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  1. pontiac1953

    What is the value of R12 refrigerant?

    most likely somewhere around 5 to 6 lbs would be required.
  2. pontiac1953

    What's your most 'unexpected' part find?

    i've been buying 1953 pontiac parts since the mid 1970s, there have been several parts that i never thought i would find for sale, much less in beautiful nos condition. two parts come to mind, first a nos instrument cluster dial face made of lucite plastic, the other one is a complete 1953-1954 pontiac chieftain 7 tube radio, power supply, and front speaker.
  3. Where it is for later Pontiacs is on top of the frame rail, take a mirror and where ever you can use the mirror to see the top of the rail, look for the vin.
  4. pontiac1953

    6 volt to 12 volt conversion 1951 Packard 300

    i'm converting my 1953 pontiac to 12 volts only because of all the power options being added to the car, changing all the bulbs and lamps, because i'm changing from a six volt straight eight to a 12 volt pontiac V8 that takes care of the starter, charging, and ignition. in your case, i would investigate about a six volt compressor clutch and six volt blower fan motor fitted to a air conditioning system, everything else in the a/c isn't electrical.
  5. pontiac1953

    1956 buick roadmaster master cylinder removal

    is it power brakes or standard brakes ?
  6. pontiac1953

    Please Help Identify Hubcaps

    these are 1957 chevrolet hubcaps.
  7. pontiac1953

    6 volt to 12 volt conversion 1951 Packard 300

    if you convert the packard's electrical system to 12 volts, you'll have a much easier search results in looking for either a under dash a/c unit or even a rear trunk a/c system. in my 1953 pontiac chieftain custom catalina, i am converting to 12 volts, and i will have dual a/c systems, up front in dash i'm using the factory 1954 pontiac air conditioning system, and also using a 1955 buick factory trunk air conditioning system which has a very nice under dash control panel.
  8. pontiac1953

    6 volt to 12 volt conversion 1951 Packard 300

    they are a swamp cooler aka evaporator cooler, uses water to saturate a padding of hay and as you drive outside air is forced into it passing through the saturated padding before coming through the outlet into the car's passenger compartment. usually there's a cord that you would pull on from time to time to rotate the padding drum, thus getting the padding saturated again.
  9. wanting to buy the gear selector lever and the throttle pressure lever for the 55-56 pontiac slant pan hydra-matic transmission.
  10. pontiac1953

    Complete ‘53 Olds factory sir

    wow, what a find, very first year oldsmobile 98 sedan with factory rear A/C, i used to own a 1954 olds 98 sedan fully loaded with factory A/C.
  11. pontiac1953

    Pontiac front hood bar 1953,N.O.S.

    hi, beautiful piece, it's known as the hood name plate, the hood bar is what goes across the hood right below this piece. charles l. coker 1953 pontiac tech advisor tech advisor coordinator pontiac oakland club int'l.
  12. pontiac1953

    50's pontiac automatic windshield washer system

    hi mark, as stated in april-1953 pontiac service craftsman news the wiper control knob is designed for dual purpose, the wiper knob should be reworked as followed, 1, remove knob from from instrument panel by loosening set screw, 2, using punch to drive out dummy plug towards the rear of the knob, 3, install push rod and spring assembly in knob and install knob on instrument panel, the rod and spring assembly is group 8.798, part number 4605136. you may need to find a 53 or 54 parts car that had the washer option. note, what you feel when turning the knob as far as you did, is wire cable binding up when the wiper motor slide switch has reached the end of it's travel. charles l. coker 1953 pontiac tech advisor tech advisor coordinator pontiac oakland club int'l.
  13. pontiac1953

    Treadle vac

    i'm not in need of one, i have several already, but i'm always helping others who might need one. a good core is worth $50.00 i see you have it listed on ebay.
  14. pontiac1953

    1956 Buick Roadmaster 4 door hardtop

    would you consider a 1956 roadmaster two door riviera hardtop with factory air conditioning, all in excellent and restored condition ?, black and red inside and outside.
  15. pontiac1953

    Treadle vac

    most likely these will have more than just a one vehicle application. what you value it at, is more than the cost of a new one, thank you.