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  1. 1911 REO Truck For Sale

    If you want to get it sold with everyone's attention list it on Ebay no reserve , 7 day auction. In your case its all profit and it will sell.
  2. 1911 REO Truck For Sale

    Must be the guy sold the truck. I never understand when someone runs a ad Fore Sale and when you respond you don't hear anything.
  3. I need a dual 6 cyl distributor to fire 2 plugs at once. The picture shown is a Delco unit Pierce Arrow used on models 32 and 33. Please contact Mike if you can help/ Thank you. 585 738 1541 NY
  4. 1911 REO Truck For Sale

    I sent you a Private Message on this site , please take a look. Thank you Mike
  5. 34 Olympic Sedan for sale

    I know of a running driving 34 Olympic with decent original interior in my area for $7500. It will not sell..... Neat cars but not worth fixing .
  6. 34 Olympic Sedan for sale

    Looks to me like one to many 0s on the price...
  7. flex u-joint drive shaft '27 Chrysler

    Ft Wayne Clutch and brake makes them up! Ask for Phil and tell him Mike sent you. The quality is excellent..... 260 482 8637
  8. Hi Scott Please call me .Mike 585 738 1541
  9. Franklin

    100 HP unless modified.
  10. 1929 Nash 433 (?) value?

    $2000 tops ... By the time this car is fixed proper , there wouldn't be any happiness left. Just my opinion.
  11. Franklin

    Yes its the same body , Mine had the 100 HP motor and this 29 has a 68 HP motor. This looks like a great car! Mine is going to the mid west. Im going to sell a super rare 1933 16B Franklin sedan . Will be listing next week . This is an original running driving car, perfect wood, good original interior., ride control, supercharged, wire wheels ,and more . Ive priced it to sell.... Im enjoying the room Im making in my building. Mike
  12. Leather belts for side mount tires

    I buy leather belts on Ebay ad they work out fine for original and driver quality restored car. The seller I found even gave me a choice on the buckle style.
  13. No I never heard anything from anyone. I have a stack of them I want gone. Mike 585 738 1541
  14. Hi Scott, I would be interested in buying the motor. You can reach me at 585 738 1541. or email me at mawest729@gmail.com Thank you. Mike
  15. Parts you can own

    Too small , I needed one for my Franklin