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  1. I need some help identifying this new front fender for an early 1930s car. It is about 6 feet long, and been in storage for decades. Was found in a garage with a 1933 Chevrolet automobile and a 1928 Chevrolet engine. The owner is deceased and his wife has no idea. I would like to identify it so I can sell it for her. Any help is greatly appreciated. It is in excellent condition, so I'm sure someone would like to have it. Pete Phillips Leonard, Texas
  2. Huge, comfortable, long-distance, high-speed road car, built like a tank! Last year of the 6-volt system. Rare beast. Consider the cost of a quality paint job, correct NOS seat upholstery, the new set of tires, and you're almost getting the car for free. I have my hands and garage full with a '54 Imperial 2-dr restoration and a '55 300 awaiting restoration, and a '63 New Yorker to drive to Chrysler shows, so I'm not a prospect. Someone needs to jump on this. You cannot come close to restoring one of these to this condition for the asking price. At 53,000 miles, that 331 hemi is just getting broken in nicely. Pete Phillips Leonard, Texas
  3. I think those few Reattas that are still being used as daily transportation (there's a gray one here in Leonard, Texas--the owner's only transportation) are about to bottom out in value. In other words, they are old enough and rare enough to start coming up in value, regardless of their condition. Up until now, those that were used as daily transportation were depreciating just like any other used car from the late 1980s/early 1990s. I have to disagree when you say the Reattas are the only modern collectible Buick. What about the 1987 and earlier Grand Nationals? And the Riviera convertibles from the 1980s--they are very scarce and desirable cars. The big, rear wheel drive Roadmaster Estate wagons from the mid-1990s are on their way to becoming scarce enough and old enough to be considered collectible, and they do have a loyal following. On the other hand, I don't think I will ever own or collect or restore a Buick from these years, because I am not able to diagnose or work on these cars due to their computer-controlled systems, hard to get at engines, relays for everything, plastic tabs that are brittle and break from the Texas heat whenever you take them apart, and other technological advances that I am not comfortable with, etc;, etc. For example, have you ever tried replacing the driver's door window in a 1980s Riviera? I have, and all I can say is, "never again!". Ditto for removing and reinstalling an engine on a 1990s Pontiac Firebird. Yes, I know it's not a Buick, but many modern-era Buicks have the engine partially buried underneath the immovable cowl of the car, and I am never, never, ever going to go near one of those again! Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, Texas
  4. Got one. $20 with postage. Pete Phillips
  5. Chuck, Mid-to late-1970s Buick sales catalogues are full of the hawk insignia/trademark/whatever you call it. I interviewed the photographer a few years ago, who took the hawk photographs for the sales catalogues in the 1970s. Early 1980s Buick brochures also use it. Pete
  6. The heater is a knob that twists clockwise to turn on, and counterclockwise to shut off, and it would be located more towards the passenger side of the dash, underneath the glove box area. That does look like an original Stromberg 2-barrel carburetor. I'll attach a couple of photos of my 1948 76-S. It is an unrestored, 18,000-mile car that has won the BCA's Archival Elite award. Paint and upholstery are original. Your car has the beautiful ivory-colored steering wheel and dash knobs. In 1948, these were black. Otherwise, that '46 and my car are just about alike. I have the hubcaps you need, and I think I have the fender skirts, too. Production of the 1946 76-S was a little over 8,000, so it is not a common car. According to the BCA Judging Manual, the only two-tone paint schemes for 1946 were a two-tone gray, or a two-tone green, in other words, two shades of gray or two shades of green. The color divisions on this car are in the correct place, but someone took some liberties with the color choices. Nevertheless, it is a very nice car, rarely seen, and a wonderful long-distance highway cruiser. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, Texas
  7. Tom, I think I have an NOS one, but it will be a couple of days before I get time to look. It is at my building in Bonham. Pete Phillips Leonard, Tx
  8. I have a new old stock 1957 fuel gauge. $95 plus $5 shipping. No photos because I have temporarily misplaced my camera. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 PO Box 1247 Leonard, TX 75452
  9. The only ones I"ve seen on Buicks are black.
  10. Wouldn't that be the hinge?
  11. All right, all you '53 Skylark guys, is that a correct rear window in the convertible top? I thought they were all plastic by 1953. Pete Phillips
  12. Or, you can put the whole ballot in an envelope, write the card's address on the envelope, stamp it, seal it up, and mail it. That way, it won't come back to you, and if the card is flimsy, which I think it is, it won't get torn up or stuck in the postal machinery. Pete Phillips
  13. It's confusing when they list the car for sale in the Los Angeles car listings, yet it claims to be located in Texarkana, with a Dallas area code (214) (?). I think I looked at that '61 convertible for a friend of mine a year ago when it was for sale near Denton, Texas. It had the three two-barrels, ran well, but had terrible paint and the interior wasn't up to the standard of a $25,000 car, which is what the guy wanted for it. Now it has new paint and the interior looks a little better, but I still see wear and discoloration on the front seat. Normally when a '61 gets two-toned paint, I believe the darker color is in the middle, so this one looks odd to me, but I suppose you could get them two-toned with any color placement that you wanted in 1961. Usually, when a '61 gets two-toned paint, the cove area between the rear bumper and the trunk lid is also painted the same as the middle color on the sides.
  14. I have a driver's side door for a 1950 two-door fastback. It is very heavy and would be expensive to ship anywhere. Pete Phillips Leonard, Texas
  15. A location of the cars would help, too... Are they 50 miles from me or 3,000 miles away?