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  1. I just was this post . I have a 1968 Monza convertible, 110 hp, 4 speed car, am radio . It runs and yard drives with working brakes, lights ect, has new tires and decent interior.The dash pan is nice. The body is quite good, great floors and rockers. It has a old repaint on it .The car is cream yellow with black interior and top. . It has a PA title .I would like $3000.00 Mike West 585 738 1541 Car is located in Livonia NY
  2. Nice looking car .Seems like a fair deal to me! Where is the car located? Mike
  3. Mark, Im curious.... what do you like about this car?? If the guy gave it to you and you painted , chromed ,rebuilt and new interior youd be upside down in it for about 20grand...
  4. Call Mainley Magneto in MAINE Google for number They do great work.
  5. Very Sharp! and the right color for me!
  6. Why remove them ? You need the correct number size drill bit to run through them to make sure they aren't stopped up, and blow out with compressed air. They most likely are threaded and are a bitch to get out . Your parts carb will need to be drilled out. If you don't have the correct tools to restore this carb , you should send to a professional to restore.
  7. I have a 32 ft enclosed trailer leaving south Florida next week for upstate NY . Call if you need something moved - good opportunity and price. Mike 585 738 1541
  8. John, Im not sure on the history or even who actually made it. I saw it advertised last year and went for a ride ,with the truck and trailer w/ winch and this is what came home. I like it but really don't have time to monkey with it. I toyed with the idea to make it into a tow behind camper also. I hope it sells on Ebay. My reserve is set at $2000.00 Mike
  9. Matt I see you are a Buick man. I have a extra NOS door molding for a 1947 76C . Do have a need for one? Mike
  10. Im selling a 1935 Graham Housecar Camper. Its almost as rare as a DOTO BIRD (Doto birds are extinct) and Im sure this is the only one in the world! Check it out on Ebay # 172605907519. It can sit as long as needed until pickup as long as paid for per auction terms. Call with questions Mike 585 738 1541
  11. The one on the left in top picture looks like aDodge Brothers 20s era. The square end removes the plug in the end of the oil pan so the crank can be inserted.
  12. My truck and trailer will be heading north from South Florida to all points north in 3 weeks. Experienced driver and good equipment, what do you have you need hauled? Reasonable rate. Mike 585 738 1541
  13. Selling on Ebay a former club members are taken apart in the 1960s. Its a good solid car that needs everything. Priced to sell . Free storage until you can get here to pick it up. Comes with a good Ohio title. Search 1930 Franklin 145. Call Mike with questions 585 7381541 Also selling a 1931 Club Sedan (Original Calf Car ) and a 1932 model 163 3 window coupe.
  14. I check 2 different original side draft motors and both had high cap screws with lock washers, I checked a original 29 down draft and it had high cap screws with holes for wire. Mike
  15. Hi Layden, what do you have in a early 6 cyl timer or distributor? Hope all well Mike West