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  1. 1941 Buick Survives Pearl Harbor

    Extraordinary! I can only hope to be to brave in adversity. Bless you Owen Hammerberg! May you rest in peace.
  2. RIP, Clarence Getz

    Oh man! So sorry to hear this. Condolences go out to all! Rest in peace Clarence.

    Hey there, Inez is looking somewhat frisky!
  4. First Snow!

    The word "awesome" comes to mind but it is inadequate to describe your pictures of that view!
  5. First Snow!

    Oh man, you are really out in the country! Gorgeous topography! Looks like an independent lifestyle. When you say ranching, may I presume the main business is livestock?
  6. 57 caballero project

    Is it just my computer monitor, or is the engine painted blue vs Buick green?
  7. 57 caballero project

    WOW! That stuff looks GREAT! Where's this plater?
  8. Car Country Salvage Yard

    I could go with that modification. lol
  9. Car Country Salvage Yard

    When I went to that junkyard a few years ago, hood latches were all stuck and rusted closed. More than one hood was cut around the latch and then the hinges were all rusted up too. So yes, I do this on my pampered stored indoors cars, but I also think it makes sense in a junkyard, especially if the vendor wants to keep things under the hood available for sale. After all it is a junkyard. That's usually a one way street for the inventory. And the moisture from the ground up into the closed engine compartment is just as destructive as the rain from the clouds down. And rodents like places where the sun don't shine. While keeping the hoods open the sun shines in approx. 1/2 the day. Keeping the hood closed just makes it a more comfortable rodent condo. Just my opinion though, and based on no scientific research.
  10. 1960 Buick Advice

    These cars are only original once. And sounds like the only original one you have is the white one, albeit full of rust and deterioration. To add to Pete's comments you need to ask yourself what you'll do with them? Are you wanting to take them to shows and garner awards? Or are you looking for an ice cream run sociable car? If you want to win awards the good news is most local shows with various makes in attendance, will never know what is , or isn't, original. If it shines and looks good, then you stand a chance of winning. In this case red is the color of choice, and modifications are no drawback. If you go to the AACA judging then chances are you can get away with things like switching your bucket seats, in any color, into the Idaho Car and installing your wheel opening trims will not be a detriment. If you want to go with Buick Club judging, you can get away with switching the color to any one available in the year of manufacture. The bucket seats and wheel trims may be a detriment depending on the expertise of the team captain at the particular event. And no one is looking for engine numbers to make sure they match. In many cases Buick never had matching numbers. Just don't paint the engine the wrong color. If you just want an ice cream run sociable car, make the Idaho car it what you want. And then make a 2nd running car out of what you have available in left overs. Sell it to Europeans yourself. Then find new storage for left over parts that are rust free. Dump the rest. All this is just my opinion and feel free to disregard any or all of it.
  11. 1949 Buick Super Sedanette (56S)

    You're welcome Will. It always makes me shake my head when people jump into a rebuild of the Dynaflow. There was a fellow here who bought his 49 in Georgia and drove it several hundred miles to our area. Then he thought the trans was going, apparently because of a clinking noise while driving, although he never actually said that. So he takes it to a trans guy who, unfortunately, I recommended. This trans guy proceeds to yank and rebuild the trans without prior approval and then whacks the guy with an $1800 bill. Now the guy is pissed at me, and it still "doesn't seem right" to him, then the trans guy retires and goes out of business. One day a year or two later I happened to be behind him on a tour and I pulled him over. I asked for a rag, and I crawled under the car and wrapped the parking brake cable where the grommet was missing in the cable support on the torque tube. He was amazed! I was disgusted! What a way to beef a retirement plan.
  12. Brought home a 1994 Buick Lesabre.

    These cars are really great for creature comforts, but in the northeast they are prone to destructive rust where the sun don't shine. Even if you wash them religiously, they will deteriorate. The areas of concern are: engine cradle and frame body mounts, rear inner fenders, and wheel well to body seams. Oh, also you will go through a set of gas lines and brake lines, plus a gas tank and a fuel pump. This may even include the gas filler neck. Ugh! By the way, advance to 2005, and most of that stuff is not as big a problem as keeping jackasses from hitting your car.
  13. 1956 Buick Roadmaster Convertible Seat Fitting

    You have to be careful of the model designation. The Special ( series 40) and Century ( series 60 ) are smaller. The Super ( series 50) and Roadmaster ( series 70) are larger. 40/60seats are not interchangeable with 50/70 seats. HOWEVER, I am not sure if the convertible and hardtop seats are interchangeable within these series designations. ALTHOUGH I believe they are interchangeable. Best to take some measurements of the mounting holes and seat widths.