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  1. Paul Dobbin

    Just found this on line

    Gary joined the Great American Race as a regular a few years before I stopped doing them. He came in as a serious competitor and surrounded himself with other serious competitors. An asset to the event and a nice & charitable guy. We'll all miss him.
  2. Paul Dobbin

    The toy box and the big shop, my New shop Build.

    At my old shop in Florida I was able to find about 6000 Augusta brick pavers (1920's street pavers) for the front of the barn. Each weighted 8 pounds and was 4"X8"X4" thick, a lot of work to get them level, but they looked period perfect with the rough sawn cypress B & B siding and my gas pumps.
  3. Paul Dobbin

    When did all cars get two tail lights?

    I've owned a lot of cars that came with one taillight, but adding the second stop light has always been a must do project. I just don't want to get rear ended! A high mounted third brake light is also a good idea along with turn signals. Kind of like using safety plate glass and carrying a fire extinguisher, better safe than sorry.
  4. Paul Dobbin

    Long Winter's Nap

    The cold does not stop us here, its the rain that dampens our spirits. Sunny & cold is good driving weather, but cold & wet is awful. Drove down into Georgia last weekend to see the Miles Through Time Museum in Taccoa. Nice fall colors and a fun place to visit.
  5. OK, 1950's iconic american car favorite for style an beauty. Fords: all 1957 Fairlane 500s including the Skyliner and Ranchero. Chevy: 1957 Bel-Air, 1959 Impala and most early Corvettes. Cadillac: 1953 &1959 Eldorados Plymouth: 1957, 1959 Furys Studebaker: 1950, 1953, 1958 Golden Hawk. 1959 Lark VIII Buick: 1953 Skylark Pontiac: 1957 & 1958 Bonnevilles. Oldsmobile: 1950 & 1957
  6. Paul Dobbin

    Heading to USA

    At the intersection of Interstate Hwy 10 and US Hwy 90 near Tallahassee, FL is the Tallahassee Auto Museum. Worth a trip.
  7. A 57 T-Bird Station Wagon, pretty cool ! The only thing cooler would be a 57 T-Birdchero. A one off custom is great, if it looks like it could be real. (Like the 55 Studebaker Speedster II in the the new AACA Antique Automobile.) This 57 El Camino is the best of the "What If" Ute's in my opinion. Having owned 3 El Camino's, starting with a 59 and currently owning a 57 Ford Ranchero, the 57 El Camino would be my dream Ute. Anybody can ruin a vehicle, but it takes real talent to improve one to this level.
  8. Paul Dobbin

    Judy Edwards

    I knew Judy from the Buzzards Breath Touring Region and her computer program for Antique Car Tours. The format is similar to the Great Race directions that got me across the country on races and AACA tours, since 1984. We will miss her participation and love of our touring hobby.
  9. Paul Dobbin

    1900s Sightseeing Bus

    In appreciation of old buses, I submit this picture of a 1924 Yellowstone Tour Bus built by White. Owned and driven by Ross Walkup. It is used regularly to haul friends and car guys all over the Smoky Mountains. This picture is last month on our "Meet in The Middle" tour on Historic Hwy 64 to rondevous with the Smoky Mountain Region from Hendersonville NC.
  10. Paul Dobbin

    Advice on what to do with a 65 Skylark Convertible

    I would not start modifying it if you want maximum value. Stock Sells. Get the brakes fixed, detail it and sell as a running/Driving car. Easy restortions are every buyer's dream. A drivable car is just so much easier to sell and increases the number of prospective buyers with that impossible dream.
  11. Now Price is $18.000
  12. Paul Dobbin

    Does it even have to run?

    That was me. I believe it too. Today, I'm leading our groups annual Leaf Peeper Tour around the back roads of the Smoky Mountains. I laying it out the other day, we found quite a few un-restored relics awaiting somebody to make them run again. Maybe tomorrow I can post some fall color photos with happy drivers enjoying what makes this such a great hobby.
  13. Paul Dobbin

    Opinions On This 1936 Cadillac?

    Good to know there are still many honest sellers out there.
  14. Paul Dobbin

    YEAHHHH!!!! RETIRED!!!!!!

    The end of the year marks 18 years of Saturdays. I sold out at 55 and my only regret is that I didn't do it at 50. Business was fun, but retirement is funner. Congratulations! Enjoy. Regional Tours, Founders Tours, Sentimental Tours & Glidden Tours in addition to the local tours. I'm not saving my cars for some street rodder, I plan to use them up and redo them as long as I can.
  15. Paul Dobbin

    Sears Allstate tires

    I have a set of Allstates (5) on my 1935 Ford pickup. Hard as stone, i doubt they would go down if deflated. Still drives well after the initial thumping stops (1/4 mile). Best guess is 1970 for mine based on the trucks history. I never drive it over 45 MPH or more than 50 miles from home. My first 34 Ford got new Allstates in 1972 with portawalls. After we started doing Glidden Tours we upgraded to Coker wide whites.