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  1. Just for the record, here is the referenced portion of the Code (paragraph E is in boldface): 46.2-730. License plates for antique motor vehicles and antique trailers;fee. A. On receipt of an application, the Commissioner shall issue appropriatelydesigned license plates to owners of antique motor vehicles and antiquetrailers. These license plates shall be valid so long as title to the vehicleis vested in the applicant. The fee for the registration card and licenseplates of any of these vehicles shall be $10. B. On receipt of an application, the Commissioner may authorize for use on antique motor vehicles and antique trailers Virginia license plates manufactured prior to 1976 and designed for use without decals, if such license plates are embossed with or are of the same year of issue as the model year of the antique motor vehicle or antique trailer on which they are to be displayed. Original metal year tabs issued in place of license plates for years 1943 and 1953 and used with license plates issued in 1942 and 1952,respectively, also may be authorized by the Commissioner for use on antique motor vehicles and antique trailers that are of the same model year as th eyear the metal tab was originally issued. These license plates and metal tabsshall remain valid so long as title to the vehicle is vested in the applicant. The fee for the registration card and permission to use the license plates and metal tabs on any of these vehicles shall be $10. C. Notwithstanding the provisions of 46.2-711 and 46.2-715, antique motorvehicles may display single license plates if the original manufacturer's design of the antique motor vehicles allows for the use of only single license plates or if the license plate was originally issued in one of the following years and is displayed in accordance with the provisions of subsection B of this section: 1906, 1907, 1908, 1909, 1945, or 1946. D. Except as provided in subsection E of this section, motor vehicles and trailers registered with license plates issued under this section shall not be used for general transportation purposes, including, but not limited to,daily travel to and from the owner's place of employment, but shall only be used: 1. For participation in club activities, exhibits, tours, parades, and similar events; and 2. On the highways of the Commonwealth for the purpose of testing their operation, obtaining repairs or maintenance, transportation to and from events as described in subdivision 1 of this subsection, and for occasional pleasure driving not exceeding 250 miles from the residence of the owner. E. Notwithstanding the foregoing provision of this section, antique motor vehicles and antique trailers displaying license plates issued pursuant to subsections B and C of this section may be used for general transportation purposes if the following conditions are met: 1. The physical condition of the vehicle's license plate or plates has been inspected and approved by the Department; 2. The license plate or plates are registered to the specific vehicle by the Department; 3. The owner of the vehicle periodically registers the vehicle with the Department and pays a registration fee for the vehicle equal to that whichwould be charged to obtain regular state license plates for that vehicle; 4. The vehicle passes a periodic safety inspection as provided in Article 21( 46.2-1157 et seq.) of Chapter 10 of this title; 5. The vehicle displays current decals attached to the license plate, issued by the Department, indicating the valid registration period for the vehicle;and 6. When applicable, the vehicle meets the requirement of Article 22 (46.2-1176 et seq.) of Chapter 10 of this title. If more than one request is made for use, as provided in this subsection, of license plates having the same number, the Department shall accept only thefirst such application. Only vehicles titled to the person seeking to use license plates as provided in this subsection shall be eligible to use license plates as provided in this subsection. F. Nothing in this section shall be construed as prohibiting the use of an antique motor vehicle to tow a trailer or semitrailer.
  2. Unfortunately I know of no one reproducing these. "Gas Tank Renu" is the solution chosen by most Hudson owners I know. You might stumble onto a decent used one by checking with some of the Hudson parts vendors.
  3. The loss of life in Aleppo is tragic, and it will take the city some time to rebuild. Here is the story of what one resident found when he returned home after the fighting.
  4. You've probably been browsing Ebay but I noticed a couple pullers there that seem to be in the ballpark, in terms of diameter: This one (now on Ebay) is a double sided one, they say that one side is 2-5/8" -- Here's a 2-9/16" (16 threads per inch) one, in an auction just ended.
  5. I installed silicone in my 1937's brake lines about 25 years ago, and essentially left it alone. Last summer I found a small leak in one wheel cylinder and replaced the cylinder. That's about the extent of my problems using silicone. I have heard complaints by some people with hydraulic brake light switches, that the silicone manages to leak into the switches. I don't know if this problem is widespread. My car has a mechanical brakelight switch that has no connection to the hydraulic lines, so of course it wouldn't have been a problem with me.
  6. On May 12, 13 and 14 the 54th annual Doc's Apple Blossom Meet will be held in Front Royal, Virginia. If you have an interest in or even just a curiosity about Hudsons, Essexes or Terraplanes, plan to join us for one, two or all three days of this great springtime get-together for Hudson owners! If you have questions please contact Jon Battle at, or phone (540) 364-1770. Hope to see you in Front Royal!
  7. That will be helpful! Meanwhile, you might consider posting a message at the Hudson Open Forum, at as well as here.
  8. That covers a lot of territory! Could you come up with a photo of a radiator, maybe from a similar car, on the internet?
  9. Here's an on-line article about a fellow who managed to find the '27 he'd sold years earlier. Good shots of the car (a coach, just like the one in your picture). And there's a brief history of the Essex marque. "Any information" is a tall order. Do you have specific questions? If you are looking for detailed information that no one can answer, you could post your questions over at the Hudson club's forum, at
  10. It's the main on-line forum for Hudson owners, and is sponsored by the Hudson club. There is also a Hudson Facebook page you could try, if you're more into Facebook stuff.
  11. Hi, Bill: May I suggest that you place your solicitation on the "Hudson Open Forum", at ? I would have pasted your appeal there myself, but you show no contact info. besides the PM system here at the AACA, and to use that I would have to set myself up as the "transfer person". Much better if you posted your contact info directly, over at the Hudson club's forum.
  12. The Hudson club's serial number listing indicates that this is a 1928 Essex, "second series". (Serial numbers 816865 to 928657). However, the instrument panel you show, does not match that of the 1928 Essex. Your car looks like an open car, so possibly this was a special body with a different instrument cluster, or maybe the "second series" featured a different instrument panel. Here's an image of the '28 dashboard from an on-line car ad: Incidentally, if you intend to keep this car and restore it, you may wish to join the Hudson-Essex-Terraplane Club, at When you have more questions, I would suggest you post them not only here, but at the Club's "Open Forum" at Registration at the Forum is free and simple, and the forum is active and helpful.
  13. My father's '54 Caddy had the vacuum-operated antenna and from the day he bought the car (in 1955) it never worked. Up or down. Just hissed. It was either the left or right control knob that controlled it. You pushed the knob in or pulled it out, to make the antenna go up or down. (Or vice-versa.)
  14. I don't think that the serial number would indicate the body style. Hudson's serial numbers generally started out with a letter or number code that identified the model and year, followed by a sequential production number. For example, "7210034" meant "model 72" (which indicated a particular series and year), and the 10,034th car produced that year. If you have further questions about the Essex Speedabout I suggest you try the Hudson Open Forum at
  15. Just a reminder that the H-E-T Club will have a booth at the Hershey, Pa. fall meet on Oct. 5 through 8, in the Red Field (the farthest field to the east, in front of the "old" stadium), space RNE 24-25. Sign up for membership, enjoy a cup of fresh coffee and a donut, "set you a spell" in our comfy camp chairs, leave or read notes on our bulletin board, and temporarily "park" that heavy generator you've been lugging around the flea market. If you're not in the Club, stop by anyway and meet some fellow Hudson owners. Discounted rooms expired on Sept. 16, but you may be able to still get a regular-price room at the Carlisle Quality Inn, just off Rte. 81 at its intersection with Rte. 11 near Carlisle, Pa. We'll maintain a hospitality room on both Friday and Saturday afternoons just off the main lobby. On Saturday night at 6:00 PM, we've reserved a room at Hoss' Steak and Sea House just a mile or two down the road. Each person orders / pays for themselves, no reservations necessary. Meet & greet fellow Hudson owners. We usually get about 40 people. The all-Hudson flea market takes place on Sunday morning between 8 AM and noon in the parking lot behind the Quality Inn. Hershey is a legendary mecca for old car people; the flea market and car show stretches for one mile. If you have never attended, you should consider doing so. And of course, if you have a Hudson this is a good place to meet other Hudson people while looking for parts and seeing some amazing things! E-mail me for any additional information: Jon Battle,, drop the xxx before mailing.