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  1. 1955 Century 3 speed - $8500 on CL

    Bill, you really need this and you know it. I think that Escalade of yours needs her legs stretched, so let's be hittin the road!!
  2. 1955 Century 3 speed - $8500 on CL

    I'd be satisfied if the seller would go to the trouble of opening the hood and trunk. 55 owners, from what is visible, how correct is the newly done seat upholstery? The door panels look pretty nice considering their age. Very rare car and depending on just how solid could be fairly priced. Does anyone know the numbers on the 55 60 series w/conventional transmissions. I have a letter from Terry Dunham telling that his research shows nmt 525 '54 60's w/ct's were produced but couldn't break that down into 2 or 4 door. I only recall ever seeing 5 2dr ones with two of them being mine. I would think there would be even less 55's? Green is ok, but would love to see this dressed in Titian Red, the hot rod color of the 50's. But maybe Titian Red wasn't available in '55? Bill, go for this now as the penalty for snoozing would be to loose it. The penalty on paying late taxes couldn't be too bad.
  3. FINALLY getting around to sharing the build of a long time dream with y'all, my Buick Sales and Service Garage. The build started about two years after I retired and I had completed about half of the honeydew list that just seemed to keep getting longer. I have always had a thing for old Buick dealerships, especially those of the 50's but more especially the very early one's of the 20's and 30's. Many early car dealers came from the ranks of men involved in the horse related trades such as carriage sales, livery stable operators and blacksmiths. These merchants and tradesmen often engaged in automobile sales and services as sidelines and eventually turned their operations into full scale auto sales and service businesses. Many of the early dealerships also served as a gas station and garage. The materials used on the fronts of the early buildings were usually wood lap, vertical board and batten or metal siding. Later buildings were more of a masonry type construction. My build is basically a 40X40X12 ft pole barn with a lap siding stepped false front that was typical on 1920-30's era car dealership/service garages. There will also be a 12 x 20 metal clad walled welding shed on the back. The building will be used to house and work on my collection of '54's, the '38 and the '79 wagon. I initially considered building a 40-50's art deco style building but since my wife and I have spent the last 30 years building our Victorian farm house style home, barns and gardens, we decided to stay with that general theme. Here's our home, the old Buick Barn and the cobblestone well house. Before jumping into telling about and showing the actual work that has been going on over the last few couple years, let me try and set the mood for the build with some old photos of buildings of the period. Here is what I first considered, but totally not in the style of the rest of our buildings. These represent more the spirit or feel of what we like. And here is a video that I think might help capture and set the mood. I'll be sharing a few of my favorite tunes through out this build so if you want, click on it then come back here and read on ...... or ignore it. And my most liked and the one I used as a basis for the front false facade of my build.
  4. MrEarl's Old Buick Barn

    cords, sorry I am just now checking back on this thread, time flies. Thanks for your kind words mate. I hear them white ants are worse down there than here in the US. A lot of the barn was built firs from out west and it is one of the hardest "softwoods" I know of. Had a short piece lay on the ground for several months next to a short piece of yellow pine and the yp got eat up while the fir didn't get touched. I understand y'all have some pretty hard wood down there also though.

    Just like he's gonna be crying next week.
  6. MrEarl's Daily Therapeutic Dose of Buick

    Thank you Doug, thank you very much 😁 It’s This one is for you Stuart, BUILD THAT RACE CAR!!!
  7. Show us your Vintage tools

    Thanks Joel, Not to mention it was cold as a witches you know what, you can see some snow still on the ground in one picture. It was hard keeping the little paint room up to temperature too, without blowing fuses. I forget exactly how many hours I put into it but I expect it was around 30-40. It was just something I wanted to do. The color in the pictures is off a bit as I used CARS Buick Green and it looks better in person. Thanks so much for the compliment.
  8. 1991 Claret and Grey $1800 - must be rare?

    Looks like its gone This posting has been deleted by its author.
  9. Electra GSX Road Racer

    I've never seen it in person but I contributed, so as maybe I can...someday...
  10. 58-65 45 fin front brake drums

  11. Antique Tire Changer

    Great to see this thread resurface! I’d be interested in purchasing a pre war changer in any condition mainly for display. All I have now is this little bead popper.
  12. MrEarl's Daily Therapeutic Dose of Buick

    I understand that sales were so good, the dealers couldn’t keep the ‘59’s on the showroom floor, but seriously?!

    I can see that 3.3
  14. Show us your Vintage tools

    An old Mac tool box I restored a few years back. In incorrect Buick Engine Green color obviously.
  15. at the Marriott South Park or ?