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  1. David, thank you for the information, really appreciate the comments, it gives all of us first hand expert knowledge as to what to expect and look for. I have a close friend that owns a high end restoration shop and he has his own in house upholstery shop. The cost of the material is small when compared to the labor involved to to a proper correct job the first time. As stated, you get what you pay for. I have tremendous respect for all the craftsman in our hobby who take a sincere interest in what they do , be it upholstery, body work, paintwork, parts and metal fabrication etc. and every one that I have had the privilege to meet is genuinely interested in the project they are working on. It is more then just "another job" to them, they take tremendous pride in what they are doing. Mike thank you as well for giving us all a heads up about the leather as well, it will meet the requirements of a number of people I am sure.
  2. Auburnseeker, re your comments spending $ to build your building to house any cars you may want. I went through this last year. Bought my bucket list Packard touring, but then had to insulate and heat and expand somewhat the 2 car garage I have here at my house on long island. I told the fellow who I put my car with in his shop to go through it mechanically (it had been a trailer queen when restored in 1980 and sat mostly unused in ideal conditions since then) to take his time as I had to get permits, contractors etc to do the work here. My car was restored with lacquer, which to this day nearly 40 years later is almost perfect except for a few chips - no cracking/crazing; but needs the dry , heated garage for winter months. So not only are the toys expensive but the box to keep them in is too!
  3. Franklin manuals and literature at Hershey

    Olympic instruction book is SOLD
  4. My "new" 1941 Buick Roadmaster 71

    Earl, this is a wonderful car, listen to all the great advice that has been given to you, especially what my friend Matt Harwood has to say. It was a pleasure to meet you in person at the CCCA tent at Hershey. Once you get your car sorted to your satisfaction ( the fender skirts on!) share with us some more photos. Walt
  5. 1931 instruction book SOLD, 1932 instruction book pending sale.
  6. NY-Cars, yes the 1931 model 41,42,43 instruction book is still available for $100 ppd priority mail. PM me for contact information , payment details etc. thanks.
  7. Franklin manuals and literature at Hershey

    the 1931 series 153 color catalog and the 1932 series 16 color catalog are sold. the rest are still available, add also a mint copy of the 1928 series 12 parts book I have for sale for $125 ppd. . Series 10 thru 12 instruction books are $60 each postpaid. Others have assorted prices. The V12 instruction book is absolutely mint condition.
  8. 1927 Caddy Victoria??

    A huge project, and I think the estimate to have a professional shop like Restorer 32 has to do it as he quotes in realistic. I would love to see this car saved and restored. you will never get the cost of your time and $ you will have to spend for parts, materials etc back if you sell it, but as someone stated a lot of do this for the love of the car, know we are preserving something for future generations to see long after we are dust. Once done, the first time you drive it down the road that feeling of euphoria at what you have and what you have done will make it all worth while. Go for it!
  9. What did you buy at Hershey?

    Al, people were buying, at least up in the NE corner of the Red Field. We arrived at noon on tuesday, set up and things were slow until about 4 pm, when one fellow decided to buy some steel toy buses and pother stuff I had, Wednesday was amazing, about 2/3 of what I had went home with happy owners. I was pleased to hear three people tell me "you have nice stuff". when we packed up Friday afternoon, only one large Buddy L water tower steel toy truck and a JeP Alfa P2 race car went home with us and that may leave here in a post Hershey sale. It was my best year for sales yet. I still have a few Pierce Arrow and Franklin instructions books that didn't find new owners as well. All in all a great event.
  10. Decades ago the now defunct Empire State Region CCCA produced a cast alloy plaque of the dual cowl phaeton logo for CCCA that you could mount on your garage/shop. It was about 20 inches long by 9 inches high. Does anyone have one they could sell me? I would like to have one for my garage and it would be a Christmas present from me to me. Please PM me if you have one available. thanks. Walt
  11. Decades ago the now defunct Empire State Region , CCCA had cast a replica of the dual cowl phaeton logo that is the CCCA trademark. It was cast of aluminum, painted and about 20 inches long by about 9 inches high. I would like to find one to restore and hang on my garage. Anyone out there have one that they would sell to me? It would be my Christmas present to me from me. Please PM me is you have one you would part with.Thanks so much Walt
  12. Passing of Don Hoelscher

    Very sorry to hear of Don's passing as well, he was a long time supporter and member of CCCA.
  13. Harrah's automobile restoration shop

    If you are referring to the shop that was active when Bill Harrah was alive ; depending upon the car (due to the quantity) some just got cosmetic work, but some got full blown restorations. Two that I know got total restorations were a 1911 roadster that was built by the Franklin Company to set a fuel economy record that took place on long island , Bill found the car at Hershey and asked me to follow him from one end of the flea market to the other to see it as he was so excited to buy it; they also restored a 1931 Franklin Derham bodied town car that was not much more then a parts car/shell to a very high standard, as well . They did go to some extremes to be authentically correct - I was a consultant for them, so on many occasions and got calls from Mike Moore who was head of their library at one point about details . One call he said they were finishing up a restoration and needed an answer, I told him I had the information but had to look it up, he said "If you can do that now I will wait" an hour and a half later I came back with a negative answer about something he asked about, and he said that was all they needed to know and would leave the detail in question off the car.
  14. What did you buy at Hershey?

    metal tire covers for the side mounts for my Packard touring car that a friend was kind enough to sell me and haul in from Illinois (which my son and I took turns carrying from the Orange Field to the middle of the Chocolate Field to a friends space for him to haul back for us.- those covers will probably add another 70+ lbs to the car, and we were glad to finally put them down) , a manifold gasket set for my 40 Roadmaster conv sedan, , both "practical" purchases, plus two things in the "non essential, totally 'just cause I liked it' " class - a large ca. 1928 Valentine that was in minty condition and had a roadster at the center as a feature and is obviously a Packard, plus a cast aluminum logo of the CCCA touring car, two sided, not the one that you put up on the garage (still want one of those) . I also always stock up on metal polish, and polishing cloths/rags, and sandpaper.
  15. If you own a convertible, conv sedan, phaeton, touring etc during storage place a sheet over the top to collect the dust etc that will be in the air no matter how great a storage unit you have - even heated and humidity controlled. This advice from my friend Eric Haartz whose family has produced the top material that 90% of our cars are equipped with for over 100 years . He also did an excellent article on cleaning top fabric that was first printed in the New England Region CCCA publication and recently in the national CCCA Bulletin. I followed these instructions to clean the top on my touring car (tan canvas) that hadn't been covered for 35+ years and the process took all of the dust etc from that time period off. You can't believe how big a surface area a top on a 7 pass touring car can be, I found out first hand!