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  1. MrEarl

    1955 model 41-D for parts or restore, Texas car

    don't see many '55 4 door sedans. Pete is all the AC there, can't see the dash controls. 5-6 years ago I would be hooking up my trailer and coming to see you.
  2. MrEarl


    Love the “Miss Buick” one . Can anybody identify the car?
  3. I thought a bit high too considering they’re painted.
  4. not mine, just thought some might like to see the old photos
  5. MrEarl


    Guilty as charged guys. But if it helps my reputation any, after leaving a couple of teeth in the steering wheel of the Chevelle then spending 3 years in the USMC, the first car I bought upon returning home was a ‘54 Buick and had one ever since. Hope that helps😃
  6. MrEarl

    1963 Buick Special "Pinhead"

    Yea, any updates?
  7. MrEarl


    WOW, hot red!!! You've truly been into Buicks A while haven't you. I worked at a Texaco station part time nights and Saturdays in highschool. Did a lot of work on my '57 Chevy between customers and bought my '67 Chevelle from my boss. Hope to meet you and that '55 Special Century some day. Thanks for sharing Bill! .
  8. MrEarl

    Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Bill I moved the post over to the I Just Love the Picture Of this Buick thread for you.
  9. MrEarl

    Help me date these wire wheel covers

    Nice looking wires!
  10. MrEarl

    Recent BOD Minutes on the Forum

    Well there goes a good chunk of the $600k. Going up against the IRS is never cheap, whether you're in the right or wrong. And I won't try and judge whether they were right or wrong to have called for an audit, just that it is sad that they thought that was the only recourse and possibly felt forced to do it. Not healthy for the club.
  11. The Lord was truly with us through out. We only hit quartz rock and mica in one hole then large sandstone in another but was able to chisel through each. As we were pulling the last run of fence the tractor developed a wheel seal leak and started loosing hydraulic oil. So thank ya Jesus, thank ya Lord. I truly fear it is going to break his spirit. Hopefully doing it in phases will help him adjust. He already misses his buddies who use to come up every morning and play but haven't yet figured out they can still get in.
  12. I planted these magnolia trees some 30 years ago 5 ft off the property line. I didn't have the heart to cut into them on the adjoining property owners side so came on my side of them and clipped them back. a few rock still remain...for character, ya know...
  13. How many posts do you see? Look again... Dowelled in the brace posts Install gates for fitment Le's pull some fence
  14. You may want to order soon if going with this, they only get it by containers. Ours is due in around end of June.
  15. enough jibber jabber and the sun is coming out so need to get going. Le's see where was I... oh yea, plantin posts real convenient center line asphalt joint to pull from for a perfect radius QUITIN TIME Tools of the trade, plumb bob and 4 ft level for plumb, 2x2 measuring and tamping stick for tightening up loose fill then 2x4 for compaction in 4 inch lifts. Beer and wine for reducing worry about any appreciable error.