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  1. The cover on my ge was rusted out. I took it to a good welding machine shop 10 years ago. Fabricated metal to replace the bad part. It is still working 10 years later. In doing the repair the repair person said the original was pressed out of a single sheet of metal.
  2. studeboy

    Make of truck?

    Thanks for all the interesting responses. It looks to me like the truck in question has a thermo-siphon cooling setup. Would that narrow the possibilities?
  3. studeboy

    Make of truck?

    Any idea of the make and model of this truck?
  4. studeboy

    Franklin Automobile

    Trying to date this photograph. What year is this Franklin touring car. It seems to be in the 1917 to 1920 range. When did they go to the large rectangular rear window?
  5. studeboy

    Bad luck? What car is it?

    Thanks, nzcanerd. I guess these pre-1910 cars are a lot harder to identify?
  6. studeboy

    Bad luck? What car is it?

    What make and year is this early automobile being towed by horses? Definitely has non-electric lights.
  7. studeboy

    Hunting Link

    I am going to remove the hunting link from the timing chain on my car as per the shop manual. The manual says to grind off the head of the pins remove link and reinsert one of pins and head it. I am concerned about durability. Is it possible to get a new pin for the timing chain?
  8. studeboy

    Who knows what this old cowl is from?

    1923 and '24 Studebakers had cowl lights in the windshield.
  9. studeboy

    Mystery engine - 1920s six

    This is just a guess but is it an engine with a low grade fuel adaptation? They used similar shrouded manifolds to heat fuel in tractors that would burn kerosene. The engine was started on gasoline and once warm was switched to kerosene tank. In this setup there would be two fuel tanks one for regular gasoline and one for kerosene.
  10. studeboy

    What year?

    Thanks for your help.
  11. studeboy

    What year?

    The historical society I work with is trying to date the following photograph. What are the makes and years of the cars? All look pre-1920.
  12. studeboy

    Real or fantasy?

    I have bunch of old maps and tourist brochures from a familiy's trip west in 1926-27. I was wondering if this image is based on a real car or just fantasy???
  13. studeboy

    Waiting on a tow

    If it was smoking there has to be a short. Starters are not that complicated. There should be a alternator and starter repair shop near you. As long as the bendix is alright the rest of the parts are common to many starters. A local shop worth their salt should be able to rebuild the motor.
  14. studeboy

    Waiting on a tow

    Doesn't this car have separate floor starter switch? Is the current going through the switch to the starter? Try running a jumper cable from the neg terminal of the battery to the cable on the side of the starter. If the starter turns over it may be the switch. The switch on my 28 Dictator died once. I took it apart and found a cocoon inside it. Removed the cocoon and it worked just fine.
  15. studeboy

    Big car

    What is the make and year of this large touring car? What is the canvas thing on the hood?