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  1. jscheib

    Hurricane Florence

    Seat safe, and easy travels. Hope you return to pleasant results from the storm. John
  2. Are you asking about hauling some parts or driving in a caravan. A bit ear;y to form plans. We will be traveling from CT, but not yet sertain of plans. John
  3. jscheib

    Help to identify the car I just received

    I am surprised that we have not seen Mark Shaw comment on this thread, but he is often on the Pre-War forum. Try to reach him for help. He live in WA near Portland, OR. John
  4. jscheib

    Buick straight 8 engines

    David, I now see you are in Springfield, MO. Found a 248 '38 Motor for you in NY State. I sent you a PM with phone number if you have an interest. Let me know if you have trouble reading the PM. John
  5. As some may have noticed elsewhere, they had to cancel this year. John
  6. jscheib

    Passing it on to the next generation

    Who made this rule. That means I only have one "old car". Not my riles. I still claim to have three. Maye even four. I cannot figure out how to change my profile. John
  7. jscheib

    Floor Mats

    Are these the only two you have? Looks like hey may be aftermarket, for rear four door model and have Buick logo from 1920s early '30s. John
  8. Thank you, Mr. Earl. I think you could probably find a good tune to calm the waters. I lack that knowledge. John
  9. jscheib


    We are ready to go. Weather looks good here. Cloudy and cooler. Hope to see you soon. Bring money or check for the car raffle. John Scheib
  10. jscheib


    I feel absolutely terrible about this. I forgot one element of this show. There will be a raffle for a donated running 1986 Buick Riviera for $25. with all proceeds going to, and make the check payable to Vessichio Family Special Trust Nicholas was in his yard when I tree fell on him, with considerable health issues. The car was obtained by Wallingford Buick and they elected to offer this as a fund raiser for NIck. Because time is late, for those that are coming to the show, make sure you bring a check or cash. For those nearby, that are not attending, I will stick my neck out and make a contribution for a raffle ticket. I just need a PM to hold a ticket for you. If your name is drawn and I have not received your money by next week, the prize will go to me if yours is the winning ticket. As these will all be assigned, pending your payment, we both need to trust each other. If no check is received August 29, the prize, will revert to me, as I will have purchased the ticket, with your name also on the ticket. But the name will not be revealed unless we have the money in your name. The car will need to be removed at the winners expense. If interested, please PM me with your name, address and phone number. I can probably arrange transportation of the vehicle to your choice. If you are not attending but know someone that is, give them your $25. for this worthy cause. John Scheib
  11. Sorry I did not get this out sooner. This Sunday, August 19, is our annual All Buick Only at Wallingford Buick. PM me for more info, if needed. Or give me any questions as a response on this thread. Thank you. Look forward to meeting new Buick friends, and the old ones as well. John Scheib
  12. jscheib

    53 Skylarks

    John, Just saw this now. You probably should have waited to April 1 for the first post. John
  13. jscheib

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    Lamar, That's all I could recall. Getting old. John
  14. jscheib

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    Dave, Agee, Personally, that was the way I liked I ( was that not a song(, yeah, yeah). Seriously, we need to keep it simple, but attract new interest. And if we were to join-up with newer cars, we do got more breakdown per number of cars, and who wants to stop and wait, only other pre-war car owners. John
  15. jscheib

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    John, Tried to quote just the second to last paragraph, but got too much and did not know how to drop the other without messing everything up. But just who is responsible for posting info on the chapter/division info? I thought it was the office. Perhaps we had that Coordinator position filled this would be a non-issue, no? An also one more comment, I can see at least three other divisions that had the same leadership for probably at least 4 years. Do we have evidence of their elections? Same for many chapters, you get elected by being the only person willing to take the job. Elections are not really elections, are they? Yankee has voted the same slate by acclimation. Thanks for your input as the PWD sorts through this. Never to get a call to you as this stuff is now piling up. Perhaps tomorrow.