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  1. 41 Su8

    Help on these Dodge Brothers parts

    The earliest Dodge Brothers (1915) had the pump on the dash to pressurize the gas tank. John
  2. 41 Su8


    the 7 tooth steering was replaced in 1929. If your car has not been altered, it is 2 tooth.
  3. 41 Su8

    Need id on 6 volt Bulb

    The three holed flange is typical of all pre-focused bulbs. Most cars in the late 30's had these type of bulbs. The holes in the flange line up with 'tits' in the headlamp socket and can only line up one way. The bulb is positioned to focus the light beam. They pre-dated sealed beam. Bayonet usually means that the bulb base has two 'tits' which fit into small slots in the socket and lock the bulb in place.
  4. 41 Su8

    41 packard 160 parts needed

    Shawn,, I have hubcaps, lenses and other smalls left over from when I had my 160. I will be bringing them to Hershey. John
  5. 41 Su8

    What 1920s touring car is this?

    First picture looks like a '26-27 Model T.
  6. I would like someone to bring back the Big Smoky. John
  7. Roadster could be a Gardner.
  8. 41 Su8

    Packard?? in a 1941 Finnish movie.

    Those headlights were used on '33, '34 Packards. I believe that all models used them. 1933 was also the first year for the skirted fender. John
  9. 41 Su8

    rear window

    Snyder's sell a kit for what you are asking for.
  10. 41 Su8

    Rhinebeck anyone?

    Steve, there is a new pair of flat speedster MTFCA classifieds now.
  11. 41 Su8

    Rhinebeck anyone?

    Bob, Steve, I hadn't plan on going to the show today because of the rain. Had to deliver some Model T part to a guy at the show, so I thought I might as well take the Special Coupe. There were about 20 Model A's there and I was lucky enough to walk away with a first prize. It really felt good. John
  12. 41 Su8

    Letter from the "aaca" museum

    I got my letter yesterday. I totally agree with the above posts. I think it is time for all members to boycott the museum. John
  13. 41 Su8

    Packard block interchange

    David, it should, they were the same. The Super 8 engine change was in 1940. John
  14. Stude Light is correct. Just to add, the only color that would dry fast enough for the assembly line was Japan Black. Before the assembly line the painted bodies were placed on drying racks. John