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  1. dep5

    1966-1967 Comets? Where did they go?

    Wish I could find my 1967 Cyclone GT 390 4spd, my Dad sold it to someone in the Marion, Indiana area after I enlisted in the USMC, March 1968.
  2. dep5

    Spare cover

  3. dep5

    Lucky Collector Car Auction RESULTS ? ?

    No Reserve to benefit the Harold E. Lemay Car Museum
  4. dep5

    Plymouth spare tire cover.

    Early 1934 had a vertical oval door to access the valve stem; late 34 had a horizontal oval door, like the one shown. 1934 hubcap snaps into the opening in the cover
  5. I hear it hammered at $22k or thereabouts
  6. dep5

    1931 Reo Sedans

    < I have owned these for many years and am not in a hurry to sell > LOL
  7. Offered at auction by Brent Earlywine Auctions, 28-Apr-2018.
  8. dep5

    34 Dodge oil pump

    Seriously? Show us a photo of a 1934 Dodge 8cyl.
  9. dep5

    1934 Plymouth PE Deluxe

    3hrs later . . .Seriously? Maybe the op has a life.
  10. dep5

    Texas Title Question

    Famous 1st words
  11. dep5

    1971 Ford Trailer Hitch

    If you will do everyone a favor and delete this entire thread, which is clearly posted in the wrong place then please take your precious hitch over to Beacon Scrap , 215 Throckmorton St, Freehold, NJ and tell Clyde you are hard up and see if he will give you your $20. Or, we can start a Go Fund ME page
  12. dep5

    Early Chrysler

    I think you can get a better photo here
  13. What year and model ? Thanks
  14. dep5

    K-W Master Vibrator

    Old thread, but are these K-W Master Vibrators in demand?