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  1. Brake booster

    what you're holding is a fuel pressure regulator, has nothing to do with your treadle vac power brake system.
  2. Hydramatic side cover bolts

    i have the answer, and i got it from a hydra-matic rebuilding expert. the bottom five threaded holes in the main case that the side cover seals up to, are below the level of trans fluid when the transmission is filled. so the bottom five bolts need a sealing washer, not a star or lock washer. also it would help if those five bottom bolt threads get coated with anaerobic sealant too. the same anaerobic sealant should be on all the gaskets even the torus cover (flywheel) gasket and 30 bolt threads. charles l. coker 1953 pontiac tech advisor tech advisor coordinator pontiac oakland club int'l.
  3. Power antenna (1955 Buick)

    boy, the five different GM divisions sure did their own thing for the most part back then.
  4. Power antenna (1955 Buick)

    barney is right, my picture isn't the greatest, but laying closest to the camera is the casco 6 volt power antenna motor, behind it attach to my nos 53-54 pontiac power antenna assembly is the casco 12 volt power antenna motor. you can see the difference in size.
  5. Power antenna (1955 Buick)

    were cadillac power antennas vacuum operated past 1952 ?
  6. Power antenna (1955 Buick)

    thank you marty.
  7. Power antenna (1955 Buick)

    i stand corrected on the 53 buick antenna, i didn't realizes that buick kept the roof mounted antenna past 1952, thank you 1953mack. i used a 1957 12 volt casco power antenna motor to change my 53-54 pontiac 6 volt power antenna to 12 volts.
  8. Power antenna (1955 Buick)

    you are correct, and so was my point.you would so much more likely to come across a 12 volt power antenna in a 1953 super, roadmaster, or skylark, than you are the 1953 six volt buick special.
  9. pontiac fender skirts are the same, 1949 to 1952.
  10. Power antenna (1955 Buick)

    it was 1953 when cadillac, buick, and oldsmobiles went to 12 volts.
  11. 1953 Buick Roadmaster Brakes

    kpratt, you should accept the 1953 buick for the way it was built, with 1950s techology and engineering. the treadle vac power brakes and four wheel drum brakes was used from 1952 to 1958 in millions of general motors cars. there's an excellent company in morris, il. that rebuilds and restores the treadle vac power brakes and vacuum booster, midwest power products. look up their website and give them a call.
  12. 1950 pontiac fender skirts

    hi, 1949 to 1952 pontiacs used the same fender skirts. not interchangeable with any other GM brand.
  13. Brake booster

    along with the treadle vac, do you have the vacuum resevior cannister, firewall vacuum line, check valve, and manifold tee fitting ?
  14. Brake booster

    finding a standard brake floor access plate should be easy, same plate used for 1953 & 1954 pontiacs with standard brakes. i would paint the floor plate with a rust proofing paint.
  15. Brake booster

    hi, midwestblooster.com is an excellent rebuilder and restorer of the treadle vac power brake master cylinder/vacuum blooster you have. i changed my 1953 pontiac from standard brakes to power brakes many years ago. charles l. coker 1953 pontiac tech advisor tech advisor coordinator pontiac oakland club int'l.
  16. WANTED ,

    hey 32olds, there's a guy in new york state that has the bell housing, his name is max, his number is 631-721-8985, i told him i would pass his info on to you.
  17. WANTED ,

    same standard transmission bell housing used 1946 to 1954, both pontiac straight eight and straight six engine.
  18. WANTED ,

    try jerry turner's auto wrecking in fresno, calif. 559-237-0918, closed sunday & monday. over 10,000 old cars.
  19. 1949 to 1954 rebuilt water pump for pontiac 6 & 8 for sale except 1953 with power glide trans, $75.00 plus mailing cost. charles l. coker p.o.box 51 taneyville, mo. 65759-0051 417-693-5219 charlessdv8@yahoo.com
  20. rebuilt water pump for sale

    1949 to 1954 pontiac 6 & 8 rebuilt water pump - except 1953 with power glide trans for sale, $75.00 plus mailing cost charles l. coker p.o.box 51 taneyville, mo. 65759-0051 417-693-5219 charlessdv8@yahoo.com
  21. Ninety eight trim ?

    do you want to sell them ?
  22. Oil Bath Cleaner Decal

  23. Crankshaft nut

    are you going to rebuild this straight eight ?
  24. Oil Bath Cleaner Decal

    the big white decal is correct for the standard air cleaner, the colored kidney bean shape decal is correct for the optional larger heavy duty air cleaner, this decal goes on the lid.
  25. Crankshaft nut

    i don't remember it being lefthand threads. so it should come off counterclockwise.