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  1. A thread for posting pictures and stories of Riviera’s seen on the road or on the cyber highway. Please consider editing any overly obtrusive FB, IG etc hash tags id’s etc I’ll jumpstart it with these
  2. Ah was hoping the teens Buick expert would weigh in. So the nice clean new Buick’s are likely the new ‘17 arrivals would you say?
  3. Bringing back to the top
  4. Nevermind @wndsofchng06 I forgot, the sign I was referring to above was the sign that was still wrapped in a blanket and we loaded and unloaded into the back of the pickup at Hershey about forty- eleven times. Here’s a picture of it before it got wrapped. Can’t wait to mount on the Buick Sales and Service.
  5. Having seen a few nice and not before posted dealership photo's in the many recently started photo threads, just wanted to bring this thread back up in hopes more will use it to post their dealership finds. Here is one of my favorites of an early dealership. Note the Goodyear Service Station painted sign. Look familiar @wndsofchng06? Can anyone date this basedon the year of Buicks in front
  6. Can’t confirm but saw on social media today that the Norman Timbs 1948 Special Buick Streamliner was destroyed in the Malibu fire today.
  8. MrEarl

    Stan Lee and a Buick

    An “excelsior” moment on an excelsior automobile. Thanks for the universe of superheroes Stan. Excelsior... RIP
  9. MrEarl

    Please introduce yourself...

    Welcome to the Buick Forums @MSCHAUT . Great that you're pulling the '29 Buick Coupe out and breathing some life back into her for your dad!! To be sure you get the help you need for the '29 I'd recommend talking to the good folks down in the PreWar Division forum HERE Also so everyone can enjoy following, please consider sharing your story in our Me and My Buick forum HERE So how long before your dad's birthday?
  10. This thread can be used to list information and links to Riviera related websites, vendors or services. If you have something you would like to see posted here please post all pertinent info including names, addresses, phone numbers, emails and clickable links and I will add it to the list. Please advise via a PM if a referenced site or vendor no longer exists, or if a link has expired or no longer works and it will be deleted. The Web Sites, Vendors and Services submitted by members and listed below are for reference purposes only to help forum users find parts and services for their Buick's.The Buick Club of America nor the Antique Automobile Club of America endorse or in anyway advertise, recommend, support or promote any commercial products, processes, or services listed here. Therefore, mention of commercial products, processes, or services in this forum cannot be construed as an advertisement, endorsement or recommendation. VENDORS AND SERVICES: INTERESTING/HELPFUL WEBSITES: 1961-1972 Buick Parts and Accessories Catalog — TIPS: Easy five minute solution to 1965 buick Riviera Unobtanium auxiliary headlight motor relay
  11. MrEarl

    collector cars in California fire

    Unconfirmed but heard on social media that the 1948 Norman Timbs Special Buick Streamliner was lost in the Malibu fire today
  12. MrEarl

    Find the Buick

    or a ‘57 Chevrolet I suppose, but I’m seeing a ‘54 Buick, in Cashmere White. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m happy with it. 😄
  13. MrEarl

    Find the Buick

    OK, I’ll play. if you can’t find the 54 Buick in this picture you might be a prewar guy
  14. MrEarl

    How buttercup got her groove back

    Thanks for the update. Considering that is a 24,000 mile car, you really should go over and make sure it gets done correct, per the thread on the ‘54 Buick Highway. Just a thought. Sorry for the highjack Matt, now back to your story. Here’s a few teaser pictures. Check these sweet door panels! And the trunk (with all 10,454 parts to be reinstalled)
  15. MrEarl

    How buttercup got her groove back

    Nah, that’s what took BlueBird 😫
  16. MrEarl

    Long block, low miles 'C' engine for sale

    Jake et al, to avoid disputes and possible hurt feelings, please comment on fellow members car and parts pricing and/or discuss negotiations through private messages.
  17. MrEarl

    How buttercup got her groove back

    Actually I believe it was only a couple of Blue Moons over dinner at Red Robin in Hershey with Matt and Matt (no I wasn't seeing double, Matt aka Jackofalltrades). Later, Matt took off to the casino and Matt and I were headed back to the hotel. Matt had just heard from the insurance adjuster what he would be getting for his wrecked Century. When I heard it, I exclaimed something to the effect of "well how about that s***, that's exactly what I was planning on asking for Buttercup.....) and the rest is history. And let me add this. Matt, aka Yung Mi, there is nobody else I know that I would rather see Buttercup go to than you, a truly great Buick guy who I am proud to call my friend. As I've stated before, while it is sad seeing some of my '54's leave the Gardens, I am happy to be able to place them with fellow Buick friends rather than the possible alternative which we just witnessed last week at Bob's. I was so happy to see what you did with the barnfind Century and love hearing your plans for the lil 2 dr sedan I sold you. I figured adding the Roadmaster may be just what it would take to finalize converting you from being such a '55 nut. Guess we will see. By the way, I freshened the MMO in the cylinders and gave the engine a spin the other day. Oh and I also put Kowpi on mouse patrol so she is good til you get the NC Pole Barn cleaned out. after all all we don’t want the poor meeses doing this going up the road
  18. MrEarl

    Anyone from the Portland Oregon area

    No problem Joe, old posts resurfacing can be interesting. Maybe @HurstGN will see this and let us know if the problem ever got resolved
  19. MrEarl

    47 A 1947 Buick Super, straight 8 motor in great condition, all original and garage kept. It has been stored for 8 years. Needs brakes and fluids changed. This is a very solid and original car. Interior and headliner are new. (770) 861-5079
  20. We all like pictures! Soooo This thread is for posting pictures of YOUR Buick Reatta. Just pictures and a brief description. It will help us all know who has what and sort of put a car to a person so to speak. Still post more detailed pictures and dialogue in the Me and My Buick forum please! So let's see them! and who knows, maybe your car will end up featured in a calendar some day.
  21. MrEarl

    And Here,s a 1920 for sale

    @ROD W do you have a link or contact info to share
  22. @CHARLIE PERRAULT since this ad is a couple years old you may want to try private messaging @JayG
  23. MrEarl

    1954 Camper

    I’ll run it by Rita 🤣🤣🤣
  24. Congratulations on acquiring this awesome low mileage one owner with such cool family ties not to mention it's a Buick. I'll echo the good advice of @Steve Moskowitz above, keep this nice old Buick, you'll not regret it. Please join us on down the page in the Buick forums."When Better Buick Enthusiasts Friendships are Built, the Buick Forum will Build Them" Buick Forums here and please consider posting your story there in our Me and My Buick forum, I am sure it will have a big following. Me and My Buick here and by all means please consider joining the Buick Club of America Buick Club of America here