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  1. Learned that the office is still working on the archival awards, since there was a snafu in acquiring the plaques. A little more patience would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Please introduce yourself...

    Welcome Zach! Will be looking for the pictures
  3. I just DON't like the picture of this Buick

    Actually, I love these pictures. It's pictures like these that make the survivors more valuable.
  4. I am pretty sure these Rat Rod guys are doing this just to antagonize purists. Some of that stuff is downright dangerous! One guy in my area has lowered the body on his rat rod so low, and then he left the drive shaft open between the beat up seats. You should sell your blown out tire to this guy! Chances are he'd find a way to use it.
  5. Racked up 324 miles on the Happy car ( the GS) Sunday, traveling to the Yankee Chapter show. I did not take many photos of the trip or at the show either. I have documented the trip several years so it's old news. But I did get this one photo on the way over in the AM No, there are no mountains high enough in this area to be snow covered peaks. Luckily the show was way south of the Vermont Green Mountains! Turns out I never even got a picture of my own car at the show site, but here are a few others: Here is the class winner and Dealership award winner ( Sorry for the fuzzy photo) But I never saw a battery hold down like that! And, here is Philip Roitman with his ( practically) NEW Electra! This car is gorgeous! And the rest:
  6. You are correct Matt. Upon closer observation I see now that the gap I thought I saw in the original picture is actually the gap between the gas pedal and the transmission hump. I cannot get the original picture any clearer for me so I think the original pictured vehicle has carpets. And if the Super's owner is correct, then there would not be carpet on top of the transmission hump. Therefore I vote that the original car is a Roadmaster ( and acknowledge that this is based on a lot of assumptions).
  7. First the Special. Now the Super. And here is the approximate angle of the original picture that started this thread. two more things to note: It may be possible that the Roadmaster had a different door panel pattern. The original photo's car matches this Super's door panel. And, the knob for the wiper switch on top of the dash is different among these two models. The subject car seems to match yesterday's Super. It may be possible that the Roadmaster had a chrome plated version, but that will be something to look for at the next show.
  8. Correct center cap

    I agree with your friend. I understand my 72 could not be ordered with the road wheels either but they will be there as long as I have this car.
  9. Today at the Yankee Chapter show I discovered a difference between the big and small bodied dashboards. The one in the subject picture is for a Super or Roadmaster. The difference is in the area to the right of the inboard gauge, and the speaker grill. Note that the big bodied 40's are wider bodies as the running boards were eliminated. The small bodied 40's still have the running board and the cabin is slightly narrower. In the 40 Super convertible that I saw, it appears to be close to two inches between the inside edge of the gauge and the speaker grill. In the two 40 Specials that were there, this gap appears to be 1 inch. It is plainly obvious in a side by side comparison. I did take some pictures to illustrate the difference. Just need a few days to upload em. Also it is noted the 40 Super at the show had rubber floor mats and flat seat upholstery. According to the owner there could have been carpet inserts which were glued to the floor area of the rubber mat but not the kick boards. So if the Roadmaster also has flat seat upholstery in this model then the subject picture is either a Super or a Roadmaster.
  10. Correct center cap

    Oh, and in my opinion, I'd look for a center cap that is not going to be contacting the rear fender skirt.
  11. Correct center cap

    Ah ha! a trick question! There is no correct center cap for a 70 Electra. The correct cap is a hub cap. So what ever he can find will do.
  12. 1953 Buick Special no turning over?

    Keep in mind that the oil pressure and temperature gauge are both manual. You won't see any oil pressure unless it is running with the exception that you may see some movement if the engine is being cranked by the starter, but this is rather rare. The temp gauge will read the engine temp no matter if the engine is on or off. The fuel and amp gauges are electrical. Are you seeing the amp gauge go to the discharge side when you turn the key and before you crank the motor?
  13. It would definitely be a 1940 but looking at pictures via Google it's near impossible to tell which model it would be. From pictures posted it appears all the models would have had the chrome windshield garnish, and the machine turned dash pods. The upholstery on what's been shared is unreliable in that who knows if someone did a modification when refurbishing an interior? But the one tiny clue may be the small patch of the seat bottom in the picture, which shows flat upholstery. Being a relatively new car at the time I think it's safe to eliminate the Roadmaster and the Century. So for me it's between the Special and the Super. But another unreliable clue is the small patch of floor board over the trans hump. That appears to show carpet which is split in the middle. Now I believe the Special would have had a rubber floor mat, The Super may have had carpets. This floor mat appears to be for an older car and would have accommodated a floor shifter. Since the area under the mat is black I' might assume that the underlayment is the black floor mat, thus a Special. It would have been a sharp car no matter the model, and it is too bad it wasn't kept, but back then it was probably just an old car when traded in.
  14. 1985 Le Sabre collectors edition.

    Thats a great looking car! I hope you can resolve the overheating without the electric fan. Chances are it may be in need of a new radiator at this point. Unfortunately that is not a low cost repair. New ones are plastic tanked & aluminum cored. They go for under two hundred. But I have found them to be problematic. I went thru 4 of them on my former 78 Estate Wagon, and the new owner told me #4 is now leaking. A recore on your origInal Tanks will cost a lot more, but last a lot longer. But either way I am sure you will have many miles of enjoyment with that car. Good luck!
  15. Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    Both ways I presume?