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  1. franklinman

    1924-25 Roadster Top Rests (Saddles?)

    Thanks 22touring. That information helps a lot. With the parts book showing different parts numbers for each side, that pretty much eliminates the '25 Roadsters using the simple curved bottom rests (with leather straps) since they would be the same for either side. I guess that means that I'm looking for the clamp style saddles, which by design are different (reversed) for each side. I wonder if those part numbers are cast on the saddles? Well, at least there probably won't be that many of the smaller sized types as would be used for a roadster to choose from. Thanks again.
  2. franklinman

    Hershey 2018

    This will be my 47th year attending the Hershey Fall Meet. I missed one year due to having a heart attack.
  3. franklinman

    1924-25 Roadster Top Rests (Saddles?)

    Many years ago I owned one of the reproductions that Bob Long made. I think it was the 9th edition from 1927. Unfortunately it, along with all of my DB literature is now gone. I'm planning on buying one from Myers (I think it's the same one, less the hard black covers that Bob Long's had on them. I don't know if Myers comes to Hershey or not and from their website it doesn't look like the current ROMAR Company still sells them. If it wouldn't be too much trouble I'd appreciate seeing a scan of what ;your parts book shows for the 1925 Roadster top rests. That way I'll have some idea of what I'm really searching for come Hershey. You can email them directly to me at if you don't mind. Many thanks.
  4. franklinman

    1924-25 Roadster Top Rests (Saddles?)

    Thanks KLF for your response. I know that the DB Touring Cars used style like shown in your photos. My problem is that I have seen a couple of photos of '24-'25 DB Roadsters and there are some that show this style and some that show a much simpler style, basically just a curved lower rest mounted to a bar coming out of the body, which I am assuming used a leather strap to hold the folded top down to the rest. All of the photos I've seen thus far are of restored cars. I haven't been able to find any period photos showing original cars with top saddles or any factory references that identify what was supplied when the cars were new. I have been told that the rests were extra cost options and the basic cars were shipped with none. My car, which is basically original, has a simple disc covering the hole where any saddle would be mounted, and I have seen that same thing in other photos as well, so that might be the case. Hence my confusion and/or lack of certainty as to what I need to be looking for. Thanks again.
  5. franklinman

    1924-25 Roadster Top Rests (Saddles?)

    I haven't heard from anybody yet on the top saddles. Can somebody help here? Even some photos and/or measurements would be a great help. Hershey is coming up and I'd really like to at least know what it is I'm looking for. Any help appreciated!
  6. franklinman

    1925 DB for Sale

    I'd love to know what company "appraised" that car and for what amount. Doesn't look like a bad car, but the seller's asking price is way beyond realistic. I just picked up a very decent, mostly original, '25 DB Roadster for less than a third of what he/she is asking. These early DB's are really great cars, but their market value just isn't what many folks think they are.
  7. franklinman

    Stabil in 20's era Dodges?

    Shouldn't be any problem at all... in fact would be a good idea. We use it here regularly and always try to avoid ANY use of ethanol gas as well. I would further suggest that you run the vacume tank and carb dry before putting it up for the winter. It's a simple matter of disconnecting the line from the gas tank at the vacume tank and letting the engine run until it's burned all the fuel and starves out.
  8. I've been away from the early DB's for many years and it looks like I'm back again. I'm in need of a pair of correct top saddles for a 1924-25 Roadster (should be the same parts). If anyone has a pair that they would part with that would be great. If not, does anyone have an original pair that I could get some good photos of? I realize that these things are probably very hard to find, and I may end up having to reproduce them, but that also means I will have to identify what they are and get good photos, measurements, etc. to make patterns, etc.
  9. franklinman

    Where to begin the process of selling?

    I've PM'd the seller twice now and not received any response. Don't know if he/she isn't familiar with how things go on our forum, or what.
  10. franklinman

    Where to begin the process of selling?

    Message sent. Look forward to hearing from you.
  11. franklinman


    We have always held Memorial Day an important reminder of all that have served to defend this country. This year's has been a very tough one for my family as we lost my father on Sunday afternoon. He was 94, a WWII army infantry vet who landed on Omaha beach, was later wounded in the fighting to liberate France, and continued to serve throughout the war until the end. I had the honor to meet a few of his fellow army survivors over the years and, while not in any way meaning to denigrate any of those who served in any other conflicts, can say that those men and women of that generation were very special. My father's last couple of years were very difficult, due to stroke, but he fought that battle as he did throughout his entire life, with a strength and dignity not often seen today. We will miss him terribly, especially my Mother, his wife of 70 years, along with me, my wife, and our children and grandchildren, but a part of him will always be with us..
  12. franklinman

    1903 Cadillac Model A - $150000 Phoenix, AZ

    That is definitely not a 1904, or any other year Cadillac. It appears to be steam.
  13. franklinman

    Clip identification on battery cover

    There was originally a longish thin cover that spanned the top of the main battery hold down that your clip held in place. The idea was that removing it allowed access to the battery fill caps. Many ended up being discarded, as apparently your has been.
  14. franklinman

    Hudson Museum Closing Controversy

    The sale of the cars will indeed be a VERY LARGE fundraiser. The only problem is WHO will benefit from the sale!!!
  15. franklinman


    None of the mods/upgrades involved any cutting, welding, etc. Everything could certainly be put back to the original configuration.