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  1. Unbelievably RARE, and I do mean that literally. One of those "I'll believe it when I see it" types of rare
  2. Good to see the '54 Buick Landau Concept again. I probably know that '54 better than I know my own. I do know I miss her! Thanks for sharing
  3. "No Theft History" eh? That's a joke. You apparently didn't tell him what you paid for it! Congrats on passing the examination. So now you get to hold your breath for what, three years, to see if anyone files a theft claim. Good, go ahead and get her all fixed up and I'll be up to take her back.
  4. Loving your "sentimental visits" posts Doug. What a gorgeous car!
  5. Breathtakingly Buickful!! The car just so goes with the house, period and color wise. Keeper?
  6. no problem, learned some new dance steps. Like I said, I'll just name one of the potholes Matt and the other Mike. I've got a motorgrader coming, to whom shall I send the bill. Oh and thanks for the case of Yuengling, and Rita said she hates she missed y'all. The the first thing she said when she walked in and looked on the table "ahhh, the boys brought me some wine". Looking forward to hearing more about that pinhead. It was actually the first one I had ever seen and thought "Oh look, a little baby nailhead with headers" Not a lot has been discussed here about the 215 aluminum engines. Got a feeling that is about to change, just hope it is all good.
  7. and the Buick Sales and Service Square Deal used car lot is emptied. The little black Special is on its way to Durham NC. I've got a feeling her trailer riding days are over. Thanks Mike !!! and don't forget to get that BCA registration sent in. ;-)
  8. love the visor, did it come with the car?
  9. Dang, any concern for that frame? The rockers on the 51's must not have had much for drain holes in them or maybe they got stopped up easily. Here are some on a 51 that I drove to Atlanta to look at for someone who was interested in buying it.
  10. That about sums it up Pilgrim, Thank You!!!
  11. try turning the lights out in the garage and while trying to find the front door, misjudge where the long ass front end of the '38 Special is and end up with your left leg stuck between the front fender and bumper. With a Yuengling in one hand and holding a cat on your shoulder with the other none the less. A whole new meaning for "wildcat"
  12. I saw that comin
  13. Hope the Buick wasn't hurt!
  14. '50 bottom and '51 top I'm thinking, but I have been known to be wrong. Must have traded every year? Good looking family, which one is you. Are those twin boys.