years ago parked in the field lot above the airport across form the now Turkey Hill. Never saw another.
  2. Are they painting the inside of the body too? That sand beige is a really nice color. There's a local '37 in that color, really sharp! Often wondered which way is better to paint, with everything assembled or paint each piece separately then assemble.
  3. I believe that the engine, bell housing and tranny were all painted silver .Engines were painted as a long block unit so the small by-pass hose on the water pump should be painted silver too. Don't know if they were painted with the bell housing and tranny attached.
  4. I'd say that you should use 3/16 around the fenders. Restoration Specialties still carries the lacquered cloth welting but make sure you ask for the original style stuff. Some guys are selling a vinyl welting that looks like crap. the lacquered material is paintable too.
  5. Wow, what a neat , rare find!
  6. I believe that they did come with a basic tool set that included the jack and lug wrench. My'36 Dodge has brackets and straps in the front seal cushion well to secure the tools although I have never seen a photo of a complete set or of the correct jacks.
  7. Andy no longer owns the business but they still carry many parts, but for the rubber parts I would recommend Steele Rubber, the quality is better but it does cost a little more. I can give you the correct part numbers for your car. You have to watch, there is more than one option for some of the parts. If you want to save a little more money , I would suggest buying some of the stuff at Restoration Specialties in Johnstown , PA, I can a;so help you pick out the right parts. I can also remake the batwings for the front doors and the "fuzzies' that go around the rear qtr. windows.and front windows that will actually fit. Save all the old pieces for patterns as premade parts are not available for the door window parts. RS has the door post bumpers, they actually make them but the wedge retainer washers have to be reused from your originals if you still have them. I have made some of those too. The lower door rubber that's sold is really to small and not the right shape so you may have to make your own. Like I stated before, I don't know of anyone who sells the correct windshield seal kit and I've searched having been in the business. I'd be happy to help you anytime if you like.
  8. Just beautiful work. You have to wonder why these companies go so crazy about a toy or something representing a product or company that been out of business for so long. For the little they will make on copyrights, you would think they would be supportive of reviving their history!
  9. Just from the photos, they look to be the same as the '36 Dodge caps from the rear. As you know, the Dodge wheels had 2 spring retainers riveted to the wheels and I would assume that '36 Plymouth had the same configuration. There are several subtle differences between the '36 Dodge and Plymouth cars as well as the'35's . I would say that these caps are from a '36 Plymouth. Try one on the Dodge wheel to see if it fits.They look to be in fairly good condition but they are expensive to replate! Just had my Dodge caps prices at $300-$400 each depending on the face damage!
  10. I had the same issue so I took the old washers and carefully sanded them flat to remove the rings. Also, the old flare can leave a footprint in the seat of the fitting that may not seal with the new line. I don't know of a good way to fix that and these old banjos are not available new.
  11. I have seen sandblasting used to etch glass. Mark out the design and cover the clear portion with a good duct tape and thin rubber, then gently sandblast the design.
  12. Maybe it's just the angle of the photo, but still looks short to me.
  13. '34's had the rear mounted gas tank so the rear mounted filler pipe
  14. I like those cradles you made to store the fenders! Car's looking really good!
  15. Looks to me to possibly a '33 or '34 Ford pickup bed