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  1. Radio Capacitors

    Great lead. Thanks Ben!
  2. 1941 Limited Limousine

    That ride was very comfy, and at times I felt like I was riding with Sonny Corleone on the way to his last toll booth!
  3. Autumn Buicks

    Yours too Ben! You take awesome pictures in an area that piques my interest but I may never get to explore otherwise. Same with the others who post here. There is beauty everywhere and my thanks to all of you who share it here and elsewhere in the forums.
  4. Autumn Buicks

    Today's offering...
  5. Just around 200 miles in the Electra for the central New England Chapter show in Northampton Mass on Saturday. And 250 miles inn the GS to attend the same show as Phillip today. I am looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.
  6. Autumn Buicks

  7. Autumn Buicks

    Due to Mother Nature, the leaves in my area are much less photogenic this year. Still, grabbed these today

    Great post, pictures and friendships! Looks like a great time was had by all! Congratulations on the award Brian!
  9. Washer Pump Rebuild

    I would pick the nozzles with a sewing needle to try and unplug them.
  10. Autumn Buicks

    Gorgeous Doug! Just gorgeous!
  11. My new infatuation, a '69 Electra

    Well deserved! Congrats my friend!
  12. 56 Rochester 4GC: Trouble from the Start

    Nice find Ben. I have looked at that service tech manual numerous times and never saw those passages. Worth a try
  13. My Buick 1941 Mod 46S

    Ben, please let me clarify my "like" above. I like the car pictured, but I do not know. for a fact, if that would be the color combination for your particular Buick . The car pictured is a sweet looking package!
  14. After this I got us all lost when I missed a road sign on the way to the Waterford Museum. But we did get to the Museum eventually and it was nice with some interesting displays, not the least of which was the fact that the building was moved to this spot in 1966, when it was in the way of a shopping center development. This Mannequin represents Mr Hugh White and his war uniform. The Docent claims that Mr Wight was a lieutenant in the service because he was considered tall. Tall men were promoted to their positions because being tall they could shout orders over the heads of the general troops. Waterford NY is at the confluence of the Mohawk and Hudson Rivers. There is a lock system here now to get to the Mohawk. And there is this original Lock from the first Erie Canal, which I heard was hand dug across NY state. After this stop we went to the Cohoes Falls. Then we headed off for Ice Cream. But when we arrived we discovered the parking lot was full, and it was the last day of the Drive In's season. The line ran almost to the street, so we decided to call it a day. We had left at 8:30am and here we returned to the hotel at 6pm And then, just like that, it was all over!
  15. So we were now 4 cars. The next part was a trip around my favorite road.