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    1954 Hudson Hornet

    hello, the 1954 dual range hydra-matic is sold to hudson by general motors, but the name borg warner has nothing whatsoever to do with the detroit gear division of general motors, which is where the hydra-matic transmissions were made. charles l. coker 1953 pontiac technical advisor technical advisor coordinator pontiac oakland club international
  2. pontiac1953

    Painting the waterfall hood trim

    does this work for stainless steel too ?, the ones pictured should be stainless steel.
  3. pontiac1953

    1953 Pontiac Chieftain 4 Door

    hi jp75, glad to see you're making progress, in regards to your question about starter paint color, most if not all delco remy parts such as starter, generator, distributor, voltage regulator will be glossy black, not pontiac dark bluish green engine color.
  4. pontiac1953

    exhaust manifold

    only thick flat washers are used, tightening sequence is start at the center and work towards both ends, high temp copper spray or brush on gasket sealant.
  5. 49 to 54 water pump except 53s with power glide $70.00 nos 53-54 fender skirts in factory black primer, nos stainless steel trim included, $250.00 complete 53 grill nos with korean chrome less lucite emblem and emblem bezel, $700.00 red painted nos 1953 hood name plate $125.00 charles l. coker p.o.box 51 taneyville, mo. 65759-0051 417-693-5219 charlessdv8@yahoo.com
  6. pontiac1953

    1953 pontiac parts for sale

    i have the other eye brow piece that comes up under the left headlight nos in the box.
  7. maybe i should have gotten a bigger storage shed, hmmmm.
  8. i have owned this 1953 pontiac chieftain custom catalina since may or june of 1973, i was 17 years old then, paid $150.00 of my own money, this was my second car in my high school years, dad had bought me my first car, a 1962 chevy impala sport sedan (four door hardtop) 235 chevy 6 and powerglide trans, it lasted 6 months and 10,000 miles when the headgasket failed. dad sold it before i had the money saved to repair it. anyway, back to the custom catalina. i got the 1950's oldsmobile wheels back from being sandblasted and powdercoated, and i had the front brake drums done also, but in glossy black. the wheel's color matched the laurel green color of the catalina's roof. the wire wheel hubcaps i'm using are 1953 olds optional wire wheel hubcaps that i modified the centers so that i could install the 1953 pontiac rear fender indian chief emblems to match those on the catalina's rear fenders. my car is going through some major changes, but i like to make it appear that these changes looks like the factory did it. charles coker, 1953 pontiac tech advisor.
  9. pontiac1953

    1952 Hydra-Matic Shifting

    check the pressure going to the governor. rear clutches and front band should be applying.
  10. pontiac1953

    Re-production license plates

    well i have the california department of motor vehicle granted personalized plates for my 1953 pontiac chieftain custom catalina, i received my first choice in january 1978 i believe.
  11. pontiac1953

    Nailhead 425

    i would say yes, because the block bolt pattern didn't change until 1965.
  12. pontiac1953

    Hydromatic to 700r4

    sounds like your throttle pressure isn't adjusted properly
  13. pontiac1953

    1953 pontiac parts for sale

    i'll get you those pictures tomorrow.
  14. hi paul, you can do both, B&M cuts a notch in the gear selector cam so the driver can hold it in first gear and then up shift manually, or select drive left for automatic up shifting according to throttle pressure and car speed. N neutral Drive Left 1-2-3-4 Drive Right 1-2-3-------4 at 70mph Low 2 B&M notch 1 R reverse
  15. pontiac1953

    Hydramatic transmission repair shop

    call steve peluso at 508-478-8900, he's near boston, mass.
  16. here is a never used brand new B&M hydro-stick slant pan dual range 1955 pontiac hydra-matic transmission, i brought home from a very good and close friend's estate in california several years ago. i had to buy the pontiac green front half bell housing cause 1) the trans didn't have one yet and 2) i didn't want to rob the same housing off of my 1955 pontiac 287 engine that i had sitting in the frame of my 1953 chieftain custom catalina. this B&M hydro-stick is the unblown competition version rated to handle up to 800 horsepower, the stock dual range hydra-matic can handle up to 250 - 275 horsepower, the 1959 pontiac 389 engine waiting to replace the 1955 287 engine will be about 300 horsepower, so the hydro-stick will handle the 389 easily. i may go ahead and plumb in trans fluid cooler lines for the hydro-stick.
  17. Here is the pump now mounted on the 1955 Pontiac bracket for power steering as well as having factory air conditioning. Also trial fitting to the timing cover.
  18. recently i received an email forward to me from the pontiac club office, it was about two 1953 pontiac chieftain deluxe sedans, that have been sitting outside for about ten years in new jersey, and i am the 1953 pontiac technical advisor for poci. so i contacted the person who emailed the club, his father had passed away four years ago, leaving the cars outside and some parts inside the garage, david and his mother wanted the cars and parts to go to pontiac people who could make use of them and they were asking for help. right away i became interested in the parts in the garage for my own restoration project, i found someone near new jersey who would buy the two sedans and remove them from the property, and david and i came to make a deal for all the parts in the garage. shipping parts from new jersey to missouri was something david wasn't prepared to handle, so he suggested that we meet in columbus, ohio and bring the parts to me there, so i got busy when i was home in between trips (long haul truck driver) in getting things sold to finance the trip and parts purchase, sold a 700R4 trans, two pontiac am/fm radios, and a gear vendors overdrive, i delivered the overdrive to it's new owner in greenfield, indiana on my way to meet david in columbus. the next day david and his wife met me in columbus and we moved the part into my trusty gmc yukon, i made it all the way home that day to home in missouri, almost 700 miles each way, getting home just after midnight. i am thrilled to now have a completely rechromed front bumper assembly with grill and wing guards, the same for the rear bumper assembly, and the completely rechromed radiator grill assembly for my chieftain custom catalina. my wife is thrilled that all this was done without taking money out of our regular monthly budget, big smile. in the last two weeks (besides running a load a freight to california and back) i have sold some of the parts i brought home that duplicate parts i already had, for almost what all the parts cost me. i will always be grateful to david, his wife, and his mother, for letting me have the parts. i may not see light at the end of the tunnel yet, but the tunnel just got a heck of a lot shorter.