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  1. We all like pictures! Soooo This thread is for posting pictures of YOUR Buick Reatta. Just pictures and a brief description. It will help us all know who has what and sort of put a car to a person so to speak. Still post more detailed pictures and dialogue in the Me and My Buick forum please! So let's see them! and who knows, maybe your car will end up featured in a calendar some day.
  2. Garage Project

    When I ran my current black pipe system, I made sure to maintain a slope on all the piping and actually ran extra line that would allow the air to condensate and drain to strategically placed drain valves. Is that necessary with this type line. I have never been able to get ALL the leaks out of my current system and hopefully the Rapidair system will be better in that regard.
  3. FINALLY getting around to sharing the build of a long time dream with y'all, my Buick Sales and Service Garage. The build started about two years after I retired and I had completed about half of the honeydew list that just seemed to keep getting longer. I have always had a thing for old Buick dealerships, especially those of the 50's but more especially the very early one's of the 20's and 30's. Many early car dealers came from the ranks of men involved in the horse related trades such as carriage sales, livery stable operators and blacksmiths. These merchants and tradesmen often engaged in automobile sales and services as sidelines and eventually turned their operations into full scale auto sales and service businesses. Many of the early dealerships also served as a gas station and garage. The materials used on the fronts of the early buildings were usually wood lap, vertical board and batten or metal siding. Later buildings were more of a masonry type construction. My build is basically a 40X40X12 ft pole barn with a lap siding stepped false front that was typical on 1920-30's era car dealership/service garages. There will also be a 12 x 20 metal clad interior wall welding shed on the back. The building will be used to house and work on my collection of '54's, the '38 and the '79 wagon. I initially considered building a 40-50's art deco style building but since my wife and I have spent the last 30 years building our Victorian farm house style home, barns and gardens, we decided to stay with that general theme. Here's our home, the old Buick Barn and the cobblestone well house. Before jumping into telling about and showing the actual work that has been going on over the last few couple years, let me try and set the mood for the build with some old photos of buildings of the period. Here is what I first considered, but totally not in the style of the rest of our buildings. These represent more the spirit or feel of what we like. And here is a video that I think might help capture and set the mood. I'll be sharing a few of my favorite tunes through out this build so if you want, click on it then come back here and read on ...... or ignore it. And my most liked and the one I used as a basis for the front false facade of my build.
  4. 1917 or 1918??

    and you can consider this thread locked for good this time
  5. 1917 or 1918??

    Hi Rod, as the discussion had become somewhat combative instead of a good debate on the subject, yes I had closed it. Morgan presented some factual information via pm's that I considered of value to the discussion and I reopened it with hopes the discussion would remain on point and civil. Everybody here has a right to express their opinion or throw out theories.With all due respect to all here, I am a moderator, not an arbitrator. I'll not make a judgement as to who is right or wrong or in this case whether the Buick is a '17 or '18, but rather leave that judgement to those participating in the discussion. The thread will be left open as long as the discussion remains civil.
  6. Time to get some signs or something up that will keep all the neighbors from asking when is the saloon going to be finished. After considering a large 20's 30's script lettered BUICK painted sign and getting some estimates from some sign painters I decided on another route and am glad I did. I ordered some large MDF (medium density fiber) letters from Woodland Manufacturing. Took quite a bit of sanding and ended up laying on 4 coats of paint (and sanding between each coat) on the front and 3 on the back. Each coat had to completely dry for several days in the sun before sanding and applying the next coat, so it too a couple of weeks total. I drilled the mounting holes before painting so the MDF would be completely sealed off from water. B-U-I-C-K Always under my feet... and Kowpi too... The letter inspector keeping me straight Glued and screwed
  7. Listen to the first half and come on. Or you could just wait til the Grand Opening... You keep watching, I'll keep posting... or both!!! Actually I like the idea of "I work for parts" get in that Super or even the lil TR-3 and come on down Dave!!!
  8. Garage Project

    Is that Rapidair line you're using? You like it? How hard is it to run in a straight line. I'm considering running it in my walls. How 'bout a close up of the filter and fittings and pretty steel plate on the wall.
  9. For your health's sake, here is a daily therapeutic dose of pictures or other Buick related "stuff" found on the web or maybe even some of my own. Some may be artsy, some may be old, some simple, some hot, some cold , some happy, some sad, some abstract and maybe even avant-garde or grandiose. Guaranteed to furnish only the daily minimum requirement of Buick to barely keep you going. It is not meant to be a replacement for driving or working on your Buick.
  10. Bus tours can be fun (and in my case rewarding) as they offer opportunities for folks to meet and talk to those in seats near them. Case in point, I remember the conversation I had with someone on a Danvers bus trip and learning that there was a 3 speed '54 Century somewhere in up upstate New York but that is all the info they had, upstate New York. From that conversation I started watching the New York Craigs List for '54 Buicks and lo and behold, wasn't but 2-3 years later I unbelievably found my '54 Muscle. But for this occasion, I would definitely suggest that a driving tour would be the most fun and the way to go. On the tour itinerary just offer a link to a "driving with cellphone Google Maps" tutorial and have a list of addresses for each site that could be used to plug into google. A list of links could also be given out of all the sites to be visited that would give highlights and information of the places that would act sort of as a "tour guide". Also before leaving suggest to everyone that they swap cellphone numbers with others as sort of a "In case of Emergency call this number". Yea, there may be folks who don't have a cellphone, so to them just suggest they "hold on to the rope"
  11. 1951 Special - Now I have the one Pete Likes

    Imagine trying to find some of those pieces if you were restoring one. Got your trailer hooked up yet Pete.
  12. 1951 Special - Now I have the one Pete Likes

    That's not a good enough excuse. You know you're ready for a road trip Pete, go for it. You'll always regret it if you don't.
  13. Needing to replace the front seats of the '79 Estate Wagon and wondering what the options are for such a "new" car. Wanting to stay as original as possible. The seat is 60/40 split and while the passenger side is good with little wear in the material itself, the driver side will likely need some new cushion material as well as the material. If there are vendors who sell the seat covers I may could do the work of the cushion and install but if only material is available, I may opt to just buy and carry to a local upholsterer.
  14. and to finish out the song..... some more shots of the windows in the front of the building y'all know what kinda eyes Rita's got.....
  15. For the last 3 days I have been moving building materials and junk around in and out of the garage preparing to start construction of the walls for the office area. Most of it including the cabinets, lights, a refrigerator, old tool boxes and the GMAP letters (somebody needs to buy them things, I'm tired of moving them) was moved into the pole barn stall vacated by the BlueBird. I'm pulling Southern Belle in and and out every day (and taking her around the block and to the beer store while she's out) and Tugalo Gas will be put up on wheel dollies so he can be moved around more easily. Took the opportunity to select the old heart pine doors that will be used for paneling in he office. I have been collecting these things for years and they are several different widths and thicknesses. I could not believe I was able to match up enough of a certain size and thickness to do the three walls. Thank you Jesus, thank you Lawerd.... I will be turning these upside down from the way they were originally hung and cutting off the bottom short half. These will go along the long back wall and these and 4 more just like them will go along the shorter end walls. The short ends will be used for under windows and possibly a seat box. I uncovered these heavy things I'd almost forgot I had. They are sections of flooring from an old sewing plant. Will likely use for work bench tops.
  16. Terry, I hope that after the ceiling is installed and with how I am securing and sealing the doors and windows that most "critters" as well as cold air will find the level of difficulty of entering to be pretty high. I have yet to install the door sweeps but have them ready and waiting.
  17. 1938 Buick Articles in the Bugle

    Ha,for whatever reason my Bugle was late arriving this month and just yesterday had a chance to read it. I had just emailed Cindy this morning to tell her what a great job of layout she had done on this article. But credit does also indeed need to go to Brian for submitting such well thought out and written dialogue and super pictures. I have gained a great appreciation of all the '38's since acquiring my slantback but the Roadmaster's are truly the most outstanding in their class in my humble opinion.
  18. More eye candy

    I've seen that car too, ahhhhhsome!!!!
  19. Ha, as a matter of fact I had a couple of folks in the neighborhood ask if I was building a saloon. Tha's not a bad job on the barbecue building. I like the amount of overhang and what looks like small corbels used under it. I considered the same as I have some small ones from the house I pulled the big ones from. I may use them on the inside.
  20. another CL score. 16 for $200. Will see what kind of LED bulbs will work in them. They were in a church gym and had been painted with a spray gun at some point in the past. I'll have to sand down and paint either Cobalt Blue or Green. Temporarily hung one just to get a feel of what they would look like. Remember, there will be a tin ceiling hung on that lowest truss member.
  21. Finishing my Buick Shop

    So has the framing crew been back yet. And how are all those LED ceiling lights working for you. Did you hang them yourself or have help?
  22. 56 Buick Scarebird vs. Wilwood?

    any chance of an update on how well this set up has worked over time
  23. WTB Buick Hub Cap set

    I seem to recall that '54 was the first year for the raised letters on the hubcaps , like shown above, and that '53 was stamped with black lettering. But hey, I have been wrong
  24. Have a Buick used for camping trips? Pull a trailer with one? or just post up Buick related camping/trailering pictures from the past or present. I'll start it off.
  25. I sure wouldn't kick this one out of MY stable