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  1. Stainless trim

    1937 Century and Special headlight pod moldings.
  2. Popping noise when turning the wheel

    Bad wheel bearing?
  3. 1961 Buick Lasabre fender vents

    Don't know what fender vents are. Could you be referring to the chrome portholes?
  4. 1972 Centurion Convertible

    Wow, no cracks in the dashboard! Obviously it has never been to the South! Pretty color.
  5. Help ID this manifold section

    No replies? No one has ever seen one like this???
  6. Weird 32 buick 97 series

    That's the fate that many of these old Classics of the 1920s and 1930s suffered because the bodies wore out long before the engines did, especially the ones with a wood frame under their bodies, such as the 1932 Buicks.
  7. Buick master 6 parts/ motors and transmissions

    Given the bolt holes on the right side, it looks to me like this takes a starter/generator, which also means it is 1925 or 1924. Hugh is correct on the square intake manifold--1924 only. Crankcase is aluminum in 1924, cylinder block is cast iron, I believe, and that's what this one looks like. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, TX
  8. 53 super or roadmaster radiator.

    I have a very good condition used one for a 1953 Special, but my guess is that the Super and Roadmaster radiators are bigger? Can provide dimensions if that will help. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, Texas
  9. Some Buick trivia

    I did an article on Electra Waggoner Biggs in the Buick Bugle a few years ago. She was part of the wealthy Waggoner Ranch family in Texas and was also an accomplished, professional sculptor. Her first name was the inspiration for the naming of the 1959 Buick Electra. She is buried in the city cemetery of my hometown, Sherman, Texas. Her sister was married to Harlow Curtice, who was General Manager of Buick from 1933 or 1934 until the late 1940s or early 1950s when Curtice became President of General Motors. And speaking of the Waggoner Ranch, I just took this photo today of the historic Waggoner home in Decatur, Texas--still standing but empty.
  10. 1958 Buick wagon headliner bows

    Steamed them prior to installing. No good. Just an exercise in frustration! Pete
  11. Not mine, don't know anything about it, but willing to go look at it if someone is serious. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, Texas
  12. 1958 Buick wagon headliner bows

    My perforated panels came from R.E.M. but most of them cracked when I tried to get them to bend with the contours of the side of the roof, so I'm not going to go that route again. Waste of time and money. Pete
  13. 322 w/ four barrel carb $500

    There were two versions of the 322 in 1955; one with the filler neck coming out of the pushrod cover, the other with oil filler caps on the valve covers.
  14. 322 w/ four barrel carb $500

    Ed, Do you know which Springfield this is from? Missouri, Illinois, Massachusetts, Colorado? There's a bunch of Springfields. I know in the straight eights, the standard shift crankshafts are different from the Dynaflow crankshafts. Seller says this is from a standard shift '55 Century. Those are rare as hen's teeth. Does someone know if the crankshafts in the V-8s are unique to the standard shift cars? If so, this engine will be well worth the asking price. Pete Phillips
  15. 1958 Buick wagon headliner bows

    Working on my 1958 Special 4-dr. hardtop station wagon. It has the perforated particle board headliner with exposed plastic bows that are supposed to hold each panel in place. Caballero wagons have the same thing. My work on this car has ground to a stop because the replacement headliner panels and the replacement plastic bows all broke at the sides of the roof where it curves down. We laid them out in the sun before installing, hoping to soften the plastic, and I used a steamer to soften the particle board panels in hopes they would curve properly, but nothing has worked. I have a pile of broken headliner panels that I paid a lot for, and a pile of broken plastic headliner retainers which were far to brittle to ever do what they were supposed to do. Question: What have others used? Could I substitute a set of exposed chrome headliner bows out of another '58 hardtop? The Limiteds, for example, have stainless or chrome exposed headliner bows. I can't recall if the Century hardtops have these. I would have to get two sets of bows out of a 4-dr. hardtop in order to have enough to do the back part of the wagon as well as the front hardtop portion. Open to all suggestions. Pete Phillips, BCA #7338 Leonard, Texas