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  1. Reo Royale

    What's the point of the heat shield on the front of the exhaust manifold? There's no fuel pump or distributor there, and it's not really protecting the generator below it either.
  2. 1975 Honda CVCC

    Sold. To a local buyer. Thank you.
  3. 1934 Plymouth PE sedan for sale

    Sold, to a fellow forum member. Thank you!
  4. whiteglovecollection Auction Anyone Going???????

    "i bought the buick and like 95% of all the lights/light parts " Great! Nice buy. Now all you need to do is throw that modern V8 engine and steering column in the garbage and find a correct 90 series 1932 Buick straight eight and column to put in and then you'll really have something.
  5. Date this banner please

    Tell us abut the Falls Tires sign. Is that from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio? There were many smaller tire manufactures around Akron and I'm wondering if this was one of them?
  6. 1934 Plymouth PE sedan for sale

    Inside of car is packed with parts. Imagine the fun you'd have cleaning it out and sorting them all!
  7. 1934 Plymouth PE sedan for sale

    Seats are out of it. Extra 1934 PE series engine and transmission go with car. The $4500 asking price is negotiable to a point.
  8. 1934 Plymouth PE sedan for sale

    Front fenders are rusted where they meet the running boards.
  9. Helping a family with an estate. 1934 Plymouth PE sedan. Six cylinder, three speed manual transmission. Needs a complete restoration. Not running. Body not bad, fenders a little banged up. Comes with a lot of extra parts including an extra engine, a new roof insert, and a nice set of headlights. Interior taken apart but have most of it. The 1954 license plate was on it when my friend bought it in the late 1980s. Has a clear title that can be transferred to you. The Probate Court appointed appraiser appraised the car at $4500 but it is negotiable to a point. Don't kill the messenger. Car located near Akron, Ohio. Send me a PM for more details.
  10. 1975 Honda CVCC

    Helping a family with an estate. Here we have an all original 1975 Honda CVCC. 4 cylinder, 4 speed manual transmission. Has not run in 25 years. Has been stored inside a relatively dry barn on a wooden floor. Engine does turn over. Would need the usual work to get it drivable again (drain gas tank and go through fuel system, complete brake job, tires, engine accessories, ect.) When you turn the key on you can hear the electric fuel pump running. I didn't let it run long as I didn't want the 25 year old gas getting up to the engine. One owner original car. Body pretty good, not a rust bucket. Car located near Akron, Ohio. Probate court appointed appraiser gave a value of $1200 so that's the asking price. Mileage is 76,304. Send me a pm for more details.
  11. JAK, is that a 1935 or 36 Lincoln K conv coupe?
  12. Cadillac flower truck?

    That car started life as a 1941 Cadillac Sixty Special. If you look at the one "as-found" photo, it does appear to have been a flower car originally. Probably built by Miller-Meteor or Hess & Eisenhardt. It was one of those real long wheelbase ones. Someone shortened it when they "restored" it and added the pickup bed. Someone put a lot of money and time into it fixing it up. I doubt they'll come close much of it get it back.
  13. English Rolls Royce

    I heard there was only one LHD Phantom III built and it was a disaster. Think of how complicated a P III is to begin with, and then add in a complicated mechanism to move the gear shift to the center. I don't know if it exists or not.