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  1. Reatta headlamp 'free spinning washer nuts'

    Yep that's it. Barney let me know where they go, up above. So I am all set. Thanks y'all.
  2. License plate lights on Ebay

    I actually did send him the photo, and he seemed to just ignore it, and continue talking about how I said I have a Reatta S. heh heh.
  3. License plate lights on Ebay

    Picture of mine on the left, vs theirs on the right. His message to me "OURS IS A 1989 REATTA IT SHOULD FIT !!!!! I KNOW I BEEN IN THE BUSINESS FOR 35 YEARS AND IM THE OWNER, i not going to argue with u OVER SOMETHING I KNOW ... just send it back NO PROBLEM or double ck and be suere u are installing it right.. FYI yr case open says S in the description" What he means by 'S' is that I had said "It is very different and larger than the Reatta's" ; but the Ebay messaging system wrote it as "It is very different and larger than the Reatta s" stripping out the apostrophe.. so for the rest of the conversation he was convinced I own a "Reatta S" and that it is my fault for buying a part for the wrong model. Hehehe.. What can ya do.
  4. License plate lights on Ebay

    Thanks, will do.
  5. Hm, bought these, I should have checked the picture better because only realized on arrival that they are incorrect. The seller is ok taking them back, but is asserting relentlessly that I am wrong and that these fit the 1989 Buick Reatta. Baahh? I do wonder what car these -do- go to though.
  6. steering/handling

    Reminds me of my rear suspension support frame repair: Afterward, I had it sent off to be blasted and then powder coated. I've been tackling the front now, as my car spent most of its life in MA. Somehow I've been lucky, it seems oil protected a lot of it.. all 6 cradle bolts came out without issue and minimal evidence of rust.
  7. steering/handling

    Fantastic video, very helpful. I never would have figured the body would rust out that badly where the cradle subframe bolts up.
  8. Reatta headlamp 'free spinning washer nuts'

    Surely you've seen that I attach good pictures to many of my posts, such as the turn-signal polishing one. Canon 80D is what I usually use. And I've certainly noticed and appreciated how much you make use of images and sideshows, it's a huge benefit and very helpful. However this is a standardized term, as I learned just yesterday. Google will show many results. It's basically a nut with an integrated washer that is on a sleeve bearing and can spin independently of the nut.
  9. I tried finding this specific bit of info to no avail. I replaced my passenger headlamp motor recently, and I didn't torque down the nut that holds the bell crank to the motor output shaft well enough, so it came loose and now I'm back in there again. This time I realized that I have a spare 'free spinning washer nut' that was in the wrong place (holding painted cover on) ; I am pretty sure one of the two belongs on the top-end of the crank-arm. But where does the other go? I checked around and I see people using what looks like a normal nut/washer (new and bright silver) to hold the bell-crank to the motor shaft.. Thanks.
  10. steering/handling

    I used to get this sensation when coming down a highway quite fast while it turned quite a bit.. Every since having almost all of my suspension replaced it has been noticeably better. In the end, it's a really heavy car with a suspension that has a lot of travel. I guess it's hard to answer if this is normal unless I knew what you were comparing to, what sort of roads/driving and speeds. I used to feel the Reatta was 'floaty' but again it has improved a lot and now I think it's pretty darn good for its weight and comfort.
  11. steering/handling

    Those are nice illustrations, and that is a good looking subframe!
  12. Thanks, we'll get to the bottom of this I'm sure.
  13. Welp, 22528668 does not appear to be quite right.. maybe it can work, but it is not the same as what is in there now.. it is shorter, without he big flared ends. It does look like the original is a two-piece system. Anyone changed these before and have pictures of what they look like out?
  14. front sway bar bushing

    Just finished changing all bushings for front-sway bar. Harder than I am used to.. but then again what I am used to it mostly a Miata. On the Miata, everything is just daintier to work with. I've change my springs, mounts, struts and sway bars on it and everything just came off/on withe ease. The Reatta suspension however, some things feel like they may as well have just welded it together.. it's heavy-duty, harder to get in or out. This isn't a complaint however, It's just a heavy car.. I am impressed with how tight that front sway bar has to get torqued down. The bolts that hold the inner bushings (the ones going around the bar) will at first seem like it's an impossible fit. The bracket and bolts start very high, and you have to torque it down quite a ways as it forms/squishes the bushing. The end-links won't reach at first.. You really gotta play with it all for a long time.. mainly in my case I have my front jacked up, wheels off, and I had to use a bottle-jack to raise the control arm quite high and hit the top of the end-link bolt to try and get enough through at the bottom in order to thread the nut on. Was not easy.
  15. front sway bar bushing

    It's hard to tell based on that one picture, but the new spacers are longer than the original. I could give measurements if you'd like.