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  1. i just bought two pairs of these crown silent lubricator valve pads for my 1959 pontiac 389 engine, i was wondering if anyone here in the forum has used these before in some of their engines. they lay, saturated in oil, on top of the valve train inside the valve covers. seems like a good idea in oiling the top end. your thoughts ???
  2. i have to look and see if i have an extra one.
  3. looking for 1954 olds 98 sedan front door panels, the upholstery shop misplaced and lost our's, thanks for any leads.
  4. looking for 1954 olds 98 sedan front door panels, our's were misplaced and lost at a upholstery shop. thank you for any leads.
  5. awesome way that this happen for a buick special, years ago, i removed the 55 buick trunk A/C unit from a buick roadmaster riviera, i had other scoops that i wanted to use for my 53 pontiac custom catalina, so i left the buick's air scoops on the rear fenders.
  6. we're looking for 1954 oldsmobile hood letters
  7. pontiac six and eights used the same flywheel from 1946 to 1954.
  8. need to find a hood ornament for 1954 olds 98
  9. 1949 to 1956 pontiacs and 1949 to 1953 oldsmobile 88's used the the wheels you're looking for. 5 1/2" wide, 15" diameter, 5 on 5" bolt pattern.
  10. hello, it is a front or rear pontiac bumper accessory, they had these in different styles for about ten years starting in the mid 1930's, it has the correct pontiac chief head styling of those years. charles l. coker 1953 pontiac tech advisor tech advisor coordinator poci 2660
  11. why don't you mount the visor on it's center mount-support, make sure it stays level and discover where the end mounts-supports needs to be ?
  12. i have to say those are not 1952 buick hubcaps, they are 1955 buick hubcaps. charles l. coker 1953 pontiac tech advisor tech advisor coordinator poci.
  13. this is a very rare 1954 pontiac air conditioning operating pamplet that anyone buying a new 1954 pontiac with a/c would have received or found in the glovebox. this is the only one that i have ever seen, it is in my collection now.
  14. here is my 1953 pontiac chieftain custom catalina's dash, you see the 1954 pontiac air conditioning outlets and controls that i have installed.
  15. olds 88 wheels are 5 1/2" wide, olds 98 wheels are 6" wide, 1949 to 1956 pontiac wheels are the same as olds 88 wheels.