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  1. I love these peeps that add up the cost of 100pt renovations and then deduct it from the sellers asking price to establish their offer.
  2. Still available, can bring to Hershey. At current shop rates, this fender is a bargain compared to repairing one that has damage.
  3. dep5

    1912 Hudson

    Awesome Torpedo Touring, THANKS for sharing.
  4. The ebay search engine SUCKS
  5. dep5

    Wanted - 2 Mopar 16” Wire wheels 5 X 4.5

    These wheels #608030, will not fit 1934 Dodge passenger cars and they are identified on page 22-2 of the Sept 1, 1934 Plymouth parts list for models PE-PF. Neither the 16" steel (artillery) nor the 16" wire was listed for the lowest line PG.
  6. dep5

    Spare cover

    Clearly late 1934 Plymouth. Earlier 1934 had a smaller vertical tire valve opening.
  7. dep5

    Wanted - 2 Mopar 16” Wire wheels 5 X 4.5

    Don't know why people post for "wanted" items without a photo but anyhow here a photo of a NOS wheel. It fits 1933-34 Plymouth and Dodge Truck. Does not fit 1934 Dodge passenger. 32 spokes. Has a locating lug hole (not used on Plymouth). Part#608030 Posting only for reference and to keep the conversation on track.
  8. dep5

    Wanted - 2 Mopar 16” Wire wheels 5 X 4.5

    LOL, The wheels you picture are 17"
  9. HOSTETLER’S HUDSON COLLECTION Took some photos of the yellow Speedster which Eldon always claimed to be a 1911. Could not find a serial plate so I wonder how it is titled. Ok, so maybe it was titled in late 1911 but is there a legitimate paper trail? The Seldon body tag is most likely a repro with no number stamped in. It clearly has a 1912 Weston-Mott offset rear axle and 1912 style gauges. The engine number is T11240 which is very early 1912 touring car. It is missing the engine sod (belly) pan, essential in cooling. It has mixed lights: Castle 1207 headlamps and CM Hall taillight. The Puerto Rico story is somewhat interesting but I seriously doubt if a state of the art car would be shipped there first. I think this Speedster was made from a Roadster; it is not Mile-A-Minute (Speed) the way, what happened to the 1912 Hudson 33 roadster that formerly resided at Silver Springs, FL museum?
  10. Seriously? My first reaction is that I wasted my time trying to help you; but then I realize that there are those whom it might help.
  11. Make sure you mark the brackets as the R&L are different. Note that the lower steel portion of the front of the mount (where the bracket fastens) is shorter than the back so that the bracket does not bottom out on the mount. Part #600603 fits 1933-34 Dodge 6, Plymouth and 1934 Chrysler CA-CB There is a steady rest pad #389156 under the bell housing that is the same 1932-34 Dodge 6, 1933 Plymouth PD, 1934 Plymouth PE-PF-PG and 1934 Chrysler CA-CB. This is a rubber block vulcanized to a strip of steel and it needs to be sent into to Tom along with the front mount at the water pump. The front mount #600834 fits 1933 Dodge 6 and Plymouth. It contains two pieces of curved steel and both need to be sent in. The lower half is riveted to the front support and must be removed. I originally developed this tooling from original NOS samples. The molds were built by Guhl Machine of Huntington, Indiana. I sold all the tooling, molds and fixtures to Tom Hannaford at Antique Auto Parts Cellar (a.k.a. Then and Now Automotive) who has proudly carried on the tradition of Floating Power Motor Mount Service since approx 1986-87.
  12. dep5

    1966-1967 Comets? Where did they go?

    Wish I could find my 1967 Cyclone GT 390 4spd, my Dad sold it to someone in the Marion, Indiana area after I enlisted in the USMC, March 1968.