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  1. jpage


    Model A's make a lot of noise without the muffler and also a lot of exhaust fumes. The mufflers and tailpipes are 1 piece and not hard to install.
  2. Pete, According to my '36 Dodge parts book the left hand tailamp bracket should be no. 635419 and the right bracket no. 635418 and these are primed parts. The book also shows that these are new numbers, not previously used on Dodge cars. They fit 2 and 4 door sedans, 2-pass. coupe, bus. coupe and the conv. sedan. There are different numbers listed for painted parts also but they are the same thing. I think that, since your car was built early in 1935 that those parts are carryover from '35 as none of those numbers appear in the '36 parts list. My book is March 16 '36 which superseded Nov. 15 1935. If you could find one of the earlier parts books or some one who has one, it might list those numbers. There was probably a design change sometime after your car was built. Sorry you had so much trouble getting those old bolts out. I remember that mine were fairly hard too and I had to replace several of those fender nuts, which are still available new. Getting the cars apart is one of the hardest things about repairing them, second hardest is finding the money and time! I just picked up a really nice set of the running board cores but now can't find anyone in the states that rebuilds them. Not sure if Hunley Acuff is still in business.Sometimes the process just gets harder and harder! Just keep at it! It's a great car!
  3. jpage

    Chrome powder coating vs real chrome

    To me painted or powdercoated trim just screams "cheap". I recently saw a nice mid 30's car with silver painted trim and asked myself Why! If one is going to go to the trouble to "restore" a car then why not do it correctly. We all know that "real"restoration is a very long and expensive process but we do it for the love of the cars and the history. If one is not really prepared to spend the money or the time there are alternatives or other hobbies.Remember that a fixed up car or a hot rod is not really restored and in many cases liberties are taken to lower the cost and speed up the job or to personalize the vehicle to fit one's taste. If a 1926 car uses nickel, the the parts should be nickel, if chrome , then chrome. Nothing more frustrating for me is to see a nicely done car with old chrome or custom interior, bad glass or painted trim and the owner bragging about the great "restoration" job and his over the top value estimation when it would cost half of what he thinks it's worth to make it presentable! Just my opinion! I too, work on a budget, that's why I've been building my '36 Dodge for almost 20 years, but I want it to be as correct as I can get it. I know that it will never be worth what I have already invested, but I can be satisfied that I tried to keep it historically accurate for ever that's might be worth for future generations.
  4. jpage

    Advice on repairing paint chips

    A good body shop should have no problem repairing superficial chipping but matching the color oh touch up jobs can be an issue, especially if it's wasn't a standard factory mix or an older job. It might be cheaper if you had the whole panel painted, probably look better and in the long run probably less aggravation!
  5. This post is 13 years old!
  6. jpage

    Rear brake drum seal surface tapered

    Why try to reinvent the wheel? Any good machine shop can repair the old drums and new original type seals are readily available for the WPC cars. I guess, perhaps for other makes where the seals are hard to get, machining the drums straight would have to be an option.
  7. jpage

    1936 Dodge LC pickup GRILLE

    For very good to great expect to pay between $2000-5000 . Good or great is extremely rare! Good hunting!
  8. jpage

    Rear brake drum seal surface tapered

    They are supposed to be that way as my '36 has them too. Mine were worn badly where the seal ran so I had a local machine shop weld them up and turn them down to a smooth tapered surface. You can see the worn area in the photo.
  9. jpage

    Who makes Vintage Bakelite Shift Knobs

    I just bought a new knob from NAPA for my '36 Dodge. Exact shape and size as the old one, of course in black. Only $7 as compared to $30-45 on most sites. The material quality was not as nice as I would have liked so I just painted it. It will outlast me. You could cast them yourself with a silicone mold and resin.
  10. jpage

    1936 Dodge D2 TS Newcomer

    Any of the WPC parts suppliers should be able to furnish a new pump. Andy Bernbaum, Roberts Motor Parts so forth. Google fuel pumps for 1936 Dodge and you should be able to find something. New pumps, that look almost identical, might even be available through NAPA yet. Some come up on ebay from time to time. Rebuild kits are also available. Good hunting!
  11. From what I saw on Vic Panza's '37 Dodge truck, the headlamp stands are a little different where they meet the bucket. The bucket has a depressed area where it mounts to the stand ,different than the '36 lamps. The grille shells on the '37 are not quite as wide as the '36's in the mount area. I also think that the lens retainer screws are different than the '36's. Upon first glance, they do look alot alike. Engines aren't hard to locate but the broken grille can be a cost issue and if she's missing the rear fenders and other specialty parts, that could be a real deal breaker!
  12. jpage

    vin # for dodge pickup

    How about a photo, many of us can tell the year simply by looking at a photo.
  13. Yeah, that's a '37 judging by the grill and the tubular shocks. Probably built late '36 and title for '36. Grille center section, front bumper bracket and bumper are the same as the '36 trucks. Headlights and mounting brackets are different.
  14. Check out the MAFCA or MARC websites as there may be a chapter near you. Although the later Model A clutches are pretty straightforward it's best to find someone who knows how they are put together and the little quirks. The AACA may have a chapter close also, there is usually a few Model A guys in a chapter.
  15. jpage

    Running board mat repair.

    Not yet, I thought I'd inquire first and then try if no one knows.