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  1. Absolutely beautiful two-tone paint combination on that '60!
  2. 1925 Buick coupe

    Didn't these coupes have a swivel-out right front seat that was stored under the right side of the dashboard? One of those would be easy to remove.
  3. 1947 Buick disassembled project convert seattle craigslist

    2,576 Roadmaster convertibles made for 1946, if this is a '46. Grille is certainly a '46. Engine is 48 or '49 as already noted. Too bad it's so far away...
  4. 1953 Buick Special Convertible

    Here is the one that was for sale at the national meet in Wisconsin. Again, not a correct two-toning, but the exact opposite of the one above! 1953 Super, V8. I believe she was asking low- to mid-30s, as in "thousands". Probably worth pretty close to that, but out of my league! Pete Phillips
  5. Buicks at Country Classics

    On my way home from the national meet, I stopped at Country Classics along Interstate 55 in Staunton, Illinois (about 50 minutes NE of St. Louis). I always come by that place when it is closed! Nevertheless, I photographed these Buicks that they have for sale. There's a Reatta, a '73 or '74 Century Gran Sport, and a couple of 1953 Specials. I shot these photos through the fence. It was as close as I could get.
  6. 57 caballero project

    I have most of the missing side trim (sweep spear) pieces, if you need those, both NOS or used pieces. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, TX 75452
  7. '69 Wildcat 2 dr ( Not Mine)

    Nice, unrestored car.
  8. Tail Light Fiasco

    You should not have to drill new bolt holes--they certainly didn't on the assembly line. You can see some of the attaching bolt locations in the first photo. $80 for the pair, plus the postage.
  9. Tail Light Fiasco

    Here are my 1968 LeSabre tail light assemblies. They have some pitting on the chrome, but are complete and no cracks. They are large and rather heavy, probably will cost upwards of $65 to ship them somewhere, depending on how far away. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, Texas
  10. 65 Wildcat and LeSabre parts or extreme project Advice

    Cannot access your photos.
  11. Tail Light Fiasco

    Yes, the Wildcat has an additional bulb towards the center of the car; pretty sure I have both left and right sides from a '68 LeSabre. Will look when I get to the shop tomorrow, and send a photo. Pete
  12. Tail Light Fiasco

    How much of a purist are you? I think I have a used '68 LeSabre tail light that will work but the chrome overlay is not the same. A '67 lens is narrower. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, Texas
  13. 1942 Limited engine numbers

    Before the early 1950s (it varies a little by state), nearly all of the states used the car's engine number as the number on the car's title. This causes problems when engines are replaced, so it is conceivable that an older engine number could have been stamped on a newer engine, just to keep from having to reissue the title for the car. To find out if it has hydraulic lifters, take off the engine's side panel cover and pull out a lifter.
  14. '47 Rdmstr conv and sedanet

    The black car has a '46 grille; the blue car has a '47-'48 grille. Of course, someone could have replaced them. THe '46 grille fits in the same space as a '47 or '48 grille. Pete
  15. 70 lesabre convert. Not mine

    $1500 for a convertible that runs, drives, is complete, and has a good top, is a give-away!