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    wire wheel covers

    Here is the backside showing the rolled lip of the wire hubcaps where the wheel hubcap clips snap onto to secure the hubcaps.
  2. pontiac1953

    wire wheel covers

    most wire wheel hubcaps of the early 1950s will have a center cap that hides the hubcap retainers that will use three of the five lug nuts that hold the wheel to the axle. this is found on several different makers of the wire wheel hubcaps such as mimetic, cello, and others. in my using the mimetic made 1951 to 1953 oldsmobile optional wire wheel hubcaps, the design of the backside of the hubcaps allow it to use the same wheel clips that are normally there for mounting the standard small "dogdish" hubcaps, i learned this from a oldsmobile club member.
  3. i have owned this 1953 pontiac chieftain custom catalina since may or june of 1973, i was 17 years old then, paid $150.00 of my own money, this was my second car in my high school years, dad had bought me my first car, a 1962 chevy impala sport sedan (four door hardtop) 235 chevy 6 and powerglide trans, it lasted 6 months and 10,000 miles when the headgasket failed. dad sold it before i had the money saved to repair it. anyway, back to the custom catalina. i got the 1950's oldsmobile wheels back from being sandblasted and powdercoated, and i had the front brake drums done also, but in glossy black. the wheel's color matched the laurel green color of the catalina's roof. the wire wheel hubcaps i'm using are 1953 olds optional wire wheel hubcaps that i modified the centers so that i could install the 1953 pontiac rear fender indian chief emblems to match those on the catalina's rear fenders. my car is going through some major changes, but i like to make it appear that these changes looks like the factory did it. charles coker, 1953 pontiac tech advisor.
  4. pontiac1953

    1952 Cadillac Series 75

    there is no P for park in either the pre-1952 single range hydra-matic, or the new for 1952 dual range hydra-matic, reverse with the engine turned off is the "park" position. also drive right position will hold in third gear until the speed reaches 70 mph, then it will upshift into 4th gear.
  5. kind of hard to realize that i bought this car 45 years ago when i was 17 in 1973, all i knew about pontiacs then was that in 1946 my armenian grandfather had such a good year with growing grapes and watermelons, that he decided to buy a new 1947 pontiac. i didn't even realize then that the car had 1953 oldsmobile fiesta spinner hubcaps on it. i loved the body being a two door hardtop, the driver's door spotlight, the lighted chief hood ornament, and that continental kit most of all. i was and still am the second owner of the custom catalina.
  6. pontiac1953

    Bed liner on my 53 underbody

    if you mean the headlight doors or bezels, i'm out of extras. sorry.
  7. pontiac1953

    Bed liner on my 53 underbody

    which body style are you restoring ?
  8. pontiac1953

    Bed liner on my 53 underbody

    Looking real good.
  9. pontiac1953

    This 55 Nomad showed up at my work

    in 1973 i bought a 20 year old 1953 pontiac chieftain custom catalina for $150.00, 268 straight eight and dual range hydra-matic trans and power steering, gas was .32 or .33 cents per gallon, city driving was 13-14 mpg, hwy driving was 17-18 mpg. after having both engine and trans rebuilt, city 15 mpg, hwy 20 mpg.
  10. pontiac1953

    wire wheel covers

    hi, i feel your pain, i have always loved the looks of the 1953 to 1956 buick "skykark" wire wheels made by kelsey hayes, but could never afford them, also ended up getting one used wheel and discovered that they were too wide for my 1953 pontiac chieftain custom catalina coupe, the fender skirts wouldn't go back on, so i found at a old car swap meet a few years back, a set of six 1953 oldsmobile optional wire wheel covers or "hubcaps" that looked almost as good as the skylark wheel. i had a local metal shop cut out the olds crest from the center caps and i used 1951 to 1953 pontiac rear fender indian emblems to cover the hole and make the covers look correct for my catalina. plus i didn't want to pay what the prices were for the actual 1953 pontiac optional wire wheel covers are going for.
  11. pontiac1953

    How do I select a replacement spark plug?

    most used spark plugs can be cleaned, check the gap, and reuse.
  12. pontiac1953

    '54 temperature sending unit

    thanks summershandy, i need it for my restoration project of my 1953 pontiac chieftain custom catalina.
  13. pontiac1953

    '54 temperature sending unit

    well pontiac used the electric type until the 1953 pontiac model year, 1953 & 1954 pontiac temp gauge is the mechanical type as mention. pictured here is my complete instrument cluster put together by me with all nos parts and gauges except for the bezel. charles l. coker 1953 tech advisor tech advisor coordinator pontiac oakland club int'l.
  14. box it in cardboard, taped real well, and ship it cheap by greyhound bus line.
  15. pontiac1953

    Unknown wire rims

    Not wheels, wire wheel hubcaps, looks like they're for late 1970s – early 1980s Chevy cars.
  16. pontiac1953

    Decode 1956 Olds Cowl Tag

    oldsmobile had factory trunk air conditioning starting with the 1953 model year, oldsmobile switched to up front in dash factory air conditioning in 1955, so your 1956 may have a dealer's field option that still used the trunk type a/c for easier installation. i have seen 1956 pontiacs with the trunk type installed, pontiac was in 1954, the very first automobile to offer up front in dash factory a/c, the first ten factory a/c 1954 pontiacs were built in december of 1953, nash started to copy somewhat the pontiac set up in may of 1954. pictured is my 1953 pontiac chieftain custom catalina coupe that i transplanted the 1954 pontiac a/c into. 2nd picture shows the a/c control and center outlet up above the heater/defroster controls. charles l. coker 1953 pontiac tech advisor tech advisor coordinator pontiac oakland club int'l
  17. pontiac1953

    engine temperature and performance

    you would be better off finding the pontiac radiator that is 2 1/2 inches thick, that's a 25% improvement in cooling.
  18. pontiac1953

    engine temperature and performance

    too much coolant will get spit out, you need room in the upper tank for expansion of coolant has it heats up. is your radiator 2 inches thick or 2 1/2 inches thick ?, big problem is getting air flow through the radiator at low speeds, that original four blade fan doesn't get the job done, i suggest a five blade fan from a pontiac with factory a/c or mount a electric pusher fan in front of the radiator. or other GM make of the 1950s that had factory a/c. p.s. you can use a 13 lbs cap if needed. charles l. coker 1953 pontiac tech advisor tech advisor coordinator pontiac oakland club int'l.
  19. pontiac1953

    1940 Deluxe coupe: engine ID and swap questions

    cylinder head reads made june 18, 1946
  20. pontiac1953

    Who did ‘57 Better? Ford or Chevy?

    my vote goes to the 1957 oldsmobile golden rocket 88 holiday coupe.
  21. pontiac1953

    1941 straight eight crankshaft needed

    you need a 1937 to 1942 straight eight crankshaft.
  22. pontiac1953

    1940 Deluxe coupe: engine ID and swap questions

    can you locate a casting date on the engine block or cylinder head ?
  23. pontiac1953

    1940 Deluxe coupe: engine ID and swap questions

    hi, from 1940 to 1947 the transmission case is the same, changes for 1948 to 1954
  24. i would think $50.00 is a good price.