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  1. 1930's Chevy radio for sale

    The receiver / speaker box isn't from a Chevy as it has the "DPCD" Chrysler Corp. nameplate on it. But in my experience the "box" for any make of 1930's radio tends to be worth less than the control head (which you have) anyway. You could probably check around Ebay to see how much money people are actually getting for the control heads. For instance, there's a similar one on Ebay right now -- minus its finish plate: You can watch just what people are willing to pay for it.
  2. Is there any indication in the book of which model or year it is speaking of?

    What year(s) does this book cover? Or, are there any dates on the bulletins that would suggest a particular era?
  4. Wanted 29 hudson coupe or roadster

    You may also want to put this on the Hudson club's forum at I know of a '29 coupe in a restoration shop, where the basic body and woodwork is mostly done but the owner lost interest. Obviously there is a LOT to do but the heavy lifting is already done. I'm not sure whether the shop's owners are interested in selling but I could make some inquiries if you like. However, I'm guessing you want something complete, not a project!
  5. Welcome Hudson Enthusiasts!

    Frankiero, you will probably get more results if you post a separate message (here at the Hudson section of the AACA forum), instead of tacking your message to the back of Peter's message. I would suggest you also post your question over at the Hudson club's forum, at . It's very active.
  6. 6 Volt batteries

    A couple thoughts: 1. Since there are several manufacturers of 6-volt batteries, do check the Cold Cranking Amp (CCA) rating. (Don't go by "Cranking Amps") Get the highest you can get. A number of cheaper batteries have lower CCA ratings. Optima (the gel-type battery which has been mentioned in this discussion) has something like 850 CCA which is extremely good. Some inexpensive batteries have CCA ratings in the 500's and 600's. See if you can do better. I have been using a "DEKA" group 2 battery #902, which used to be rated at 780CCA but now DEKA only rates it at 675. (For specs go to and type 902 in the search box.) The price ran in the mid nineties. You can order these through many battery or auto electric shops. Batteries Plus Bulbs (a chain of battery stores) sells a Duracell Group 2 battery for about $85, but it too is only rated at 675 CCA. For more, go here: 2. If your under-seat battery holder has a metal top (to keep cold air out of the car interior) be VERY mindful of battery height. Back in 1965 I was driving my '39 DeSoto to college when the battery posts shorted out on the metal battery box top, and the seat upholstery caught fire. The battery place had installed the incorrect battery. (I managed to yank the flaming seat cushion out of the car in time. After it burned up and cooled down, I reinstalled the metal frame and springs, and continued my journey, sadder but wiser in the way of batteries.)
  7. 1929 Essex carb

    Not sure; I think the metal in those carbs, dissolves. Some folks have cast new ones from different metal. If you don't get an answer here, try asking it at the Hudson Open Forum, Here is a past discussion on the AACA Forum, about Marvel V Carbs for the 1929's: The gentleman who posted to the forum, was (at least back in 2012) remanufacturing part of the carb in aluminum, but it wasn't cheap1
  8. I think you are referring to the Sugarloaf Mountain Region (AACA) flea market held in Westminster on March 24 & 25. Here is the FLYER and it contains contact info for the organizer of the event. Possibly he'd have a list of vendors.
  9. 1950 Commodore 6

    Welcome to the AACA Forums! This is certainly the place to bring your questions, but you might want to post them elsewhere as well. (The larger the net, the more fish you'll catch!) One good place, in addition to the AACA Forum, is the The Hudson Open Forum , which is an active place. It's run by the Hudson club (which you may wish to join, if you plan to hold onto this car). I know that you'll get a lot of good advice on reviving this car from its slumber. You might want to get a photo of it ready, to post on the site. Also, do mention the year. body style and engine (6 or 8 cylinder. and C.I.D. if known). It's also good to mention your approximate location; if there's anyone on the forum with Hudson know-how who lives near you, he may be willing to stop by and give you some first-hand pointers.
  10. Wish to rent antique car

    Very few people want to rent their antique cars out for functions, mainly because insurance companies would not cover such a transaction and they could be liable should there be any sort of accident in their car. You could Google New Hampshire for antique car rentals. Another possibility would be to contact a local region of the AACA and ask the president to announce your request of a car, either at a meeting or in their newsletter. The person with the car would make it available gratis, but he/she might be rewarded with a nice meal or some other form of appreciation that did not amount to a "payment". The only AACA in New Hampshire is the Granite Region. The President is Ken Sommers who lives in Fremont, and his e-mail address is (delete the XXX; I've masked the address to defeat the Spam Robots).
  11. For the benefit of Oldlady, here's a link to the MAFCA listing contact people for the two Main chapters of the club. There is a Model A Restorer's Club but they have no regions in Maine. You would be well-advised to contact one or both of the clubs to give them your story, and ask their advice as to how to proceed. Possibly you could join one of the clubs, go to a meeting, and ask the members if someone would be available to lend you a hand in fixing up the car, and what sort of expense this would involve.
  12. Terraplane Interchange Manual

    They don't say. It looks like an early version of Hollander's interchange manual. Guess you'd have to ask them what sort of parts the book covers.
  13. It will not be easy for a '33, especially an 8 (since that is a one-year-only engine availability). But it's easier than for full sized '33 Hudsons, of which there are maybe 20 left in existence!
  14. Here is a link to the flyer for Doc's Meet. Flyer 2017 FINAL.pdf Here's a webpage with a history of Doc's Meet: Please note: you must register by MAY 1 in order to participate in the Saturday driving tour to the car collection, or to reserve dinner for Saturday evening.
  15. Had you looked into using the Fastenal service? In case you didn't know, you can have something large and bulky delivered to a Fastenal store, secured to a pallet, and they will ship it fairly cheaply to a Fastenal store near you. I've heard good things about it, never used it myself, but it seems to be especially good for shipping large, unwieldy things like sheet metal.