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  1. None of my cars have any connections for hoses at the windshield drains. The water simply flows down the inside of the body and out the bottom. Most of the floorboard rot, I believe, comes from the drivers wet feet when rubber floor mats could trap moisture underneath. All my cars suffered some damage in that area. Toeboards are usually pretty good because any water will drain off onto the floor. I would think that with a properly sealed windshield, water pooling in the corners would be minimum. I did have some rot in the very front areas of the rockers at the cowl where water could have collected.
  2. I did the chassis on my car myself and the pictures actually make it look nicer than it is. I did fill the pits on the axles and most visible surfaces to get a better finish. I had to rebuild most of the top rails as they were badly rotted.II do as much as I can myself to try to save money and the satisfaction of just doing the work myself. I have an extra toeboard and floorboard that aren't in too bad a shape if you need one. You can get new ones from the Plymouth Doctor but they are handcrafted and may or may not fit correctly. To have some of the original tools is neat, mine are all missing! When looking for a battery, any group 1 6vt should fit although they tend to be slightly larger than original batteries. Deka makes a good 6vt and a tractor supply company might be your best bet for finding one on the shelf. Some folks use an 8vt battery to increase cranking amps for easier starting but that can lead to problems with the gauges are generator. If all the cables are the right size and the wiring is good, a 6vt system will work like new.
  3. The tank I had made at a local tinsmith's shop who copied the tank perfectly. He installed the baffle and all the original fixtures. It's all galvanized with rolled and soldered seams so there is no rust from welding. I do think, and I could be wrong as I have not had to drop a tank with the body on, that if you did jack the car from the frame, there should be enough room to slide the tank between the spring and the frame on the right side far enough for the filler tube to clear. I doubt that after all these years that the tube extension would unscrew from the mount. I see that the outer tube is a serviceable part as it's listed in the parts book so maybe it does come apart but be careful. Curious to find out as I have one in a parts car that needs taken out but may wait until the body is off. I would soak the daylights out of the joint with a good rust remover for a while prior to trying it. I might suggest inserting a piece of steel pipe that just fits the id if the filler tube and using a good strap wrench on it so as not to crush the tube.
  4. The tank should drop right down as the edges of the tank are inboard of the springs. Here's a photo of a tank in the frame but without the body; you'll notice that the filler tube is quite close to the frame.
  5. In checking my parts book, all tanks are the same except for the sedan delivery and all frames are the same except the 7 passenger sedan.
  6. I'll check it out, but I think that the tanks are the same for all body styles Except maybe the 7 passenger.
  7. None of the cars i have had any notches in the filler tube for removal. Whilst there may be threads on the tube I would caution you from trying to unscrew it. If you damage it, you may have a difficult time finding a replacement. The tank should slide over to the left far enough to clear the spring on the right side. yes, the door key should match the ignition but it does not match the trunk handle lock.
  8. 1936 DeSoto Airstream floor mat

    I think that The Plymouth Doctor has mats advertized but not sure if they are original style or just cut from mat material. Give him a call.
  9. AMMETER, 1936 DODGE

    Your best bet is to replace the gauge with the correct one. Keep an eye on ebay as they do come up from time to time at reasonable prices. Of course, buying any old gauge from anyone is a gamble. You might place a parts wanted ad on the forum that might dredge one up. I might have an extra one but do to an injury, can't look right now. You might also check Andy Bernbaum auto or Robert's Motor parts. You might also try Dodge Central in CA. Good hunting!
  10. 36 Dodge Fender Skirts

    I had purchased new running board mouldings several years ago from L & L Mouldings but have since learned that they may be out of business. The rb mouldings are painted body color on the '36 cars.
  11. eBay Rat Bags

    Most of these guys think this stuff is made form unobtainium. personally, I wouldn't pay more than $50 for that cap. There was a set of incomplete horn covers for a '36 Dodge on ebay for $900 for the pair marked as rare. I have several sets and probably wouldn't ask more than $60 a pair without the grilles! Buyer beware! That's why I stay away from ebay!
  12. 36 Dodge Fender Skirts

    My skirts have the same emblem but have no holes along the bottom as it has no moulding. There is also a rubber "V"shaped gasket that fits the channel around the upper perimeter that helps prevent scratches to the fender. Steel rubber carries that gasket.
  13. Another problem that can cause shimmy is a loose connection of the radius rod and engine. Even if you cannot physically move it by hand it still could be loose which would cause the axle to shift around. A badly worn steering sector can also be a cause.
  14. 1920 Dodge pickup info

    Something looks really hinky about that thing. I doubt that it was ever a truck especially the way the rear seat and top is configured. The tailgate logo looks like it's from the '40's or '50's but I could be wrong.Looking close to the reflections on the paint reveals to me a very bad body with a lot of pitting and or poor body repair. I'd tread carefully on this one!
  15. 36 Dodge Fender Skirts

    Marco, before you buy any skirts make sure they are for the Dodge cars; DeSoto and Airstream skirts look a lot like the Dodge but they are slightly different, have different trim wings and will not fit properly. Dodge skirts do not have any trim along the bottom. Also, make sure that all hardware is included as parts are difficult to find. I have a set for my car if you need photos or measurements.