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  1. 41 century, not mine

    Get this thing running, take it to a BCA national meet, put it in the Archival Class, and you would have to fight off the crowds all day long.
  2. 41 century, not mine

    Some sellers are just plain lazy, like this person is. For crying out loud, vacuum up the filth on the passenger floor before you try to sell it! That said, the '41 Century is rare, only 5,500 of the model 66-S made. This one needs $10,000 worth of floor and rocker panel and trunk body repairs--same as what my '63 four-speed Wildcat convertible needed with similar floor and rocker condition. If you can do the welding yourself, you are way ahead of the game. Clean it up, replace the wiring, let the engine soak, do the floor replacement, and get it running and driving with huge patina, and I'll bet you could get all your money back. It's a Century! It's a sport coupe! It's a pre-war car that can keep up with modern traffic, no problem. And it's got that patina! Restoration parts are readily available if you want to go all the way. If you like late Pre-War Buicks, you can't do much better than this one.
  3. Working on rebuilding a 401 V8, 1963. Machine shop says the crankshaft needs to be turned to .040 undesized, but they cannot find rod or main bearings that size. Neither can I. Is this too extreme of a cut? Should I be looking for another crankshaft? Anybody know of a set of .040 undersized bearings for a 401, or have a good 401 crankshaft they want to sell? Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, Texas
  4. 1931 Buick motor miami FL craigslist

    Listing says it is a 263 engine for 1931, but I will guarantee you it is not a 263. 220; 272, or (unlikely) 344 were the engine sizes in 1931.
  5. 1955 Roadmaster Convertible and 2 door Hardtop

    That two-door hardtop looks like a fairly easy restoration. I would be very reluctant to cut it up.
  6. I see it has now reached $4000 with four hours left to go, and reserve not met yet. I figured it would bring around $4500 when I first saw this auction. It will need many times that amount spent on it. Too high for me.
  7. Bob's Automobilia, Atascadero, California has most of the engine parts, and if he is missing any, Egge Machine of Santa Fe Springs, Ca. also has them. You need to join the Buick Club of America and get the magazine. Most of these parts are advertised there.
  8. 1950 Shop manual

    Found I have an extra copy of the 1950 Buick Shop Manual, so this one is for sale, first $30 plus $7.50 postage to US address; foreign addresses will be more postage. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, TX
  9. Just pulled this original equipment MoPar front floor mat out of a 1964 Dodge Polara parts car I picked up. Pretty good condition for its age, but it does have a split about 8 inches from top of passenger side, and I am afraid if I roll it up for shipping it may split some more. The middle part that goes over the transmission hump is still nice and flexible. Want $25 for this, plus shipping if someone really wants me to roll it up and mail it somewhere, but I prefer you pick it up in person at my shop in Bonham, Texas 75418. Came out of a gold 1964 full-size sedan. Have other 1964 Polara sedan parts. Pete Phillips Bonham, Texas
  10. 1953 Buick roadmaster grill extension

    Have found one so far, no pits! $22.50 plus $7.50 postage to a US address. This one is for the passenger side. Pete
  11. 1953 Buick roadmaster grill extension

    If you are talking about the upper grille bar extensions, I think I have some very pitted ones. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  12. 49 Special on E-Bay

    Does look nice in the few photos the seller has posted. And it is a coupe, so depending on how "worn" everything is or is not...Unfortunately, he doesn't post photos of any of the worn items and he doesn't go into any detail about the mechanical condition of the engine.
  13. Wow. True diamond in the rough, and not really that rough.
  14. 61 LeSabre not mine $1200

    1964 Special, isn't it?
  15. 1941 coupe project, $600 in Tx.

    Not mine.