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  1. motoringicons

    Is this a 1912 Winton touring?

    Not a Winton, but I am going to guess 1911-12 Lozier. Here is the well known and tour proven 1911 Lozier formerly owned by the late Ken Pearson.
  2. motoringicons

    Are these both Ford “Model T”s?

    The roadster has a square door and a front-folding windshield so it is definitely a 1913. I can't see the doors on the touring but it looks like a front folding windshield so it is likely a 1913 too.
  3. motoringicons

    1939 Raymond Mays

    That is a great looking car with a fascinating history.
  4. motoringicons

    1928 Ford Roadster Paint

    Here are the original color options as published by the Model A Ford Club of America ( and taken from the judging standards. This is for the body. The fenders and wheels would be black on a 1928 as per factory specifications. As others above have mentioned, the Model A paint chip book is a must have for any Model A library. It can be purchased from Snyder's and other vendors. Here is a link: 1928 Phaeton (35-A) and Roadster (40-A) Body Belt, Qtr, & Sill Molding Stripe Niagra Blue, Light Dutchess Blue French Gray Niagra Blue, Dark Dutchess Blue French Gray Arabian Sand, Light Copra Drab French Gray Arabian Sand, Dark Copra Drab French Gray Dawn Gray, Dark Gunmetal Blue French Gray Gunmetal Blue Dawn Gray, Dark Straw Source: Model A Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards, 1994 Last Update: 04/15/2010 © copyright Model A Ford Club of America, Inc.
  5. motoringicons

    Trade advice,comments

    I would choose the Model A hands down. The only thing more fun than a Model A is a Model T!! Go for it. You'll enjoy the experience and understand why the Model A Ford is the backbone of the old car hobby.
  6. The owner is motivated to sell and the price has been reduced to to 275,000.00 or near offers.
  7. The owner is motivated to sell and the price has been reduced to 275,000.00 or near offers.
  8. motoringicons

    1912 Seagrave "City Service" Fire Truck Seattle WA craigslist

    Pure Americana at its finest.
  9. motoringicons

    1929 Pontiac 6-29 Two-Door Sedan

    Nice looking two door sedan with good colors. You certainly won't be parked next to another one at a car show. A perfect and affordable car for someone who wants to be different.
  10. Price reduced to 60.00 postpaid in the USA.
  11. motoringicons

    unknown Ford engine

    That is a neat find. You are correct, this is a Model T engine that has been significantly modified for airplane use. This was a common practice back in the day. In order to make it usable for airplane purposes, this engine has been significantly lightened-a standard Model T engine would be too heavy. The valve chambers have been ground away, the cast iron cylinder head has been replaced with a lightweight finned aluminum head, the generator and generator bracket has been removed and replaced with an aluminum cover over the camshaft gear, and a distributor has been adapted to run directly off the camshaft end. Also, the water jackets have been removed/ground off and air cooled fins have been added. It also appears to have external oil lines and might have a pressurized oil system.I can't see the bottom but I am guessing a lightweight tin pan has been made to cover the lower end. Of course, the exhaust manifold has been removed and replaced by straight pipes. The original T intake manifold has also been modified. The cylinder head, timing gear cover, generator block off cover, etc appear to be commercially made, aftermarket accessory items. The other modifications are probably home made. There are a few Model T powered airplanes around and a few of them are even flyable. This engine would most likely be a great piece to restore and display. Although not common, modified Model T airplane engines and/or their components do occasionally come up for sale. In the 1920s and 1930s, there were a few companies that made airplane kits which were designed to be powered by modified Model T or A/B engines. The most famous company was Pietenpol. A restored example is on display at the Model T Ford Club of America Museum in Richmond, Indiana. Let us know if you have any other questions. Thank you for sharing this.
  12. motoringicons

    Lincoln 1932-39 V12 replicated Auto-Lite IGM-16 rotors

    I would assume that this rotor can be used on other applications as well? Nice to see someone using Yankee ingenuity to solve a problem and help others out at the same time. Well done.
  13. Thanks for the nice comments.
  14. motoringicons

    1953 Muntz Jet

    I am not a postwar car person, but if I were to own a 1950s era car, this would be it. These are neat cars with a fascinating story. This looks like a super nice car that is priced less then recently sold auction examples. These have become really desirable lately, I doubt this will last long.