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  1. Modified 263 for my 1950 41D

    Oh OK, just so Buick Gardens is considered “near the coast “ enough for a week or so stopover. Boy what trouble we could get into.... and you’ll be pulling the lil slope back too, I presume.
  2. He needs to learn to climb the steps though, I ain't pickin his fat *** up and settin him in anymore.
  3. Again, great info, thanks Ed. Curious, did the '63 have the 401 or 425?
  4. And we're back in good ol' warm Georgia with the Argosy. When we pulled into Peoria, IL, we were met with 28* temps mixed with wind making it feel like 22. Quite a shock after leaving a balmy 80* Georgia. On the way home, met horizontal snow in Bloomington but pressed on and was soon out of it. The seller could not have been any more nicer and helpful and gave us a tour of their beautiful old home. I must say however, it would not have been hard for someone to convince us that we were on another planet. So gray and flat with the big wind turbines turning. But beautiful in it's own way. The 1500HD pulled the 3800 pounds like a charm (even with no sway bars) as I expected it would. After all it is use to pulling 4400 lb '54 Roadmasters all over the country. We will be adding a weight distributing hitch and sway bars to both the Tahoe and the Estate Wagon prior to any trips with them however. Here, hold the wheel a sec baby, let me catch our first Argosy adventure sunset.... Elvis would have loved this "broad" Absolutely loved being able to see what was behind me. These mirrors are very lightweight which I guess is what makes them very stable with hardly any shaking going down the road. Ordered through Amazon, Dometic Milenco Grand Aeros, under $100 with storage bag. Here, hold the wheel again hon, Southern Belle, meet yet to be named Argosy.... Boy did Buick ever miss an opportunity for innovation when they failed to put cup holders in the tailgate... and a good cigar...
  5. Wow, that is some great info Ed, THANKS. Could I ask you to please share anymore info re your experiences of towing the Airstream with your '63? The transmission currently shifts fine but I understand you're suggesting to be be somewhat proactive and just go ahead and installing a new filter as well as a shift kit? Any idea what that cost may amount to? Also any recommendations of the finned deep sump pan? Thanks again!!! Thanks Doug!!
  6. 1954 banker's hot rod

    By the way, if you have the front end suspension from a 56 laying around you may want to consider changing out the king pin of the '56 to the '54. I could not tell a big difference when I had my '56 Century but the 7* angle of the '56 over the 0* of the 54-55 supposedly improved directional stability. I have a set on a Century parts car you are welcome to if you don't have them.
  7. 1954 banker's hot rod

    Just getting time to comment... Matt I so look forward to seeing what you will do with this car. It is in very good condition and a good candidate for what you have planned. As I said, when I purchased it, my friend Brad and I were going to go in together and build a race car from it with plans to run it in the LaCarrera Pan-Americana races in Mexico, Brad driving and I as co-pilot. We recently come to the realization that we both have too many other projects and that I especially lack the energy or stamina to endure that grueling race. Not to mention that with my directions we'd likely end up at the Panama Canal. She and the 3 speed are awaiting pickup anytime. and we'll leave the lights on.
  8. BCA 2018 Denver Meet Prewar Buick Parking

    As Moderator, I think my input to this or other related matters should remain neutral and unbiased, however I am not fully understanding how this will effect/affect the show field as a whole. So as I understand it, the above agreement with the board holds true for the Pre-War Division Buicks. And that any other Division, be it 65 GS, 1959, 1958, Pre-War, 1936,37-38 club, the BDE, 53-54 Skylark Club, Performance & Modified Divisions may approach the Board and seek permission to do same as the PWD has. I guess my question is, what about the post war Buicks IE 1946 to present, which are not currently covered by an official "Division"? Will there have to be an official Post War Division formed in order for the same process that Mark went through for ALL Buicks to park chronologically, that is if the said new Post War Division so desired to do so. Please excuse me if I am missing something altogether here.
  9. Modified 263 for my 1950 41D

  10. Interesting pair of 73's on CL

    Seller use to post here a few years back, can't recall his name though. Has quite a collection if I recall.
  11. 1953 dynaflow oil cooler needed

    quoting so bill will receive automatic notification of your reply. you may also want to send Bill a private message
  12. 1963 Buick Special "Pinhead"

    Nice fab work Mike, with what did you cut the base plates with.?
  13. 1954 century sedan. GA to NC

    Starter was painted green and solenoid shielded to prevent being painted so should be black.
  14. MrEarl's Daily Therapeutic Dose of Buick

    no problem, in fact thanks for keeping up the meds while the doctors away
  15. Please don’t use profanity here guys