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  1. For your health's sake, here is a daily therapeutic dose of pictures or other Buick related "stuff" found on the web or maybe even some of my own. Some may be artsy, some may be old, some simple, some hot, some cold , some happy, some sad, some abstract and maybe even avant-garde or grandiose. Guaranteed to furnish only the daily minimum requirement of Buick to barely keep you going. It is not meant to be a replacement for driving or working on your Buick.
  2. MrEarl's Daily Therapeutic Dose of Buick

    Bit of a Christmas Vacation moment...
  3. Please help me welcome Ronnie as our newest moderator. I think he will be a great asset to the forum and will work hard to moderate fairly and to make the Reatta forum a fun, relaxed and informative site. Welcome to the Mod Squad Ronnie.
  4. Moderator Needed

    Thanks to all who have volunteered. We will notify the person selected as soon as possible. Thanks again!!!
  5. Moderator Needed

    The Reatta Forum is in need of a good moderator. If you’ve always thought you’d like to be a moderator, please read on, you may quickly change your mind. What is the role and expectations of a moderator? You should be very active within the forum. Basically you check the forum at least once a day and use the built-in moderation functions to handle any problems that come up. Your privileges will include the ability to edit, delete, close/re-open, move and pin threads and posts and recommend disciplinary actions such as warnings and suspensions to the Administrators. You’ll also be able to send private messages and emails to members. You’ll automatically receive an email whenever any forum member (not just the BCA/Reatta Forum) reports a problem. If the problem is within the Reatta forum, you will handle it promptly. As the BCA forum is moderated somewhat independently, if the problem reported is on another forum you will be expected to handle it only if it is of a very serious nature involving extremely abusive and profane language or threats that you deem should be hidden immediately. Otherwise a moderator from that respective forum will handle it. The forums are automatically monitored for spam attacks, however some spam still gets through and are generally reported by members all across the forum. You will be expected to open and investigate these reports, whether within the Reatta forum or forum wide, and if deemed spam, immediately ban that member and complete the report. Regarding pecking order, basically it works like this. The owner mods admins; admins mod moderators; moderators mod members; members mod each other and spammers. A mod is not expected to sanitize every post but rather to allow freedom of expression without crossing the lines established in the forum rules. However, being a moderator is not only about policing abusive posts and handling reports, far from it! I’ve always felt that the main function of a moderator is to promote interaction among the members and establish a sense of friendliness, belonging and camaraderie. As moderator you will be able to start and pin threads that may include helpful technical material or references to other relevant sites, vendors etc. Another function of a moderator is to ensure posts and threads are relevant to the forum subject and do not go too off topic. We're not looking for robots here who follow everything to the letter and who are major sticklers for the rules and lack common sense. We're looking for a fun, well-rounded member who can participate here first and foremost to relax and chill out with their friends. I’ll personally work with you to answer questions and discuss forum etiquette rules and guidelines. So if you (still) feel you would like to become a moderator for the Reatta Forum please send me a private message and include the following. Are you a BCA member? How long have you been active on the AACA forum Tell us why you would like to be a moderator Tell us why you think you would make a good moderator Tell us of any previous or current moderator experience Tell us of any occasions in the past where you may have had arguments or disagreements with other members or moderators or received disciplinary actions such as warnings or suspensions. All candidates will be reviewed by myself and the other on-board administrators and moderators and a determination of who ‘best fits’ the Reatta forum community will be made and notice given to that member as soon as possible. Questions? Please ask.
  6. MrEarl's Daily Therapeutic Dose of Buick

    Nah, last I heard the toll fee was pretty high on that road. Wouldn't mind cruising down it though. You got it
  7. MrEarl's Daily Therapeutic Dose of Buick

    RED Friday y’all and my fave of the day 504BCFB1-6693-4C0C-9832-0E96B0E3D8D4.MP4
  8. Moderator Needed

    Nahh, I ain't going anywhere, (which is probably to the woe of some). But we are looking for a moderator for the Reatta Forum. We've got some volunteers already but don't want to be accused of being an unequal opportunity employer so thought I should post it here also. Click the below subject line
  9. just in case you din't have your readin glasses on...that would be "black wash" but blackish would work too
  10. The beginning of my shop

    Ain't he though. And creative as *. I've always said " if'n ya ain't creatin, then you're just consumin"
  11. Buick straight 8 and trans for sale

    Mr. Lake said he would take $400 for the engine. The engine serial # is 43735981 which verifies it is a '39 Special engine.
  12. The beginning of my shop

    Gorgeous Joel. That had to take some time. Can't wait to see them finished. Banisters, handrails.
  13. Brought home a 1994 Buick Lesabre.

    Do I have to say it... Pictures or it din't happen. 😉 I suggest you name her Pearl, in honor of what day it is. 😔
  14. Same here with several sets I have pulled from 54 and 55 parts cars and the originals from my Century
  15. Ha, I say that a LOT and must have subconsciously learned it from Johnny. That and "How 'bout that" are couple of phrases I use all the time that I think gets on a certain persons nerves. John, have you had a chance to look to see if you have the toppers pictured? I might be interested in the 1st/top one, or the 3rd one down. Do they come in different sizes as do the frames. I had a hard time finding the right size chauffeurs hat. (hold the big head comments please) As well as a hard time learning to spell chauffeur correctly. A running joke with ol' Bob when I started helping him with the Landau was " wow Bob, a month ago I could not even spell chauffeur, and now I are one" Maybe it's time to change hats.
  16. Bargains

    low budget, maybe. Unloved, never... I developed a love for a '54 Special in '72 and it is still there.
  17. Bargains

    It's been around a few times but always receives likes. For that money I would buy both, put the 55 running gear in the fitty fo and have a good runnin and good LOOKIN Buick.
  18. Bargains

    You're a fine and well educated gentleman of the highest caliber Mr Stovall.
  19. MrEarl's Daily Therapeutic Dose of Buick

    Wow, guess I've just never paid attention to the '58 trunk emblems. Cool man!
  20. MrEarl's Daily Therapeutic Dose of Buick

    Girls and Tailights - 6 Fir tree and Tailights - 8 “Yea, well, you know, that’s just, like, your opinion, man” The Dude
  21. In case some of you haven't seen this in the Buy/Sell
  22. Buick straight 8 and trans for sale

    Had a very pleasant conversation with Mr. Lake, the gentleman who purchased this engine, a '39 Special shell on chassis and a big lot of what he thinks are mostly '39 parts. He purchased it from the estate of a guy who owned 2-3 '39's. He is pursuing the purchase of another '39 that was running when parked several years ago from the same estate. Mr Lake, who is in his late 70's owns several Hudsons and has no real interest in the Buick parts and wishes to see them and the cars go to good homes. He is not at all familiar with going prices but appears to be willing to negotiate. He would like to sell it all as a big lot. I personally am not interested in the engine nor the parts but hopefully someone here can take advantage of this offering. He said he would be getting the engine serial # on Wednesday and I told him I would post it here for him.
  23. Me and my sweetie drove all the way to Mississippi via Tennessee to pick this up and paid I think $500 for it all. Most pleasurable trip, the trip and fun we had was worth the price of the engine. It was from a '54 Roadmaster with A/C. Have sold the intake and 4 bbl Carter and the crank. I'm keeping the generator and fan. Here's what's left. I know not enough about what makes a block or heads good or bad and don't care to get into a discussion regarding it so what you see is what you get. To be picked up only, will not separate or part out. $200 for it all. PM if interested
  24. Parts availability 1950's Buick vs. Oldsmobile

    Don't let a little ol torque tube scare you away from the Buick's. There have been new type seals that have taken away a lot of the frustration of the leaking torque ball. There is a wealth of information and lots of friendly folks to help you on down the page in the Buick Forum. Check them out