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  1. Ken/Alabama

    Headlight Lamp Replacement

    Examine your sockets really good. The socket well has a spring inside that keeps the contacts against the bulb . Make sure that it's moves . Should be able to check by pulling on the wires. Make sure the three pins aren't froze up either.
  2. Ken/Alabama

    1939 LZ Trunk

    I took the photos of my friends 39 Zephyr sedan and it's not been tampered with so I'm sure this is how it came from the factory.
  3. Ken/Alabama

    1939 LZ Trunk

    The light socket is mounted on the right upper corner of the trunk via two screws that's screwed into the X brace behind the carboard trunk liner. The switch is mounted on the left side spare tire stop. You'll see two screw holes there that matches up with the holes in the switch.
  4. Ken/Alabama

    Extra hole in drive tube

    Check with some of the Early Ford suppliers such as Macs . They sell the fittings and the driver to install those fittings.
  5. Ken/Alabama

    Extra hole in drive tube

    Are you sure your looking at splines or could it be your seeing the rollers in the caged roller bearing ?
  6. Ken/Alabama

    Extra hole in drive tube

    Should be a grease fitting to grease the roller bearing in the upper end of the torque tube.
  7. Ken/Alabama

    Choke and Throttle Parts

    No they did not. What I did was cut the ball connector off of a rod then drilled a hole in the end to fit the wire cable in and crimped it on .
  8. Ken/Alabama

    Choke and Throttle Parts

    I've got two 39 Zephyrs here and both have cables for the choke and throttle.
  9. Ken/Alabama

    Front Emergency Brake Cable

    Got mine from Allan Wheilihan , fit and functions perfect. Look for him under sources menu on this site.
  10. Ken/Alabama

    Oil Float

    What's puzzling is when you drive it then park, the float is normal. Go back an check it the next day and it reads zero.
  11. Ken/Alabama

    Oil Float

    My 39 Zephyr oil float reads zero when cold and it has oil in it. After I drive it and the engine is hot it reads correctly. Next day when it's cold it's reading zero again. It's not binding, I've checked for that. Got me puzzled.
  12. Ken/Alabama

    Identify the Zephyr part please.

    46-48 Ford passenger rear fender brace. Looks like left side.
  13. Ken/Alabama


    On my 39 Coupe
  14. Ken/Alabama

    Window Channel Fuzzies

    I'm headed down there today. Will be there for a week, would like to visit again.
  15. Ken/Alabama

    Window Channel Fuzzies

    Hi Jord, What year car? On my 39 coupe , I bought some felt material and glued it to the inside of the metal guides .it worked great on mine. I've got enough left over . I can send you some. Ken