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  1. jrbartlett

    Who makes connecting rods

    A lot of Duesenbergs are now running modern Carillo rods. Regarding Locomobile, I have one spare rod for my '19 Model 48.
  2. jrbartlett

    Battery disconnect switch, yes or no?

    If you do install a battery switch, check the amp ratings and choose one of the higher-amp options. A starter draws a lot of amps. There are a number of different ratings available. And yes, the switches do need to be replaced occasionally, and sometimes the connections cleaned up.
  3. jrbartlett

    DIY Cylinder Reboring

    Back in the 1960s an old-time mechanic told me that there were ratchet-type tools available in the 1930s that could be used to resurface crankshaft rod journals with the engine in the car and the crankshaft in the engine.
  4. Two other things I experienced with a 425 in a 1966 Riviera back in the day. A rocker arm broke one time when the car had about 70,000 miles on it, creating a tapping sound. I pulled the rocker arm shaft off and replaced the broken rocker. Also, back when we were running leaded gasoline, the 425 had a tendency to "carbon up," as we used to call it. It would develop pre-ignition, and occasionally a piece of carbon would break loose and create a tapping noise. The solution was to pour a thin stream of Marvel Mystery Oil down the carburetor while applying enough throttle to keep the car running. Then let the car sit overnight to allow the Mystery Oil to soak the carbon buildup on the backside of the valves. Next morning, start it up and take it out on the highway and "blow it out" by running at high speed. It worked several times like an instant tune-up, curing both the pre-ignition and the tapping noise. I don't know that this is necessary anymore given our lead-free gasoline containing ethanol, which serves as a cleaning agent.
  5. jrbartlett

    Evans waterless coolant

    I think I remember reading similar stories on this forum about cars running hotter with this stuff.
  6. Wow -- this really would have been a nice car in its original form.
  7. There were about a half-dozen cars from Texas on the recent Glidden Tour in Twin Falls, Idaho, and we had a great time. The scenery was unbelievable, and included deserts, mountains, river valleys, the Snake River gorge, Shoshone Falls, City of Rocks, Craters of the Moon, Mt. Harrison, and some of the richest agricultural land found anywhere (thanks to irrigation water from the Snake). Some of the roads we drove had little traffic on them, and the weather was perfect -- clear with temperatures in the 70s. There were small, rustic towns with delightful home-spun cafes, contrasted with the incredible Sun Valley Lodge with its 1930s-vintage style and luxury. I'll post a few pictures in a week or two.
  8. jrbartlett

    Lincoln 1932 KB 5-Pass on Auction

    That's one beautiful car.
  9. jrbartlett

    Wanted: 1937-38 DeSoto

    Agree -- that Imperial is beautiful.
  10. jrbartlett

    Pre War Cars - how fast is fast?

    Agree on capability of supercharged Auburns with dual ratio. I cruise mine at 70 at 2,400 rpm.
  11. jrbartlett

    Brass T head car on HAMB. What is it?

    Note that the hood louvers also seem to match.
  12. jrbartlett

    Straightening wire wheels?

    Is it possible to straighten a mildly wobbly wire wheel that has riveted spokes -- not the screw-on nipples? Car is a 35 Auburn with 16-inch wheels. Anyone done this successfully?
  13. jrbartlett

    Only third gear Nash 1932

    On a '29 Packard, the shift mechanism is held in place by a nut that can sometimes loosen up. When it does, the shift lever disengages with the selector rods in the transmission, and you might only be able to catch one gear -- or none at all. Repositioning the lever and tightening the nut completely fixes it. Check to see if perhaps this transmission shifter is held in place the same way.
  14. jrbartlett


    AMXDreamer -- Where do you get "fuel companies are gouging us on costs?" I don't know where you are, but here in Texas I'm currently paying $2.39 per gallon for regular. If you back out the general inflation rate, that equals 31 cents in mid-1966 dollars. Which is pretty much what I was paying back then while commuting to college. Sometimes 27 cents, sometimes 33 cents.
  15. jrbartlett

    Anyone Ever Sell a Car to a Buyer in Sweden?

    Not in Sweden, but I did sell a car to a buyer in Finland. He told me to take it to a shipping company here in Houston, and they would pay me in cash. I did and they did -- it was a great transaction.