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  1. K8096

    Sad news, Cecil Bozarth

    I had the pleasure of sitting with Cecil at a Lincoln Owners Club dinner at Hershey a couple years ago. Very nice guy.
  2. K8096

    Identify Car From Drawing

    The Cadillac pictured is actually a series 61, not 62. The 61 had a shorter trunk than the 62 series, plainer interior, and didn't have the bottom stainless trim piece running from the front wheel well to the faux air scoop on the rear quarter.
  3. K8096

    1929 Stutz for sale

    Looks like a decent original car. One thing you might want to note though is that the car is a 6 cylinder Blackhawk, not an 8 cylinder Stutz. Your asking price seems very fair. I hope it finds a good home.
  4. I'd think the buyer would be welcome at any Concours in the country with that except Pebble. Good deal.
  5. K8096

    Headlights - HELP what truck/car do they fit

    I think they're mid 1920's Buick
  6. K8096

    Gettysburg CCCA Marmon/Stutz meet today

    Trimacar, post more photos of the meet.
  7. K8096

    426 Hemi Barn Find Car

    The ad says it was parked in 1978. When parked, it was just a 12 year old, out of style, gas guzzling, used car that had been drag raced (read: mechanics beat to death). Just be happy it wasn't scrapped back then.
  8. K8096

    1941 Caddy "60 Special

    Here's the standard 1941 Cadillac steering wheel. You almost never see it. When you do, it's usually on a 61 series coupe or sedan, a 62 series sedan, or on a commercial chassis. This is the same wheel as is on the subject car. The subject car is missing the horn button. It's unusual to see this steering wheel on a Sixty Special as that model was Cadillac's snazzy sedan and they were often more highly optioned. 4100 were produced that year And here's the deluxe wheel you see 99% of the time. Usually when someone buys a car with the standard steering wheel, one of the fist things they do it switch it out with the better looking deluxe one.
  9. K8096

    1941 Caddy "60 Special

    It’s interesting the subject car was ordered with the optional hydramatic transmission, but has the cheap standard steering wheel you almost never see (especially on a Sixty Special) and no radio.
  10. K8096

    Reo Royale

    What's the point of the heat shield on the front of the exhaust manifold? There's no fuel pump or distributor there, and it's not really protecting the generator below it either.
  11. K8096

    1975 Honda CVCC

    Sold. To a local buyer. Thank you.
  12. K8096

    1934 Plymouth PE sedan for sale

    Sold, to a fellow forum member. Thank you!
  13. K8096

    whiteglovecollection Auction Anyone Going???????

    "i bought the buick and like 95% of all the lights/light parts " Great! Nice buy. Now all you need to do is throw that modern V8 engine and steering column in the garbage and find a correct 90 series 1932 Buick straight eight and column to put in and then you'll really have something.
  14. K8096

    Date this banner please

    Tell us abut the Falls Tires sign. Is that from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio? There were many smaller tire manufactures around Akron and I'm wondering if this was one of them?
  15. K8096

    1934 Plymouth PE sedan for sale

    Inside of car is packed with parts. Imagine the fun you'd have cleaning it out and sorting them all!