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  1. Sounds like a coil issue to me. Check the wires going from the coil to the distributor, and the wires inside the distributor, in case the insulation on them has crumbled and broken away, causing the wire to ground out.
  2. You should hit that bare metal with a prep acid for body work. That "New Metal" Acid will go on easy and etch the metal plus dry to a finish which will offer some temporary protection from flash rusting. Also NAPA has a spray paint product for lightly rusted metal that coats the rust and concerts it to a black finish that seals the bare metal from flash rusting. Otherwise you will be sanding from now till forever!
  3. Same for mine. Towards passenger's side to illuminate the map light.
  4. Another 80 s-miles today in the 56. I should have changed that PS pump ten years ago! It's so much better now!
  5. I enjoyed Flint for each of the 3 meets I attended there. I am glad to hear people are making a run at making it better. I wish them good luck.
  6. It's not like that in my 56. Maplight switch is just the map light, no dome light. Dome light switch is both. I don't know how it came to be that way, since most switches are just a circuit ground, but that's the way mine works. Recheck the wiring diagram against your car.
  7. Actually, chances are it's the window seal that is leaking. Worse, where it's been leaking it will be rusted. It won't be fast, but here is my recommendation: Have the glass shop pull the rear glass. Take the car home and then treat the entire seal surface (pinch weld) . Treatment includes any and or all the following: Sand, shot blast: wire brush with "New Metal", till no trace of rust can be seen, then coat with the primer for the pinch weld area. New Metal is a mild acid product which is used for etching. When this is used it leaves a phosphate coating to prevent flash rusting of the bare metal. There are various products for this depending on where you get your automotive paint products. Check with the glass and paint shop on the pinch weld primer. As far as I understand it, this is different formula than regular primer. It has to stand up to the chemicals in the windshield glue, used to hold your window. Last thing you want is for the pinch weld area to be ill prepared before reinstalling the rear glass. It will cause the glue to lift and leak again.
  8. They opened the top of the tank, removed the dents, cleaned the interior. Then I'm not sure the order but the tank is welded back together, the sealer applied, and the outside was coated. They had two optional outside coatings, slick silver, representing a new tank finish, or black textured representing an undercoat style finish. The unit is then baked to a permanent finish. I chose the textured since my car still has the undercoating applied.
  9. I endorse Gas-tank-renu. It worked on my 56 tank where there were no new tanks available. Cannot even remember how long ago I did it. Possibly 2003-05 somewhere.
  10. Hmmm! Interesting tire color choice!
  11. Sept 29- Oct 1 2017 NORTHEAST REGIONAL MEET Clifton Park, New York The Upstate New York Chapter is pleased to host this year's Northeast Regional in Clifton Park, New York. Just a short driving distance from the foothills of the Adirondacks, this location offers you the opportunity to enjoy Upstate New York during one of its most beautiful seasons. Come join us for this exciting three day event. There are many points of interest just a short drive away; the State capital, Saratoga Raceway and Lake George to name a few. Our driving tour on Sunday will introduce you to even more of this historic area. So make plans to join us this fall. The registration form is at the end of this page. Instructions on how to complete it are also included. Here are complete event details MEET ITINERARY HOTEL INFORMATION Host Hotel: Homewood Suites : Clifton Park Center: 42 Clifton Country Center Road, Clifton Park, NY. All rooms are suites in this hotel, with kitchenettes. Kings and doubles available. Hot continental breakfast included. Non guests can purchase the breakfast for $6.96 + tax. Car show site and preferred meet parking lots. $135.00 + Tax per night, with rates extended to Thursday and Sunday nite. Reservation code: BCS Homewood Suites Website Overflow Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn: Clifton Park Center: 30 Clifton Park Center Road, Clifton Park, NY. Attached to the shopping mall. Standard rooms with amenities. Restaurant is on-site, but breakfast is not included. $125 + tax per night, Thursday through Sunday night. Reservation code: BCA Hilton Garden Inn Website Call 1 800 HILTONS for either hotel. Note: there are other conventions and activities occurring in this area on the weekend of our event. Therefore we recommend you book your rooms as early as possible BANQUET INFORMATION Cocktail hour begins at 5:00pm at the Hilton Garden Inn right next door. The hour will feature a cash bar with light hors d’oeuvres and plenty of friendly conversation. Please join us for cocktails whether or not you attend the banquet which follows. Banquet: The banquet begins at 6:00pm, and is a sit down dinner. Participants have a choice of one of the following three entrees: 1) Sliced New York Sirloin: Rosemary and Garlic seasoned, Mushroom Demi, Grilled Zucchini, Oven Blistered Tomatoes and Roasted Fingerlings. 2) Chicken Marsala: Sauteed Scallopini, Cremini Mushrooms, Shallots, Sweet Marsala Wine sauce, Asparagus, and Creamy Polenta 3) Honey Soy Glazed Salmon: With Mango Chutney, Basmati Rice Pilaf, and Stir-fried Carrots and Peppers All meals include a salad, dessert, and iced / hot tea or coffee and water. Soft drinks are available at the cash bar. There is no formal program, just a good time with our friends. Dress is casual. DOWNLOAD REGISTRATION FORM HERE (please save to your computer before downloading) Registration form instructions For your convenience, the registration form found here is an executable PDF. You can either: Print this form out , and complete it by hand. Or, complete it on your PC (if you have Adobe Reader). Once completed, please print the form and mail it with your payment to: Christine Timber, Registrar 12 Austain Ave Albany, NY 12205 NOTE: if the form is completed using the computer, you will need to add the vehicle registration fee based on the fee schedule shown. However, you will only need to include the number of banquet meal choices and T shirts (by size). There-after the banquet and t shirt totals along with the grand total will be automatically calculated. Thank you. Content copyright 2017. Upstate NY Chapter Buick Club of America. All rights reserved.
  12. Thanks Dan and Lynn. I will miss the daily updates on your progress.
  13. Women! What do they know about a good car! I'll take that 65 Electra any day Papa Bernie!!!
  14. Beemon, First I want to say I am sorry that you are having this engine issue. But lets stem the tide of how you got to this place and go back a few steps on the basics of how to get moving ahead. May I ask some questions while inviting the community to offer other steps to diagnose this issue? 1- Have you pulled and documented the condition of your spark plugs? 2- Have you run a new compression test and any form of leakdown test? 3- Do you know if your engine was bored when it was rebuilt? 4- Do you have any documentation which indicates where the rings were purchased? In my opinion I am thinking you may have one or two cylinders which have compromised rings. If that can be determined with any reliability, it may be possible to pull those one or two pistons while the engine remains in the car. Then just install a new set of rings and reassemble. I'll note that it's not the optimal solution, and may again be only temporary, but it is not unheard of for people to change one or two bad pistons and away they go. We've seen this here. If you have deeper issues than that, it would make no difference as your car will be setting up at home any way. Looking towards the long term future, in my humble opinion, it would be a big mistake to bet your future college tuition on rebuilding an engine hastily. You are so bright, and capable! I imagine with your potential that in the not too distant future you will find yourself financially capable of rebuilding an engine or two or three. So I recommend seeing if you can patch the 56 together for the short term, keep looking for an altogether engine that runs and is affordable, and see about some long term storage for the 56 so it's there when you can correct the problems to your satisfaction. It's not everyone who can have their grandfather's Buick.
  15. I was wondering if the insurance would cover this.