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  1. The sedan the people are getting out of holding presents is a model L Lincoln 1928-30 range. The grey 2 door car is a 1935 Ford. The other car is a Chevrolet of similar vintage. The Stutz just looks like a regular phaeton, it's not a dual cowl phaeton which would have had a second windshield for the rear passengers. Again, great video and thank you for posting.
  2. That is a 1929 Stutz Model M phaeton. Great car. Do you have any other photos or details about it? Where was the film taken?

    1932 Packard 900 convertible coupe in the 1975 Wonder Woman movie.
  4. Great Classic Sedans

    Thanks John. Yes, he wouldn't let anyone see his cars. The house and "museum" were on Oakland Park Blvd not far from I 71. My dad knew Len from when he was at OSU back in the early 60's. When I was at OSU in the mid 90's I called him and he remembered my dad, but he didn't want me to come over and see anything. Another time I called him to see if he was around and he said "he had a flight to catch." I gave up after that. As I remember, a lot of the cars sold for a lot less than the auction estimates of what he thought they were worth.
  5. Great Classic Sedans

    That may be the same car then. Cambridge is less than an hour east of Columbus. If John M. pops in again he may know for sure. Finelli had his car listed in the 1970 CCCA directory, so he owned it over 25 years. He was very old and in declining health at the time o the auction too.
  6. Great Classic Sedans

    It still could be the same car though. Where was it before Owls head?
  7. Great Classic Sedans

    CBoz, ask the owner of the Franklin if he bought it in Columbus, Ohio in the late 1990's. Len Finelli had one of those the same maize color. It was entirely original and unrestored. He had a Kruse auction on his property and it sold for around 22K. I have wondered what happened to it.
  8. Great Classic Sedans

    I know where there’s a Pierce with the same body as that Studebaker in real rough shape.
  9. Great Classic Sedans

    Yes, that’s the right book. I was off a little on the title.
  10. Great Classic Sedans

    You need to buy the book “80 Years of Lincoln Mercury”. It shows pictures of most of the different body styles for each year.
  11. Great Classic Sedans

    To answer the question as to why some late 30s Lincoln Ks have a split windshield versus a single piece of glass the answer is different body builders. LeBaron and Judkins usually had a split windshield, while Brunn was usually one piece. Willoughby had both. The Doepke car is a Judkins, so it’s actually not a sister car to your Willoughby. The factory bodied sedans all had split windshields.
  12. Great Classic Sedans

    Here's the 1937 Lincoln K that was owned by Richard Doepke in Cincinnati. A nice car, but it needed the sides painted black to match the rest of the car and the blue cloisonné medallion on the radiator grille moved up a few inches.
  13. Can you post a picture please? We don't know what you are talking about.
  14. 1936 Cord

    The problem with the sedan is you can buy a nice older restoration 85 point Cord sedan that runs & drives good for around 50-60K, making restoration of this one an uphill battle economically. But then again, a lot more people have $13000 in disposable income than $50000.