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  1. Looks to be in great shape. Sold AS-IS. $75 Includes shipping.
  2. Floyd Va - Three Day Show

    Here is the number one reason why I drove 4 hours.... the view...! Mini vacation all the way. Good crowd of buyers on Saturday no complaints. And yes the 67 Mustang is still for sale.
  3. Floyd Va - Three Day Show

    Some photos from a swap that is growing every year, over 300 spaces sold.... and a view that just can't be beat. World class faciility, showers that are heated yes...! Live music on the stage with the car show as back-drop. Local BBQ vendor and a local church dishing out the food stuffs. I ALWAYS spend too much on treasures. Best thing about the show ( other than that view... did I mention it's 360 degrees of mountain tops ) is that the small staff is friendly and ever eager to listen to their vendors.
  4. FS: 1939 Buick Front Emblem - NICE

    Hello Bob.... I still have it. it's a nice piece. Send me a IM with your payment preference. -RR
  5. From my brief research looks like Philco was factotry issue, and this Motorola is aftermarket. It has a matching faceplate so for aftermarket Motorola stepped it up. I'll get photos maybe later tonight prob tomorrow. Thanks for the info on availability back in the day...!
  6. Picked up a Motorola radio and speaker for a 1949 Studebaker... has nice knobs and faceplate. Did many of these cars come with the factory radio... just wondering if there's demand. Photo to come.
  7. Landlord gave me and my piles of stuff an eviction notice... I'm work'n hard to rid up and clean up around here. Bringing a ton of stuff selling it ALL. Am returning with a empty truck. LOTS of stuff in the dollar pile. Located at the start of the car corral on edge of the Greenfield GCE-42 thru 45. I usually have themed manequins and hay bales to rest on, but this time around it's all business and will be brings boxes and boxes of NOS and good quality parts. $60 for the big micrometer it's about 3 feet long...! If I sell enough maybe he'll take pity on me and renew the lease... PLEASE TAKE HOME MY STUFF THIS WEEKEND. I owe him some money that might be an issue too.......
  8. Giant Center had free wifi last year.
  9. Trending - Pre-War swap meets!

    Have not been back to see the lady but stopped in Monday. Since I was hauling my 1962 Shasta Compact Camper ( with wings ) I figured I could stop in and keep my name fresh in her mind. She remembered my name, I pointed to my love of old trailers with my Shasta in tow...... and hope'n for the best the lady starts tell'n me it's not for sale. Says "A Million Dollars" and I won't sell it. The one bartering chip I didn't have was cash in hand. I'm gonna be patient and give it another try later this summer with cash next try. I did let her know that cutting the feet and wheels off the antique trailer was not a good idea. Bumped into another lady who has a stainless trailer sitting in the woods on one of her properties. She doesn't know if it's round or flat on front.... I'll be chasing after that lead next week.
  10. Floyd Virginia - Mountain Top Swap - June 3-5

    August 19-21 are the dates for the late summer show.... Link below for more info... 2016 Floyd Auto Fair
  11. Floyd Virginia - Mountain Top Swap - June 3-5

    Bath house vendor had the doggie display with running water, and all the primitive wood antiques. I had one small table next to him, had the 3 spinner Lancer hubcaps and some nice floormats on the hill side. Just brought enough to cover my costs. Next trip I'll have the 62 Shasta Camper and some Firefly Tiki Lights for atmosphere. This place is so pretty, that making a fortune was just not on the to do list this weekend.... a much needed break in the action. Photo taken from my weekend vending spot / home away from home spot on the hill. So darn pretty here...
  12. Floyd Virginia - Mountain Top Swap - June 3-5

    Yes 62BillT.... drove down my Geo Metro ( got 50mpg on the trip ) to test the waters at the show. Brought enough stuff that would sell and yes the good stuff walked home with some happy shopper. I was up on the hill, just below the Indian Tee-Pee. And yes fellow vendors, I covered my expenses and met my sales/profit goal. Erik the promotor gives out some rather nice vendor door PRIZE$ on Sunday. There's a few old iron salvage yards in the area, looking into coming down early next show. Can never have enough 3cyl Geo parts...!!!! Made oodles of new friends...
  13. 30's Plymouth Rear Luggage Shelf -- NICE

    Seller marked as 1932. Looks like a early takeoff... very nice OEM shape.
  14. I'm at a swap and this is up for grabs... pricey but it's in super original shape. I didn't write down the year... 1932 ish ??? Asking $1200