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  1. Puregas website map is down, did find this.
  2. Carshows

    Really nice cars on the link, had to share this one. Would be advertized here in the US as "running when parked".
  3. Fire extinguishers for shop and cars

    As a retired Career Firefighter, there are a few things to be aware of using both ABC and Halon extinguishers.1: Halon was first used for electrical and computer storage areas. Halon uses up all the remaining Oxygen in the area, thus the fire goes out. However, in a confined space, it can cause suffocation for the user. 2: ABC or dry chemical is very corrosive especially to electrical components even if not directly involved in the fire.
  4. Chrysler turquoise

    Thank you Rusty and Keiser for your response. After seeing Keiser31's picture, i'm really confused. Attached is a picture of the color on my engine block, and a google image of the red car that is supposedly 62 chrysler turquoise. I'm LOST
  5. Chrysler turquoise

    Don't have a paint supplier, my own vehicle. Have just contacted Bill Hirsch in NJ. Sending me a chip. The confusing thing is that most web searches show the 413 as being orange. However, I believe that only the 413 ram induction was orange. The chrysler turquoise shows up as being for the 440 in 62. My new yorker (413) has the original engine paint, and it is turquoise ????? Looking at 62 color chips, it is very close to willow green.
  6. Have a 62 New Yorker, and need to re-paint engine. Original paint is chrysler turquoise, part # P4120752. Everywhere I have looked, paint shows up as P4120752AB, which is not the correct color. ANY help on where I can get P4120752 would be greatly appreciated.
  7. ????cadillac

    Can anyone tell me what year caddy this is. Guessing late 40's.
  8. What is my car worth?

    I love mine, and it gets as much attention at shows than all the "trailer queens".
  9. SMS Fabrics ????

    Thanks for all the responses. I have delt with them before, although it has been several years ago. Their response for info at that time was only about 72 hours. I am by no means bashing them, the products i received at that time were excellent. Just curious about present response time.
  10. SMS Fabrics ????

    Anyone know what the deal is with SMS fabrics. Sent an Email two weeks ago for information, NO RESPONSE.
  11. Engine paint color 62 chrysler NY

    Thanks guys !! Both sources say it's turquoise, but shows both as correct for 62.
  12. OK, i'm confused. doing research for engine colors for car and have found three different colors. Engine is a 413. One link states 413 in 62 was ORANGE. I'm guessing that was the Max wedge. Other two state the colors shown in the pics, but they are both different. Existing is really faded, but looks more green that blue. Any help???
  13. What are they

    Help in ID on these Auto's
  14. Help on ID

    Friend trying to ID this car. Any help?
  15. What are they???

    Thank you all for the info. Forwarded it to the pictures owner.