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  1. Nickel

    One thing to keep in mind about nickel plating is that it can be easily worn through-especially if it is older, original nickel plating. So, you should use something gentle. Wenol is a favorite of mine for delicate nickel plating. I have also used it successfully in polishing silvered headlight reflectors and cleaning brass that has already been polished but needs to be refreshed. It works good on German silver as well.
  2. American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    John- Great looking PI. I was a pleasure visiting and talking PIs with you at the St. John's concours. Good luck getting yours back on the road.
  3. 1909 Ford Model T Runabout

    Hi Chris- That is a great looking and well presented Model T. Reasonably priced too. It will make someone a great car. Hope you and the family are doing well.
  4. 1913 REO

    I agree with C Carl. This is a great old car at a very reasonable price. I would do something to secure it because it will likely sell between now and Friday-especially with the attention you have given it by posting it on this forum. There is a lot of opportunity here to own and unusual vehicle with an unusual body at a cheap price. I agree with all of the other comments-the missing parts are easily obtainable and the car should be mechanically serviced and kept original. JUST DO IT!
  5. Great example of one of Ford's prewar icons. You did well. Congratulations.
  6. American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    A little late to the conversation.... Here is my car. 1927 Springfield Phantom I Tilbury Sedan, S274RM. This car was bought new by a member of the Vanderbilt family in NYC and sold to Al Fisk (Fisk Iron Works in Cincinnati and early RROC member) and later to David Noran. I have driven the car about 13,000 miles since 2003. When I bought it, it had about 87K original miles and the next trip out will probably make the speedometer go back to 00000. These cars take a lot of sorting out-more than most 1927 American cars-but after they are well sorted out, they are great drivers. 55 mph is no problem and the engine does not overwind at this speed. This car is mostly original with the exception of a 1960s repaint by Fisk. Although I have done a lot of mechanical work to it, it has not been apart. It has been driven hard and often during my ownership. I just love these cars. Understated elegance when they are properly presented..
  7. Swap Meet Food - Any Stand-Outs?

    Although I haven't been in a few years, the FRIED cheese curds at the Iola Swap Meet and Car Show were amazing. Carlisle always had some good food vendors. I remember one booth near the back hill that had the best breakfast sandwiches. When it comes to food, swap meets are like carnivals. You eat all of the good "bad" food that you don't get at home.
  8. SOLD: 1938 Packard 1600 Touring Sedan

    SOLD! Thanks to all those who inquired.
  9. SOLD: 1938 Packard 1600 Touring Sedan

    SOLD! Thanks to all those who inquired.
  10. Model T parts search

    Here you go: They also have the replacement alternators if you do not want to use the original generator. If you haven't heard of Lang's yet, you should. They are your best source for Model T parts. Good luck.
  11. Ford Model A delivery truck

    That is a great photo and one of my favorite Model A body styles. What a treasure.
  12. 1930 Gardner Roadster - Pebble Beach Entry

    A gorgeous and rare car. Good luck at the auction.
  13. Lots of interest but still for sale!
  14. Here is a really nice set of six, 36 x 4 1/2" Goodrich Silvertown whitewall tires. These were just removed from a car in favor of black walls. Two of the tires look like new with the nubs, the other four probably have less than 400 miles on them. They are a bit dirty but should clean up ok. If you are looking for tires for a show car, these are probably not for you as they will have some scuffs on the whitewalls. If you want a great set of tires for an older restored car or driver, these are perfect. The price to buy a set of six tires alone from Coker is about 2,300.00 plus tubes. I will take 1,150.00 for the set of six and include six brass stem tubes which were all good when removed. I would prefer not to ship, but will work with a buyer and gladly store them until they can be picked up. If you are interested, we can probably work something out. PayPal accepted. Located in Ann Arbor, MI. Please call 734-730-4274 or email: Thank you.