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  1. Thriller

    Selling a poster but need resources?

    Another option is to just contact Marck Barker (East Coast Reatta Parts). If he isn’t interested in taking it off your hands, he may be able to point you in the right direction. Of course, the Reatta forum is also a good option. There is a Reatta group on Facebook, but you have to request membership and have it granted...perhaps more effort than desired just to sell a poster. Good luck.
  2. Thriller


    JZRIV is right...pas de chapeau.
  3. Thriller

    Winter Buicks

    I started the day at a mountain slopes aren’t open yet, but did see white higher up the mountains before we got to the sea part of the Sea to Sky Highway. dmfconsult fed was a great evening. No photos but memories are etched in my brain.
  4. Thriller

    Find the Buick

    Would it be more appropriate in a place like Bethlehem, PA? ?
  5. Thriller

    Winter Buicks

    I saw snow today...and a 1978 Estate Wagon...does that count? They were only about 100 miles apart give or take.
  6. Well, no driving again, but as we are presently in Vancouver, Doug (aka dmfconsult) and his wife came by the hotel in the wagon and we had a very nice dinner and got to know them. I’d been on the archival judging team for the wagon in Portland in 2014. Thanks so much for the hospitality. We’re going to need to spend more time when we find ourselves back here again (although I’d rather not drive in Vancouver if I can avoid it).
  7. Thriller

    Buick truck in NE / OK?

    Thanks Larry. That’s the place I was thinking of...I just could’t get enough of the name straight in my head to do a search.
  8. Thriller

    Buick truck in NE / OK?

    Of course, it might have been Kansas...forgot my geography...sigh.
  9. Thriller

    Buick truck in NE / OK?

    Thanks Larry. I wish I could figure it out. Unless I dreamt it, I am certain I’d seen a museum near my route south for next year that had one...I believe it was the later series, perhaps 1923.
  10. Thriller

    Post # 1929 - Gotta talk about the '29 McLaughlin-Buick

    I should be able to get photos of the grill for you. It is different from the American grill. One has holes through for mounting the emblem while the other (I believe McLaughlin-Buick) had an emblem mounted on the light tie bar. I’m away from home for the weekend so can’t do anything immediately. Even then, the garage is a bit of a mess, so may take some time. A couple of the new tires have gone flat...I believe it’s in the valve stems / extensions.
  11. Thriller

    Buick truck in NE / OK?

    Hello. I’d put this request in the Buick Trucks thread but wasn’t sure if that is where it had shown up. There was a museum that has a Buick truck...I thought it was in Oklahoma but could have been Nebraska. I was recently taking another look at routing our trip to Midwest City (to this point it is still a go) for next year’s national meet and am hopeful I can stop in and see it either on the way down or back home. Can anyone recall the location? There had been a link to it, but I must have closed the tab. Thanks.
  12. I didn’t drive an old Buick this weekend, but headed down to the Twin Cities for a Gopher State Chapter dinner for those who have actively participated. I did spend some time wandering around a pole barn with mostly old Buicks in it. It was good to breathe that air and spend some time with Buick friends again.
  13. Thriller

    Customizing fad of the era

    Lipstick on a pig?