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  1. The building codes are supposed to be the same nationwide but each municipality usually has it's own set of rules. In many locations, any building under 1000 square foot area can be built without local inspections but almost all areas require zoning permits for pre-determined setbacks and you can only build up to a certain percentage of your property's total square footage. If your property is large enough, you shouldn't have much issue of relocation but moving a structure can be quite expensive unless it can be broken down into small sections. While building a replica isn't the same as having the real building, an accurate copy can still capture the style and appearance of the original whilst preserving the heritage and history of such structures that will eventually be lost to time. Many of these old stations are in such bad structural condition that even if moved, there would be a great expense in repair costs. Good luck to you in whatever decision you make. If I had the place and money I would like to save one too!
  2. If you are talking rear mud flap brackets, I'm not sure if they even came with mud flaps. I have not seen any factory shots of trucks with mud flaps or any well restored trucks with them.
  3. I agree, not even worth collecting in that condition.
  4. Dynamat has it's uses as an insulator but I would only use it on areas that are not exposed to water like the body sides and inside of the doors are. Reason being is that the door windows and body trim on those cars are not sealed from water and any edge can collect and hold water. I would recommend something like a heavy spray on undercoating or brush on bed liner material for the doors and body sides so the edges will not build up. Dynamat would be good on the floors and sail panel areas but it can get quite expensive.
  5. There is someone who sell a replacement bed panel but it's quite expensive. Vic had a steel fabricator make his in 2 pieces like the original, that's probably the way to go. The bed floor is a corrigated unit that should be easy for most sheet metal fabricators to make. Drop him a PM and I'm sure he'll send you photos.
  6. This is exactly the problem and I'm still experiencing it today. Has to be some kind of glitch in the site if others are having the same problem. It only happens on the general discussion thread, but I do have to log in twice to access the main site.
  7. I still have some of those Sunoco car coins!
  8. This is the only site that I'm having issues with. Just had to sign in twice to get into the forums and had to sign in a third time to access this thread! It only seems to affect this particular thread.
  9. I've noticed in the last few days, that whenever I try to log in it takes me to the second log in screen as though my password is incorrect. After going through the password section again, it does log me in but when I try to access the general discussion thread it takes me back to the first "Sign in" page and I don't see the new threads. It only seems to happen when I try to access the general discussion thread. Any ideas?
  10. Greg, if you have a good tinsmith shop in your area I would ask them if they could build you a new tank. I had a local shop make one for my '36 Dodge and it came out perfect. It was made from galvanized sheet stock with rolled and soldered ends. He was able to install the correct type baffle too. He reused all the original hardware and it fit like a glove.
  11. You need to pack the rollers with grease but not too much as too much grease causes heat buildup.
  12. I am just amazrd by everything that you do. This model looks like the real thing! Excellent work!
  13. I was looking for a friend, he told em that he bought some from Mr. Axelrod the headlamp guy.
  14. Thanks Tom but I've already found some.
  15. Just found some thanks