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  1. 1930 Model A Coupe $19,000

    Although there are always lots of Model As for sale, there are very few that have been properly restored. This is a great deal on a proper and desirable Model A.

    Great looking roadster. It will find a proper home.
  3. Big Brass Car Auction

    It was a spectacular auction. The Peugeot is staying in the USA and went to a great home. I was able to get a couple of cars for customers. Prices were generally strong considering the condition of the vehicles. Attending was the who's who of the collector car world and a lot of new people as well. Despite the usual complaining we see on this forum, today's auction showed that there ARE young people who appreciate good, early cars. Having spent time at the Bothwell Ranch as a kid and young adult, it was certainly bittersweet to be there for the last time. It is really a spectacular place and where the collector car hobby began its history. Bonhams did an amazing job of hosting the auction. So nice to be at an auction where the cars are not the "cookie cutter" regulars as the auctions in Scottsdale, Monterey, and Amelia Island have become. It was an historic event for the "real" antique car community. I think a lot of the buyers today went home very happy and left the Bothwell Ranch with a piece of automotive history. It was a great day to be in Los Angeles.
  4. Museums where you can drive classics?

    The museum you are referring to is the Gilmore Museum in Hickory Corners, Michigan (near Kalamazoo). They offer a program where they teach you to drive a Model T. If you haven't been to the Gilmore Museum, you are missing the best car museum in the USA! Everything they do there is top notch.
  5. Saw this Mercer in San Diego....

    That is amazing artwork. Thanks for sharing with us.
  6. 1931 Ford Ambulance:-built on a Model AA chassis

    The same body could also have been fitted as a hearse. Interestingly, only the AA hearse and ambulance were fitted with these wire wheels shown. They are the same wheels as a 1929-30 Lincoln. Here is a 1930-31 hearse owned by a funeral home in Dearborn, MI.
  7. 1934 Brewster Town Car

    Congratulations. Can't help you with the history, but that is a great car. Brewsters have always been a favorite of mine.
  8. Price reduced to 59,500.00 or very near offers.
  9. Price reduced to 59,500.00 or near offers.
  10. Big Brass Car Auction

    Bob- The 45/90 Stearns is now with a collector in California. I had the opportunity to ride in this 90HP "light touring car" monster years ago. It is quite superb. The Ira Vail Indy car came up in conversation recently. I forgot where it is located now but it recently traded hands. Yes, there were lots of great cars at Bothwell's ranch.
  11. Big Brass Car Auction

    Growing up in Los Angeles, I spent many hours at the Bothwell Ranch. It was a frequent gathering spot for the SoCal HCCA. At one point, the collection had well over 100 cars and a fully operative narrow gauge train that ran around the property. I would have to say being around the Bothwell collection was one of the many reasons for my interest in early cars. This place holds lots of memories for me and lots of others. Since Lindley's death, several cars have been privately sold and it is possible that Lindley Jr. is keeping some as well. Still, there are obviously some really great cars being offered at the Bonham's sale. Most of these cars were purchased by Lindley during the 1930s through early 1960s. Talk about "fresh to the market." After Lindley's death, his wife Ann kept the collection going. Ann passed away a few years ago. Their son, Lindley Jr. was somewhat active in the hobby as well. I am looking forward to the auction. It will be nice seeing the Ranch for one last time. It will be a great opportunity for these cars to find new owners and get back on the road or raced around a track. If you don't know the story of Lindley Bothwell or the Bothwell Ranch, you should Google it. There are also some good, old photos online that capture the essence of the ranch and the collection back in the day. If you have never been to the Bothwell Ranch, you should really consider a visit. It is quite a place. Who else is going?
  12. Btt. Will consider realistic offers.
  13. How many are still around today?!

    What a great film. A couple of very significant cars to note: The Duesenberg Mormon Meteor which lives in Ohio today and the 1896 Duryea which is now at the Henry Ford Museum. The Petrel runabout, known amongst HCCA tourers as the Purple Petrel is active, on the road and probably still purple. If the 25 year rule applied in 1962, the 1935/36 Auburn speedster just made the cut-off. Interesting to see all of the Silver Ghosts, while they don't turn up at shows too often, the Silver Ghost tours still attract a large number of them. Even though you don't see that many Model As at Hershey anymore, the MARC and MAFCA National meets still attract at least a few hundred of them on yearly basis. I like the man in the nice sport jacket carrying an old bumper over his shoulder. I am sure all of these cars still exists and most have been restored at least once since this film was made. Thank you for sharing this fantastic piece of AACA history with us.
  14. 1932 Essex

    For what it is worth, I had a 1933 Essex convertible awhile back. There was a VIN tag riveted to the firewall. Here are pictures of it.
  15. 2017 Hershey show photos

    Thank you for the great coverage. You really captured the essence of the car show. Hard to imagine all of these great vehicles in one place.