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  1. I'm dead if I get CAUGHT lookin...😳
  2. Those rear fenders look pretty rough Raul, lot of rust through
  3. 2.5 -2.75 WW for '54. I think the 3.75 would look a bit gaudy on tha '56
  4. Added a disc brake conversion company , Maco in Au
  5. I'm still looking for the 4th porthole
  6. We'll let you slide this time. Appreciate your detailed posts, always some good stuff.
  7. Hugh I see in the illustration you call for two pieces of flat / angle iron but are only showing one? Should there be one on the other bolt that runs through the 2x4 or ?
  8. never realized all those years interchanged. GTK
  9. They must not have heard ya Ken, here, I'll bring it back up.
  10. Any news to report back on on this swap?
  11. Moved this here from the Buy/Sell as I myself almost missed it there. What a diamond in the rough and to turn out looking like this Great job Mike and what a great ending to a Buy/Sell ad.
  12. If you're just lookin to blow some money, blow it on that '25. So I can stop lookin at it!!! But if I was close to this one I would have done hit him with a $2,000 take it or leave it offer for the two, and suspect I would own it. Why... Just to be able to say I own a black air conditioned fity fo 76R
  13. If he is looking for over $10,000 for this car, without going into a lot of detail, my thoughts are that there are better '56's out there for that kind of money. I really don't think the buyer of this car will be happy once it is in their possession for a few days.
  14. Am I seeing a few rust bubbles in the lower front corner of the passenger door?