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    1941 Century Model 61

    In the seller's defense, I completely disagree that this is a #5 car. A #5 car is a rough parts car that does not run or drive. You must have missed this statement by the seller above: The engine runs strong with no indication of an exhaust leak.
  2. Pete Phillips

    1975 Skyhawk, 31K miles in MO.

    Not mine. Looks super clean and unrestored. Seller says 31,000 actual miles. Rarely seen Buick. Instant Archival Award winner at any BCA national meet. Located in Rolla, MO. Reasonable price, too.
  3. Pete Phillips

    1950 Special sedanet 3-speed

    Sold it in June.
  4. Pete Phillips

    1950 Special sedanet 3-speed

    Local car since new, recent paint in original color, replated bumpers, new gas tank, valve job and everything cleaned and detailed under the hood, new wide whitewall tires, brake system redone, carburetor rebuilt, 3-speed stick shift, 248 straight eight, have new carpet and headliner which I will install; has incorrect 1970s-era seat covers. Can drive/deliver to national meet in Denver in June. $14,950 or close offer. I have all of the hubcaps, they just didn't get put on for the second photo. Car is very dusty in third photo--sorry! Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, Texas
  5. Pete Phillips

    1951 Buick NOS/NORS Guide Glass Parking/Turn Signal Lens

    In 1950 Buicks they are glass; not sure about 1951 but by 1952 they were all plastic. All are interchangeable, same size, same shape, same appearance.
  6. Pete Phillips

    1949 rt. rear fender needed

    Yes, I've driven past that place--no sign, no office, no phone #, just some antique cars sitting facing the highway in a grassy field.
  7. Pete Phillips

    1949 rt. rear fender needed

    Need a decent right rear fender for the ;49 woody wagon I am restoring. 4-door sedan Super and Roadmaster are the same as the wagon in '49. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, TX.
  8. Yes, it would have been an all red interior. You can see that from the paint chips in the steering wheel. As far as value, you haven't given us enough views of the whole car to give you a good answer. If it runs and drives, has a good working top, and a decent paint job, then I would probably say yes to $5000. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  9. Pete Phillips

    Parting out 51 Roadmaster 4dr

    I would like to buy all of the exhaust manifold parts for a '37 that I am working on. Let me know how you wish to be paid and the shipping costs to Bonham, Texas 75418. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  10. Also, the interior door panels on this car are from a Skylark.
  11. Pete Phillips

    1962 Skylark upholstery question

    I know all about SMS; been dealing with them for 10-15 years. I'm trying to avoid their long delays and avoid having to piece together the seat upholstery for this car. Was trying to see if anyone knew about seat upholstery already sewn up, that you just install with hog rings, etc. I will check out John S.'s suggestion on the Corvair upholstery.
  12. Pete Phillips

    1962 Skylark upholstery question

    Does anyone know if reproduction seat upholstery kits are available for the 1962 and 1963 Skylarks with front bucket seats? I have checked with Legendary Auto Interiors and Year One, and neither of them have it. In fact, they don't have anything for the compact Skylarks. I've located a 4-speed Skylark not too far from me, but it needs restoration and I am trying to figure out how much work it would be to do the car. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, TX
  13. Pete Phillips

    1937 Buick hub caps, free for postage, set of 4

    I think the three ribs around the perimeter of each one are different from the Flint-built ones.
  14. I am replacing these 1937 McLaughlin-Buick hubcaps on a car we have restored, a 1937 Century McLaughlin-BUick. There are plenty of small dings, dents, scrapes, dullness, and cracks in them--but look okay from a distance. Good if anyone wants a set for a car with "patina". Pay for the postage only, from Texas 75418. Will put these on Ebay next week for $10 or so, if no one in this group wants them for free. After that, the trash man gets them. I am out of room to keep them.
  15. Pete Phillips

    need help identifying grandpa's car

    They may not have been as poor as you think, because that is a fairly late model, large car in 1921, definitely 1915 or newer because the steering wheel is on the left, and by the length of the hood, it must be at least six cylinders in-line, not a four. This is no cheap, low-priced car! Still has a good top, some of its side curtains, and pretty good paint, so this was not a very old car in 1921. The grease door or fuel shut-off door in the running board apron near the rear fender throws me and makes me think it is not a Buick. Anybody else???? Some of you Pre-War guys need to chime in on this. Pete Phillips
  16. Pete Phillips

    1930 Buick 8-55 transmission

    This is a dumb question, but what is a 1930 8-55? Is that the model number? Buick didn't build a straight eight until the 1931 model year. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  17. Pete Phillips

    What To Look For When Inspecting a 1961 Skylark?

    They like to develop rust and water leaks along the base of the windshield and at the two lower corners of the backglass underneath the die-cast moldings. When a leak develops, it usually leaks right onto the emergency brake mechanism under the dash, and can rust it in place. Can also ruin the radio speaker. People who don't know these cars tend to slam the hoods closed, and that can cause the hood lip molding to hit the top of the grille and damage it. Close the hood very gently--the latch is a ratchet that only takes the pressure of two fingers to close it. Tires should be either 13" or 15", with four lug bolt holes, not five. Spare wheels like this can be very difficult to find--1961-63 compact GM cars only. Rear bumper guards, on either side of the license plate tend to fill up with mud and salt and like to rust out. The ends of the rear bumper are the same way. Gas tanks are very hard to find. They hang down really low in back and can get damaged if the car has been driven on steep or rocky roads with a high center. Make sure the transmission goes into reverse. When the transmission gives problems, reverse is usually the first thing to go bad. Learn to slow down the idle of the engine by putting it in Drive first, let it sit there for a few seconds until the engine has slowed down, and THEN go into reverse. Tips from a long-time, former '61 Skylark owner. I bought one in Syracuse, NY when I was in college in 1980. They are wonderful little cars. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, Texas
  18. Pete Phillips

    Dynaflow 1953 V8

    Checked my inventory, and the box has the correct part # that you need, but inside is a different one, unfortunately. I don't know if you can adapt this one to your application or not. Pete Phillips
  19. Pete Phillips


    Glad to hear that Mel's 1916 truck found a home. It's been for sale for two years, since he passed away just a few days shy of his 100th birthday. I saw it sitting under a plastic cover in the rain at the auction in Hershey last week, but this is the only photo I could get... Pete Phillips
  20. Pete Phillips

    '52 Special Radiator Question

    It takes about two minutes to remove the hood on a '52 Buick, assuming you have a helper for the other side. It will take much, much longer than that to try to remove the radiator without removing the hood. You will have to remove the fan belt, the fan, and maybe even the fresh air ducts and valve cover in order to tilt the radiator enough to go under the sideways opening hood, to say nothing of ducking under the front of the opened hood yourself. I don't even know if the radiator, tilted sideways, will even clear the hood that is not removed from the car.
  21. Pete Phillips

    Dynaflow 1953 V8

    I think I have some of those...give me a little time to check. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  22. Pete Phillips

    1964 Wildcat

    Your definition of "great condition" is different from mine. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  23. Wow, what a nice turn-out. Anybody know what year that early six-cylinder touring car is? The maroon and black one?
  24. Pete Phillips

    Want to buy: Upper Ball Joint 57 Century

    I have one, new in the box, but I paid a lot for it. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  25. Pete Phillips

    two Post-War Buick wagons

    Making progress on current projects; a 1958 Special 4-dr. hardtop station wagon and just starting a full restoration on a 1949 Super, very rusty, but runs and has 3-speed stick shift. Hoping to have the '49 done in time to take it to the Oklahoma City national BCA meet in June.