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  1. Most mechanical parts are the same for 1949-50 and other years; the only body parts that are the same as another year are the headlight trim rings and the wheel covers. Everything else, and I do mean everything, is unique to 1949. Pete
  2. Ted, Thanks, that would be appreciated.
  3. Lance, Thanks for that reminder. I'll see if I can track that one down. It was in Texas, as a matter of fact. I hate to be a facilitator to the parting out of a 1949 76-R, but....! Leif, Thanks for the link which I will forward to him in Italy. Pete
  4. Friend of mine in Italy is restoring a 1949 Super convertible. He is needing a driver's door, both rear fenders, and the driver's side front fender. I know these parts will be hard to find. The rear fenders and the door are two-door only parts. Anyone have any leads? Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, Texas
  5. Is that a rare '48 or '49 Cadillac sedanet in the background of the first photo????
  6. I drove about 100 miles west today to Trenton Browne's wonderful salvage yard in the tiny town of Sunset, Texas. He has a lot of Post-War Buicks available as complete cars or for parts. Here are a few I photographed today. The '50 Special is a stick shift car, available as a complete car, but due to lack of interest, he is about to begin parting it out. The '62 Special is a factory A/C car. The '49 Super is now minus its bumpers and RF fender, as those were what I needed. It does not have an engine and the grille is damaged, but it still has some usable parts. This is the salvage yard that I did an article on in the Buick Bugle about a year ago. He has lots of late 1960s full-size Buicks and lots of early 1950s Buicks. For those who want to pay a visit, it is halfway between Fort Worth and Wichita Falls, Texas on U.S. Hwy. 287. There are about 1000 cars at this place, including some very rare ones--Hudsons, Kaisers, Nashes, Studebakers, etc. Well worth the trip! Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  7. Matt, Many thanks for helping me identify those! I never would have guessed Ford. Pete
  8. Yes, it is in perfect condition. Many thanks for identifying it! Pete Phillips
  9. Marmons were not produced in 1938. They succumbed to the Great Depression by 1932 or 1933. That could be a 1929 Buick. The cowl lights look like 1929 Buick to me.
  10. OK, the manual is spoken for. Rich gets it. Pete
  11. Small, 11 inches long from tip to tip, with red paint accents. Could this be for a 1949 Chevrolet?
  12. I just came across this 1957 Body Service Manual, about 175 pages, in a storage locker that I am clearing out. It has been damaged by some type of boring insect, so there is a big hole or two near the top center margins, and the cover is very dirty, but the interior pages are still usable. I will give this to anyone who wants it--just pay the postage, probably around $4.75 to U.S. addresses. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 PO Box 1247 Leonard, TX 75452
  13. Quite a few BCA members were in attendance today at the annual Pre-War Swap Meet in Chickasha, Oklahoma, including BCA Board member Terry Weigand and Barbara, Larry Schramm and Joyce all the way from Michigan, Ben Bruce, Bill Bicknell, Ben and Inez Garland from New Mexico, and several others. The weather was absolutely perfect. Here is the annual group photo of those who assembled at Steve Hammett's table inside the north building. See anyone you know? I found quite a few Buick parts, several bargains, and there was a beautifully restored 1913 model 31 parked outside in the show car area. I'm not sure if it was for sale or not, but it is a beauty. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338
  14. I have been driving past this 1950 Roadmaster parked way off the highway behind a fence for about 5 months, and today I finally took the time, on the way to Chickasha, OK., to stop and get some photos. The car has its original paint, excellent chrome, perfect stainless moldings, perfect glass, no rust nor even any dents in the grille or the parking light bezels, no dents in the backup light bezels, original selling dealer's insignia on the trunk lid is Christy Buick Sales, Albuquerque so that explains the beautiful chrome and perfect body. Floors are rock solid. The interior is well baked and very brittle, and in bad shape from the sun but completely original. There is no wear at all on the foot pedals, odometer shows either 45,000 or 48,000 which I have no doubt is the actual mileage. This evening, on the way home, there was someone in the adjacent building, so I stopped and asked about the car. Turns out it has just been sold but the new owner might consider selling it because his wife or girlfriend doesn't want to drive it, or something like that, which was the story I got from his friend at the building. I am told that the car runs and drives but there are no brakes; gas tank is clean and it has a new battery and am told the engine sounds good. I gave him my phone # in case they want to sell it again. So, my question to the group is, what is the car worth, if I get that call from the new owner asking me to make an offer? I'm thinking $3500. I have a correct wheel and wheel cover for the left front, and all of the brake kits it will need. I would have to buy an interior kit for it from LeBaron Bonney and install it, but I think I would leave the paint and chrome as is. It is the extra-long wheelbase Riviera Sedan model, and I really like unrestored, low-mileage Buicks like this, especially Roadmasters. I'm thinking $3500. Is that too much? Not enough? Opinions? Interior door panels, carpet, and seat upholstery are badly sun damaged. Car is about 60 miles away from me, so there won't be much transport cost involved. I don't need another old Buick, but this one was plainly calling my name out loud, as I circled it. I hate to see nice, original cars like this being allowed to sit out in the weather month after month. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, Texas
  15. I have one of these, but it is dark gray, used, and the vinyl is torn, needs to be recovered. Pete Phillips