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  1. MrEarl

    1955 motor swap

    What Ben said
  2. MrEarl

    1940 Buick Drivetrain (all in working order)

    Price and location please @Aceswild03
  3. MrEarl


    Chris, thank you for that awe inspiring photo of the elephants of Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey parading down Pulaski Highway in Baltimore in 1956. I have always loved and been intrigued by elephants and had mixed emotions when Ringling Brothers rolled up their tents for the last time last year. I remember riding in the back seat with my brother in my parents '48 Buick to go see them in Atlanta when I was no more than 4 maybe 5 years old. I always made sure my kids got to ride them whenever a small circus came to our town. Notice all the mamas and their multiple years of offspring. Here is another shot of some of the same elephants moving along Second Avenue in NY in 1945. See the Buick peeking around the corner Then again near Times Square in 1948. Bound to be a B in there somewhere And once more in 1955 moving down Second Avenue. And a B This was the same year Marilyn rode the pink elephant in Madison Square Garden.... and I am sure she rode it well.
  4. MrEarl

    1957 Buick Super Build

    Looks like the last time @421-6speed checked in here was back in Oct of '16 but hopefully his right ear is burning and he will be back with updates.
  5. Double credit here Chris, service station AND a Buick dealership. Now, who can id the cars?
  6. MrEarl


    We're just hoping to get a shot of rain out of it, been running sprinklers here at the gardens for a week now. Prayers for those in the floodwaters.
  7. Welcome to the Buick forum @1948dt and thanks for offering these wonderful old Buick magazines here. As I am building a 1930’s period dealership as a garage/ museum I would love to have a few of the 1920-1940 issues that may reference Buick dealerships and possibly yearly new model debuts to display. I am putting every spare penny into the building but keeping that in mind please pm me a price on a lot of say 10-12. Look forward to hearing from you.
  8. Yes, Passionate and dedicated, and mainly to to the Century model. His first new car was a ‘55 Century of which years later he duplicated with the Green and white one you see in the pictures.
  9. Posting for Mrs Coker Funwood Auction To skip right to the pictures of the items to be auctioned: Photos
  10. Posting for Mrs Coker Funwood Auction To skip right to the pictures of the items to be auctioned: Photos Here in Bob's own words are brief descriptions of the cars and bikes Two Door Hard Top – restored to look like my first new car. Paint code shows different color, original mileage shown. Added electric fuel pump and windshield motor. Original interior – replacement carpet. No rust car. Frame up restoration. Owned since ’97. Driven on two great races. Vin. 6B2002076 Station Wagon – Original Denver Co. car – no rust. Complete frame-up restoration. Made one great race trip. Additional electric fuel pump in car. Century clone – originally was a Special. Only difference is trim tag, vin #, and speedometer are series 49 – not Century (69). Vin. 4B1221631 Four Door Hardtop – red motorama prototype. Series 48 but became Series 63 in production. Factory installed wire wheels. Spent first part of life in California. From ’72 until 2009 (when I purchased it) was in a storage building. Can be seen on (at 4 minute mark car is shown). Vin. 2667341 Convertible – ground up restoration to factory specifications. Any rustout was replaced with metal – no bondo. Optional wire wheels. AACA National winner 2014. Vin 6B1086205 Four Door Sedan – Series 61. Restored cosmetically – no rust, Florida car. Vin. 6B3033000 1935 Hudson Terraplane streetrod – ’96 vortex engine, Cadillac seats, jaguar suspension. Looks, drives, runs – excellent. Vin. 5136983 MOTORCYCLES Blue Vespa Super 150 – owned since ’84. One repaint in ’71. White motorcycle – (1962) Honda Dream 305. Viv. CA7721989 Red motorcycle ’62 250cc, totally disassembled, total ground up restoration.
  11. MrEarl

    1954 banker's hot rod

    No rust through holes so I can’t imagine how they would leap, except from maybe one of the open windows. Or maybe the drain hole in the tire well but they looked a bit fat to fit through that.