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  1. Name the cars on my birthday card

    Got to be quick on this Forum
  2. The "BOO Bros." trying out some heavy equipment at the AACA Show in Gulfport FL, about 1997. The Caterpiller is a 1 HP B & S powerred former pedal tractor.. Still have the truck, sold the tractor.
  3. Spell checker not working

    You can also write your reply or thread in email, spill check it an then copy and paste it in the FORUM Reply box. We'll all think your are great fart smeller.
  4. My Reatta will not be in the record books

    Speed is a thing of the past for me too. I've owned some really fast cars but prefer a nice ride on secondary roads in a car older than I am.
  5. Our worst nightmare

    Terrible. As my insurance customers always told me, "Not me, it will be somebody else." and I would reply, "To me, you are somebody else". Take lots of pictures, regularly. Fire extinguishers are cheap, get several. Keep the kids out too.

    Marty,'t Glad to hear it needs tires, It needs white walls! I sold our 94 Fleetwood when I couldn't get white walls anymore. Locate tire availability before you buy it. Good luck.
  7. Why???

    Here they have a horrible litter problem and don't enforce that law either, like turn signal use, no mufflers, reckless driving, DUI, automatic weapons, arson or anything except drug laws, then the judges let them out before the report are done. It's a new world.
  8. What have you learned on the AACA Forum?

    I have learned a lot, and learned to ignore a lot too. I have learned to respect many posters and just let the BS pass by. I've met some nice people on tours and AACA events, and learned that many that I do know are actual Forum members with pseudonyms. The knowledge and experience of people on this Forum is an awesome source of both old car fact and opinion whether actual facts or "Alternative facts". Members who don't read the AACA Forums are really missing a lot of fun and frolic. I'm hooked on it and driving these antique cars.
  9. Survey - How do you drive your classic vehicle?

    Survey is finished taking responses. Time for the results?
  10. Body style appears to be a Town Car, probably chauffeur driven by the looks of the open air front driver's compartment and divider window. No left door also suggests British and possibly right hand drive. I think MK5's mother was wrong about Henry too. Possibly an Italian restoration shop photo or the first Popemobile prototype.
  11. How warm is it where you are?

    Yes it's cold and damp. This photo was yesterday (1/7/18) on the Cullsaja Gorge Road at Bridal Falls, just north of Highlands NC. The car sis a 1930 Model A Tudor (Unrestored) which is the daily driver of a Franklin NC couple who are new AACA members. They use it everyday saying "it rained & snowed in the 1930's too".
  12. which one do you most regret missing?

    In 1981 while buying a 1915 Model T basket case, I found a super nice 57 Ranchero for $1,500 less than the Model T. The lure of brass was to strong to resist. Now 36 years later I bought a 57 Ranchero after 3 old El Caminos
  13. Multi-classic insurance?

    Catbird, Most speciality insuror's policies recognized that you can't drive all your cars at the same time. Look at your "Declarations Page" and you will see that they are not charging you for Liability Coverage beyond the third vehicle. What you are paying for is coverage of the vehicles themselves for physical damage (Collision & Comprehensive) (Fire, theft, flood, smoke, wind, etc.) My 30 years in that business showed me that most people will over insure their vehicles. (Insure a #3 at a #1 value) if allowed. This is also a problem for heirs and executors. You may want to re-assess your values to control your premiums. Remember the value is what a well informed buyer would be able to buy the vehicle for, from a well informed seller. I refer you to the current Forum Thread "How many is enough?
  14. How warm is it where you are?

    At 11:30 AM is is 26 degrees, up from 12 @ 7 AM in The Smoky Mountains. Beautiful sunny day! May have to take the 34 Ford for a ride today, I wish it had a heater.
  15. How Many Are Enough?

    I don't share that idea. Projects always take at least two spaces for working room and parts piles. They only get down to one space when finished or abandoned.