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  1. RIP Dan Gurney

    Boy, am I getting old ! John
  2. 1908 Hoosier Motor Club meet

    Can't tell from the photo. The model S Ford would have splash aprons as well as running boards. Can only see running boards so it is at least a model R.
  3. Rumble Seat

    What about the wind wings on a closed car?
  4. Rumble Seat

    As Guy said, all you need is the spring units and padding and covers. Your rumble lid handle looks the same as my Special Coupe, cant tell if it is locking or not. The seat cushion has two metal 'tabs' on it that fit into two holes in the floor pan of the seat to secure it in place. John
  5. Model A wheel

    I have a complete set of these for a '28-29 Model A. They look like they were never on a car. John
  6. Another mystery roadster

    Possibly 1918 Buick
  7. A few days with a Packard

    David, you are correct about it being a 1929. I think it is a 633 due to the doors in the hood instead of louvers. The windshield does not look like a Deitrich to me.
  8. Artillery wheels

    Possibly 39 - 40 Packard
  9. 1941 -1942 Packard marker light lens. Excellent condition. Have 5 available, 4 are very good to excellent, 1 is chipped. $90 each plus shipping. John
  10. Dave, found them on Amazon, John