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  1. November Bugle 2017

    Inflation vs. Efficiency, the latter usually wins. Except for he banquet, and the hotels do ring up some profits there, but you can often press for less costly options. John
  2. The Passing of Bob Coker

    Lamar, Thanks so much for the photos. I almost forgot about the Great Race experience. rest in Peace, Bob. John Scheib
  3. Thank a BCA Member

    Just three, no four to start (but not to slight others) John De Fiore, for always willing to listen and share conversation Larry Di Barry for our work with the PWD and other conversation Mark Shaw for is work with the PWD Lamer Brown, for ALL he does, and I especially now, with the loss of Bob, for getting the Landau to a National Meet John
  4. November Bugle 2017

    I agree with Thriller about the expense. Most 30-40 people I know spend that much ($50.) for coffee every two weeks. John
  5. November Bugle 2017

    I'll keep this short, but responded to Bob's last (and actually it is a response to a lot of post on this thread0, just how is going to generate this newsletter, and create some of these other ideas? Any volunteers? I rest my case, for now. John
  6. Parts for pre-1920 Buicks

    Morgan, I do not think you will find a major supplier. I suggest if you are searching, just post what you are looking for on here. Someone, if they have the part, should respond. There are a number of "parts collectors" that may be able to help you. John
  7. New Guy

    See Profile - that would be red '90 conv. John
  8. New Guy

    27donb, I did not look to cold for an Ice Cream stop just down the road, at the Scoop. Did you stop there also? Stopped there myself on the way back from Clifton Park, but had the more modern Buick, my Reatta. John Scheib
  9. September 2017 Bugle

    I have read this, and have consider and had no comments now or than. More important to be considered, is a proper accounting and financial statement reporting, at least on a quarterly basis. This can be separately or printed in the Bugle. John
  10. Far as we know, that was a Corvair body, special frame and gear, Buick engine, so it qualifies as a Buick. John
  11. I have been admiring this car and the show for some 4 years in CT. Currently it is not on, but may be back this winter. PBS has a funny way of bringing shows in and out over the years and at different times in different markets. John
  12. 1931 buick 96 chassis Flint craigslist

    Green T, This is a post copying an old craigslist, so you will have to call the phone number on the original craighslist post. John
  13. Hi again

    I have been busy and wanted to clarify a bit regarding the louvers on the radiator cover. These rotate on metal to metal top and bottom. I have found if you to not clear them every so often, there will be enough rust that will effect their operation. I suggest you make sure they move and, if not, have the lubed. If they are operable, I suggest after each wash or driving in rain, you use compressed air to blow them try and lubricate with a rust prevention spray. Not sure about plugs, I will see what I can find out for you unless you get an answer here sooner. John
  14. 1932 Buick Sedan

    Brett, Did you sell the car? John

    Regarding the alarm, I bought, in 1970's, an after market alarm of similar function, so that is heavy movement or lifting to tow, or flatbed, and horn alarm would sound. I installed it on a restored 1964 Volvo. After test never had a chance to see if it worked, before a sold the car. Instead of a bulb, it was a mercury switch in a rectangular can. John