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  1. mick dodge 1927

    spark plugs

    I Have a new set of champion 1 COM plugs Would they b suitable for a 1927 Dodge
  2. mick dodge 1927

    1926 body mounting?

    Hi Where in Tassie are you Micheal
  3. mick dodge 1927

    1927 dodge spark plugs

    Would it be OK to use Champion 1 Com plugs in a 1927 Dodge Thanks Mick
  4. mick dodge 1927

    Northeast DA starter

    G Day Doug Try Vintage and Classic Reproduction Vintage and Classic Reproductions - Dodge Parts Mick
  5. mick dodge 1927

    Generator Brushs

    G' Day Jason Still trying to get it rewound here Could you please give me an price on what it would cost including postage to Australia Thanks for your time Micheal
  6. mick dodge 1927

    Generator Brushs

    Thanks For the advice Generator stopped charging I had 2 spares but couldn't get them to charge. So I got them checked all 3 had the armature burnt out. So I'm looking for some one to rewind one or anther good armature.The joys of owning old cars. Mick
  7. mick dodge 1927

    Generator Brushs

    Could any one please tell me which position the 3th brush goes in a 6 volt north east generator. i have been trying to fix it as it wasnt charging and didn't realize that there was a difference in the bushes. I have 1 thin and 2 thick bushes I'm guessing that the thin one is the 3th bush and goes in the slot that adjusts. thanks Mick
  8. mick dodge 1927

    Transmission - Gear Noise [Growling]

    Hi Tony That Dodge climbing out of Queenstown belongs to me. I restored it about 9 years ago and was worried about the noisy first and second gear a old friend who has been around cars along time told me not worry about as the were always noisy. So I used it like that until about 9 months ago when I fond another gearbox I rebuilt it with new bearings. It is still noisy in first and second But not as bad. Drove it from Hobart Tasmania to Adelaide South Australia and back Never missed a beat. I will upload another clip to YouTube soon
  9. mick dodge 1927

    Oil Change

    Im going to change the oil in my 27 dodge Is advisable to remove the sump and clean the oil strainer? Thanks Mick
  10. mick dodge 1927

    Oil Change

    How often should the oil be changed in a 27 Dodge Thanks Mick
  11. mick dodge 1927


    Hi TonyAus Tried Auto One, Repco, Bursons And Super cheap none of the stock Penrite Classic Coolant. Where do you get it? Thanks Micheal
  12. mick dodge 1927


    Hi what coolant would you use in a 27 Dodge?
  13. mick dodge 1927

    1927 dodge

    HI It was a steep windy road out of Queenstown. The van was slowing me down I think i scared him into pulling over to let me pass. always thought that you guys drive on the wrong side of the road.
  14. mick dodge 1927

    1927 dodge

    My 27 Dodge leaving Queenstown Tasmania Aus
  15. mick dodge 1927

    jumping out of gear

    Thanks Ben Fixed the problem. Had put in new bearings. What i did was put a 2 millimeter spacer in front of the rear bearing and it hasn't jumped out of gear since.