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  1. hi, nothing connects to the dual range hydra-matic in a vacuum way. just two control rods and levers, one for gear selection that you choose at the steering column, and the other is throttle pressure, which will delay a upshift according to how much throttle your foot is asking of the engine by how much you're stepping on the gas pedal. there's a vacuum hose that connects the power brake booster to the vacuum lines that goes to a vacuum reserve tank, a check valve, and to the vacuum source on the intake manifold or carburetor, i'm guessing that perhaps when you shift into reverse, the linkage may be touching or even pinching the hose to the booster, that may not be the case. carburetor or intake manifold-------------------one way check valve---------------vacuum tee fitting---------------reserve tank-----------power brake vacuum booster. the rough 2-3 upshift may be due to too much throttle pressure, but you may need a band adjustment performed too.
  2. pontiac1953

    What is it for Pontiac guys?? 1953 ?

    you're welcome.
  3. pontiac1953

    Hood Hinge Springs

    try wanda lewis at 828-298-8304 north carolina.
  4. pontiac1953

    Hood Hinge Springs

    try california pontiac restoration in california.
  5. pontiac1953

    What is it for Pontiac guys?? 1953 ?

    i've seen these bought for 1949 to 1952 pontiacs, but never a 1953 pontiac, which has a factory tail fin made into the rear fender. sorry i have no pictures of these being used in my collection.
  6. i decided to change the front inner and outer front wheel bearings from ball bearings to taper roller needle bearings, excellent product made by classic performance products. also got a new gas tank sending unit for my gas tank.
  7. pontiac1953

    What is it for Pontiac guys?? 1953 ?

    Aftermarket chrome accessories for the rear fender fin.
  8. pontiac1953

    '54 temperature sending unit

    Look in our cars and restoration projects for 1953 Pontiac chieftain custom Catalina restoration
  9. pontiac1953

    radio supression distributor cap

    is such a distributor cap worth having over a regular distributor cap ?, thank you.
  10. Things for inside the glove box.
  11. pontiac1953

    '51 Chieftain - relay location

    on your plans to implement the a/c into the existing heater ductwork, that will be interesting since the black box on the driver's side of the firewall above the steering column is the defroster for the windshield, and your car's heater is floor mounted underneath the driver's portion of the front seat. i'm fortunate enough to have a 1953 pontiac chieftain, which dash was reused in 1954, and pontiac was the first car in the world to offer up front, in dash, factory a/c in 1954. you might consider a rear trunk mounted a/c system, coming in through the rear package shelf inside the rear windshield.
  12. Though parts of my Pontiac restoration falls under non original parts category, I love it when I can find original nos parts, like what I'm showing here, nos hydra-matic gear selector lever, nos gear selector rod, and nos lever grommets, all from different sources. Also pictured is a nos hydra-matic throttle pressure lever.
  13. pontiac1953

    Searching for grandfather’s 65 Riviera

    i had one once back in the 1980s in southern california, have always regretted selling it after it was gone. mine was a yellow with green interior.