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  1. Really liking those half windows up there. So, you gonna show us the Tyvec install contraption or are you afraid we'll steal your invention, patent it and make a billion $$ off it. As Xander said, nice setting and looks like you have plenty of rocks saved for future landscaping.
  2. MrEarl

    1956 Buick Special
  3. My thinking is that the formal false front facades of buildings back then were used mostly on the actual store fronts. This is just an oil and lube shed, he he, AND this way was much simpler. IOW I didn't want to take the time to figure out the flashing As seen and discussed previously, I had actually installed two purlins on the upper rafters with a 2 ft overhang for the barge rafter when I came up with the idea of installing the rough cut tin cladding first then trimming it off. So I pulled them off and proceeded with that idea. That worked great and really didn't result in much waste of tin. btw, folks, it helps to read here, not just look at the pictures...😁 But I have a dilemma. I am getting short on the corrugated tin to finish out the 4 ft sides. I have plans for much of what corrugated I have left to go inside the BS&S garage area as 4 ft wainscoting. I do have sufficient amount of the 5V that was used on the BS&S ceiling, so I am thinking of going with that along the sides and back.
  4. Saw the thunder clouds coming and tried to get all the tall tin on the back gable cut but didn’t quite make it. Got the ladders laid down and cut tin pieces picked up before the heavy winds arrived. Went to the fridge and had a couple beers with Wonderboy and watched the heavy rain coming down. At least the storm waited til almost quitin time to roll in. Thank ya Jesus, thank ya Lord. Did get the front cut and is coming out just as envisioned.
  5. MrEarl

    Show Us Your Buick Scale Models

    Pm sent. Thanks for offering here
  6. yea, what he said!!! No pictures...di'nt happen btw, I was tempted to offer to go after it for you but feared I may have only made it about half way back to you and it would have ened up residing at Buick Gardens. 😁
  7. Bishop Ga???!!! seriously? tha's where I grew up. Population probably no more than 300. I's a small world...
  8. Another scorcher but with Wonderboy working with me we got the red clay spread and compacted then the top soil pile moved over the top of the rgc. The top soil had to be moved to make room for the scaffolding on the rear. Got all the front gable covered and most of it trimmed. Discover a small glitch in my design of the gable tin and will have to remove and replace a couple pieces of tin to fix. Also got the rear braces and side girts up. Hope to finish the rest of the tin tomorrow. Here is it’s orientation relative to BS&S. Looking more like maybe an oil and lube shed every day.
  9. MrEarl

    1955 Buick general questions

    How pricey are they.
  10. A lift would indeed be nice. The most taxing and fatiguing part of the day is climbing up and down the scaffolding. You for dang sure want to make sure you have everything you’ll need before climbing up and even then you’re bound to drop something and have to make a trip back down to fetch. I learned early on to dry your hands of any slippery sweat before climbing. Oh Lord it was a hot one today, had to change into some dry clothes at lunch. A couple of folks have pm’d asking where has the music been. I think this might be a fitting song this day Furred out the braces and added some additional purlins to the front gable then started mounting the tin. I’m just cutting and mounting the tin wild and will come back and trim it to shape after it is all up. I started mounting it in the center so I can rough cut sheets to the left and to the right PLUS same for the rear gable, four sheets in all, all at the same cutting. Have some help coming tomorrow, thank goodness.
  11. My back complained about shoveling this morning so tore down and moved scaffolding to building and installed a couple of braces. Pulled the front two purlins off and backed them up temporarily. Going to try a different way of installing the tin on the gables hopefully starting tomorrow. Stand by... and a birdseye view from the rooftop
  12. Hopefully you're right. I want to allow good circulation of air around the Airstream but keep the rain and maybe a few leaves out. Because the building faces the south though, I may look at a roll up shade cloth for the front. I once considered buying a sawmill but Rita said no. That I would turn every tree on the property into a building of some sort. I hate it when she is always right! OK time to go shovel more red Georgia clay. If I can get out of bed.
  13. MrEarl

    Finishing my Buick Shop

    You would have had fun counting the molecules of water at our house this last week. Molecules on the inside of windows, on all the ac duct work and insulation and about a 1/4 inch thick on the basement floor. FRIGGIN WATER MOLECULES EVERY FRIGGIN WHERE!!!!!!! Yep, Mr Thermodynamic Man, I'm sure you know exactly what the culprit was. A big ass millipede had crawled up into the discharge end of the condensate drain down in the woods below the house and backed the water up to the ac unit. Every mans nightmare, while working joyously on your favorite project in 95* heat to be told by your wife "Hon, you need to come up to the house, the basement is flooded" OK enough of honing in on your thread with my problems. But I do have a few questions/comments re your last post. BUT, if that unit is too big, it will cool too quickly, thus not running long enough to pull all them pesty water molecules out of the air right? So should I decide to go with a conventional system, I might not need that 25 ft of spiral duct work running along and obstructing the view of that kaleidoscope of corrosion ceiling of mine that the AC guy included in the estimate, eh? Just one big ass vent in the interior gable shooting out over the cars and work area. I like that idea. While I probably won't spend a LOT of time and consecutive days in the BS&SG, my cars certainly will. After all that is my main objective, to keep the mildew out of my cars. I've probably spent enough $$ on DampRid over the last 20 years to have paid for an ac system. I'm planning on running the AC full time. While not humanly occupied, at about 80*/summer and 50* winter just to keep the moisture down. but I love the sound of lifting those cane bolts out of their drilled concrete holes and swinging those 3 inch thick wood and iron clad doors open and being met with the cool fresh morning air and fog coming off Buick pond. Now thanks to you, I'll be thinking " Oh gawd, look at all them damn water molecules coming into my garage, wonder how much it’s going to cost to get all them suckers back out" Thanks Joel, thanks a lot buddy!!! 😁🤪🤣
  14. and as the sun sets on Buick Sales and Service Oil and Lube shed.... topped off post holes and moved excess material to low end hoping it will be enough to level it up. Still have a small pile of top soil left from the grading for BS&S that just happens to be at the end of this shed for topping over the red clay. Thank ya Jesus, thank ya Lord