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    1941 Buick interior lights & button switches

    Matt...I came across that two months ago..........I had never seen it.
  2. edinmass

    1930 Cadillac $27,000

    Hi, nice car, and a price that is fair. You should post a lot more photos, including the engine compartment, dash, front and back seat, ect. Any more info on its history, current running condition, spare parts, ect will help you get a much better response. Good luck.
  3. edinmass

    1948 Tucker #1057 on ebay

    As Shakespeare said.........” The silence is deafening!” ?
  4. edinmass

    Ford Edsel Speedster Mod 40

    Last time I saw the real one was at Edsel’s house.
  5. edinmass

    dash 1930's?

    Glove box doors look like 34 PA, but obviously not. Looks like mid to high end car, 100 mph speedo would also indicate that. posted at the same time as Karl’s ID.
  6. edinmass

    1948 Tucker #1057 on ebay

    There are two Pierce Arrow land speed record cars..........just one wasn't enough!
  7. edinmass

    Twelve Dilapitated Lincolns 1925 to 1938

    Lincoln's are ALL great cars. Very misunderstood. They offer some of the best dollar value purchases in the hobby..........some day people will figure them out. Same for Pierce Arrow......Fact is certain early cars are harder to sort and make run, but once dialed in, they are fine. You can actually make a Lincoln, Cadillac, or LaSalle run with the junk carbs they were sold with, it just takes time and experience, two very rare and exclusive items that are difficult to find anymore.
  8. edinmass

    1922-23 Haynes big 6 question

    A stripe that heavy won't look right on a car that early. I'm not too sure about contrasting colors back in the day.......mono chrome paint tended to be the regular look. Time to start doing a google photo search.
  9. edinmass

    wire wheel ID required

    It's a Kelsey-Hayes drop center rim........no snap ring, first year for drop center is 1932 unless I am mistaken. No idea as far as application goes. Did Chevy use a drop center or non snap ring rim in 30 or 31? Quick check on line looks like Chevrolet used a drop center rim very early..........interesting what you can learn here!
  10. Your going to have to make them.
  11. edinmass

    Help Needed 1932 Cad Town Car

    Trimacar........how about a comment?
  12. edinmass

    1948 Tucker #1057 on ebay

    Jake, I don’t have any horse in this race.........but buying a spot in the car corral at Hershey is hardly an endorsement of anything but payment for the space. Fact is, there is no significant provenance on the car.......conjecture........some payroll recorded of an accountant .....at seven figure numbers you better have a lot more. Usually anything such as the car in question is part of automotive lore, legend, and numerous articles over decades, starting from the beginning of time the manufacture begun. The car is an interesting exercise in metal fabrication, parts location, tenacity, and skill.......yes, it is interesting to some. The object of desire to others. Honestly, I have never been a fan of any Tucker, due to poor workmanship and lousy styling. That being said, it is the dream car and shining diamond of many collections. Fact of the matter is, if the car was as good as some represent it to be it would have changed hands a long time ago.......appearently some people think it’s value is 900 to 1.3 if the auction bids were real...........anyway, I’m sure the skilled people who built it are justifiablely proud of their accomplishment. The valadation of what the car truly is will be the selling price.
  13. edinmass

    1935 Lincoln K Club Sedan

    After more than forty years in the hobby, and having way more pre war cars passing through my hands than any reasonable person should have, I will pass on this observation. When aquiring any “new” to you pre war car, almost everyone is instantly ready to take it for a ride. In reality the proper thing to do when one takes delivery is to place it in the garage and go through the entire car, all at once BEFORE one takes it for a road test. The problem is new owners are over excited and in a rush to drive, before safety and reliability checks are performed. It takes a long time in the hobby to get disciplined enough to practice what I am about to outline. Before any “new” to you car is driven, it just makes sense to PROPERLY go through the entire car. Here is a partial list......... Remove fuel tank, clean and seal, fuel pump, mechanical and electrical, fuel lines and filters. Overhaul carburetor. Overhaul distributor. Overhaul waterpump. Overhaul Generator. Overhaul started, replace cables, new battery, cut off switch. Overhaul fan, replace belt. Drop oil pan, inspect bearings, clean sludge, inspect timing chain, ect. Remove radiator, flush, paint, test for leaks and flow. Pull water jacket cover and clean block. Pull the head, lap or do a valve job, and if compression was low, hone and rings. New plug wires, coils, plugs. Sort and make ENTIRE electrician system work. New tires, new tubes. Replace exhaust if needed, fix all leaks and Mickey Mouse pipes. Drain and fill transmission. Pull all drums, repack all wheel bearings, brake job as necessary.......that includes all booster, rods, cables, ect. Be sure all gauges on the dash function correctly. Fix windshield wipers. Fix all doors, hinges, windows, regulators, seat adjustments, visors, ect. All of the above applies to barn finds, old restoration, or 100 point show cars. The better looking the car and the higher the price, the more work they tend to need. The above is a short list.....with another fifty items to go over. Fact is it’s much easier to go through the ENTIRE car, and make everything right BEFORE you take it down the road. Being stranded on the side of the road, frustrated with all the “normal” problems puts so many people off the hobby it’s almost unbelievable. Even if it takes a year for you to get it all done, it’s the best way to have a car that is truly enjoyable. Yes, I practice what I preach, and have never regretted taking my time, properly sorting the car. There is NOTHING better than taking a car out for the first time and having a trouble free round trip. Reguardless of time or cost, in the end you going to need to do all the same things anyway, why not make your first few months on the road relaxing and enjoyable? I just finished sorting a MAJOR league pre war car.......a “big time machine”..........it took me three and a half months, on and off to get it where I was happy with it and took it down the road. I left the shop for the first time with NO tools or supplies, as I had an uneventful first fifty mile drive. Since then I have driven it another half dozen times, making adjustments and notes. I think I have about twenty new things I would like to tweak, but overall the car runs and drives fine. All of thr above takes two things nome of us have enough of anymore.....time and money. Buy ANY CCCA Classic that has been parked for ten or twenty years in a garage or museum, plan on spending twenty grand to get it back on its wheels. Yes, it’s that costly to get a car sorted properly. If you can’t do it yourself without getting frustrated and turned off on the hobby........be prepared to drop LOTS of money making the car right. For me, tires and tubes more than five years old need to be replaced, but then again I drive my car about ten times more often than the average collector. Ask yourself this question.......can you go out into the garage and take ANY car out on a tour right now? No excuses, just jump in and drive? Currently I have 18 big pre war cars sorted, and ready to go down the road NOW. It’s a full time job keeping them all sorted, maintained, and detailed. Ever try and fill sixty tires to the correct air pressure every month, it’s a time consuming job just keeping the tires inflated. How about keeping battery’s fully charged, all the lights and wipers working, the clocks functioning, again the list of items is almost endless. This year on on my fourth flat tire.........with snap ring and painted wheel. Figure ten hours total time fixing the flat, and the paint. I changed out another twelve tires on drop center rims in the last six months.......I’m getting old, and although I managed to do six start to finish in one day, thr next week afterwards I felt like I just walked all three days of Hershey at once.....everything hurt.......I’m not getting any younger! Please.....do yourself a favor, make your car right before you let it loose.......you enjoyment and pride of ownership will pay a ten times dividend. And, when on the road and you do happen to has a minor issue, you will be familiar with the car, and it will be much easier to make a roadside repair.
  14. edinmass

    1935 Lincoln K Club Sedan

    Matt, with your permission I will chime in on the car and where I think the fundamental wrong turn was made sorting the car.
  15. edinmass

    1948 Tucker #1057 on ebay

    New or replica coachwork in NOT accepted on the 1930’s cars.........Pebble, Amelia, ect do not allow replica bodies on the field. FYI- a replica bodied car is worth 15 to 20 cents on the dollar of the real one, the Tucker Conv guy wants 200 percent more than a correct car. The THC available over the counter for recreational users must be better than I realized!
  16. edinmass

    Twelve Dilapitated Lincolns 1925 to 1938

    Parts cars......he’ll no......they are much too rough to be parts cars. Lincoln’s are GREAT car, and I will own a KB in the future, that being said, even if I were a Lincoln guy, I wouldn’t be in any hurry for those automobiles. If I owned those car, I would cut them up, scrap 70 percent of what’s there including the tin, and then sell the parts. There is no way to move that stuff unless you have good tires, assuming the hubs arn’t locked up. I added up the value of everything there and got twenty grand IF you are local, got to haul the stuff any mileage........forget it. And yes, I have cut up MUCH better cars that were complete, and recently. Define parts car........I purchased a car, removed three items, and then resold the car right away “as is”. The car was a 90 point running and driving closed car(CCCA), the items then went on a very rare and valuable open car, it was the least expensive way to get what was needed right away. Virtually any closed car pre war can become a parts car. Many 100 point sedans have been purchased as a foundation for a very rough open car, you get all the goodies, and still come out ahead, and can often times sell the body to someone with a closed car project. Happens more often than you think.
  17. edinmass

    early motorcycles.................

    And just like the automobile...........the real woman is a lot more expensive and higher maintenance than the “lesser” substitute!
  18. edinmass

    Help Needed 1932 Cad Town Car

    Ask trimacar on here........send him a PM. There are only three known 32 V-12 cars, no V-8’s that I know of, and there is probably one or two V-16’s so it’s a question not too many people can answer or look at an existing car for you, also, Fleetwood made at least three diffrent windshields for town cars then, so that may also come into play. I would also post on the Cadillac LaSalle Club site. How about a photo of the car?
  19. edinmass

    1948 Tucker #1057 on ebay

    I think it’s interesting the Convertible owner keeps harping on a bunch of “real” cars were assembled after the plant closed from parts, so his machine is of the same provenance............and I thought good fiction was no longer being written!
  20. edinmass

    Twelve Dilapitated Lincolns 1925 to 1938

    Jack would have never pass on a Lincoln. I sure miss his smile. RIP my friend.
  21. edinmass

    early motorcycles.................

    In the motorcycle world, as long as you have a original engine they are ok with making up the rest of it.....price is effected huge..........but the bike is"OK" for shows and such. A barn find identical Pierce 4 recently sold for 275K.
  22. edinmass

    Family photo, ~'33 Royale

    It’s obviously a 1931...........? You can tell by only one clue.........AJ, you own one, so you should figure it out.......I may be mistaken, but don’t think so.
  23. edinmass

    1950 Buick unrestored gem

    How about a photo, and a location? Two door or four? Color? Just a few important thing that most buyers want to know. Thanks. MUCH BETTER!
  24. edinmass

    Alternative to Penrite for steering box

    Yes, we added graphite to oil for our top fuel dragster in the cam boxes. Messy stuff(think like non cured rubber cement), worked well, and held up to running the strip with pure nitro. There are a lot of issues not covered here as far as steering boxes go. After a car sits baking in a hot garage in the summer and a freezing garage in the winter for forty, fifty, or sixty years, the lube in the box can turn to tar, or something worse. Then people com along and add new / modern lubricants on top of the old sludge type contents. The Lowe portion and bushings get no lubrication but the operator thinks they have taken car of the problem, and in reality all they have done is added to it. 95 percent of the total Restorations out there have not had their steering box apart, the same goes for the rear end.
  25. edinmass

    1904 PIERCE-ARROW L 8M 2/4 PL STANHOPE Reduced

    New Cadillacs easily have a sticker of 100k, I looked at a GMC pick up last month for 88k, and it was a leftover. The Pierce is a a much better investment than the new car.......yes, it’s expensive for a low use toy if your a middle class working man with a family. But then again, I recently saw a set of wheels sell for 60k, and a pair of lights for 25k, it’s all relative.I have had very good luck selling cars here. From all price categories and era’s. You could have thirty five of these for the cost of the Tucker Convertiable!