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  1. I was looking for a friend, he told em that he bought some from Mr. Axelrod the headlamp guy.
  2. Thanks Tom but I've already found some.
  3. Looking for the 3 pin Rite-way headlight bulb sockets for mid-late '30's WPC cars and trucks. New or used. I've been told that Mr. Axlerod may have them but have no contact info for him. Thanks Jim
  4. Looking for the 3 pin pre-focused Rite-Way bulb sockets for mid to late '30's WPC cars and trucks new or used. I've read that Mr. Axlerod may have them but I don't have any contact info for him. Thanks Jim
  5. Actually, that's the first riding lawn mower!
  6. You might try Restoration Specialties in Pa. Their number is 814-467-9842. There are no number references so you may have to send in samples if you have any!
  7. That baby's got back!
  8. Just picked up a '75 C65 dump truck and need a master repair manual for it. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Just picked up a '75 C65 Chevy dump truck and need a master repair manual for it. Motor's, Chilton or factory will do. Thanks in advance for any help!
  10. Roger, I just don't know how you do it!
  11. Check with Restoration Specialties in PA, their number is 814-467-9842
  12. A few years ago the speedo went out on my '04 blazer, so I took it to the local dealer for repair. Had to buy the whole console at the price of my first born. They overnighted it and I had it back the next day, some law thing! While driving home I noticed a discrepancy in the mileage. I called the service manager and asked if they bought good low mileage cars and he asked why did I want to know. I told him that they had just changed the speedo in my truck and when I took it in it had 128,000 miles on it but now it only had 28,000 miles. He took a gasp and said "get it back here right away!" Quickest repair I ever had!
  13. Sorry, had to reload the photos. Any more info would be greatly appreciated. I was told that this radio had been gone over but I would like to know a name of a reliable rebuilder just to make sure. Thanks
  14. Looks like I'm going to have to repost the photos. Hope these load okay this time.