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  1. 1934 Dodge truck engine & tranny for sale

    What is the raised letter code on your truck engine cylinder head?
  2. 1934 Dodge truck engine & tranny for sale

    This truck engine should be the same as a 1934 Dodge DR passenger engine, shares same casting number and cylinder head
  3. 1934 Dodge truck engine & tranny for sale

    Location? Price? Engine/motor number? Left side of block, stamped into a pad below the head If the motor number starts with T, then it is Dodge Truck If the motor number starts with D, then it is Dodge Passenger Car Engine casting number? (raised numbers on block under the starter) Cylinder head Casting number: 620027-1 What are the raised letters on the cylinder head? Such as DR?
  4. 1926 S70 gas tank

    GOOGLE on electrolysis. Use a mixture of 1 oz Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda per gal of water. Fill the tank with the amount of solution as required. Place a large diameter bolt or rod in the sending unit opening to serve as an electrode and insulate it from the tank. Don't let it touch bottom. Cleaning the inside of a tank requires reverse battery connections. Use a conventional battery charger, hook red to the electrode, black to the tank. Low amperage will work but don't try to use a trickle charger. Let it set 4-5 hrs and shut off the power. Withdraw the electrode and wipe it off. Re-insert it and repeat. After a couple days the tamk will be clean. The garbage will migrate to the electrode. This is what I use successfully. Others do as they wish, such as molasses.. I tried to avoid the discussion of electrodes and anodes in order to keep it simple.
  5. The sketchy Hollander listing for 117C includes 660668. I suspect that is in error, very sure it should be 600668
  6. Chrysler 6 cylinder Aluminum Head

    <quote: For sale, Chrysler polished head. Year is not certain. Possibly for a 241 400.00 OBO > The head markings say C6 (1935 Chrysler) & SF (1935 Desoto) (241 cid engine) 645509 is listed in the 1929-39 Chrysler Master parts book as 1935-36 Chrysler C6 & C7 I do not have the 1929-39 Desoto Master parts book to confirm the Desoto applications
  7. Kevin, are there raised letters on your cylinder head? Such as P E/F ? I ask because a cast iron cylinder head casting number of 600668 is for 1934 Plymouth If the raised letters on the truck engine you are considering are DP or PC or PE/PF then you are ok. because the 1933 Dodge DP and the 1933-34 Plymouth engines share the same basic design. If the raised letters are "DR", indicating 1934 Dodge passenger car then you are out of luck.This engine has exposed cylinders however the cylinder head bolt pattern is different. The block casting number (near the starter) is 620029, the cylinder head has DR in raised letters and the cyl head casting number is either 621936 or 621836-the small numbers are hard to read. I HAD a 1934 Dodge truck engine stamped T5 and I believe it was original. It had a 1934 Plymouth cylinder head 600668 PE/F. The block had the same casting 618829 as a 1934 Plymouth engine.
  8. This is a NOS fender, $600, located in Kokomo, IN If interested contact by PM only Thanks
  9. Does not fit 1934. What you see is what you get
  10. 1934 Chrysler Hood

    Clearly 1933. 1934 has no top hood vents. The hood that Country Traveler posted is correct.
  11. 1934 Plymouth/Desoto/Dodge transmissions

    Desoto trans not same as 34 Dodge/Plymouth
  12. Saw this on local Craiglist Click to View -> Model TT truck rear axle assy on Indianapolis Indiana Craigslist
  13. For Sale 1933 Chrysler CL Imperial

    Words mean something. . "a period correct Imperial engine was installed" I notice It has a short (30-3/4"long) water jacket 1932 Imperial CH engine, which is the very same as 1932 CL, however this car should have a long water jacket (32-3/4"long) which is the improved design that appeared in late 1932 CH. Some early 1933 CL and some 1933 which were originally 1932 but sent back to the factory to be upgraded did have short water jackets, but late 33 CL had long water jackets. For visual ID, the long water jacket extended to the water pump whereas the short water jacket is 2" shy of the water pump. I doubt that it significantly affects the value.
  14. This is an original Parts List D-13864 for 1946 to 1951 Dodge Flat Fender Power Wagon Trucks, superseding earlier editions, this is the latest one as of July 1951 and is in very good condition. The cover has limited creasing, light shelf wear with no stains. The spine is intact and in good condition. All of the pages appear intact and in nice condition with no writing or grease smudges. Price is $150 PPD, Serious buyer PM if interested This book is filled with very detailed drawings for the various models covered and their original part numbers. These illustrations make part identification easy! This book covers all the parts for the Flat Fender Power Wagon Trucks made from 1946 to 1951. This book measures 8.5" x 11" x 0.5". This is an original manual not a reprint! The manual number for this book is: D-13864. This book is a must have for fixing and maintaining your vintage Dodge truck. Use this book to find which parts interchange with your truck, or find parts through NOS dealers! (Credit to this paragraph goes to ebay 100% feedback Powerwagon seller "townwagon") Generally, Dodge provided completely separate parts manuals between the Power-Wagons and 2-wheel-drive trucks for the years 1945-1957. This is especially true of the bound manuals. I have never seen a bound manual that covered both Power-Wagon and 2-wheel-drive for these years. Some of the loose leaf binder manuals contain a separate section devoted exclusively to the Power-Wagon. In any case, the separate Power-Wagon section would be identical to the bound Power-Wagon specific versions. D-13864 - MoPar Dodge Power-Wagon Parts List For Series WDX, B1PW, B2PW, B3PW- 7/51 - (those models shown), (Soft-Bound Manual) (Credit to this paragraph to Clint Dixon )