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  1. Looking for input. Do you think $3500 is a fair price to pay for a really nice Kaiser Darrin grille ready to go? Thanks.
  2. pint4

    Running lights or foglights?

    If they are side lights, then because they are not very large but are still substantial and quite well made and robust, one might think they would go on a larger car like a Packard or Pierce Arrow from the 30's. The rubber piece under the nut that conforms to the bracket threw me off a bit. Looks like an unique fit.
  3. Are these running lights or very small fog light like one would use on a sports car? The lens is only about 3 3/4"-4" diameter and is flat. They look to be specific to a certain vehicle versus universal. Actually considered they could be for a motorcycle. Thanks for looking.
  4. I think I can get one. Will check.
  5. pint4

    Hubcap ID help needed

    I am not familiar with the design on these hubcaps. I think they are off very early cars. Can someone shed some light on the year and name of the cars that might have used these hubcaps? I think the one with a "P" might be Packard or Pierce-Arrow. The Overland was the easy one but not sure of the year. Thanks. ?
  6. Please PM me if you require an outside rear view mirror for your restoration and we will add your name to the list as we go through the inventory and get back to you if we find one that meets your needs. We have a significant number of mirrors produced by Jay Fisher as well as some repro hood ornaments and other miscellaneous items manufactured by Jay. Jay Fisher mirrors are on some of the finest restorations. There are also a limited number of engraved mirrors with the marque engraved on the mirror housing. Thanks.
  7. If original and nice chrome, is $3500 a fair price?
  8. pint4

    Hubcap ID help needed

    Thank you. I am impressed. I would never have figured them out on my own and I certainly would have never thought the last one was a McLaughlin-Buick. The P for Plymouth makes sense as does the De for Desoto. The Chrysler "C" is very ornate.
  9. Are the numbers above for example or how they should actually look? Does any one have the 0 and the A-Z showing the correct font and size? To do a data plate right, it might be quite challenging. I would like it to look authentic as best as possible using a repro plate to start with. The question is where to start and finding someone who can do it right. Thanks,
  10. I am looking for a source to purchase a reproduction brass VIN data plate for my 37 Packard. I am told they were at one time available on Ebay but I have had no luck finding one. Thanks. Email:
  11. pint4

    Mirror Catalog Wanted

    Does anyone have an old copy of one of Jay Fischer's reproduction mirror catalogs on their shelf? If so, I am looking for a copy or even a copy of your copy. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for everyone's help. I was able to purchase a repro plate from Bill Clark. Looks nice. Can't wait to have it stamped with the data. Has anyone ever had one of these brass plates stamped like the originals?
  13. I am looking for some assistance from someone who has a set of the correct outside rear view mirrors mounted on the windshield posts on their 1937 Packard 120 Convertible Coupe. Using reference points on the windshield post, I am looking for dimensions that show the exact location of the base and screws that hold the mirror in place. Thanks, Bob
  14. pint4

    Diamondback Aurburn Tires

    Does anyone know if Diamondback Tires is any closer to commercializing their line of new Auburn radial tires with the scalloped edges? I need 7.00 x 16 for my car but heard that they only have 6.50 x 16's. I think they have been working on this style for multiple years, further back than I can remember. Their catalog on the web says 2015-16 so not sure if there is an updated version. Thanks.
  15. I am looking for a Jay Fischer Repro Mirror catalog. Does anyone have a copy on their shelf? Even a copy of the catalog would work. Thanks.
  16. JW-I click on the email address in your post that says and my computer says it is an invalid address. That is why I am looking for Bill email address. Thanks.
  17. Does anyone have Bill Clark's email address? If so, please send it to Thanks.
  18. I would like to buy a pair of outside rear view mirrors. Jay Fischer reproduced these mirrors for many years. If you bought a pair and have no plans to use them, I am interested. Please Private Message me with what you have. Thanks.
  19. I have had this sign hanging in my garage for 30 years. It says "A-1" and doesn't have a manufacturer's name on it but I have been told this is a sign for a Used Car lot, possibly Ford. The neon tubing is all in tact and the sign is nice expect for a slight wrinkle near the tip on the left side. Is this something Ford might have used at one time to sell Used Cars?
  20. I have this cast plaque-looks to be aluminum that says-"Bauld Eagles" with an image of an eagle on it and below the eagle it says "Bureau County". The plate is approximately 5" x 9" and is about a 1/4" thick. Does anyone know anything about the this plaque? What it was used for? I am attaching a photo. Thanks.
  21. pint4

    Cast plate for car or possibly motorcycle

    I was leaning that way. It is always a tough call but repainting does take a way some of the character and originality. I have a 1926 Cadillac two-speed shaft driven pedal car that is all original and in extremely nice condition. I came within an inch of tearing it apart and painting it. I was looking at it the other day and I was sure glad I didn't restore it. If I had, it wouldn't have looked much different than all the imported reproductions. And technically I am only the second owner. The original owner received it as a Christmas gift from his brother at a very young age and took really good car of it. It meant a lot to him. Now it is my turn to be caretaker of it for the next generation.
  22. pint4

    Cast plate for car or possibly motorcycle

    I wonder if I should leave it original or paint it. It is in decent condition.
  23. pint4

    Cast plate for car or possibly motorcycle

    That makes sense since the plaque ended up in Wisconsin. It looks like something one would attach to a car but then again, maybe not. The back side has about a 1/4" of tar on it. I wonder what vintage it is?
  24. I am looking to buy an unfinished or partially completed full size Auburn Boat tail speedster or an older built one that needs some refreshing. Might even consider a damaged one depending on the severity of the damage. PM me if you have one or know where there might be one located. Thanks.
  25. Does anyone know who purchased the inventory and tooling when Jay Fischer passed away? He reproduced some of the best repro outside mirrors I ever saw. I am looking to contact them if someone has contact information. Thanks.