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  1. Thanks Leon, I called this morning and left a message so look forward to hearing from them
  2. So you won't be posting here then I take it
  3. For '53 Special four door. Looking for left and right vent window assemblies complete including vertical chrome trim between back glass and the vent glass.
  4. It's a 23 Sport Roadster, one of only a couple I could find on the net. There's a b&w in 70 Years of Buick where it does state that they were maroon as John noted above.
  5. I sent an email right after it was posted and have not gotten a response. Will call tomorrow. I would indeed want to return it to it's correct color, so add that to the list of gas, hotel and food.
  6. Thanks John! Ken does the 40 have s heater in it?
  7. # 2 There is a heat master heater in the 38, so this may go to the 40? If it doesn't go to either one if anybody has a need for it let me know.
  8. Trying to sort out parts from the 38 and 40 Buicks from the barn find. They were thrown in to the 54, 53, 38 and 40. I have been looking at pictures and parts books and determined a lot of them but want to make sure they all go to the right cars/new owners Here's the first one. Will appreciate any help
  9. still you just need to be careful dealing with somebody with no more sense than to go with a SBC over a nailhead... jussayn... if you have it in writing, be careful having him reiterate, reiteration sometimes leads to reneging or adding $$
  10. oh ok, thought you were talking just the short block. Maybe not too bad a deal then.
  11. What you mean is if you "stand" between Russ and Willie.... 😆 Can I get a like on that Willie? 😃 Oh crap Benjamin, that's gonna suck up some tuition bucks there. Can't you find a better candidate for $500 than one with a whole in a piston. 😁😁 How big of a hurry are you to start?
  12. 😕 sorry to hear. When the ground gets saturated over a few days my old barn can get some water coming into the man door but luckily it just sort of migrates on out the double door.
  13. I bet the owner loves to polish them !
  14. 😆😆😆 that's funny. But not. Was looking forward to the run, and am sure you were. Some good detective work there though. Keep us posted on the new date for the run. Will be looking for a video of the historical event! As always thanks for sharing.🙏👍👍👍
  15. Sorry to hear of you turbo problems, hope you find the source soon. Not sure if this trick would have helped but I've used it a couple times when the end of the deck of the trailer would get into the rocker panel and I needed to lessen the angle of the trailer deck and ramps