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  1. Awesome, absolutely awesome!!!!!
  2. What width.? Price and location please?
  3. I'll just stick with my Spam thank you. Next time you visit you're welcome to gather all the spiders from my barn, take them home and make a salad maybe.
  4. As some of you may know, I have been working on building a new garage since my retirement a couple of years ago. I have been spending ALL my time on it, it is going sooooooo sloooowwwww and I feel I have been neglecting all my fitty fo's and even my old faithful first Buick Barn. To ease my conscience a bit, I thought I would share some pictures and a few comments on my "Old Buick Barn". After Rita and I completed building our house back in '87, I set about building my "get away". (This was before the term "Man Cave" ever came into use, but I never use that term even today) I ran 100 amps electric along with telephone, cable and security down from the house. Prices on cedar were good in those days so I used cedar on the siding and the interior walls. I had salvaged some 2 X 8 and 2 X 10 fir from a lumber company that was being torn down and most of the framing is built from it. It had been brought in from the west back in the early twenties. I loved working with that wood. I had help with the concrete slab but other than that did all the work by myself. A few years after the initial build I enclosed the lower side so as to make more room for compressor, sandblasting, grinding and other dirty jobs that I don't want in the "car room". Looking back and seeing how much full time work I am spending on the new garage, I wonder how the heck I ever built the old one while working a full time job and spending time with family. So here below are a few of my favorite pictures, some of which are pretty old and some of the Buicks have gone on down Buick Highway....... Edit, just ran down and took this picture of what I call my Sunrise/Sunset. I started it at sunrise one day and finished at sunset. Seeing sparks when the hammer hits the nailhead was always my sign to put away the tools for the day. I think the cedar has weathered beautifully. More to come.............
  5. Wow some great body panel work and fabrication. I would think making pieces like that yourself out of flat steel woud be very rewarding and excellent therapy. Considering this is a somewhat rare and so classic looking of a car, are you sure you don't want to take it on to a 400 point restoration. In my mind pretty much any convertible deserves that. I so often see owners who spend pretty much the same amount of time it would take to restore fully and correctly end up having spent all that time and the only difference in the end might be incorrect interior materials or paint color. And it certainly looks like you have the skills to do it! Don't let especially the BCA judging system scare you into thinking show quality is that difficult of a goal to achieve, it's not, just ask some folks here. I know.... perhaps find you another lower level '40, perhaps even a four door, to satisfy your urge for a daily driver then restore this one as a true show car. Now doesn't that sound like a wonderful idea.
  6. That '49!!!!!!! I see a lot of stuff there I would like. That wrought iron fence that concrete mixer, that windmill, that grinding stone. That would be a fun auction just to attend. Thanks for posting Jason!
  7. Yea, I was wondering that myself. Also while I am here, and I don't mean to offend and not just directed at you Al, but we also need to be careful of watermarks and advertising displayed on photos. Some may border on copyright infringement and the advertisers who pay for ads here on AACA could have a problem with the advertising on the photos. I think there are plenty of photos out there that we can use without using those that could possibly get us in trouble with the owners of the photos or with our host. Thanks and hope you understand.
  8. Ohhh, them 38's...... Look hon, no clutch
  9. yea, me and Greg, both of us came off the same shelf me thinks. He was in the "smarts" bin and I in the "good looks" bin... Sorry Matt for hijackin your thread with a bunch of silly nonsense, thought it good though to keep it to the top while that feller in Michigan is taking his time gettin back to ya.
  10. Yeeepppp..... and that other feller down south too...
  11. So Cliff was a pulpwooder and his wife a butcher, how 'bout that...
  12. A '58 with bucket seats? Must be the Wells Fargo and is that Mrs Robertson?
  13. We all like pictures! Soooo This thread is for posting pictures of YOUR Buick Reatta. Just pictures and a brief description. It will help us all know who has what and sort of put a car to a person so to speak. Still post more detailed pictures and dialogue in the Me and My Buick forum please! So let's see them! and who knows, maybe your car will end up featured in a calendar some day.
  14. Well I'll be darned, he has his own brand in LFH,MFH and BFH sizes
  15. Have seen much worse ot's and was going to leave it so thank you 🙏👍
  16. "I might be better served exploring Vintage air or equivalent." Tolyagin and Willie knows
  17. Tolya 😆
  18. We all like pictures! Soooo This thread is for posting pictures of YOUR Pre War Buicks. Just pictures and a brief description. It will help us all know who has what and sort of put a car to a person so to speak. Still post more detailed pictures and dialogue in the Me and My Buick forum please! So let's see them! and who knows, maybe your car will end up featured in a calendar some day.
  19. Somebody makes an aftermarket that routes through the trunk and that was what I had sort of planned to use in my little Special driver but don't think I will ever getaroundtoit. Was planning to use original clear plastic tubes and return vent grilles to give the original appearance. I don't think you would have a hard time finding someone here to take the 56 unit off your hands. I have a bunch of 55 ac rear shelf parts if needed.
  20. GORGEOUS car sir! Love the Titian Maroon, it was called Titian Red in '54. Neil you may get better exposure to questions if you post them in the pre war forum, this thread is more just for pictures. I'm sure the rest of the members would love to see your car too, maybe post in the Me and My Buick forum also.
  21. Thanks gentlemen, you too Ben! Have a few more pre war starting questions but probably time to start a new thread for those.
  22. Need info ie size, number and source for batteries for a 1938 Special and 1940 Super. Thanks in advance for your help.
  23. Me thinks when you get under the dash the "archaic" 55 system will start looking better and better. The 56 center vent through the dash top is a simple bolt in attachment but all the dual purpose heater/ac duct work and hose routings looks like a map of Georgia. And good luck with fitment of the two 56 side vents into the curvature of the 55's.
  24. Thanks you kind sir. Do you happen to remember the cost Dave? Now for the 38? And pardon my total ignorance of 6 volt systems but can a jump starter be used on a 6 volt?
  25. Greg, be sure and get that dash ventilator valve as it is unique to the 56 system. It is not shown in any of the illustrations that I have seen as being different than earlier ones. Only in the parts book numbers does is show that it is different. But you probably already knew that. And be vewy vewy careful when pulling it out that the delicate little spwings don't bweak. Boy you do like a challenge don't ya!!!