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  1. MrEarl

    1928 Buick rolling chassis, tires, nice $375

    Posting deleted
  2. MrEarl

    Find the Buick

    Bet nobody even noticed the roll bar
  3. Ah was hoping the teens Buick expert would weigh in. So the nice clean new Buick’s are likely the new ‘17 arrivals would you say?
  4. Nevermind @wndsofchng06 I forgot, the sign I was referring to above was the sign that was still wrapped in a blanket and we loaded and unloaded into the back of the pickup at Hershey about forty- eleven times. Here’s a picture of it before it got wrapped. Can’t wait to mount on the Buick Sales and Service.
  5. Having seen a few nice and not before posted dealership photo's in the many recently started photo threads, just wanted to bring this thread back up in hopes more will use it to post their dealership finds. Here is one of my favorites of an early dealership. Note the Goodyear Service Station painted sign. Look familiar @wndsofchng06? Can anyone date this basedon the year of Buicks in front
  7. MrEarl

    Stan Lee and a Buick

    An “excelsior” moment on an excelsior automobile. Thanks for the universe of superheroes Stan. Excelsior... RIP
  8. MrEarl

    Please introduce yourself...

    Welcome to the Buick Forums @MSCHAUT . Great that you're pulling the '29 Buick Coupe out and breathing some life back into her for your dad!! To be sure you get the help you need for the '29 I'd recommend talking to the good folks down in the PreWar Division forum HERE Also so everyone can enjoy following, please consider sharing your story in our Me and My Buick forum HERE So how long before your dad's birthday?
  9. MrEarl

    collector cars in California fire

    Unconfirmed but heard on social media that the 1948 Norman Timbs Special Buick Streamliner was lost in the Malibu fire today
  10. Can’t confirm but saw on social media today that the Norman Timbs 1948 Special Buick Streamliner was destroyed in the Malibu fire today.
  11. MrEarl

    Find the Buick

    or a ‘57 Chevrolet I suppose, but I’m seeing a ‘54 Buick, in Cashmere White. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m happy with it. ?