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  1. The 1929 runners share the road with impatient drivers! (Much has changed in nine decades...) This is raw, unedited Fox Movietone newsreel footage....the real deal!
  2. Did you try contacting the Buick clubs in Maryland? Metro Chapter B.O.O.M. (Buick Owners of America) -- Craig Bober - (remove XXX before sending) Mid-Atlantic Region, Bill Anderson, XXX (remove XXX before sending) Also you might try the 36-38 Buick club, this appears to be a national group, not just Maryland.
  3. 1934 Hudson/ Essex

    A photo of the cover (as spotted on someone else's car, of course) would be helpful. Someone could be sitting on one of these, in a box of old parts, and might have no idea what it fit. By the way, you mean "Hudson" as opposed to "Essex" (which was not made in 1934) or "Terraplane" that correct? Currently there is a 1934 Terraplane crank hole cover on Ebay.
  4. Why don't you mention where the car was located when your father purchased it, and the year it was purchased. And the seller's name, if you know it. Perhaps someone from that area might recall the car, and happen to know the person or someone in his / her family. This might possibly open up some ''leads''.
  5. Thanks to Fox Movietone News and the University of South Carolina for these raw, unedited outtakes from movie newsreels.
  6. If you don't get any good answers here, you could also post your question at the Hudson Open Forum, at Registration is fairly simple and, of course, free. There should be some Hudson owners who can offer you some advice on this problem.
  7. hot rod rad rod

    Have you posted this car on the H.A.M.B.? I'd think that website might have many, many more potential buyers than this one would.
  8. We welcome Hudson enthusiasts to join us in Front Royal, Va. on May 17, 18, 19 and 20, 2018 for the Eastern Regional Meet (which, this year, incorporates "Doc's Apple Blossom Meet", now in its 55th year). You'll find a flyer with all information at our CBC chapter website, . Click the "Doc's Meet" link when you get there; on your way to the flyer you'll see an "updates" page which gives information on improvements that have been added since the flyer was printed. Please note that "Doc's Meet" / The Eastern Regional takes place the weekend AFTER Mother's Day, this year!
  9. 1947 Hudson production numbers

    Sadly, a lot of records were thrown out when Nash merged with Hudson in '54. In general, only the overall production numbers for each year are known. Numbers for specific series or body styles are, generally, unavailable. Some people in the Hudson club have tried to deduce these quantities using different methods, but these are only educated guesses. You might want to pose this question at the Hudson Open Forum, possibly someone in the Club has done some research on the production run of the '47 Commodore Eight convertibles and could give you an educated guess.
  10. Terraplane ID help

    Agreed. The front doors were hinged at the back in 1936 (suicide doors). The 1937 model (which looks similar but has a completely different body) has door hinges at front.
  11. 1955 Hudson

    If your message doesn't attract any answers here, you might try posting it over at the Hudson Open Forum, at To register you simply need to supply your e-mail address and devise a password. You might also want to give you rough location, because possibly someone with the needed part, might live near you. I'm fairly sure someone will be able to offer you at least a suggestion.
  12. Hi, took a brief look at a copy of the '36 manual, and this set-up is common to mid- to late-1930's Hudsons. No "split" brake pedal, I can assure you! It does show the safety brake system (used on all Hudson products) but that is under the floorboard, not above. Incidentally, if you want to ask Hudson questions you needn't sign up for the forum at the H-E-T Club's website, merely to the "Open Forum" at , invent a username and password, and you're in. This is also run by the Club and is more for the general public, but plenty of Hudson enthusiasts come there, and could answer most questions.
  13. I"m totally unfamiliar with this setup (I have a '37 Terraplane so if "factory", that setup should have been on mine as well). Sounds like it was cobbled by a previous owner, or was some sort of Pep Boys aftermarket item. What purpose did it accomplish? In your memory, what did the two-piece brake pedal do that wasn't done by other cars you'd owned at the time? Of course, Hudsons had a safety brake at the time; if the hydraulics failed the linkage would engage the emergency brake cable when the pedal neared the floor. But that device was all located under the floor and from inside the car the pedals (brake and clutch) looked just like in any other car of the era.
  14. I've never heard of a two-piece brake pedal (for Hudson, or any other make). Sounds like a previous owner had rigged something up. So, you're saying that the brake pedal had an upper and a lower half, each of which had its own linkage through the floorboard? If you stepped on either part of the pedal, it would (on a good day) stop the car? What could have been the purpose for such a pedal?
  15. 1949 Plymouth special deluxe

    Wait. You said you came out to start the vehicle and "it would not crank". So, when you turned the key, the starter didn't even turn the engine over? If it didn't turn the engine over, did you even hear a "click" from the engine compartment when you turned the key? If you didn't hear a "click" I would suspect either the battery or ground connections, or the starter solenoid. Or the starter switch.