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  1. pomeroy, until you get an official response from Roy or others, I think I am correct that you can pick up your registration packet until the time cars must be in place for judging, usually 9 AM Saturday. You can check above on Peter G's message of the hour the registrations are available. John
  2. Derek, Just catching up on the forum. Glad all, except the car, are OK. John
  3. Karen65, Welcome to the forum, and I strongly urge you to consider joining the Buick Club of America (BCA) and the Riviera Owners Association. We have a BCA local chapter (Yankee) centered in the Hartford area, another centered in New Haven (Nutmeg) and yet another, Danbury and south and west into NY (Lower Hudson Valley Chapter). You should consider at least taking a look at one Chapter near you to see what we do. Yankee Chapter will have a show at Wallingford Buick on August 20, so if close, please join us. Best to probably contact me by direct at j.scheib@comcast.net . John
  4. D Yaros, I guess, if not noted elsewhere, we should explain, if you are a BCA members and just want to "spectate", you will not be allowed entry to the hospitality area unless you have a registration. Some may want to consider registration for the modest fee, without a car registration to really note the "Buick Club of America" experience, especially if it bad weather (heat or rain) becomes a problem. John
  5. Simon, I wonder if Pete Phillips may have on of those in his inventory. Send him a PM. John
  6. I have a '68, but do not need a fender, as mine are in good condition, but I might want a spare. Could you post a photo and I will try to suggest a price I would offer. You can contact me by email at j.scheib@comcast.net
  7. Now all we need to set a definite day, or days, and time, or did I miss something (as I thought we were still trying to clarify). Breakfast is still ahead in the poll. John
  8. Bill, You have friends in Stillwater. Texans in Cowboy Country?? Say hello to Eskimo Joe's for me and my son (two generations of Cowboys) who will some day own my Buicks. See you in Brookfield. John
  9. Congratulations to all, both winners and those that did not capture enough votes (definitely not losers). John
  10. Roy, Amazing what you can still get for $15., the late reg. fee!! Seems like about 30%+ increase what you had about two weeks ago. John
  11. Found this one, probably too late. If sale does not go through, let us know, as I am interested. John
  12. I may be wrong, but I think we no longer do "safety check" John
  13. As is often the case over the years, some are not satisfied about the quality of judging too which I say, get knowledgeable, go to judging class and judge, especially in a class you know and especially if you know about a class and you do not have a car in that class. John
  14. Grant, The tag on the firewall should give you the year and model of the car. Next you will have the engine number to se if the engine falls in the year range. There was no "numbers matching" , "back-in-the day", as they say. John Scheib
  15. Ed, was this a rerun of the first show of the season, where he found, and bid on the Minerva (one of one special bodies car). If so, Jon Henry and I can tell you a lot about the cars. The burgundy touring now resides nearby, as well as some other stuff. I can tell you more about the cars and where they were. I can maybe get some more photos soon, if there is any interest.. John