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  1. I had to drive over to Sunset, Texas on Friday to pull some parts at Trenton Browne;s excellent salvage yard for older cars. He has gotten in some "new" inventory, so I tried to take photos of the newer ones I had not seen before. Browne & Sons Salvage, Sunset, Texas, between Fort Worth and Wichita Falls, area code 940. That's all I can recall right now. I am not near my notes nor in my office as I write this.
  2. 1954 Buick (Parts Car)

    Correct. It's a Super or a Roadmaster. What have they done to that left front fender? Yikes!
  3. 1950-52 Harrison radiator $150

    Location? I'll buy it if you are in or close to Texas. Pete Phillips
  4. Help ID'ing this fender louvre

    I think "E" means E-body which is the Riviera. I'm thinking a boat-tail Riviera with cornering lights, and this is the bezel over the cornering lights. Can anyone verify that?
  5. 1934 Buick 50 Series Throw-out Bearing

    Here is mine, NOS. $40 if you are interested. Pete
  6. One dozen Roadmaster wagons for sale. Not mine

    This seller is knocking himself in the head by refusing to sell the cars individually, and probably consigning these cars to the local salvage yard by insisting on this. Transportation will be the killer for any buyer more than 50 miles away, and how many people have the available storage space for 12 large cars all at once? Almost anyone can come up with $500 to buy an old Buick, but $12,000?! Am afraid Imperial62 is right.
  7. 1930 Marquette Model 2 Door Sedan reunited

    A rare one, for sure. Beautiful condition! Sounds like there's a Buick Bugle magazine article in there somewhere. I'll make the space available if you want to do one. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  8. 1934 Buick 50 Series Throw-out Bearing

    I think "clutch release bearing" and "throw-out bearing" are different names for the same thing? If so, I have this listing in my stock of Buick parts. Will have to look to see if I actually have it. Inventory list says I have two of them, but I've found that doesn't always mean they are there. Group # is 0.799, part #954175 Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 0.799 954175 Brng. Clutch Release ND CT30F 1932 -1935 50 Box 13, Trays 2
  9. 1969 Chrysler 300

    GregLaR, I am with you 100% on that! That '69 Monaco 2-door is sooooooo rare! And well built, and great road manners. I had a '73 Monaco Brougham for several years. You almost never see these cars, even when they were new. Love the way the doors close on these. Anyone who slams them doesn't know how to handle them. Pete Phillips Leonard, TX.
  10. Need split rim tire changing instruction

    Thanks for the instruction. I think my Chrysler has one of those tools in the trunk. Now I know how to use it. Much appreciated. Pete Phillips
  11. 57 buick dash panel finish

    Sounds to me like someone stuck a Century dash insert on a Special. I have seen a lot of 1957 Buick Specials, but am not aware of the engine turned dash insert being an option nor being put on any Specials.
  12. 1969 Chrysler 300

    Sounds like it is rather normally equipped, compared with other "fuselage body" Chrysler 300s. I restored a 1971 two-door hardtop 300 for a friend last year, and it was equipped with virtually the same options that yours has, and almost the same color. He changed the color when we got it repainted, so it is maroon now, instead of its original beige. This one sat out in the Texas heat for a long time and had to be repainted. Am afraid I didn't keep a photo of it. Pete Phillips Leonard, Texas
  13. 1929 Chrysler model 65 coupe. I need to change the inner tube. What tool am I missing to get this rim lock undone? Never done this before, so I need some instruction, please. Thanks for any help. Pete Phillips Leonard, Texas

    How many R46 plugs do you need? Other old sizes, too... $2 each. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, TX
  15. Yes, he is running an ad in the Bugle as well for this item. Hard to find.