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  1. franklinman

    Where to begin the process of selling?

    I've PM'd the seller twice now and not received any response. Don't know if he/she isn't familiar with how things go on our forum, or what.
  2. franklinman

    Where to begin the process of selling?

    Message sent. Look forward to hearing from you.
  3. franklinman


    We have always held Memorial Day an important reminder of all that have served to defend this country. This year's has been a very tough one for my family as we lost my father on Sunday afternoon. He was 94, a WWII army infantry vet who landed on Omaha beach, was later wounded in the fighting to liberate France, and continued to serve throughout the war until the end. I had the honor to meet a few of his fellow army survivors over the years and, while not in any way meaning to denigrate any of those who served in any other conflicts, can say that those men and women of that generation were very special. My father's last couple of years were very difficult, due to stroke, but he fought that battle as he did throughout his entire life, with a strength and dignity not often seen today. We will miss him terribly, especially my Mother, his wife of 70 years, along with me, my wife, and our children and grandchildren, but a part of him will always be with us..
  4. franklinman

    1903 Cadillac Model A - $150000 Phoenix, AZ

    That is definitely not a 1904, or any other year Cadillac. It appears to be steam.
  5. franklinman

    Clip identification on battery cover

    There was originally a longish thin cover that spanned the top of the main battery hold down that your clip held in place. The idea was that removing it allowed access to the battery fill caps. Many ended up being discarded, as apparently your has been.
  6. franklinman

    Hudson Museum Closing Controversy

    The sale of the cars will indeed be a VERY LARGE fundraiser. The only problem is WHO will benefit from the sale!!!
  7. franklinman


    None of the mods/upgrades involved any cutting, welding, etc. Everything could certainly be put back to the original configuration.
  8. franklinman


    FOR SALE – 1977 FORD Bronco ‘Ranger’. This car was judged an AACA Grand National 1st winner before being used by the previous owner as a driver/tour car for the last 5 years. It has recently completed a full refreshening including the following: New Paint in correct original Ford factory color, new show quality bumpers, new windshield and seal set, pneumatic struts for hood and rear lift gate, AM/FM Bluetooth radio with USB, Duff ‘T-Rex’ radius arms, ‘T-Bird’ brake upgrade including slotted/drilled rotors and new master cylinder, Hellwig sway bar, Duff 2-1/2” lift & new Goodrich T/A 31x1050xR15 tires (including spare), new shocks, and upgraded Hella Halogen headlamps with relay system. This Bronco was an all original non-rusted car prior to it’s initial restoration. The interior was redone in all correct materials and pattern and remains in beautiful condition. These first series early Broncos are one of the most sought after and highly appreciating cars in the collector market today. While retaining it’s classic original appearance this Bronco now has all the desirable upgrades to make it a wonderful driver for the new owner as well. With solid unrestored examples now very difficult to find, this car could not be duplicated for the asking price of $74,500. For more information or to discuss the car in greater detail phone (717) 580-3474, ask for Don. Car is located in So. Central PA, near Carlisle/Hershey area.
  9. franklinman

    Paint for early 1926

    Back many years ago the generally accepted substitute for Dodge Brothers Blue was Studebaker "Admiral Blue". This was, if I remember correctly, a late '50's Studebaker color and what I used on my DB Touring restoration, which was an AACA Senior Award winner (they didn't have the Grand National awards back then). If you can find a period color chip book you can probably have your paint supplier match it for you. We now use mostly PPG products and have had good success with their "Profit" paint matching system. Not that long ago I was looking through my paint cabinet and came across the can of Sherwin Williams straight enamel that we used doing that car. Remarkably, what was left in the can was still good! Good luck!
  10. franklinman

    This Just Ruined My Day.....

    Being a hopelessly devoted member of the Brass Era Car fraternity, I am often shocked to find the same attitude towards the driveability/reliability of these cars coming from fellow antique car owners of the 30's-50's. Many years ago while participating in the AACA 50th anniversary tour out of Valley Forge, PA I had an amusing experience. We had finished the days touring and a group of us had retired to the parking lot lounge for a few adult beverages and some BS time. I was reclining on the running board of my 1913 Jeffery, which was a virtually completely original car, when a fellow walked up and asked if that was my car (BTW - I was still under 30 years of age at that time and there were those that seemed disturbed by such young guys owning "really old" cars). I responded that it was indeed my car. The fellow responded that he had been told that I had actually driven the car from home to the tour and wanted to know if it was true, and if so where was I from. After learning that I had indeed driven the car the 150 or so miles from home, mostly down the PA Turnpike no less, he made the statement that it just shows why "kids" shouldn't own antique cars and started to walk away. I asked him if he had a car on the tour, and he proudly stated that he did, a Model 'A' roadster. I asked him where he was from and if he trailered it to the tour site. His response: "Of course I trailered it here and I'm from Cherry Hill!" (Cherry Hill, NJ is just across the river from Philadelphia). The laughter this elicited from the assembled group was still going on as his back disappeared from view. I am obviously from the school of keep 'em stock and drive 'em too. I went it one better and ran the AACA 75th anniversary tour in my 1907 Franklin. Guess that one would have really upset the Model 'A' guy too.
  11. I count my one time opportunity to participate and drive a car in the London to Brighton Run as one of the highlights of my many years in the hobby. For anyone that appreciates these early vehicles it is a not-to-be missed event if you ever have the chance to go. With that said, it obviously is not an inexpensive undertaking and a lot is involved in the preparation. The run itself, as well as all the other associated events, are great fun and the people are super as well. Having a number of friends that had made the run in the past gave us a great deal of help and advice prior to our trip. The two things that were impressed on me were the importance of making sure our car was adequately prepared and the importance of maintaining good awareness at all times while driving the run itself. The traffic is substantial, especially the first half of the run getting out of London proper and most of the way to the half-way stop in Crawley. After that you are more or less out in the country until you start to approach Brighton, where there is even a short stretch of running on one of the 6-lane motorways to contend with. For the most part the modern drivers were courteous, but the numerous "roundabouts", driving on the "wrong" side of the road, and the unbelievable number of spectators lining both sides of the road can combine to make it a challenge for the unexperienced. Fortunately our run was unmarred by any problems, our car ran flawlessly and all involved had a wonderful experience. Whatever happened to cause the accident this year, and there could be any number of issues involved, was certainly horrific and our hearts and prayers go out to all involved. Hopefully, when all the dust finally settles, we will all learn what happened and possibly learn how to avoid a repeat in future runs. Having participated in may tours over my ;years, I can say that there is always the chance for such an occurrence and we all owe it to the hobby and our fellow participants to seriously maintain our cars and drive as carefully as possible.
  12. franklinman

    Apperson Jackrabbit chassis for sale

  13. For sale is this Apperson Jackrabbit chassis. I do not know what model/year it is. What you see is what there is. You are basically getting a frame, springs, front and rear axles, wheels and hubcaps. It is located about a half hour drive from Hershey. Asking $850 OBO. For more information (717) 645-0334.
  14. franklinman

    What is a "Felloe Plate"?

    As to your hub bolts, we most often end up making new ones. There are so many different styles, shapes, sizes and few are commercially available today. Also, many of these bolts require that once the nuts have been tightened (read that to mean that you install them and then torque them multiple times) the bolt is then ground off flush, or very close to it, and then staked. This sometimes leaves the bolts falling a bit short for reuse. Finally we sometimes find the threads can be a bit loose. For an application as critical as hub bolts I just have always felt safer with properly fitted new bolts. They aren't really that difficult to make, just a little time consuming and repetitive (read boring) lathe work.
  15. This car was the first Toyota Supra to win a 1st Grand National AACA Award. It is an exceptional original car with only 52,000 miles. It has been in storage for the last 4-5 years, since winning the GN. The owner is now selling it due to personal issues no longer allowing him the time to enjoy the car. A new battery has been installed and the car is now running again. Some extra spare parts and a NOS set of wheels and tires (used only when the car was being shown) are also available and will be offered to the buyer first. The car is located in So. Central PA approx. 1/2 hour from Hershey. The asking price is $7,500. For more information call (717) 420-0499, ask for Keith. No texts, all messages will be returned. CAR HAS BEEN SOLD! Thanks to those who inquired.