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  1. Unidentified Ford bumper guard, new but what year?

    Bill, Thanks, that may well be the one! Pete
  2. Lead - 1933 Buick Series 90 on Ebay

    That was Sandy's car. He passed away a few months ago, sorry to say.
  3. "54 Super sedan

    That's not the original upholstery on the back seat, is it? Looks kind of plain...still, a very, very nice car!
  4. 1916 Buick touring visalia CA craigslist

    Interesting placement of the heat riser--is that factory or after-market?
  5. Could not believe how cold it was in Houston area in mid-April for this meet! That's why you don't see any people in these photos--they were all huddled inside the hotel.
  6. 1963 Wildcat valve cover oddity?

    Yes, it had a heater hose leak, which the owner was fixing.
  7. 1963 Wildcat valve cover oddity?

    Visited a private collection in Montgomery, Texas today and saw this valve cover on a 1963 Wildcat. The ribbed aluminum valve covers were optional but has anyone ever seen the tri-shield emblem mounted on one like this? It looks factory correct; if home-made, it is very well done. Afterthought: I dont' think the ribbed aluminum covers are correct for 1963? Believe they were for 1964-1965. In any event, has anyone ever seen this emblem on one? Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  8. Cold, stiff, north winds and thunderstorms are keeping folks in the hotel during this meet. More photos later.
  9. Help Pricing Unique NOS Part Please!!!

    $75? $100 if perfect, no scratches, and in the original wrapper? Good advice from "Auburnseeker". Rare and very useful to someone who owns one of those cars. I owned a '61 LeSabre bubbletop for many years, and it was like driving a greenhouse or a goldfish bowl in the summer--gets very warm inside that car very fast on a sunny day. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, TX
  10. 1969 Service Bulletins with binder

    Set of 1969 Dealer Service Bulletins in the original 3-ring binder, beginning in September 1968 for the 1969 model year. With index and subject tabs. Very nice condition except for the first tab page which is stained. $45 with the binder, plus postage. Postage to US addresses will probably be around $17-$18 since this is rather large and heavy. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, TX
  11. 1950 Special sedanet 3-speed

    Local car since new, recent paint in original color, replated bumpers, new gas tank, valve job and everything cleaned and detailed under the hood, new wide whitewall tires, brake system redone, carburetor rebuilt, 3-speed stick shift, 248 straight eight, have new carpet and headliner which I will install; has incorrect 1970s-era seat covers. Can drive/deliver to national meet in Denver in June. $14,950 or close offer. I have all of the hubcaps, they just didn't get put on for the second photo. Car is very dusty in third photo--sorry! Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, Texas
  12. 1936 Buick - Pittsburgh Craigslist

    It would take more than $16,500 to restore a car like this to this condition, therefore I don't think the asking price is out of line. First year for hydraulic brakes in a Buick.
  13. 1957 Estate Wagon

    One of these is available near me, not quite as complete but has engine & transmission and the engine turns. The seller is asking $1500; includes some extra parts, too.
  14. Anyone know where I can get the screws and stainless caps for the fake wood trim edging on a 1960s Ford Squire or Mercury station wagon? I am working on a 1966 Mercury Colony Park which uses and needs the same screws. 10 years ago I restored a Falcon Squire station wagon and was easily able to buy the screws and caps from a Falcon & Comet vendor in the Northwest, who has now gone out of business. Pete Phillips Leonard, Texas
  15. Not mine. Seen for sale yesterday at Greenville, Texas antique car club swap meet. Very rough 1952 Super Estate Wagon, Dynaflow, showing 36,xxx miles and very little pedal wear, but in need of everything, especially the wood. 263 engine is stuck but oil is very clean, intake manifold has a crack, exhaust manifold looks ok, good front clip, doors are fair, rocker panels very bad, rear floor very bad, gas tank gone, tail gate and its supports are sitting on the back seat. I have seller's phone # if anyone is interested. Was asking $3500 which is laughable. He indicated he would consider all offers and would not be insulted at any of them.. Rare car, about 1600 made. But not for the faint of heart! I do see $1000 worth of parts here. I am open to ideas, willing to help someone far away who wants it, but it is not mine. Could be restored if someone had a lot of patience, a lot of money, and some very good metal fabrication and woodworking skills. Looks like a parts car to me, though.