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  1. K8096

    Twelve Dilapitated Lincolns 1925 to 1938

    Looks like whoever accumulated all those Lincolns out in California bought all the ones Jack Passey passed up on because they were either too rough or too ugly.
  2. K8096

    Ohio: Warner's Salvage Yard, Mt. Sterling

    I was at that yard in Mt Sterling, OH several times in the mid 1990s. I'd go down on Saturday mornings when I was at Ohio State. I don't think the yard had anything newer than the early 1980s in it. I don't think the owner wasn't actively taking in cars more cars. The yard was largely picked over long ago and there was a lot of brush growing around the cars, making it difficult to get to them. The owner was a nut job. I remember walking into the place and coming upon him and asking "are you the owner?" His reply was "The Lord is the owner, I am the keeper." There was a 69 or so Pontiac LeMans sitting out front that looked decent, but when I opened the door to look insode there was 3 inches of water in the floor pans. I remember the shell of a model T coupe in there, and there was a last generation El Camino with a cap on the bed. You don't see those often. I haven't been there is 20 years, but it was an experience I'll never forget. There's probably some good stuff for 1960's & newer cars there, but I believe the 1950's & older stuff is picked clean.
  3. K8096

    Found a phone book from 1954

    I’d rather ride in a Cadillac ambulance than a Pontiac.
  4. K8096

    The Topper car

    The car with the three 48/49 Cadillac tailfins and Studebaker nose is not the Topper car. It's an entirely different car. It was built on a 1932/33 DV-32 Stutz chassis.
  5. K8096

    Packard 8 Coupe

    The Packard in post #1 is also a 1934 Packard Eight. The 1933 coupe had a much higher roofline. Many of these 1934 bodies had the top cut off and were made into convertibles in the 1960's-90's.
  6. K8096

    Tinted glass on Prewar Packards?

    Yes, my glass appears to have that blue-green tinit to it as well.
  7. K8096

    1931 Packard deluxe eight club sedan

    I think it's a 1931, not a 32. Per the data plate it was delivered 3-28-1931, and it has a flat radiator shell - not veed like 1932. If you look at the pictures closely, the hood and spare tire are leaning against the garage wall next to the car. Looks like a solid original car that needs everythiong. I think it's a $15,000 car. I hope it gets saved.
  8. K8096

    Tinted glass on Prewar Packards?

    Here's one from the windshield of an all original 1940 Packard 180 club sedan sold through Earl C Anthony. Looks like the glass was made in October 1939, whereas yours was made in May of 1940. This is a non air conditioned car.
  9. "Has the car been in inside storage during it's no -operable period?" 100% absolutely YES! I can say with 100% certainty that is has been stored inside a locked garage with a cement floor for the past 15 years. The person the current owner bought it from in Michigan also had it stored it inside a pole building. It's not perfect in any way, but it has never been abused either. Send me a PM and we can talk about it on the phone if you'd like.
  10. ** price reduction ** Now asking $9500.
  11. Fenders will be at Hershey space CS 22. I don't want to take them back home with me. Make an offer.
  12. Will be at Herhsey space CS 22 if you'd like to discuss. No, not bringing the cars to Hershey.
  13. Started it today and had it running outside for 1/2 hour. Runs pretty good. I'll be at Hershey space CS-22 if you'd like to discuss it. No, not bringing to Hershey.
  14. K8096

    intermittent overdrive

    My dad had 1948 Custom series many years ago that had similar symptoms. I think there's a solonoid somewhere in the wiring of the O/D system that was working intermittently. Once that was replaced the problem was solved.
  15. K8096

    Unusual Cadillac/LaSalle

    I believe it's a 1937 Cadillac 8 cylinder town car. Not a 12 or 16 for sure. I think the photo is "off" a bit. The doors on the Cadillac are both closed, but the door handles don't line up with each other.