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  1. Wagner brake master cylinder parts

    The "FD" number on the cylinder is a casting number which would cross over to a part number. My old book does not show any of these numbers, so the unit you're looking for may have been discontinued many years ago. If I had a photo and port sizes, there may be something that could be used in it's place. I do not have any application books only reference guides.
  2. 1936 Dodge Parts Identification

    Can't really tell by the photo, but the spring is very thin like steel banding. I'm not sure that it would make a lot of difference if the springs were missing unless you have a lot of up and down movement at the pivot points. If you need one, I might have an extra here.
  3. Question for you experienced guys

    I too would suggest that you make the trip and take care of it at the point of sale. Also, if you have not seen the car in person, it would be a good time to check it over, you might find something you don't like! A quick trip to a notary and you're done!
  4. 1936 Dodge Parts Identification

    The first photo shows the configuration of those parts as they are on the car. There should be a very thin flat spring in the same shape as the thin piece that goes between the thin piece and the thicker outer piece to keep tension on the rod. There are 2 of those angle pieces, one for each side and they are both alike. The thick rectangular block on the left side makes up for the firewall recess.
  5. Help Identifying These Antique Metal Wheels

    They do look similar to the wheel on that early Ford, and if my count is correct, both the ford wheels and those in question have 40 spokes. I don't know if Ford actually made the wheels for his car or if he adapted wheels already in production.They look to be about the right height too.
  6. Help Identifying These Antique Metal Wheels

    I doubt that they are for any implement, as the rims look like they are made for a tubular type tire and the spokes are fine and look to be adjustable for centering. My guess is some type of early motor vehicle. Judging by the width of the siding, which looks about 4-41/2 in., I would guess that these wheels are about 3ft in diameter.
  7. Anyone know what type ( brand) of clutch is standard in a '33 Dodge light truck. Is the clutch assy and throwout brg. specific for that year or are they the same as other years. Any info appreciated. Thanks jim
  8. Does anyone know what type( brand) of clutch is in a '33 Dodge light truck, I.E Borg & Beck ETC. Also, if the clutch disc ,pressure plate and throwout brg. are specific to '33's or if they are the same for other years. I assume that it used a 10in. clutch disc. Any info appreciated. Checking for a friend. Thanks Jim
  9. 1938 decklid emblem

    They make a regular stamped washered hex nut that cuts it's own threads on plain studs. They are removable without ruining the studs. Restoration Specialties has a good assort. of them.
  10. Rocker Sills?

    Here's a company that used to make really nice reproductions but I'm not sure they're still in business. Door Sills 81 Graham Ave. North Haledon, N.J. 07608 973-423-1196
  11. 1936 Desoto Diecast Horn Cover Removal

    Hi, I have a '36 Dodge which has similar grilles on the horn covers. If I'm correct, they are pinned into the cover. I took a Dremel and ground of the peened area behind the grille, then the grille will pop out. When I inspected the reverse side of the grilles, I noticed that there was enough land area around the pins and it was thick enough to remove the remaining part of the pins and very carefully drill a small hole for a new screw. I placed the grilles back in each cover and marked the hole placement with a marker so to get everything lined up. Then I drilled the holes to fit a 2-56 screw, just deep enough to firmly hold the screw but not go through the casting.I then took a 2-56 tap and carefully threaded the holes , again being careful to get them straight and not go through the casting. It doesn't take very many threads to hold the screws. Using a 1/2 in. long screw with a phillips head ( they come in several head types), I threaded a nut onto the screw and then screwed it into the pretapped holes. Then I cut of the head and removed the nut. This allows you to clean the threads so you can get the nuts back on after removing the heads. I then refitted the grilles to see if everything fit correctly. Now you have a secure way to reinstall the grilles after plating. I did have one issue with the plating. Even though I gave the plater the horn covers to make sure of the fit after plating, the grilles didn't really fit as well as they did before. Not wanting the guy to do it again, because they are delicate and very hard to find unbroken, I decided to do some bodywork on the covers to make thef fit the grilles. It took a while, but they came out fairly well, remembering that the grilles did not have a perfect fit when they were new. Hope this helps and if you have any questions, I'll send you my number in a pm, please feel free to call.
  12. AA Truck Auxiliary Trans question

    I doubt that switching the gears around would benefit you in any way. They were designed to be an underdrive system for more pulling power. Most of the trucks with the 2 speed tranny were also equipped with a worm gear rear axle which is inherently slow and noisy in itself. Before I ruined a good 2 speed trans, I would just switch to the regular 4 spd tranny and change the rear axle to a ring and pinion. Still, even with that mod, you'd be pressed to get more that 45 mph out of the truck. I really don't know why so many folks want to change and update these historical vehicles, but that's just my opinion.
  13. Interior door handle bracket

    Restoration Specialties in Pa might have those springs but they will need a sample to compare. Their number is 814-467-9842 and hours are 9-5 eastern time.
  14. Window Regulator Spring Suppliers

    Restoration Specialties has a large supply of these springs but unfortunately, no way for positive identification unless they see a sample.If you have a complete broken one or if you can send them a complete part that has one on, they could check their stock. There are quite a few of these springs and most are different in some way. At one time the boxes and colors marked what the springs fit, but being jostled over many years just leaves a jumbled mess. Their phone number is 814-467-9842 and hours are 9-5 eastern time. Good hunting!
  15. Paint your wagon

    Looks like the rear spring is pretty weak, she's riding quite low! Love the color!