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  1. Paul Dobbin

    Optima 6V discontinued!

    Optima 6 volt battery discontinued! My neighbor needed a new battery today for his 1936 Ford V8 and was told the my favorite 6 Volt Optima battery has been discontinued. I searched and found none available, but no announcement from Optima. Anybody have any connections to verify or suggest a better battery for our 6 volt cars? I found a tractor 6 volt battery at Tractor Supply, they also have an 8 volt one.
  2. Paul Dobbin

    71Riviera exhaust?

    It's possible that a car of that size & vintage had a muffler and a resonator to tame the sound. Maybe a section of pipe to replace the resonator would produce the big Block sound you'll like. It worked on my 390 T-Bird, but I still vote for silent power in big cars. My wife had a 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood with a LT-1 Corvette engine. A really fast car that surprised a lot of little Hondas with noisy mufflers. (6 que tips, out having fun on Friday nights)
  3. Paul Dobbin

    Saw this clean MGB today....

    There was one there too, with right hand drive. The owner said they were not expoted to the USA. He bought his over there. He also participated in the MG"S Across America Rally. He didn't have to park in the modified section either.
  4. Paul Dobbin

    Saw this clean MGB today....

    Today we went to the Peachtree MG Club's All British Car Show in Dillard GA at the Dillard Hose. We heard they do it every other year and this was the other year. We teamed up with a group from Highlands NC and took a wild mountain ride via NC 28 and Warwoman Rd to get there with a bunch of Corvettes and Jaguars. We drove our high performance German sports sedan (1966 VW). Was about 80 mile round trip, fast & fun!. Nice collection of MG's and a few others brands. (pictures below) The did somthing i think we should do, they had a section for 'Modidied MG's" and had 2 with V8's and one with a V6. they looked just like the stock MG's until they raised the hoods. Nice workmanship and A/C too. After all the still were MG's. Paul
  5. Paul Dobbin

    Custom enclosed car hauler - DELIVERED

    Nice rig. Did you get the two 5500 lb. Dexter Torqueflex axles with 4 wheel brakes? Should do real well behind your Expedition, happy motoring!
  6. Paul Dobbin

    1940 Resto Rod Buick Special Tourning Sedan

    Tom, RUINED is a pretty strong word. Other than stock maybe but not ruined. Would the same ruined term apply to a antique car painted with modern base coat clear coat paint or seat belts? I think this 1940 Buick will show well and should be welcome on any show field in a class like HPOF called "Modified Antique". With the hood closed it will still look like a 1940 Buick to 99.9%. Remember HPOF and Un-restored Barn Finds are among the most popular vehicles classes on the show field. We can't all agree on vanilla, that's why Baskins Robbins has 31 flavors, but it"s all ice cream! . /
  7. Paul Dobbin

    1930 Ford Model "A" - New Original Artwork

    Pretty cool. What size blanket and do you have a way to put my car on a blanket like that? You may be on to something if you get Ford Motor Companies permission to use their logo.
  8. Paul Dobbin

    Radial tubes in bias tires....comments?????

    After 10 flat tires in the 1984 Great American Race with bias ply tires and bias ply tubes, we switched to radial tubes and never had another flat until 2015 when the tire shop put bias tubes in my new bias tires. Don't let them use bias tubes in your bias ply tires. Insist on radial tubes.
  9. Paul Dobbin

    Saw this VW Beetle at the store today....

    You guys are right, I looked it up and the VW site says 73 was the first curved windshield. Sorry, my picture of mine was labeled 1972 Super Beetle. The whole time I owned it I thought it was a 72. Anyway, not a good car with A/C, so I sold it. The 1966 has been a pleasure to own for 29 years and it;s done a bunch of AACA Tours 1994-2017. In the earlier years of my ownership, kid would yell "Herbie" when I drove up. We took old cars to a school and gave kids rides around the parking lot and my 1966 VW and Bill Brown's 1915 Model T were the most remembered cars for these kids who had just studied the automobile for a few weeks. I think Herbie is a movie not longer watched by kids since the release of the "Cars" series.
  10. Paul Dobbin

    1940 Resto Rod Buick Special Tourning Sedan

    One year the Great American Race ended in LA and 6 us us jumped in a stock 40 Buick 4 door and took off down the Freeway for a fine steak dinner. I was impressed that it was no problem in LA traffic and stayed up with the over the speed limit traffic. The car was driven by Zane Shubert who had just completed 4200 miles in a stock 1935 Buick Coupe. Made me think I should have kept the straight 8 in my 35 Buick instead of the Buick V8 I used.
  11. Paul Dobbin

    Change in selling trend

    Bernie said: Just got back from a nice ride in my 1960 Buick Electra Version 1.0, seemed pretty good. No updates required. That is a new(er) car, and shouldn't need any modifications to ride in air conditioned comfort.
  12. Paul Dobbin

    The Story of My Car

    Welcome back Chris. Video and old cars nicely done as usual.
  13. Paul Dobbin

    Odd little Italian car

    An interesting little car, Thanks for sharing!
  14. Paul Dobbin

    1940 Olds got my head spinning....

    Could also be a partially blocked fuel filter. Been there twice!
  15. Paul Dobbin

    Saw this VW Beetle at the store today....

    The 1964 VW was 40 HP 1200 cc, which was an improvement over the 36 HP of the earlier bugs (Pre-1961 Bugs) In 66 they went to 50 HP with the 1300 and 55 HP in 67 with the 1500 cc engine. Your VW-Porsche is probably 1600 cc's or more. With 57 years VW driving experience, I think the best modification to a stock VW is the addition of radial ply tires. Transforms them into "High Performance Sports German Sedans". We love ours on the mountain roads even though pickup trucks pass us. "Fahrvergnuegen" (The joy of driving)