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  1. Price reduced to 17,500.00 or very near offer.
  2. Price reduced to 17,500.00 or very near offer.
  3. for sale

    Great car. It will make a superb nickel-era tourer for someone.
  4. Restorer32- Interesting and well pointed out comment on the landau bars. That was my impression as well. We went to change the landau bars to the "proper" sides but the top would no longer fold. The top only folds with the bars in this position. In the files, there are a few period photos and the landau bars are in the position shown. Sumpter was indeed in MD, he sold the car to Ohlendorf who lives in Illinois. My mistake. Aestorrs- This car was not for sale in the Car Coral at Hershey. That was a 1910 Model 30 Runabout #10947, which is also owned by a client of mine. It is also red and also for sale. It is currently being mechanically serviced. A great car with documented history and owned by only three people since WWII-Herb Royston, Dick Cutler and John Walters.
  5. Thanks for the nice comments. Still for sale and will possibly consider partial trades for quality brass or Full Classic vehicles.
  6. Neat car and a great story. The new owner will have a lot of fun with this. Thank you for sharing this.
  7. Thank you!
  8. That is a great car and the price seems very reasonable.
  9. btt
  10. I remember when a gooseneck was the neck of a goose.
  11. SOLD to a very excited local buyer. Thanks to all those who inquired.
  12. I was standing next to the buyer at the 2012 St. John's/RM Auction. He was a younger man with a very young son. When the auctioneer said SOLD, both the man and his son were elated and shouted for joy. It was fun to watch. Not sure who they were, but ,they certainly were excited about the purchase and immediately left the room after their success. Here are some of the auction listings showing the car at its various auctions. O'Quinn purchased it at the 2006 auction.