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  1. One Very Fast Opel GT

    John, My too (recognizing Opel). I enjoyed our conversation at dinner in Brookfield. Hope you had good results getting your '28 taken care of. That is one powerful Opel, perhaps the most powerful. John
  2. 2017 PWD Dinner @ Brookfield National Meet

    Derek, Now I know, you ae the one that asked me. His name is John Schmidt. I have to check his address, sand will PM you his e-mail address. John
  3. 2017 PWD Dinner @ Brookfield National Meet

    One of my favorites for the week. John
  4. BCA Insurance discussion

    John, I would just add to the second paragraph - if the fire spreads, it would be the owner of the car starting the original fire, could be responsible for any damage to other cars. Depending on policy limits, the owners of the other cars would have responsibility, as well, but not enough coverage. Again, hence the legal battle would begin. Most of this would be between insurance companies. I am sure some would attempt to hold BCA, or any show, responsible; hence higher limits of BCA coverage. I am retired, but a bit of experience and education, but would not state specifically unless we had all information. There are just too many "what ifs" that could last forever in discussion. I think Ken's four question can be addressed. First is No, not covered In route Two would probably be Yes, subject to full details. Three - BCA is not sponsoring any parades that I am aware, individual coverage would apply.. Four would be "you wreck a room, you buy it?", not the club. Just my opinion. I am not a licensed broker. I suggest you call your for clarification. They do get a commission to service your questions. John.
  5. Brian, Pete just drafted me for a judging position, so I am out for Driven Award. Have FUN. John
  6. Car fit in the trailer, but I could not get out!

    Chuck, See you in WI. Maybe you should reconsider driving the wagon? It is a Buick, after all!.
  7. 2017 PWD National Meet After Tour

    I may spend the money for the theatre tour. Looks like a nice place. John
  8. Brian, Not sure of any volunteer duties, but I will let you know in Brookfield. John
  9. 2017 PWD Dinner @ Brookfield National Meet

    Brian, At least to 25% is a nice round number to work with. Have the restaurant save a few menus for the end to aid calculating. It looks like you volunteered to be the "banker". Thank you. John
  10. 2017 PWD Dinner @ Brookfield National Meet

    Terry, I think Brian explained earlier. We need a "banker' to collect cash from everyone and pay the one bill. I assume that person, if he wants to carry a lot of cash, can pay by his/her personal credit card, or cash. I think he indicated drinks would be ordered and paid for when order is delivered, again probably cash, maybe credit card. Having been through other events like this, each person, or couple, or group should keep track of their order, including tip and tax. I hope they provide us with a few menus after the meal so we can tell what each meal costs. John
  11. A Bit Off Topic Museum Closing

    Mark, Which reminds me, did you get any other offers for a lift. I can to Wednesday arrival, but if not needed, I would make the Hartford trip with Pete and Barney plus others on Wednesday AM,, otherwise perhaps you, I and any others could got Thursday AM Friday morning/afternoon I am still hope to gather some interest in the Miller Race Cars at the Milwaukee Mile Track. Do you know if your friend from Washington and Buick Brass will be there? John
  12. pomeroy, until you get an official response from Roy or others, I think I am correct that you can pick up your registration packet until the time cars must be in place for judging, usually 9 AM Saturday. You can check above on Peter G's message of the hour the registrations are available. John
  13. RIP Envision

    Derek, Just catching up on the forum. Glad all, except the car, are OK. John
  14. Karen65, Welcome to the forum, and I strongly urge you to consider joining the Buick Club of America (BCA) and the Riviera Owners Association. We have a BCA local chapter (Yankee) centered in the Hartford area, another centered in New Haven (Nutmeg) and yet another, Danbury and south and west into NY (Lower Hudson Valley Chapter). You should consider at least taking a look at one Chapter near you to see what we do. Yankee Chapter will have a show at Wallingford Buick on August 20, so if close, please join us. Best to probably contact me by direct at j.scheib@comcast.net . John
  15. D Yaros, I guess, if not noted elsewhere, we should explain, if you are a BCA members and just want to "spectate", you will not be allowed entry to the hospitality area unless you have a registration. Some may want to consider registration for the modest fee, without a car registration to really note the "Buick Club of America" experience, especially if it bad weather (heat or rain) becomes a problem. John