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  1. 1951 special steering wheel wanted

    Got a green flexible from a 54
  2. 5000th birthday

    Following this thread and assuming you will make your big 5000 on it here, have a big ya hoo awaiting. So congrats and bring it on!!
  3. Cars That Made America

    I agree Larry, but not only was Durant shortchanged, Buick or its founder was hardly even mentioned. My wife kept asking when is Buick going to be mentioned and I explained to her that Buick like Oldsmobile, Cadillac and Oakland were Divisions of GM. But had no explanation for the total exclusion of Buick when they did call out and show images of the early GM divisions. Makes me wonder how misinformed I have been on all the other History Channel series. I mean was there really Thirteen Original Colonies or maybe for the sake of brevity the History Channel decides to not count Georgia. History is history, get it right History Channel!
  4. Ratings

    Pretty sure the status level is based on number of posts and not number of likes. Not sure what the number of posts is that triggers the change, perhaps 100? Not sure but will attempt to find out.
  5. Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Good workaround Benjamin! reminds me when I was 10 and of the bicycle horn and button I rigged up on a fishing rod holder to sound when I got a bite. Sounds like it's time to change gears and give em hell in Engineering school. Good luck brotha!
  6. 1954 Buick rear end wanted

    Where are you Spencer.
  7. Thanks Doug! Nice piece. Don't know if it's a $160.00 piece though.
  8. Perhaps with one of these signs... During the infrequent times I'll be on interstates and then unless I am on a steep grade that I will likely be sharing with slow moving tractor trailers, I think Buttercup will be able to maintain a safe 60 mph.
  9. And there are some out there, both old and new. But personally while not crazy about the paint schemes, I like the curved, somewhat tear drop design of the r-pods Dan referenced. But yea, just not behind "my" old Buick
  10. 1931 Buick 56-C convertible coupe seattle WA craigslist

    Ditto! The ad says "complete" and refers it is a project so would think so
  11. Thanks Dan, appreciate that. Looked at the two you suggested. Amazing how they get so much in the rp-171 relative to the weight. Pretty luxurious looking. I'm a bit more into the vintage look and feel I think. Rita though, I'm afraid to show her these models. I guess I could always have one repainted and with a sweepspear on the side. LOL Just curious, do you know whats the price tag on say a base rp-171.
  12. What's new in the Buick Bugle?

    Don't look at me, I haven't deleted anything... yet. Must've been whoever quoted you that deleted it.
  13. Looks like I found one of them, well, smart but dumb enough to stick with me. So far....
  14. Going to Savannah this weekend Bernie, how north of Savannah is that uphill draw you speak of? Sure some will be glad this thread will get some rest. Know the song well Bernie but dang it, it will probably be stuck in my head for the rest of the day I bet!! Still considering the 2015 Shasta Airflyte 16 Dan. I think it is a bit overpriced for what you get. But have been looking at a lot of true 50's/60's vintage ones and like the floor plans of some of them better. Weight is the biggest concern of all of them.