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  1. Buyer's premium

    A lot of the stuff in the auction has been for sale on e bay with high prices for quite some time.
  2. Stutz M8 generator price

    I bought one in about the same shape as the one in your picture at Hershey 15 years ago for $200.
  3. 1937 Lincoln Willoughby V12 Limousine

    There is no shop manual for late 30's Lincoln Ks. They never printed one. They had service bulletins and I think you can buy the set through the Lincoln Owners Club. The Lincoln Owners Club certainly is active. They have a meet every year in the eastern half of the US, and one Pebble Beach week in CA. They have a great publication, and also a large dinner gathering Thursday night of Hershey week at the Lodge. Most of the large Lincoln parts guys advertise in the publication.
  4. Stutz Engine?

    Yes, that is a 6 cylinder overhead cam Blackhawk engine. Used in 1929 & 30. Not worth a lot, I see most of the engine accessories are missing. Carb is potmetal and they fall apart. Perhaps someone in California will want to drive over and grab it.
  5. Help identifying Stutz car number plate

    You need to post a picture of it so we know which car it is.
  6. Great Classic Sedans

    West, the car above you posted is not a Murphy clear vision sedan. This is: I remember this car when it was in the car corral at Hershey 2 years in a row for $600,000. That was probably in the late 1990's. It's been repainted the same color again since. What West posted is something far more special. While it is a Murphy, the doors go into the roof. I believe two like it were built. One LWB and one SWB.
  7. How many are still around today?!

    I've posted this clip a couple times on here in the past. I would think 100% of the cars in the show are still with us. Some have probably been re restored twice since the video was taken.
  8. American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    A twin to the car above lives in Northern Ohio. Different windshield & bumpers though. Was owned by same person from about 1948-2005 when he passed away. Well known car. Restored in the 1960's. Was all black originally.
  9. The bus has left the building...

    About 15 years ago, wasn't there a yellow school bus from the 1960s with "Yosemite" painted on the side of it that was in the Saturday show a couple years in a row?
  10. STUTZ

    Nice car. That car was listed on here many years ago when it was for sale. Just for clarification, it's a 1929 or 1930 6 cylinder Blackhawk with a Weymann body, not a 1928 BB.
  11. Hampton Court Palace Concours - 2017

    I was at Hampton Court Palace in 2001 when The Stutz Club had their 3 week England tour. Unfortunately there no car show when I was there.
  12. Chrome removal

    To get the two square pieces off on top you have to remove the interior windshield trim. These pieces have a stud attached to them and you loosen the nut from the inside of the car. I'm assuming it's the same as a 400 hardtop which is what I used to own.
  13. Great Classic Sedans

    Yup. It's still in the same place.
  14. Great Classic Sedans

    1937 Lincoln K by Derham
  15. Great Classic Sedans

    1932 Cadillac V 16 one off