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  1. These just came off my PII, they were on the car for two years, and have less than fifty miles on them. They were removed because my car has the AJS chassis, so it should have American tires on it for judging. They are blackwalls, and the two sidemounts have zero miles on them. The tires are 400.00 each new, this set of six FOB- West Palm Beach Fl. Save more than one thousand dollars on a set of tires. PM me for photos. I can ship them UPS or Fedex for cost. Thanks, Ed
  2. Computer problems with my ASUS, laptop any help?

    I can’t understand why anybody would recommend against an Apple product. You can’t hack it under any circumstance. No viruses no crypto lock no other issues but fishing. Their plug-and-play his much better than Microsoft. Updates don’t shove a bunch of trash on your system or cause it to crash like Windows updates do every time. I have seven computers running Microsoft my businesses I will never replace him again without using Apple product. I just can’t explain how much better things are with the apple. I’m a new convert.
  3. Computer problems with my ASUS, laptop any help?

    the other great thing with Apple is all devices are hooked up and talk to each other, and all info can be pulled up from any unit. I love the tracking built into my phone and Ipad, if I leave one somewhere I can find it with no searching or calling around. I resisted Apple for years, it was a mistake.
  4. Wireless Tail Lights??

    They were suppose to go into production, and there have been problems. They were led with batteries and blue tooth connections. They appeared to work well, I think they had a video on you tube. Check there for their web site. Ed
  5. Computer problems with my ASUS, laptop any help?

    In the last two years I have only bought Apple products. I just bought a new top of the line unit for 1800 with a big screen at the Apple Store. No BS software issues, no viruses, no crypto lock, just have to get familiar how things work different than Microsoft, MUCH easier. I am done with all the bull sh*t now. Couldn’t be happier. Consider a tablet, for most people it does almost everything you would need. I use my tablet first, phone second, and only use my iMac while sitting at my desk. And to be perfectly honest the new iMac is absolutely fabulous.
  6. Brass Era Mystery

    First use of an electric starter with a battery on an American car was 1895, and it worked well.
  7. Advice on a Bentley please.

    Most British cars are outstanding..........they leave you out standing in the rain.😇
  8. Advice on a Bentley please.

    If my my mom had that much luck I would be sending her to the store to buy lottery tickets! 🤔
  9. American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    Al’s a good guy, just don’t tell him I said so.........🤐
  10. 1930's spark plug connectors

    Pierce Arrow and Stude also used them, and they are being reproduced in sets of eight, call John at 413-543-9017 eastern time, I do not know the cost. They are CNC machined. Good luck, Ed
  11. Packard Auto Robe

    I spoke to Jen, the robe was in a box marked Packard, although this robe is not a Packard robe its a high end piece. No label and color hurt the value, its very good condition helps the value. She has decided to keep it, so its no longer being offered for sale. Factory label lap robes bring three and four times the price of non marked robes. Strook motor robes are the most common generic marked aftermarket robes. They have more value than an unmarked robe. Initials can help or hurt the value depending on the style, location, and presentation. In my collection I have over twenty factory marked robes, along with FDR'S lap robe, and the Sha of Iran"s Brunn lap robe. Interest in robes seems to be decreasing, and prices tend to be soft, unless the item is over the top. I know the manufacturer of Jen"s robe, and informed her of the name. I will keep it close to my vest for assorted reasons. I can usually date a factory robe plus or minus one or two years from tags and construction. If anyone has a robe they need help on feel free to PM me, and I will help if I can. My best, Ed I forgot to mention.........several people made fake and reproduction robes about ten years ago........so be careful, you may get bit and buy a fake.
  12. Carburetor

    I have dealt with Rand several times over the years, he has good carburetors and is a decent and fair person to deal with.
  13. Auburn supercharged crankshaft

    Did you try midwestauburns website?
  14. 1930 7-45 sedan. Only one known?

    Neat car, I like the lines. Looks like a nice project. Tom L must be slipping to miss this one!
  15. Cad Wire Wheels?

    Kelsey Hayes drop center. They look like my wheels I had on my 1932 with those cut outs in the center of the hub, eights and twelves used 19 inch, and the 16’s used 18 inch if memory serves me.
  16. American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    Drum lights and round bumper mid 1929 or earlier. Neat car.
  17. Lincoln Roadster/Cabrolet

    Yes, I was referring to an Aussie I have done business with, anyway.......Jack Passy was the go to Lincoln K guy for the last fifty years. He recently passed and his large collection of Lincoln’s were sold off. It may be worth your time to track down where they went, he had all very nice custom bodied cars that were mostly original and many were roadsters and convertibles. I’m sure someone on the site here knows where some of his cars ended up. Lincoln’s are under valued and under appreciated so you should be able to find what your looking for,without too much trouble. Buy a good one, as they are expensive to work on. Good luck!

    I’m now down in the Palm Beach area..........
  19. American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    Probably the best value for your dollar in the hobby today, a factory playboy on a Springfield Ghost chassis. Fantastic car all around, puts almost everything else on wheels to shame, and they sell for what can only be described as reasonable compared to many other cars. Properly restored and sorted, the car will literally last a lifetime with just basic maintenance.
  20. Advice on a Bentley please.

    That’s a pretty complicated machine. It’s not for a beginner. It’s probably Whitworth, so every tool AND hardware will be special. Parts are VERY expensive for any year Rolls or Bentley.
  21. American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    I could fit in a Henley even if I had to sit on my head!
  22. American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    Great car, with the front door having a rear hinge and cut on that angle along the windshield line, it makes getting in and out of the car much easier, even if you are six feet tall.
  23. American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    First is getting married Seconed is getting divorced Third is having kids Everything else in life is cheap!
  24. Early Factory Aluminum Wheel Options?

    Pierce Arrow offered polished stainless wheels in 1931. Studebaker in 1931.

    The new tire from Goodyear looks very good. N speed rating is 87mph. I buy the BEST tire I can find, and will still run my Sailun’s, but I am quite sure the American made Goodyear is the best tire you can find made in the US, and would be a second choice for me. I am sure they are much easier to find than the Sailun’s. The difference between the two is significant, both in construction, speed rating, capacity, and weight carrying ability. Although almost nothing from China is worth buying, the Sailun’s is a ISO 9000 Company, and make great tires.