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  1. pontiac1953

    53 pontiac dash is painted

    Finding nos 53-54 chieftain lenses is getting hard to do, don't have any extra ones.
  2. pontiac1953

    53 pontiac dash is painted

    Just beautiful john.
  3. pontiac1953

    Searching for grandfather’s 65 Riviera

    why not contact the maryland dept. of motor vehicles for a list of cars that were owned in your grandfather's name ?, that should provide you with riviera's vin.
  4. pontiac1953

    1958 Pontiac driver fender wanted

    have your friend email steve@pontiacheaven.org and ask about the fender needed. charles l. coker 1953 pontiac tech advisor tech advisor coordinator pontiac oakland club int'l.
  5. pontiac1953

    1953 ? 322 Nailhead

    i looked for it, the only search result i got, was a buick 364 engine for $800.00
  6. your best chances, are with the early times chapter of the pontiac oakland club international, you can join the ETC without joining POCI, and you can have a paperless membership if you wish - internet only, search for them on the web.
  7. pontiac1953

    Waterpump woes

    1937 to 1948 pontiac engines, both 6 & 8 used the same water pump EXCEPT 1939 & 1940 pontiac 6, according to my pontiac master parts catalog, what the difference is, i don't know.
  8. pontiac1953

    1965 PLYMOUTH BARRACUDA - Completely Restored

    my thought exactly, lol.
  9. pontiac1953

    1954 a/c valves

    looking for these two valves group 9.210 p/n 3132678 evaporator pressure regulator valve group 9.213 p/n 3132216 expansion valve
  10. looking to buy a cadillac hydra-matic cross member. thank you.
  11. pontiac1953

    1949 to 1956 cadillac hydra-matic cross member

    thanks, ended up buying one off of ebay.
  12. i bought a cadillac trans cross member to mount and support the carrier bearing section of the two piece driveshaft.
  13. i have owned this 1953 pontiac chieftain custom catalina since may or june of 1973, i was 17 years old then, paid $150.00 of my own money, this was my second car in my high school years, dad had bought me my first car, a 1962 chevy impala sport sedan (four door hardtop) 235 chevy 6 and powerglide trans, it lasted 6 months and 10,000 miles when the headgasket failed. dad sold it before i had the money saved to repair it. anyway, back to the custom catalina. i got the 1950's oldsmobile wheels back from being sandblasted and powdercoated, and i had the front brake drums done also, but in glossy black. the wheel's color matched the laurel green color of the catalina's roof. the wire wheel hubcaps i'm using are 1953 olds optional wire wheel hubcaps that i modified the centers so that i could install the 1953 pontiac rear fender indian chief emblems to match those on the catalina's rear fenders. my car is going through some major changes, but i like to make it appear that these changes looks like the factory did it. charles coker, 1953 pontiac tech advisor.
  14. in my project to re-engineer my custom catalina to have a pontiac strato-streak V8, the V8 being quite shorter than the 268 straight eight means the hydra-matic will be in a new position and require a longer drive shaft, with the X cross member in the pontiac frame the drive shaft needs to be a two piece set up. i bought a 1957 cadillac complete drive shaft, even has the carrier bearing still mounted, i will buy a 49 to 56 cadillac hydra-matic cross member and fit it to the rear portion of the pontiac X member to secure and mount the carrier bearing.
  15. pontiac1953

    What is the value of R12 refrigerant?

    most likely somewhere around 5 to 6 lbs would be required.
  16. pontiac1953

    What's your most 'unexpected' part find?

    i've been buying 1953 pontiac parts since the mid 1970s, there have been several parts that i never thought i would find for sale, much less in beautiful nos condition. two parts come to mind, first a nos instrument cluster dial face made of lucite plastic, the other one is a complete 1953-1954 pontiac chieftain 7 tube radio, power supply, and front speaker.
  17. Where it is for later Pontiacs is on top of the frame rail, take a mirror and where ever you can use the mirror to see the top of the rail, look for the vin.
  18. pontiac1953

    6 volt to 12 volt conversion 1951 Packard 300

    i'm converting my 1953 pontiac to 12 volts only because of all the power options being added to the car, changing all the bulbs and lamps, because i'm changing from a six volt straight eight to a 12 volt pontiac V8 that takes care of the starter, charging, and ignition. in your case, i would investigate about a six volt compressor clutch and six volt blower fan motor fitted to a air conditioning system, everything else in the a/c isn't electrical.
  19. pontiac1953

    1956 buick roadmaster master cylinder removal

    is it power brakes or standard brakes ?
  20. pontiac1953

    Please Help Identify Hubcaps

    these are 1957 chevrolet hubcaps.
  21. pontiac1953

    6 volt to 12 volt conversion 1951 Packard 300

    if you convert the packard's electrical system to 12 volts, you'll have a much easier search results in looking for either a under dash a/c unit or even a rear trunk a/c system. in my 1953 pontiac chieftain custom catalina, i am converting to 12 volts, and i will have dual a/c systems, up front in dash i'm using the factory 1954 pontiac air conditioning system, and also using a 1955 buick factory trunk air conditioning system which has a very nice under dash control panel.
  22. pontiac1953

    6 volt to 12 volt conversion 1951 Packard 300

    they are a swamp cooler aka evaporator cooler, uses water to saturate a padding of hay and as you drive outside air is forced into it passing through the saturated padding before coming through the outlet into the car's passenger compartment. usually there's a cord that you would pull on from time to time to rotate the padding drum, thus getting the padding saturated again.
  23. wanting to buy the gear selector lever and the throttle pressure lever for the 55-56 pontiac slant pan hydra-matic transmission.
  24. pontiac1953

    Complete ‘53 Olds factory sir

    wow, what a find, very first year oldsmobile 98 sedan with factory rear A/C, i used to own a 1954 olds 98 sedan fully loaded with factory A/C.
  25. pontiac1953

    Pontiac front hood bar 1953,N.O.S.

    hi, beautiful piece, it's known as the hood name plate, the hood bar is what goes across the hood right below this piece. charles l. coker 1953 pontiac tech advisor tech advisor coordinator pontiac oakland club int'l.