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  1. Pete Phillips

    1932 model 66 coupe

    The actual work has not started yet, but the check has been written by the owner and the new engine and parts are purchased, so for all practical purposes this '32 coupe is history. Very sad.
  2. Pete Phillips

    1941 Buick Roadmaster, not mine

    There might be some decent, original upholstery underneath those seat covers. I think I have a set of 320 1941-42 manifolds, but that engine is missing a lot of other parts.
  3. Pete Phillips

    1960'S Convertible Top Pump Parts-FREE

    Mike I will take that pump and the reservoir parts if not spoken for yet. Am working on a 1966 conv. that will need that, and also a '61 Invicta conv. Let me know the postage to 301 N. Center St., Bonham, TX 75418 and I will send a check. Thanks. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  4. Pete Phillips

    Where to get pinion nut? 1937 Special

    I just looked up the part # but I don't have one. Have one for big series 1937, but not Specials. FYI, part number for what you want is Group 5.445, Part #595904. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  5. I just changed out this cracked grille on a 1966 Electra 225. If anybody wants this, it doesn't look too bad and has enough attaching points to stay in place, but it is cracked and broken. Good enough if your car doesn't have one at all. Hate to throw it out, but if no one wants it, that's what I will do. Free. Just pay postage. Die-cast pot metal, so is fairly heavy and not repairable. Pete Phillips
  6. Pete Phillips

    1920's Buick parts wichita KS craigslist

  7. Pete Phillips

    Wanted...1979 Park Ave mirror

    Bud's Salvage in Aline, Oklahoma is absolutely full of 1960s and 1970s and early 1980s full-size Buicks. Give them a try.
  8. Not mine. A friend spotted this on Craig's List in Oregon. Can one of you 1941 experts tell if it is a Super or a Roadmaster? Ad says Super, but look at the length of that wheelbase and that hood. Could it be a Roadmaster sport coupe? Nice car, either way, and not a bad price. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  9. Pete Phillips

    1969 Riviera still for sale, parts or project, Bonham, TX

    FYI, the first thing any buyer will need to do is spend $120 or so on a set of used tires, because all of the tires on this car are flat and they are rotted so may not hold air. Pete Phillips
  10. Still for sale by absentee owner: 1969 Riviera with rebuilt 430 engine. Engine is stuck and back glass area is rusted out; rest of the body is quite nice. I have owner's phone # if anyone wants to call her and make an offer. Located 5 miles northwest of Bonham, Texas 75418. I think $500 is a fair price, but buyer would have to work that out with the owner. Not mine, I'm just located nearby and went to look at it again today. Car has tilt wheel, 6-way power bench seat, AM radio, after-market cruise control, power windows, chrome wheels (the other two chrome wheels are in the trunk). Pete Phillips (Not mine)
  11. Pete Phillips

    WTB (1) 1964 buick riviera horseshoe trim

    Glad I'm not the only one who doesn't know what "horse shoe trim" is.
  12. Pete Phillips

    '54 Buick Roadmaster Riviera on BaT

    Lamar, Where is it incorrectly restored? I just want to know for my own curiosity. I see an incorrect trunk liner and spare tire cover, blue heater hoses, possibly incorrect carpeting (should be Daytona weave), and the lack of molded radiator hoses, but what else? Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 P.S.: And the outside of the wheels should be red, like they are in the inside.
  13. Pete Phillips

    1949 Buick ring and pinion gear

    I think I have one, new old stock. Will check when I am at my storage building tomorrow. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, Texas
  14. Host hotel is sold out at this point; if you have not reserved a room yet, you will need to contact one of the overflow hotels. And there are lots of those, within walking distance (half a block or so). Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  15. Pete Phillips

    1966 Mercury wagon restoration problems

    That's where the rust-through is. Southern California car all its life, but the myth about rust-free Southern California cars is just that: A myth. I think this car must have lived right next to the ocean. The roof rust was so bad on both sides that I had to find another rust-free roof, cut this one off, and weld the other one on! Don't have any photos since that was done very recently. The car is worth saving because it has power windows, power vent windows, tilt steering wheel, power front seat, 8-track tape player, seating for 10 (small, dual-facing rear seats), factory A/C, cruise control, AM/FM radio, and the 428 engine.