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  1. 1938 Buick 248 Mains WTD

    I may have the bearings you need what series 1938 Buick do you have? Marv.
  2. Automotive Or Not???

    keiser31 Thanks for your reply, would the wire size be to small for that???? Marv.
  3. Automotive Or Not???

    I have about a dozen of these wires don't know if they are Automotive or not. The green end is hard plastic with a lead insert the other end is lead also both holes have a inside diameter of 5/8". The wire size I would guess is number 14 gauge. A tag on the wire reads from what I can make out not all of it is there LKB under that T369 under that CORN. The wire is two feet long. Hope some one can help. Thanks!!! 1-262-392-2989 or Marv.
  4. 1941 Hollywood

    Do you have casting numbers on your old ones?????? Marv.
  5. Guide Super Ray Driving Light!!!

    SOLD!!! Marv.
  6. Guide Super Ray Driving Light!!!

    SOLD!!! Marv.
  7. Guide Super Ray Driving Light!!!

    SOLD!!! Marv.
  8. What is it?

    We need more pictures. Marv.
  9. Franklin Headlight????

    Is this a Franklin headlight??? It has a 12" outside diameter, Twilite11-1/2" lens size, and very unusual tapered mounting shaft. 1-262-392-2989 or Marv.
  10. Large Headlight????

    The bowel on mine does not have the screw in the back. Marv.
  11. Large Headlight????

    Keisler 31 looks like he got the mounting stud right. At the top of the chrome bowel it says Twilite Headlamp if that helps. Marv.
  12. Large Headlight????

    Just picked up this large headlight 12" outside diameter at a Swap meet check my lens book it says Twilite 11-1/2" lens fits Ruxton 1929-31, Peerless 1931, Franklin 1929-31, Auburn 1929-30, Duesenberg 1929-31. The mounting stud should help ID it. Hope someone can ID it for sure. Thanks!!! 1-262-392-2989 or mrib
  13. Headlights, What vehicle?

    As always remove the lens and find the numbers on the edge of the glass. Marv.
  14. Rear Fender????

    Need to know what this NOS fender fits I think it maybe GM. Thanks!!! 1-262-392-2989 or Marv.
  15. Guide Super Ray Driving Light!!!!