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  1. Looking for a Nice Chrysler? 1932 Chrysler Custom Imperial 8 Dual Windshield Phaeton 1932 Chrysler Custom Imperial 8, model CL, close coupled sedan that was needlessly rebodied into a fake dual windshield phaeton Serial 7803456, motor CL1184
  2. MPB Number look up Help .

    This number, 543154 is a Dodge truck part number and you will have to consult a truck parts list to find it. My May 1947 MoPar Parts Supersedence List says to use #580634 in lieu of #543154, so at first glance that doesn't help much. However when i look up 580634, a long list of superseded part numbers is given.
  3. Title

    For reference, 1951 Chrysler C52 New Yorker, Detroit built, is #7165001 through #7199900 Very common to have cars of that era titled to the engine number. Inspector can verify engine number and add a notation with the serial number on the door post. The term "VIN number" didn't come about until about thirty years later. The engine number is stamped on top of the block, behind the water pump.
  4. Do you have the doumentation/manuals? If not, i may have and will donate if I do.
  5. Yes, the 1934 Dodge DR and 1934 Chrysler CA coupes have an extension welded to the cowl to move the firewall farther forward.
  6. What is the approximate year and make application of a Bragg Kliesrath type G valve; documentation? Also looking for a Type AP. Thanks
  7. 1933 PD rumble seat step chrome ring - wanted

    1933-34 Ply did not use chrome r/s step ring.
  8. My 33 Plymouth 189ci rebuild

    You could swap in a 1934 Dodge DR passenger car engine. Outward appearance the same, google for specs, later Ply-Dodge speed equip fits including cyl head
  9. Wheels For Sale at Hershey

    PM sent
  10. Need a 1948 nash title

    When I sell something to fellow hobbyists over the internet I try to put my self in their place, make them feel at ease by furnishing photos and pertinent information so that they have confidence in my ability to meet their expectations. A prideful, haughty and brusque attitude is not a good calling card.
  11. Need a 1948 nash title

    Good luck, when I asked Mercer to email me a picture of a prospective title he refused, said I was a trifler and he didn't have the time to waste. In reading sone of his posts in order to gain some understanding of his business practices he seems to be someone to avoid. Dan
  12. for sale title

    Yes this is an old thread . . Good luck Fred, when I asked Ron to email me a picture of a prospective title he refused and said I was a trifler and he didn't have the time to waste. Dan
  13. 1932 Dodge DK-8 front bumper

    $1200 Hershey Chocolate Field CN25
  15. Unknown 1912 era car, ID requested.

    I doubt if the rear fenders are a reliable indicator because some automobile manufacturers offered both styles.