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  1. motoringicons

    Passing the torch

    Congratulations . .That's a lot to be proud of.
  2. motoringicons

    film of 1960 HCCA Reno Tour?

    Here is a film of the 1962 HCCA Harrah/Reno Tour. I wonder if your car attended in 1962 as well? Boy, there are a lot of great cars in this film. It is really worth a watch if you appreciate "real" old cars. I would contact the HCCA office. They might be able to help you. I know the Harrah/Reno tours were covered in great depth in the HCCA Gazettes. Maybe your car is pictured in a back issue of the HCCA Gazette.
  3. motoringicons


    I've always loved Cunninghams. Considering their rarity and quality, they are really undervalued cars. That original sedan from Hershey is certainly magnificent.
  4. motoringicons

    1929 Chrysler Model 75 Roadster Wanted

    Here's another one…..
  5. motoringicons

    1922 Marmon 34B Two Passenger Speedster

    What a fabulous machine. The new owner should be very proud.
  6. Suchan- Thanks for the nice comment. Yes, its a big car inside and out. I think six people could comfortably go for a long drive in this one. Regarding the wire wheel covers. I believe they are a factory accessory, but I am not sure. Here is a close up of the wheel and cover. Maybe someone on this forum knows the correct answer?