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  1. Future of the antique car hobby

    I added picture to my original post #13 about the 32 Cadillac V12 Paul
  2. Future of the antique car hobby

    Hey guys, ease up. The buyer if any, will be an antique car guy who needs a stock engine and another old car will get back on the road. What's wrong with that? The car it came out of may also become an attractive Resto-Mod that looks great until the hood is opened, unless you are street rodder then it will be cool. I have a close friend with a restored 1931 Cadillac Fleetwood V12 (Former 1970 Glidden Tour car) that runs but I can't follow him because the gas fumes are overwhelming. Nobody has been able to get it to run right and he's thinking of putting a 454 Chevy in it. I'd rather see him spend the money on having somebody else fix the V12. But, I don't know anyone who can fix it. He even tried a high end restoration shop in Florida and it was no better after a large expense. Anybody want to buy a V12?
  3. The toy box and the big shop, my New shop Build.

    Auburnseeker, I followed the previous garage thread and saw many of the same photos while thinking, it would be a lot easier in both buildings without all the stuff in the way. The length of the projects and NY weather made that worse. The weather here in the NC Smoky Mountains was kinder to us in our barn build, but experienced many of the other problems you encountered. I hired a real good carpenter and two helpers and the 4 of us got it dried in, without insulation in eight weeks. Then a old friend and I did the guests living quarters in 2 weeks just hours before the first snow, and went back to Florida.. After 4 years of living in the barn each summer in our motor home, we spent almost a year building a house up the hill from the barn an fled Florida for good. That about did the old guy in physically. By the time that was done, the barn was full and my stuff was in the way for the foam insulation spraying part two years later. I added a gas furnace and can now spend the winters playing in my 2000 Sq. Ft. "Barn". I still call it a barn, but remember the battles with the "Building Code" guys who said "if it has a floor, it's a garage and needs plans like a house" which I did, but it's still a barn to me. Holds 6 old cars, our motor home and a lifetime collection of old stuff and space to work on it all. (The guest quarters are now a shop too.) Thanks for sharing your story and pictures, brings back good memories. Paul
  4. Looking For Help Cheering Up Grandparents

    Let us know how it all works out. Any car of that vintage should bring a big smile to Grandad's face. Yesterday, we stopped at a garage sale on the way home from breakfast in our 1935 Buick. The 87 year old former mechanic thanked me a dozen times for coming in that car, reviving his old memories of his early years in a Buick dealership. Born in 1932, he said the Buick was an old car when he started out. Assisted living facilities and senior living centers are always ready to welcome old car visits, bringing smiles and great stories to people living in a slow paced life style.
  5. Vintage Tow Bar----What's It Worth?

    In 1972 I rented a tow bar like that and towed my first 1934 Ford home with my brothers Pontiac Formula 400 Firebird. A bumper hitch and the 34 Ford steering was locked Ah, to be young and stupid again, but I got it home, got it running, and drove it around the block that day
  6. Lottery winnings

    My lottery plan for my Mega Millions win: (I guess I need to buy a ticket sometime) 1. Make a list of my lifelong friends and family / Create a shares system 2. Create a Trust to manage it all. Everyone in #1 is a $1,000,000 share owner. 3. Take all share holders a group to claim the winnings. 4. Continue to enjoy life with friends and family all wealthy enough to enjoy it with me, avoiding the the problem of new friends based on my new wealth. 5. My shares would be wasted on old cars, touring in them and other travel. Charity, not to include the AACA Museum.
  7. Lottery winnings

    Buick 35, (Greg) Your posted name indicated, you already have good taste in old cars. A good choice.
  8. Garage & Car Barn Thread

    Add #7 Close to home. I can go for 5 seconds or 5 hours and I'm still @ home and can be found and checked on periodically or if I'm to quiet. Our gas golf cart can be there in a flash, (Seen in the Christmas picture)
  9. Garage & Car Barn Thread

    We had a 2 car garage and a 3 car barn in Florida, that sometimes held 4. When we moved north to the Smoky Mountains we built the barn first. 56 X 36 with a carport on each end and a 10 X 10 Equipment room in the back of one of he carports. It has 10' walls and scissor trusses, giving us 14.5' in the center. (Accommodates my 4 post lift) two 10' wide x 8 ' high doors on the long side and a 11.5' X 10" barn door in one gable end. (Accommodates our DP Motor Home) with room for 6 old cars. (If I sell the RV I'll gain 3 stalls.) We built the barn before the house and lived in The Roadhouse inside the barn while doing the house. This necessitated a guest room and bath in the barn, now my fine workroom. Lessons learned: #1. Build bigger than the number of vehicles you own when you start. #2. Make your work stall twice the size of a parking stall. #3. Foam roof insulation and gas heat makes it a year round playroom. #4. A 4 post lift is the answer if you buy the big one (Need to be high too) #5 Only one of my 2 gable windows gets sunshine, the other 6 school house windows 3' x 6' all have blinds, but light gets more important as we age. (Also my nylon car covers protect the vehicles from late afternoon sun, dust and fly spec. Ours is all wood and stick built. Board & Batton siding, metal roof, concrete floor, 200 Amp service, insulated sectional garage doors with remote openers. In hind site, I would have made it bigger with a center door to accommodate a center isle for driving, with the lift at the far end. I would also have been rich and better look. (As l long as hind site is 20/20. I would also have required digging out the whole side of Rabbit Mountain to get enough flat space.) I guess I'm real happy with what I have.
  10. what is year, make, model?

    1939 Pontiac 6
  11. Letter from the "aaca" museum

    I toured the "collection" with Bill Smith prior to the building the Museum structure. I came away with the idea that it was a Region's museum in alliance with the AACA National Club. At that time there were only 200 cars in the storage building. I see his signature on this latest "AACA Museum" letter that I find offensive. I question whether the entire BOD over there are in really agreement with all this nastiness
  12. 1918 Rauch and Lang

    There is a 1914 Rauch and Lang electric car parked inside the Dupont Registry building in Clearwater Florida. The owner often comes out for the monthly Cars & Coffee there and parks it outside with the high end sports cars. A nice car that proves the Tesla is not such a new idea. Somewhere, I have a picture of it parked next to my car, that was 20 years newer.
  13. Importing a car?

    Just make sure you get a clearance from U.S. Customs.
  14. old walker floor jack

    I had a Walker Low Boy and finding and buying a seal kit cost more than a new 3 1/2 Ton Michelin jack at Sam's Club, 25 years ago. Sometimes we just have to move on.
  15. The Long Long Trailer should be required viewing for anyone thinking about RVing, What I liked was the hitch dolly to take the tongue weight. I remember my grandfather had one for his 1950 Ford when towing their trailer. P. S. My wife picks up smaller stones than Lucy.