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  1. What a Buickful find! Love that 38 too! BTW, is that the one with the truncated rear frame?
  2. That is a gorgeous car!!! Nicely done!
  3. Son of a gun, I ran out of "LIKES" today. Love the Phil silvers photo!
  4. Sorry to hear that Eric. Although glad for you if you're glad.
  5. I think there is a bug on the top grill bar, right below the B
  6. Whoa, Double take! I thought for a second that that was my 56. But the evidence shows it can't be.
  7. Pretty soon, the backstroke.
  8. Besides the torque there is a second issue regarding the bolt in the 56 crank. Some cranks were not drilled deep enough. The fix is an extra washer between the bolt head and the balancer. I lost my extra washer before I knew about this issue and ruined my balancer in about 1000 miles. To fix it I brought the replacement balancer to a machine shop and bought a second balancer washer, then had them enlarge the center to clear the step of the crank.
  9. Leave the cam in place. New timing chain if possible to find one but even that does not sound bad. Do you have the technical services bulletin book? If not check the one on the hometown Buick site. There was a bulletin on the harmonic balancer bolt. This is very important in my opinion.
  10. As a former Civil Servant I will stick up for the unfriendly worker. Those folks usually have a job which is narrow in scope and individuality. They can do things within very limited authority. If one presents all paperwork exactly as they need it to do their job, they are grateful. They may not smile because of several reasons but if they do their job in one visit to their window, with no obvious lack of respect, I consider them to be nice, and thank them as I go on my happy way. We can all be sure that they have dealt with dozens of people who were either unprepared and or insisting that the worker bends the rules just this time. Situations which undoubtedly cause unnecessary stress.
  11. two things on the radio. The fader switch must be in place for the speaker to work, and it has been my experience that sometime you only need a new speaker.
  12. Nice! Glad it worked for you. See you there.
  13. I believe the room block is full. But do not know for sure.