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  1. While you guys are all driving and cruising all over the place, what with the gorgeous weekend just past, all I managed was a trip to the gas station & grocery store in the Electra! And a trip to the gas station with the GS. That still leaves the 56 on a half tank and the Regal is damn near empty!!! Sheesh!
  2. Cannot speak for a generator bushing, but I know for a fact it works on pilot shaft bushings! Mush easier than it even sounds.
  3. An interesting car. The power windows are a good option. Also saw it has the factory rear speaker switch. The rear bumper J bars look solid which is huge! A nice driver indeed, and also a lot of work to restore. One thing I wonder about are all the misspellings in the advertisement. To me that sorta indicates buyer beware of a scammer.
  4. These are stunning pictures! Fantastic!
  5. Replacements are likely to be old type, non ethanol compliant line. I used an end of a brake line on the pump and just put a piece of hose over with clamps.
  6. Well thanks for the other half Willis. But clerk 1 used the computer to pick the blank only. The cut was done on a new machine that had the original key ride on one end of the bar and the blank on the other end with the blade. Not sure if thats considered the hand cutter or what. Of course the point is the future service people are lost without a computer. If its on the screen its right, regardless. If its not on the screen it doesn't exist! Personally I think this is sad!
  7. You have an original head gasket. That's what they looked like and will increase the compression ratio in your engine. Generally speaking you id the water jacket ports and put a coat of sealer around them before assembly. Do a dry run on placement too. It has a top and bottom. It fits perfectly the right way and may look close the other.
  8. I was looking forward to some nice pics of a worn but potentially useable 79 Estate wagon. This one really hurt Matt!!!
  9. Not only overkill, but potentially un-useable. Have you seen the twist turn that makes to attach to the starter? LOL...
  10. So: I went to my local ACE Hardware to get some extra keys for the Electra. I did get an extra ignition key back when I got the car, but for some reason I did not get an extra trunk key, but that’s not important. I wanted to get both an ignition key and trunk key now. So the clerk who has helped me in the past with other keys offers to assist. I’ll call him Clerk1. Here’s how it went: Me: I’d like to get one key like this ( Ignition Key) and two of these ( trunk Key). There is a letter code on the blanks here. I hope you still have the blanks. Clerk 1: Looks at the key and then stuffs the ignition key into a slot below the computer. He looks at the computer, pulls the key out of the slot and stuffs it back in. Keys some stuff on the keyboard and pulls the key out and then stuffs it into a different slot machine next the computer. Types a bunch of other stuff and then asks me what type of car it is. Me: It’s a 72 Buick Electra, but the code for the blank can be seen on the key, do you have blanks with that code. Clerk 1 looks at the rack of keys and picks one off but puts it back and spins the carousel. Then he sighs and takes the key and stuffs it into the slot below the computer again. Types more stuff and asks me to id the car again. Pulls the key out and stuffs it into the other slot and then selects a blank off the board. He cuts the key and hands them to me to which I checked and he had the right blank. Me: This is good, now I need two of these (trunk key). Clerk1, same basic scenario as above. After a few more minutes he pulls another square keyhead blank off the same rack. Me: I think that’s wrong. It should be a round key. Clerk1: Sir, that’s not what the computer says. It says right there that it should be this blank Me: That can’t be right. It should be a round key, what’s the code on the blank? Does it match my key? Clerk 1: You can’t go by that. Our blanks are not the same as your keys, they are different and the computer says that is the right blank. Do you want me to cut it or not? Me: Okay, go ahead and cut it. Clerk1 hands me the two keys which of course matched perfectly in terms of the tumbler surface, but which were totally different in terms of the side slots. Me: See this, this key won’t go into the lock. This cannot be right. Clerk1 takes the keys and says the cut matches perfectly. Me: I agree, but the slots are wrong. This key will not go into my lock. Clerk1: This is the right key according to the computer but I see what you mean. Clerk1 then calls for assistance. Clerk2 arrives and the situation is explained by Clerk 1. Clerk2: Well, You gotta go by the code on the original key. See here, this one is a code C, so you use a code C off the board. Clerk1: But that’s not what the computer says. Clerk2: You can’t go by the computer. These car guys know their cars. You only go by the code on the key. What’s that screen you have on the computer? You shouldn’t even be on that screen. That’s not right! Here, here is the blank with the code C, use that one. Clerk1: cuts the keys and hands them to me and apologizes several times for his errors. Me: Don’t worry about it…. LOL…
  11. My Electra has 4 guage, and I pulled 4 guage off the GS too. But the new cable from Year One for the GS appeared thicker. It is also a spring ring connector. But it wasn't cheap.
  12. One thing to watch is some applications will run an engine in the opposite direction. I think Marine applications will run the engine counter clockwise as a general practice. I knew of two V6's used that way, but am unsure Nailheads were ever installed as marine power plants.
  13. Looks incompatible to me. LOL
  14. 4 guage will work just fine with a 430.
  15. See your pm's