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  1. I don't come to the forum as often as I used to, but when I do this is my favorite show!
  2. That's not gonna help. They are terrible even when adjusted properly.
  3. I watched two of Mud's videos today. The king pin installation and the upper control arm installation. I have done a lot of both of those jobs and he makes it look easy. I wish I had these videos available to me when I was first doing this work. Great work Ken. Seriously.
  4. I have taken a few apart with no issues at all. Broken at least one.
  5. If I recall correctly, it is a press fit on a splined shaft. Use clothesline as a replacement gasket.
  6. Thats why I sold em to KC. I didn't even use them as decor.
  7. By the way. They ARE generally referred to as flippers. I have two NOS in boxes for the smaller (Century and Special). Somebody's gonna have to cough up serious dough for those, though.
  8. That window is "Kustom"
  9. Seems like maybe the spring is broken (maybe). Ralph, I don't think that spring is available... even in Trumpistan
  10. I think I got a piece of crud in my eye watching the second exhaust video.
  11. for sale

    I WILL have to change my handle to Buick5564 though.
  12. for sale

    Good. I will buy it from Adam after he is done with it so that I don't have to get dirty.
  13. Yeah... that's why I left the grease on.