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  1. JohnD1956

    92 Century Wagon

    The wagon got it's first compliment today at the grocery store! lol... Go Buick!
  2. JohnD1956

    53 Skylark barn find

    It looks great on a white background. I'm pretty sure it will look great out on the road too, since chances are you will probably have the top down while driving it. Just paint the walls of your garage white.
  3. JohnD1956

    92 Century Wagon

    Quick update! The exhaust parts were bought over the counter. Exhaust pipe, muffler, and tail pipe were all available, and along with the one gasket between the catalytic converter and exhaust pipe and a hefty discount from a rewards program I was packing the parts inside the car for just over $115.00 . This looked like a fairly simple job! All the bolts holding the system in place looked to be in good condition and like they would come out. So I was going to do it myself and argued the issue with myself for a few days while applying some PB Blaster on and off. The weather has changed here and with no heat in the garage, and for some other reasons, I decided to send the car up the road for the exhaust work, which turned out to be the right choice, for me. As it turned out, the bolts all did come out. But there is a separate bracket on the panhard bar that had to be loosened and pulled out of the way. Those bolts also came out but took a lot of torque to get them free. Not sure I could have got those out laying under the car and with my tool assortment. Then it turned out that the exhaust pipe was bent perfectly, but it was two inches short. This pipe extends in one piece from the converter, around the gas tank, up over the rear axle, through the gap formed by the body and that extra panhard bracket, and then makes a 90* turn to meet up with the transverse muffler. I don't have a welder, so it would have been virtually impossible for me to get that system on. As it was, the work took a little over two hours with removal of the old stuff, assembly, mockup, disassembly, welding and then reassembly of the new. But it is a very nice correction and assembly and the system is very quiet, with a slight Buick rumble at the tail pipe outlet. It brings a smile to my face to listen to it there because the 3300 does not have the counter balance shaft, so at an idle it sounds like a little V8 with a seriously altered camshaft. But under load it really runs smooth. The rear quarter glass was also installed this week. As it is I am expecting 1/2 from the muffler shop that caused the damage. I also have plans to pursue the 2nd half when ( if) I get the first half. Next up will be replacing the door seals. In heavy rains three of the doors are leaking and the seals look kinda odd. #1, the seals along the tops are separate pieces. Then they are cut on a 45 degree angle and on all the doors they do not meet the seals running down the pillars. I am not sure these are the original seals as I can't image the car being built this way. This seems to be the problem that's causing the odor in the car. What with the rains we are getting here, just about every other day, the rugs are getting wet and then it's never warm enough to really dry them out. I did try a temporary repair yesterday, as it will take me a while to get some new ones. Also, the alternator had to be replaced. On the last day of the old one it began spiking to 18 volts again, and then, just as suddenly, it dropped to a steady 12 volts. A replacement alternator appears to have fixed that issue and I have been really enjoying the car for the past few days. Go Buick!
  4. JohnD1956

    1941 Limited Limousine

    I think you were right about the taller brackets. Looks a lot better!
  5. JohnD1956

    98 lesabre White wall question

    If those tires are more than 6 years old, then I would replace them all. If less then just replace the one. Actually, I'd probably replace at least two now and then two as soon as practical later on. Blow outs are not fun...
  6. JohnD1956

    how do you work under your cars ?

    That jack looks very good. May I ask some questions: * Does the mechanism of the jack have a safety locks for less than full height? * Can you leave the jack on the floor and drive a car over it on a continuous use basis? Not daily use, I'm just wondering if the jack could be stored compressed on the floor and then driven over a few times a week or so? * Is the jack mobile enough that you could drag it outside and use it at it's full height?
  7. JohnD1956

    52 Buick build (first build)

    May I ask: But did the new key work the ignition switch? If so, then it would be highly unlikely the door or trunk cylinder were different and I suspect they are likely rusted internally. Not quite sure graphite would free up a stuck or rusted tumbler. PB Blaster would work on any rust in there. And at this point you have nothing to lose by trying anything and everything. This includes brake cleaner to remove any residues that are gumming up the operation insides followed by a liquid such as PB Blaster to break up any rust bonds there may be, and even hot transmission fluids dribbled into the key way. This may take several days of repeated application to free up the internals. Also, I assume you tried both pushing the key deeper into the locks and or pulling it part way out, just in case the new key is off by a millimeter or two? May I ask also, did you sit in the car and try manually locking and unlocking the doors? And if so, was the operation of the lock very stiff? Because the key ultimately moves levers inside the latch mechanism, it could be that the latch is also rusted and needs to be cleaned and lubricated. Once again this could be done to a satisfactory operational status with brake cleaner, followed by more PB Blaster. If you are ultimately successful, be sure to end up removing any heavier oils with some brake cleaner and reusing the graphite as a final lubricant in the key cylinders, and with some white lithium grease in the latch. Heavier oils will gum this up especially in cold weather.
  8. JohnD1956

    Restore my buick electra 1969 :)

    Looks like another very nice job! Did you change the timing chain gears before putting the timing chain cover back on the engine?
  9. JohnD1956

    52 Buick build (first build)

    Have you shot some pb blaster or other penetrant into those door and trunk lock cylinders? Could be they just need a little lubrication after sitting unused in the field for a long time.
  10. JohnD1956

    Brake Lines For '64 Skylark 4-Door Sedan

    The major rrason for a difference might be length, if there is a wheelbase difference. Also may be a difference if there is a different body mount location. Both thrse questions may be addressed in the shop manual
  11. JohnD1956

    56 engine questions..for those who know LMK

    That's a very good point Willie. My book is from 1960. It cannot be used to say that these are the original parts, but rather what was considered acceptable as a replacement in 1960. So there very well could have been different '56 heads, in 1956, for various engines. But the information posted does seem to indicate that there was differences between engines for Specials, and engines for the rest of the models. As to the original question on this thread: Can a Special's engine be rebuilt to meet the specs of the other models engines? I would say just about anything can be done. But it seems to me that it would still be better to find an engine from one of the other models to start with.
  12. JohnD1956

    56 engine questions..for those who know LMK

    A review of a 1960 Parts manual reveals the following regarding a '56 322: There is a cam shaft difference between a 56 Dynaflow and a C.T. (Stick shift) transmission drive train. There is no cam shaft difference between any engine followed by a Dynaflow transmission. Heads are the same regardless of the transmission option. Also noted this book shows the 55 heads are the same as a 56. Pistons are different for a Special , and within the Special line, different for a Dynaflow and a CT transmission option. The next two pictures reflect one chart. I just could not get the top line in with the 56 Piston information. So, to answer the OP's original question, I would wait and look for a 56 322 from any other series than a Special if you really are concerned about the horsepower difference.
  13. JohnD1956

    Timbs 1948 Special Buick destroyed in fire

    Wow! Would be quite the loss. That and the unknown numerous other losses as well! I feel for all those in the path of such hazards and destruction!
  14. JohnD1956

    56 idle speed, ignition timing, etc.

    The 56 will have a slightly rough idle from the factory. That's assuming you are running a 550 RPM idle. Also if you used the gas pedal starter switch to spin the starter during your compression test, you did open the throttle. The Nailhead is infamous for it's cylinder head design. One of the limitations of it's design is the smallish intake and exhaust valves. In order to improve performance in the early Nailhead years, the 56 camshaft (and maybe others) became increasingly radical to provide for longer intake and exhaust cycles. At 550 RPM that may result in a somewhat lumpy idle. What is the history on your car? By that I mean, did the seller tell you how much it had been driven before you bought it? And how much have you driven it since purchase? What, if any, prior engine work was performed before you bought it? Can you summarize what you've done to it since you bought it? Have you put on new spark plug wires? And if so, did you take care to run the wires the way the factory recommends, to avoid cross fire? Are you still using the spark plug covers? Does your heat riser valve still rotate? And do you know if the valve is still in the pass side exhaust manifold? It is not my intention to overwhelm you with questions. But some additional information may help to determine if the things you are addressing are normal and expected or abnormal for the '56.
  15. JohnD1956

    I just DON'T like the picture of this Buick

    You might have missed the sellers description as "extremely sharp"!