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  1. Paul Dobbin

    Can Anyone Help ID the Make/Model of this Car?

    2 minutes, Mr Keiser31 is on the job 24/7. Job well done!
  2. Paul Dobbin


    I did Estate work for years. It's an old story. While living, most people say, "that won't happen in my family" or "I've got it all taken care of", neither one seems to be true in to many cases. Greed and "Me First" comes after the deceased has no choices or influence in anything, except what's in the Will or Separate Writings.
  3. Paul Dobbin

    This 1957 Ford retractable showed up again....

    John, I hope VictoriaLynn2 still has red hair like Lucille Ball in this 1 1/2 minute Ford Skyliner commercial from 1957.
  4. Paul Dobbin

    Trying to find what it is worth

    Rod, (If you ever return) My guess is that it's an older restoration and should run if complete. If cleaned up and running, my guess as to value in the U.S. is about $17k. As it sits $9k and the 35 Slantback about $4.5K. Many will disagree, but those are my "want to sell" prices that should make them go away.
  5. Paul Dobbin

    Two Gentlemen's car/pickups For Sale

    Bump to the top.
  6. Paul Dobbin

    Canadian 1914 Ford Model T True Canadian Car

    The most visible thing about the early Canadian Model T's was the left front door.
  7. Paul Dobbin

    Trying to find what it is worth

    It hurts a lot!
  8. Paul Dobbin

    1954 Chevy Bel air. An impossible restoration?

    Here is my similar story, when I bought a rusty shell of a car. Years ago we found an orange grove near Arcadia Florida with a 40 Ford Coupe in condition like your 54 Chevy, except no engine, transmission, seat or floor. Bought it an some porcelain signs and headed home with it thinking the body shell, which was intact, could be used for a vintage stock car. That was popular at the time and I knew several guys doing it. I put an ad in the local (FL) Auto Trader for this 1940 Ford Coupe body and described it as usable only for a vintage stock car body skin. $400. Sold very quickly and was almost forgotten when Auto Trader came out with a national publication called the Antique Auto Trader Book. Because they didn't have enough fresh ads to fill their publication they used old ads in the first issue, including mine. I started getting calls from all over the country. I would tell them it was sold to the first guy who called, which satisfied most callers. However one guy from Denver wanted to know all about it (Remember the early Auto Traders used a single black & white picture) He wanted to know every detail about how good a car it was. I took some liberty and knowing he really didn't read the whole ad, I answered, "no it was not in real good shape, paint was oxidized, bumpers were kind of rusty, upholstery was ripped and it smoked pretty bad and I was embarrassed to drive it anywhere. He said, "damn, I knew I should have called when I first saw it". At least he has a good "The one that got away story".
  9. Yes. he said 1960 on the post, but titled the thread Moving along to the sixties, let's compare these icons:
  10. In 1970, I had a 65 Mustang Conv. and a 65 Plymouth Barracuda. No comparison, quality of materials, fit & finish and reliability, Mustang was much better. Sold the Barracuda and kept the Mustang another 24 years, Great choice..For best car of the 1960's, my vote in the VW Beetle.tle.
  11. Paul Dobbin

    Who did ‘57 Better? Ford or Chevy?

    Having owned 2 57 Fords, a 57 Convertible in 1964 while serving in the USAF and my current 57 Ranchero, my vote goes to the 57 Chevrolet. Had a 55 Bel-Air 2DHTP, but still lust for a 57. Anybody want to trade their 57 Chevy for this?
  12. Paul Dobbin

    A window into the life of a car dealer

    For that reason I always ask restaurants for "the Veterans Discount" which is not universal but some fast food places give 20% off. Worth asking. I spent 4 years and 3 months active in some terrible places and now 50 years later, I get a discount and a Thank You (Something that was rare at the time)
  13. Paul Dobbin

    A window into the life of a car dealer

    Well guys, you don;t have to be a car dealer to meet lots of jerks. They're everywhere!! We all have to put up with the rude, crude, know it all jerks just to get thru a normal day. (No Political intent in that statement) Selling anything is a hard life because getting someone to part with their money is a traumatic experience for many people., especially if they don't know what they are doing.