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    1965 Buick Wildcat Custom Convertible

    The similarity between the very first photo at the top of your post (camera down low, and tilted at an angle) and the 1965 Buick full-page ads in Life and Look magazines in 1965 (I have some in my collection) is uncanny!!! Does anybody else remember those ads? Nice presentation.
  2. As of July 16, 2018, the host hotel (Sheraton) is within 5 rooms of being sold out for Friday night, June 14, 2019. They have plenty of rooms on the other nights. Additional hotels are less than or within a block away and their names and phone numbers are in the post just above this one. Same price, $119/night. Be sure to tell them you are with the Buick Club, so we get credit for filling the rooms and are not left hanging out to dry. Thanks. Pete Phillips
  3. Pete Phillips

    1963 Wildcat 2-dr. ht. in CT.

    Not mine, but looks like a nice, unmolested car and quite solid looking for being from Connecticut. Is listed in the "Other Makes" section of Ebay cars for sale, where few Buick people will ever see it. Seems like a reasonable price and definitely has a nice, original interior.
  4. Pete Phillips

    "53 Buick suspension

    You can undo or loosen the body mount bolts/nuts and then raise the front of the body an inch or two off of the frame, replace your body mount rubber pads, and let it back down. Then do the same thing for the rear half of the car. Springs can be replaced without removing body from frame. Just be really careful and think things out before you undo them.
  5. Pete Phillips

    Meet photos from Denver

    Despite a severe bout with vapor lock and a failed coil, I made it to the meet today after spending 6 hours on the side of the highway yesterday. Here's a freshly restored 1963 LeSabre with factory 4-speed and 425 V8.
  6. Pete Phillips

    1923 Buick 2 door Richmond VA craigslist

    I don't think it is a model 45. Model 45 is usually a four-door, open, touring car.
  7. Just looked up the production figures for 1940 Century model 66-C convertible coupe: 542 made. I think this is the first one I've seen and I've been in the Buick Club for 41 years. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, TX
  8. Pete Phillips

    1930 Series 40 For Sale

    Is that a Buick? Your ad does not give the make anywhere.
  9. I've been asked to sell a deceased friend's 1966 Olds Toronado on behalf of his wife. He bought the car new and told me before he died that it was a special "police package", one of 100 built by Oldsmobile, for one of the state police agencies (Cannot recall which one he said). He picked the car up at the factory in Michigan and drove it home when it was new. Sometime later, he was contacted by Oldsmobile administrators who said it was sold to a civilian by mistake, and they wanted to buy it back or give him a normal production Toronado in its place. He refused. He was a well-educated mechanical engineer who was not prone to making up stories, but I have no documentation of this. I do know that the car is a very low-optioned vehicle, with manual windows, manual seat, no air-conditioning, AM radio only, small hub caps with no wheel trim rings, and no tilt steering wheel. It does have power steering and brakes, but I think those were standard on all Toronados. Before I start pricing and advertising the car, I would like to know if the police package was really done on 1966 Toronados, or if it was just a figment of someone's imagination. Can anyone help on this? Pete Phillips Leonard, Texas
  10. Pete Phillips

    Wanted: July 4th photos with your Buick

    1972 Centurion convertible. Pete (Cindy and I make a good team, eh?)
  11. Pete Phillips


    Quite an improvement from the first to the second photo! Looks good.
  12. Pete Phillips

    Rare 1934 coach-built Buick

    Not mine, but just ran across this listing in
  13. Pete Phillips

    Denver 2018

    "No attack, just a clarification. All the prewar cars were parked in just one isle at one end of the show field. Therefore, your problem was not caused by the prewar parking arrangements" Not true. I judged them. You did not. We had Pre-War cars at one end of the lot and at the other end of the lot. Read my thread again. Pete
  14. Pete Phillips

    Denver 2018

    Well, I"ll say it: The Denver meet organizers did an excellent job of organizing and running the meet. My only disappointment was the low attendance of cars. The Rambler Ranch tour was absolutely fabulous. And I"ll also come out and say that I'm not a fan of "all-together parking" on Saturday morning, and this is why (go ahead and attack me, I don't care): I had to judge the Archival (unrestored) cars. Our team had 23 cars to judge, and they were parked all over the lot, from one end to the other. My team was out there for more than five and a half hours, if you count our lunch break. The Archival class includes unrestored cars from 1903 up to the early 1990s. Some of the Pre-War cars we had to judge were parked at the far end of the show field with the other Archival cars. But others were parked at the very far other end of the lot with the other Pre-War cars. I judged the chassis, so in addition to all of the walking around, I had to get up and down from the pavement about 100 times (once in the front, once in the rear and twice on the sides of each car--that's damned near 100 times). The walking from one end of the lot to the other, and then up and down the rows of Pre-War cars pretty well finished me off that day on top of all the getting up and down on my knees. Luckily, we didn't have any 80-year-olds on our judging team this time, but if we had, they probably would have given out before it was all over. I don't know about you, but I don't want to see one of our members get a heart attack or heat stroke or fall onto the pavement during the judging, and that's why each judging class should be parked together on Saturday morning. The rest of the meet, I have no problem with all-together parking, but I do not support or condone it on Saturday morning during the judging. Do one of you all-together parking people want to drive the ambulance on Saturday morning? I am serious. Our club has older members and if you take a look at the judges during the Saturday a.m. judge's breakfast, I"ll wager that the average age is about 75. That's why I don't like "all-together" parking on Saturday morning. And next year in Oklahoma, it's not going to be 72 degrees outside like it was for most of the day in Denver. Okay, now you guys can go ahead and attack me, but as I said, I don't care and I don't want the sudden death or injury of one of our judges on my conscience. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, Texas
  15. Pete Phillips

    1954 Dynaflow parts needed

    I had about 12 large boxes of NOS Dynaflow parts--several hundred parts in original wrappers. There was so little demand for stuff like this and I knew so little about it that I sold it all last year to FATSCO, Inc. of New Jersey. They specialize in obsolete automatic transmission parts and are very good to deal with. I have bought from them before and you will be amazed at what they have. Do an internet search and you will find their website. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, TX.
  16. I pulled my elderly friend's 1956 Special out of the garage today where it has been sitting for the past 4 or 5 years. Need to sell it on his behalf. I removed the white '55 front clip that he had me install on it some years ago. I have the correct right front fender, correct grille, hood, hood ornament, upper grille bar, and bumper for this '56, which will go with the car. You will need a left front fender, as the old one was smashed beyond repair. This is a rust-free, Dallas Texas car with the Strayhorn-Lacey dealer insignia still on the trunk lid. It has power steering and factory A/C, manual brakes, AM radio, Dynaflow, and a rebuilt 322 V8 with a four-barrel carburetor substituted for the two-barrel. I still have the original two-barrel and the intake for it in the trunk. Driver's seat needs to be redone, but it is the original black and white vinyl. Car has tinted glass all around. Will need gas tank and fuel system cleaned out and probably needs the brakes redone since it has been sitting. Price goes up as I get the time to do those things and as I get time to put the front clip back on. All of the stainless and other trim is in the trunk. Noticed today there is a small crack in the left rear tail light chrome housing. Could not believe it, but there was no leakage of engine oil or transmission fluid where this car has been sitting since 2013/2014. Price is $3500 for a totally solid car with original paint. Doors open and close like new. The firewall was painted a correct 1956 color while we had the engine out for the rebuild, as that was the color he had planned to go to on this car, with a white roof. Would be a strikingly beautiful car when finished. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Car is in Bonham, Texas 75418.
  17. Pete Phillips

    Denver 2018

    Well, I was told there is a new Pre-War Division and I was told to list it in the August Bugle with the listing of other divisions, so someone please clear up the confusion. I'm just the scribe, and I don't want to be involved in the middle of an argument about which Pre-War Division is the correct one, I just want to know what to list in the magazine. Pete Phillips
  18. No rust-through that I can see. 1955 Buick Special with factory A/C, Dynaflow, solid floors, engine is no good and stuck but I suppose it could be rebuilt. $250 as-is, located in northeastern Texas and I have a title for it. Shows 10,000 miles which I assume is 110,000. The front clip is on another car and will cost extra if I have to take that off and put it with this one. I think this one is best as a parts car. Needs to be moved in next 60 days because the property is being sold. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, Texas
  19. Pete Phillips

    1955 model 41-D for parts or restore, Texas car

    The white '55 is sold as of tonight, to one of the guys who works in my shop. He came up with the $$$. He will probably do the labor to switch the front clips out, put some used tires on it, and put it up for sale again to recover his time, etc. I'll keep you posted, if anyone is still interested. The black and white '56 is still available. Pete
  20. Pete Phillips

    1955 model 41-D for parts or restore, Texas car

    The black '56 Special 2-dr. hardtop with the white roof is still available, too. Asking $4000 for it, will listen to all offers. I have everything to go back on it (1956 front clip) except for one fender. Original paint, rust-free Dallas, Texas car. Pete Phillips
  21. The room rate is $119/night. I mistakenly put it down as $129/night in the July Bugle's registration form which is in the mail now. Price is $119/night. I just talked with the Helms-Briscoe people (BCA's hotel contract specialists) and learned that 300 of the 490 rooms at the Sheraton are already booked by BCA members for this meet. If you want to be in the host hotel, you had better hurry and make your reservations. There are four or five other hotels within walking distance, so when the Sheraton sells out, you still won't be far away.
  22. Pete Phillips

    1955 model 41-D for parts or restore, Texas car

    Still available.
  23. Pete Phillips

    70 Skylark suncoupe, not mine

    Car is loaded with accessories: Power windows, console, bucket seats, power brakes, A/C, etc.
  24. Made it home from the Denver meet today. 780 miles each way. Stopped in the small Texas town of Chillicothe to snap this photo of an abandoned gas station. Car ran fine on the trip home--no vapor lock.
  25. Pete Phillips

    Meet photos from Denver