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  1. Wowabunga

    Another one of My Uncles Jacks I’d Help please

    Aftermarket. Prob good for pulling fence posts.
  2. Wowabunga

    Radio Id

    50's Ford for sure.
  3. These to me look different as there are a lot of bolts/studs/riviets call them what you may holding everything here together. I have backside pics if that helps. Backside has a big brake drum attatched. Tire size is 6.00-16
  4. I think this model is the Starsky & Hutch car. Found this on the web: "A variety of Gran Torinos were provided by Ford for use in the filming of the series, ranging from 1974 to 1976 models."
  5. Have had this for too long needs a home... nothing on web search. D4EB-13B177-AA is stamped in metal.
  6. Wowabunga

    1940s vacuum antenna switch -- Lincoln or Cadillac???

    Probably one of those "one year only" deals. Some of those old switches can bring a kings ransom... so I'm just taking my time on ID.
  7. Wowabunga

    Universal something joint - looks 1920s

    Ok I shall head in the direction mentioned...!
  8. Wowabunga

    Unknown oddball interior dash knob - late '40s???

    Ok I shall head in the direction mentioned...!
  9. Wowabunga

    Please help ID this jack!!

    These were used around 1956 and 1957 Buicks and Packards. I have a reference photo matching a 57 Buick. I have photos of about 5 different styles of this lift jack. Have not had time to do the asking and research to find out which is which. Here is one I have in my possession and I've never seen it before ever. Hollar if you have thanks.
  10. Has three air connections on back. Looking up patent number didn't give me much to go on other than it was registered in 1940.
  11. Made by Neapco... I don't have any box or part number. Small little thing could be 1930s???
  12. Reminds me of a bracket on my big rig truck where an air compressor sets... maybe this is GM commercial or large truck ???
  13. Clearing off the porch need to buy a new laptop and I sure would like to find out what this bracket setup is for. Came from a GM dealership lot I bought a few years ago. Assume it's GM. Tag is bleached out and gone. Also selling a lot of small parts on ebay this week for $5 starting bid... just need to LET GO of all this stuff. Ebay Porch Sale...
  14. It sure is purddy. Would love to find a new home for this.