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  1. Not mine. It is being presented as a 1957 Caballero wagon, but it in actuality it is a four-door hardtop Special station wagon, model 49-D. If it were a Caballero it would be a model 69-D and would have the four-barrel carburetor and the chrome ribs in the roof and other items that the Specials lack. Seller is probably not intentionally misrepresenting it, but is uninformed. Caveat emptor! Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  2. $1000 for all of that, with good paint and body and the engine turns over? Who said this hobby is not affordable??!!!
  3. Several early 1950s Buick parts cars at Browne & Sons Auto Salvage, Sunset, Texas. You might be able to get him to cut some panels out for you. (940) area code. Fabricating and mastering the English wheel is not easily done, especially if you are only going to use it once. Been there, done that. If you are doing several of them every year, I think Eastwood sells a nice starter kit for a small English wheel, if you are not has good a tool fabricator as Bob is above! There's also the _______ Speed Shop, (help me out, somebody--can't remember the whole name), in Ohio--think the town is name Navarre? He advertises patch panels in the Auto Round-Up Magazine.
  4. Where is this located? Would help to know if it is 200 or 2000 miles away from. Why can't people write up complete ads? A local friend is restoring a 1929 Plymouth but he's not going to go halfway across the country to get a spare engine. Pete Phillips Leonard, Texas
  5. Rare offering. Pair of NOS 1942 Special hood latches
  6. I seriously think the seller has one too many zeros in his price of $5000, and I think you should tell him that. Or, print out my comment here and show it to him. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  7. I have extra 1932 50-series horns, headlights, parking lights, and bumpers if you decide to buy the car and want to make it correct. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, Texas
  8. Okay, gang, before I get accused of bumping up the price for what seems to have been a fabrication by the original owner (which, it looks like I am on the verge of being accused of), let me add that the original owner was David Corbin whom some of the Buick Club folks probably knew. Let's just forget about the original owner's account to me. I wanted to check it out with those who know these cars more than I do, and it apparently doesn't stand up. I am not inflating the price of the car, regardless. The car is for sale for $7000; Mrs. C. might take a little less than that. It has 104,000 miles, runs and drives flawlessly after I replaced many of the split vacuum hoses (headlight up and down not currently working); car has 4 new tires, new battery, recent belts and hoses, current license and can be driven anywhere. It does have some rust holes at bottom of left rear quarter just aft of the rear wheel opening. No A/C, no power windows, no power seat, no tilt steering wheel, just an AM radio and all of the standard equipment. Location: Leonard, Texas northeast of Dallas. Have more photos for prospective buyers. I drove it on a 90 mile trip recently and it has crisp handling (maybe a heavy duty suspension?) and more power than anyone ever needs from the 425. An honest, unrestored car that has been maintained by the original owners for 51 years.
  9. Wow, 30dodgepanel, I believe you've got it! Many thanks. Pete
  10. These glass lenses are GM, but I do not recognize them. Can anyone help? Might they possibly be 1942 Oldsmobile? They are about three inches tall by an inch and a half wide. Thanks for any help. Pete Phillips Leonard, Texas
  11. Got the stick shift 1970 Wildcat out yesterday for first time since December, and drove it to Dallas area for the monthly North Texas Chapter BCA meeting--120-mile round trip. It ran great, as usual. Second photo is of the other old Buicks that got driven to the meeting--a beautiful '39 coupe and a '62 Skylark. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, Texas
  12. Make sure your battery terminals and battery cable ends are clean.
  13. To answer an earlier question, yes, the meet is being held at or just adjacent to the host hotel. Also, to those who have never attended a BCA national meet: Just because the Registration Desk is open certain hours during the meet, including Saturday morning, does NOT mean you can show up on that day, expect to register for the meet, and register a car for judging! It doesn't work that way. If you want to show a car and get it judged (no matter what type or class of judging), you have to register in advance of the meet! The purpose of the Registration Desk's hours at the meet is to allow members to pick up their registration packets, with event tickets, windshield cards for your registered show car, judging forms, etc., all of which have been prepared in advance of the meet. The registration deadline is June 23. PERIOD! After that date, decisions will be made as to judging class size, which classes to split based on how many are registered in each class, how many judging teams are needed, how many awards to order, how many forms to get copied, how to lay out the show field parking lot, etc., etc. Any cars trying to register for judging after June 23 will foul up the planning, so if it's up to me, as meet head judge, I will not accommodate late-comers. The national meet chairman can over-rule me, but if I am asked to accept additional cars to be judged after June 23, my answer will be NO. You've only had 11 previous months, with full-page ads in the Bugle every month since last August, to remind you to get your car registered. So do it now, please. Pete Phillips 2017 Meet Head Judge (not meat-head judge!)
  14. Radials make a car without power steering quite a bit harder to steer in tight places due to the greater area of tire tread that is on the ground. The BCA Judging Manual says radial tires were not offered on Buicks prior to 1967. That is the standard that will be used in the 400-point judging at the upcoming national meet until the BCA Board or Chief Judge says otherwise. There was a time, not too long ago, when the BCA and AACA said that radial tires were dangerous when installed on wheels that were never designed for them, particularly wheels where there are welds between the two halves of the wheel (squirming, etc. of radials, has been known to cause such wheels to come apart). That said, you can still win very high awards in 400-point judging with incorrect tires--the choice is yours. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Head Judge, 2017 BCA national meet
  15. "These is one on evay also......" Wow, I thought I paid a lot for the one on my '48 sedanet, until I saw the price of that one on Epay! Pete Phillips