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  1. 1971 Ford Trailer Hitch

    If you will do everyone a favor and delete this entire thread, which is clearly posted in the wrong place then please take your precious hitch over to Beacon Scrap , 215 Throckmorton St, Freehold, NJ and tell Clyde you are hard up and see if he will give you your $20. Or, we can start a Go Fund ME page
  2. Early Chrysler

    I think you can get a better photo here
  3. What year and model ? Thanks
  4. K-W Master Vibrator

    Old thread, but are these K-W Master Vibrators in demand?
  5. 30 Chrysler Firewall Color

    What is the breakdown? What were your findings when you threw out the restored cars?
  6. 1967 Mercury Comet Cyclone GT

    I wonder if mine still survives?
  7. In the absence of a tool related forum I'll try here. I bought a Sata MC93 paint primer gun new about 15 years ago; at the same time I bought a spare nozzle set so I had a big investment in that tool. I made the mistake of loaning it out and it was returned with channel lock marks on the threads where the air cap threads on because the perp diligently tried to take it apart for cleaning. This gun is obsolete and probably not worth much but because of the $$ tied up in it I hate to throw it away. Also looking for a 1.7mm nozzle and air cap for a Sata NR95. Yes, I know all about thread files, paint gun repair services and ebay and etc, etc. PM if you can help. Thanks
  8. This radiator shell is listed on ebay as a 1933 Chrysler but I think it may be for a Donnet truck. Someone may need it . Click to view->Possible Donnet truck radiator shell
  9. Hudson Museum Closing Controversy

    Eldon left the Amish faith. The Amish community probably didn't want the cars but Eldon prevailed. Eldon passes on, Amish have the last say.
  10. One can go online and easily get ownership information on real estate; why are motor vehicles sacrosanct?
  11. This information might help someone. In 1988 or so, seven (7) generator brackets from 1932 Chrysler Imperial CH engines were submitted to a local PPG paint supplier for color matching. All were a different shade, leading one to believe engine colors were eye matched and mixed by the barrel. The extreme color variations were eliminated and the green chart on the left shows the result of hand tinting to produce a formula. A couple years passed, then a paint sample produced from the hand mix formula was checked by a spectrophotometer to yield the simplified formulas shown at right. PPG of course can be counted upon to drop their various products at will, so these formulas may no longer be mixable.
  12. Trailer Tires

    Seriously? Why were you cruising in the left lane?
  13. I checked Mopar Parts Supersedence List D-11693 and for #318904, the entry says use #394996 When I checked #394996, this number supersedes 318904, 324661, 387542 and 390864 My 1947 Hollander says #394996 fits 1931-32 Plymouth PA; #387542 and #390864 fits 1932 Plymouth PB other interchange "may be" 1929-31 Dodge 1/2-1 ton truck, 1929-30 Plymouth U and Fargo Packet