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  1. Mr Furman, The blue car is a 1931 Franklin 153 Club Sedan , Walker body, series 153 . Its the long wb - 132 inches, Originally a west coast car (Calf) long owned by Pierce Arrow collector back in the day Elliott Atkins. The interior is all original with the exception of the front/rear seat and carpets , they were done by a top notch trimmer 3 months ago. There is 0 rust or corrosion on this car. It was repainted in the 1970s and a new top installed professionally 3 years ago. The motor had rings and valves this fall, bearings inspected, and lower end washed out. The brakes have been gone through with new wheel and master cylinders. This car drives straight and smooth. It runs at 55 with ease. Hit the brakes and it stops straight without heading to the ditch. All in all its a great Classic driver. It can sit here until spring in the heated building no charge. All trades considered . Priced @ $37,500. Mike 585 738 1541
  2. It is advertised at $20,000 here in another spot on the AACA forums.
  3. Why isn't this car selling? It starts and runs very well. The body is straight as a string, NO rust or corrosion , The car is complete and a custom bodied CCCA classic. The original leather interior is still present, the original paint and striping present, the car is complete , has good provenance and I don't know of another for sale for Model A Ford money!!! It has the Detroit 4 speed for a gear box, the high speed ring and pinion for great road speed that the car came with from the factory and its original Franklin and Dietrich tags. Why restore a common 4 dr sedan when for the same money you can restore a Custom Car? I need to sell some cars and make room so I can work on my projects in my shop. This is a 0 rust car. Ill store until spring free and take any brand in partial trade if it will help make a deal. I like old Fords ... No horses or livestock considered! I pitched enough shit when I was a kid for my dad on the farm. Mike 585 738 1541
  4. FS- 1932 Franklin 3 Window Coupe W / Rumble Seat

    I agree . Im looking for Model A Ford money ..... $12,000 out the door. Big coupes are always scarce. If this was a 32 Ford how much would it sell for?? $50K?? maybe...
  5. FS- 1932 Franklin 3 Window Coupe W / Rumble Seat

  6. Looking for a Speedster Body Builder

    Dave, You thought right! You have a great machine to finish into a speedcar...
  7. Winter Driving Stories

    I sure like the Special Convertible.. You don't know where there's another ? Mike
  8. $12,500 Its quite complete, motor turns over and would most likely start with some tinkering. I have the rear trunk rack (factory unit) , the bumpers, fenderlights, spare wheels and snap rings ect. This is a VERY Scarce car in a 1932 Franklin. The car has ride control rear shocks, supercharged ductwork for carburation, free wheeling, rumble seat, and rides on the 132 in wheelbase. The Airman, this model is a full CCCA classic unlike the cheap Franklin with a Reo body the Olympic. I like trades as well as money if it helps make a deal. Thank you~ Mike
  9. FS- 1932 Franklin 3 Window Coupe W / Rumble Seat

    I have the bumpers, gutters and everything for this car not shown in the pics. Can deliver the car. I also have the rear mounted luggage rack..
  10. Winter Driving Stories

    Andrew , This was the week before Christmas 2013 in a Packard touring . A few in town thought I lost my mind , but I have the pictures and the memories. It was a real storm when I went to town. By the time I got home , the interior was full of snow.
  11. Selling some rare Franklins , complete original cars , all run great and ready to be sold. TERMS /TRADES accepted. Mike West Livonia NY 585 738 1541
  12. Selling a scarce model 1932 Franklin Coupe , long wheel base (132 inches) double side mounted spare tires, super charged 100 HP air cooled motor, car is very complete , needs complete restoration. The motor turns over and should start with a little tinkering. These 32 coupes are quite scarce and very good looking machines. Price $12,500 .Make me a offer for cash or trades considered. I like old Fords.... Mike West Livonia NY 14487 585 738 1541 mawest729@gmail.com
  13. 1930 Model A engine stuck

    Soak the motor for a week or so and remove the starter. Use a pinch bar the correct size or ground so it will engage the ring gear fully and try to force the motor to turn in this manner. You can try it prying up and down to get it moving. This is a lot more effective that trying to rock the whole car and you can do it yourself. It should free up without too much trouble.
  14. Model T Delivering the Goods

    The young lad looks like Eddie Munster a bit...
  15. Lincoln Roadster/Cabrolet

    John , When I restored my Auburn phaeton, I bought the Yale Junior locks from you or your brother...The quality was PERFECT! And great value !