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  1. 24Chry48

    30's engines and stuff for sale

    I had to get rid of everything. It is all gone. I did save a few small parts off the 35 engine.
  2. 24Chry48

    34 bumper bolt

    I need a bumper bolt that goes down through the three chrome bars on the front bumper for a 34 CU. It is the one with a teardrop shaped head. Greg at Impconsent@aol.com
  3. Thanks for your persistence. I will let him know. Greg
  4. Thanks for checking for me. He had a photo copy of the build sheet showing all the options on the car, dealer destination, paint and trim codes, etc. He may have gotten this a while ago. I will have to find out. Greg
  5. A participant at our WPC region show last weekend had a 40 Chrysler conv. coupe. He had received a build sheet from the historical people at FCA which showed his factory color was Federal Grey, code 525. I found that information for him but I don't know how to find his trim code, which was 739. Do you have that information? Thanks, Greg Biskey
  6. 24Chry48

    30's engines and stuff for sale

    I am in the Minneapolis area in Minnesota. Greg
  7. 24Chry48

    30's engines and stuff for sale

    I still have all this stuff but it has to go soon. I have moved and I need to get it all out of where it is now. It's all rare stuff and I don't need a lot of money for it. It just needs new homes. Greg
  8. 24Chry48

    30's engines and stuff for sale

    I would take $150.00 for the 35 engine.
  9. You can get your doorsills from a company called "Doorsills." They are in New Jersey and you can pick them up at Hershey or have them shipped. They are always almost a year behind in production, but their product is beautiful. I have bought many sets from them including for my 38 New York Special. Their phone number is 973-423-1196. I just checked their inventory and they do not list a coupe for 38, but I would call them anyway. They may be able to make one if they have the dimensions. I'm sure the checked pattern would be the same as for the sedans, just the length would be different. Greg
  10. 24Chry48

    46-48 Town & Country

    I am looking for a nice Chrysler Town & Country to display in my all Chrysler museum in Isanti, MN. If you have one that is being stored please consider loaning it to our display of early Chrysler cars. Email at Impconsent@aol.com if you are interested. Thanks, Greg Biskey
  11. 24Chry48

    1934 Chrysler airflow parts

    I need one of the bumper bolts that has a teardrop shaped head. Do you have one? thanks, Greg
  12. 24Chry48

    Missing Serial number on early car

    The serial number is stamped into the top of the frame section that protrudes out behind the body on the left side. If the frame has been painted a lot, it may be hard to see.
  13. I have the two outer manifold pieces you are looking for. They have the part numbers on them you have listed. My center piece has a different number. I think mine was from a 38 Imperial, not a 37 Airflow. Email me at Impconsent@aol.com. Greg
  14. 24Chry48

    Chrysler Museum in MN, T&C wanted

    I'm poor at putting pictures on the computer, but after struggling for an hour think I did it.
  15. 24Chry48

    Chrysler Museum in MN, T&C wanted

    I am not open yet. I have too many projects going and have not finished the few things I need to do before opening. I am so close to being done. Hopefully this month. Greg