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  1. My dad bought this car in 1958 and I sold the car around 1990. It went to Calf and that buyer resold the car to a man back east He thinks it was Michigan. If anyone reconizes this Hudson sedan I would appreciate it if you pass along the information . Thank you, Mike 5857381541 mawest720@gmail.com
  2. mikewest

    Oakes Spare tire locks

    I have many Oakes spare tire locks , some with keys and some need keys. The lock housing on the left is for a rear spare demountable rim. Mike 585 738 1541
  3. mikewest

    1931 Hudson Club Sedan

    Thank you sir! I really appreciate this! I am 60 years old and grew up in this car... If I could buy it back someday I would. Ill contact him tomorrow. Mike West
  4. mikewest

    1914 Grant Transmission Needed

    The sad thing is most likely the clutch and gears are setting on a shelf or in a box with someone associated with the museum. The gearbox looks clean ...someone was working on the car and the parts never got put back with the car.
  5. mikewest

    1914 Grant Transmission Needed

    What are the odds of finding a Grant parts car?? Nice!
  6. Ive was told by Dick McKnight from Tully NY that he wants to retire and sell his entire collection.
  7. mikewest

    1931 Hudson Club Sedan

    If this was a Franklin, it would of been found by now. I need to go a different direction I guess. Mike
  8. Im waiting! Cant wait to see!Mike
  9. Joe , You will need to make a mandrel to bolt these pipes to if you aren't going to weld it together while locked down to the jugs.and find an experienced tig welder for this job. Looks great! Mike West
  10. mikewest

    Wanted - 1931 Mod 43 water side jecket cover

    Here is what I have
  11. mikewest

    6cyl dual distributor pierce arrow want to trade

    I was told the series 80 caps will work on these dual valve distributors I
  12. Does anyone sell new side jacket covers for the model 43?Mine is leaking as well some . broken studs '. Looks like its going to be a job...
  13. mikewest

    Wanted - 1966-67 Ford Fairlane

  14. mikewest

    1931 Hudson Club Sedan

    Ive sent him a detailed email.
  15. mikewest

    A window into the life of a car dealer

    When I want to buy something for less than the asking price I always say " It may be what you are asking to someone, but this is what I can afford to give you" You have established what you want to pay with out insulting the sellers intelligence, and you haven't made them upset. I never knock the vehicle... It doesn't help to win your seller over. It has worked for me SCORES of times...