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  1. WANTED ,

    hey 32olds, there's a guy in new york state that has the bell housing, his name is max, his number is 631-721-8985, i told him i would pass his info on to you.
  2. WANTED ,

    same standard transmission bell housing used 1946 to 1954, both pontiac straight eight and straight six engine.
  3. WANTED ,

    try jerry turner's auto wrecking in fresno, calif. 559-237-0918, closed sunday & monday. over 10,000 old cars.
  4. 1949 to 1954 rebuilt water pump for pontiac 6 & 8 for sale except 1953 with power glide trans, $75.00 plus mailing cost. charles l. coker p.o.box 51 taneyville, mo. 65759-0051 417-693-5219 charlessdv8@yahoo.com
  5. rebuilt water pump for sale

    1949 to 1954 pontiac 6 & 8 rebuilt water pump - except 1953 with power glide trans for sale, $75.00 plus mailing cost charles l. coker p.o.box 51 taneyville, mo. 65759-0051 417-693-5219 charlessdv8@yahoo.com
  6. Ninety eight trim ?

    do you want to sell them ?
  7. Oil Bath Cleaner Decal

  8. Crankshaft nut

    are you going to rebuild this straight eight ?
  9. Oil Bath Cleaner Decal

    the big white decal is correct for the standard air cleaner, the colored kidney bean shape decal is correct for the optional larger heavy duty air cleaner, this decal goes on the lid.
  10. Crankshaft nut

    i don't remember it being lefthand threads. so it should come off counterclockwise.
  11. New memember just bought a 1950 pontiac

    yes, a carter WCD two barrel 720S or 720SA, the A stands for anti rattle washer on the choke shaft.
  12. 1965 Buick Riviera *SOLD*

    back in the mid 1980s in southern california, i bought a bamboo cream 1965 riviera with a dark green interior, i really should have kept that car, loved driving it.
  13. Master brake cylinder replacement woes

    it depends on if summershandy's pontiac has the standard brakes or the treadle vac power brakes.
  14. 53 Catalina 8 smoking once it's warm

    hi norm, very nice 53-2537SD you have there, out of 418,619 1953 pontiacs built from nov. 17, 1952 to nov. 20, 1953, only 17,979 were the chieftain custom catalina, i have owned the same model in the same 5315 color combination of laurel green roof over the milano ivory body since 1973, i was 17 then and i am the second owner of mine. i'm incline to agreed with bloo, about the problem most likely being stuck piston rings in the piston ring grooves. charles l. coker 1953 pontiac tech advisor tech advisor coordinator pontiac oakland club int'l.
  15. Steering Gear lubricant change

    just check the level