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  1. LeBra 55341-01

    Barney, How does the cockpit cover get attached? I am more concerned about protecting from sun than rainy weather; having the car sit it hot sun at too many shows, or other events. John
  2. LeBra 55341-01

    And thank you, flajunkie, received and you should have the check today or tomorrow. Send Monday. John
  3. 32 buick oil temp. Regulator

    Tony, I think the engine will run hotter without the oil cooler, and they can be repaired. But the question is how much hotter and that depends how much driving you will do. I think more important is that you Silphon unit and the radiator shutters function properly Did you just buy that car or have just completed restoration? Where are you located? Suggest you join the BCA if you have not done so. Welcome to the forum. As you can see from my info, and have the next series down, 57S. John
  4. Is this a 1932 Buick part?

    My apology, Pete. This is the photo I should have sent. Sure looks like my car though. John
  5. 1949 Roadmaster Sedanette for sale. Not mine

    Pete, An interesting car. But, he mentions rust, but see little on the body. I wonder how bad the frame is. Jason must be close. I wonder if he can get a look? I would be curious. John
  6. Car shows.

    That last photo is a bit much. I have a tuner shop near my garage, so I just need to drive by their parking lot to see those in for work, or accident repair of carbon fiber, so I do not need those type of shows. John
  7. Car shows.

    I agree with Ship. Every group seems to have trouble trying to place for the Reatta. One time they tried placing it with Corvettes, than, as Ship said, with all 990 and over. Told them mine was 1989 (even though it isn't, so they ended up putting me way on the "back lot" with "orphans" class. Good thing I don't care about trophies and bonus was I met some nice people with a Henry J, and a few other interesting cars. That made it a good show. John
  8. LeBra 55341-01

    I had not seen the original post. If available, I too am interested. Now, for installation after I get the front stone damage corrected. John
  9. 1924 Buick akron OH craigslist

    Bubba is correct and Carl, thanks for the detail explanation. I have my heat exchanger fully operational, but sometimes wonder if I should just block it off, as it continues to be a bit of a hassle. John
  10. 1932 Straight 8 Build

    Alex, No, sorry for the confusion. Christina work with Keith Flickinger of Bulgari in Allentown.. If you were not down there last year, I suggest you find out who was and do they have contact info. If not, we can dig it up for you. Let me know. John
  11. 1925 Standard Saga Continues

    Great work, Joan. Glad Larry could help. John
  12. 1925 Standard Saga Continues

    Larry, I have not read all the posts, but regarding hoist rental, does not Advance Auto Parts let you borrow such stuff free of charge? John
  13. 1932 Straight 8 Build

    Might I suggest you try Christina there first and she can relay any contact to Keith, as he often is quite busy and she is more likely to respond to messages first. Do you have her number in your file at PC? John
  14. 1932 Straight 8 Build

    Regarding the roof, you can usually tell by discoloration of the headliner if it is a mild leak, or collapse in part or total if a bad leak. Is this the one that they had at Hershey some years ago? John
  15. 1932 Straight 8 Build

    KingKoser, I am hoping Bob Engel will come on here and tell you more about the engine (He has rebuilt several engines. I will try to make some other comments on the car. This car may be a bit an cross-bred. I do not believe Buick ever built a car with wood wheels on the front, wires on the back. You will the wheel hubs are different. If you want to go with one or the other, you will need to find two hubs. I think, Egge is about the only source. I suppose you also checked with Kanter, Cars, and others. I still find it hard to believe, looking at the photos, that the condition would warrant an engine rebuild. I am going to get you a contact for parts and manuals as well as a photo of my car. John