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  1. Is it a 1930 Chevrolet water pump?

    Trying to identify the application of this Chevrolet water pump. I think it may be for 1930 or other years around it. We had a '30 Chevrolet engine to rebuild a few years ago, but one of the water pumps that supposedly went with it would not fit. Has a casting number of A20-1 and stamped numbers 6217-1. Any help greatly appreciated to identify this. Pete Phillips Leonard, Texas
  2. 1947 Special Sedanette $3900

    That must be a very low-mileage car because I don't see any wear on the upholstery and it looks like the original upholstery.
  3. 1958 Buick Wheel Colour

    Red wheels were optional; otherwise they would be painted body color. I'm thinking the entire wheel should be all one color. Pete Phillips
  4. Interesting '53 Special with factory AC?

    Buick didn't offer air conditioning on the 1953 Specials--they were still six volts and a straight eight. Also, this car lacks the air scoops on top of the rear fenders, which the other factory air-conditioned 1953-1955 Buicks have. I think A/C was only offered on the 1953 Roadmasters. Does anyone know if it was offered on the Supers in 1953?
  5. 1936 46C on eBay

    Anybody else notice that the seller says it has a 248 rebuilt engine? I don't believe the 248 came out until 1937, in which case this car has the wrong engine or else the owner doesn't know the correct size of the car's original engine. Yes, it's a beautiful car.
  6. I.D. this brass-era Buick?

    What I was trying to point out is the rear fenders, on the car we are trying to identify, are a straight line for their front half. Now look at the front part of the rear fenders of a model 10 (see photo). They are curved around the front half of the rear wheel, not straight.
  7. I.D. this brass-era Buick?

    "Brother Shaw" told me he thought it was a model 10, but I questioned the shape of the rear fenders, and he made the good point that a South African car like this may be an assemblage of whatever parts were available, as has been stated by others above. Thanks to all for the constructive comments. Pete
  8. I.D. this brass-era Buick?

    Can someone identify the year and model # of this brass-era Buick? The photo is from a recent event in South Africa. Engine is up front under the hood, so it is not a model F or G. I don't think it is a model 10, either, given the straight lines of the rear fender. Model 10 rear fender has the same curvature as the tire. It does not have the rear fender kick-out for the chain drive sprocket. Has a "mother-in-law" seat instead of a gas tank behind the front seat. Has the blue and white rectangular radiator badge with the BUICK script angled across it.
  9. Help me ID this car?

    Nzcarnerd, I believe you are right--many thanks!
  10. Help me ID this car?

    I know what a Marquette looks like and that one does not look like a Marquette to me. Here's a Marquette. Look at the radiator grille. Look at the headlight connector bar.
  11. Help me ID this car?

    The car to the right is a 1931 Buick, but the blue car closer to the camera (with the white license plate) has me stumped. This photo is from a General Motors car meet in South Africa recently. I thought I knew GM cars of the late 1920s/early 1930s, but I cannot identify this one. Pete Phillips
  12. 1976 Skylark S/R

    The Buick Club of America Board of Directors won't allow me to print articles on non-members' cars, unfortunately. Sure is a nice one, and it has to be rare. Just checked the production numbers for the 1976 Skylark S/R 2-dr. coupe: 3,880. Yes, that's a rare one. Pete Phillips
  13. 1976 Skylark S/R

    Wow, that thing is NICE! And nicely equipped. If you are a Buick Club of America member, I would be pleased to have you write up an article about the car and send me more photos so we could put it in the magazine. I don't think we have ever published an article on a Skylark S/R. They must be rare. Pete Phillips, Editor The Buick Bugle
  14. Lloyd "Overdrive" Young has passed.

    I sold him a 1930s Packard rear end at Chickasha, Oklahoma about five years ago, which is where I met him. That thing weighed about 400 pounds. I was amazed at his wife. Four of us picked the thing up and laid one end of it on the edge of his pickup truck bed. Mrs. Young hopped up into the bed of the truck, grabbed the end of the assembly, and pulled it all the way up to the front of the truck bed--mostly by herself! Wow! How many wives would ever get that involved with this hobby? She was amazing, and she was no spring chicken at that time!
  15. " "fairly" early June date, won't even be summer yet (technically). " Yes, that is the intention, to hold the meet before the weather gets too hot. Pete