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  1. AC K10 spark plug --- modern equivalent

    Bloo.......the plugs are installed in our car, and it's at Pebble Beach. We are in the Packard class. I'll take a few photos tomorrow while we are detailing it.
  2. AC K10 spark plug --- modern equivalent

    The chart appears to be post war.
  3. It's sad but true that MOST trailers built today are terrible as far as fit, finish, and welding go. Nothing seems to be square, and much of the steel seems to be very poor quaility. Recently I saw a trailer that sold for 28k, and I said to the owner, hey.....the ramp door is too light and flimsy to drive a V-12 Packard on. He called the factory direct, gave the vin number of the trailer, and the engineer said it was fine........I disagreed, then I watched them drive the BIG 12 up the ramp, until it collapsed and damaged the car. It was a MAJOR name brand trailer, more expensive than most, and their premium line. I don't trust any trailer new or used until I go over the entire rig, and fix all the shortcuts they build into them. It's sad nothing in America today is built with pride and craftsmanship. Everyone wants a cheap trailer.......ad that's what they are building.
  4. Reo Royale

    Please I'd the car, and asking price.
  5. AC K10 spark plug --- modern equivalent

    AC plugs have been hard to get for a long time in the pre 1937 nomenclature. I just acquired a set of eight recently, (last month) and you dont want to know how much I have in them. They are going on our Pebble Beach car this week. The ultimate in details to compete in the stratosphere. These are the factory called for heat range, hotter plugs would be better for today's modern fuel. I would like two more sets for V12's. I would run Autolite for a modern plug. My best, Ed
  6. 1936 Pierce-Arrow

    David.....you NEED that car! I'll take the little motor off you hands so you get get permission from the higher authority. 😜
  7. It's a well known fact the the primary functions of a Johnson carburetor is to make the car owner pull his hair out, and then leak gas, then cause running problems, when all of the items mentioned have been accomplished, it's final function is to cause a no start condition or fire. I fought mine for years before I got it right..........Ed
  8. Need list of 1929-35 stutz owners. Leads?

    George, the engines and heads for these motors are not difficult to find. Condition and price are probably the issue. A friend of mine has more than a half dozen complete engines, all available if someone needs them. PM me if you want an opinion as to value. You always post interesting things for sale.....keep them coming! Ed
  9. New billet aluminum oil filters available for Packards and other large cars. Purolator E-2 & EF-2, as well as L- 4 & L-5. All of them use a modern spin on oil filter available over the counter at NAPA for just a few dollars. Exact replica, uses all the factory lines and brackets. Call for more information.E series filter is shown, L series is similar construction but identicle to what was used when new. These filters fit many different Series large cars. Price is 550.00 plus shipping. Classic Auto, John Cislak, 413-543-9017, or pierceparts@aol.com
  10. Reproduction (exact copy) of a 1930's Purolator oilfilter. Made of billet aluminum, these have a small modern spin on oil filter inside. The filters have all the detail in the housing and look original with 2 1/8 pipe thread holes side by side for the oil lines. These are some of the nicest filters ever manufactured and are direct fit and correct in every way. They fit the following cars: Auburn, Cadillac, Chrysler, Cord, Gardner, Jordan, Lincoln, Packard 8 & 12, Pierce Arrow, and Stutz. Cost is 550.00 plus shipping. See photos, you won't be disappointed. Call with questions, Thanks. John Cislak, Classic Auto Restoration. 413/543-9017. Johnclassicauto@gmail.com
  11. New Detroit Lubricator Carburetors

    I have one of Davids carburators on our 1932 904. It works great. I recommend them to anyone. He is a true craftsman. Ed
  12. Pebble/Monterey?

    Cohiba .........please!👍
  13. Trico Vision All wiper assembly

    I agree with George, call Paul Ayres.
  14. Babbitt Engine Rebuilder in Pennsylvania Area

    Aries and Ross are not that expensive, you get Pistons, ri Gus, and pins all for about 125 per piston. If a very fair price.
  15. Pebble/Monterey?

    Kirk,bring some of those good cigars you always have..........I'm past due for blazing up! 💨 Puff 💨
  16. MASSIVE FIRE Country Classic Cars Staunton Il.

    On a youmtube interview it was stated only five cars were on consignment. I can't believe that is accurate from the number of cars involved. Usually there is a blanket floor plan policy with a dollar cap on it. It would cover all cars owned by the company. Alsocarsin for service should be covered under the same policy. Consignment cars would not usually be covered under a regular policy. One also must think,was there any insurance at all? I hope everything works out well for all involved. My gut tells me it probably won't.
  17. Dual coil distributor cap differences

    Measurement please, diameter. Could be a small series segrave cap from then looks of it.
  18. Pebble/Monterey?

    I'll be there........working. If I get some free time you can buy me a drink.😃
  19. Sunny Turnquist.

    I have seen a notice that Sunny Turnquist passed away recently on another site. She and hew husband Bob were very active in the CCCA since it's founding. I was fortunate to spend time with Sonny at Amelia Island for the past several years. I always enjoyed both their company, and talking Packards with Bob, as a very young man, Bob reached out to me showing kindness and an interest in my collecting. I will remember both of them with fondness. Ed
  20. MASSIVE FIRE Country Classic Cars Staunton Il.

    It was a news article, I can't find it now. Wasn't muckto look at, the tin roof Watson topof a bunch of burned out cars. The cars I see looked like early 1950's.
  21. American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    All the Springfield cars are terrific machines. Many people look past the Springfield Ghost. BIG mistake. I think a Springfield Ghost may be the best dollar value you can get in the old car hobby today. I see open Ghosts selling for very reasonable money the last few years. I predict in the near future the next generation of collectors will figure these cars out, and they will be much harder to acquire. The more I drive our P1, the better I like it, I I was a huge fan for the past 35 years. With lots of sorting and tweaking they are a pure joy to drive when right. Most of them I have driven are not sorted, and thus stiff and unresponsive. Ed
  22. MASSIVE FIRE Country Classic Cars Staunton Il.

    There are 33 photos on the local news channel, doesn't look good. With that many cars on consignment there will be a lot of people who don't have insurance.
  23. Zenith carburetor adjustment

    Scott, that Carb is messed up. PFitz is correct on why it won't adjust. Your gambling with that engine running it. It's not worth taking a chance. I may know where there is a good factory carb, I'll ask about it today and get back to you. It's already running lean from what you are posting. Too many people just jam on any carb because it's about the same size or will bolt up easy. I have seen more than a handful melt down from running lean. Be patient, and get the right carb. Ed
  24. Zenith carburetor adjustment

    I wouldn't run that carb at all, for any reason. Ask the members here if I know what I am talking about. Your asking for problems, that can get vary expensive. Ed
  25. Zenith carburetor adjustment

    I would NOT run that on a car. Most marine carburetors don't have accelerator pumps from that vintage. If you run it lean you can burn valves, melt pistons, and crack heads and blocks. New and used carburetors are available, they are not cheap, but worth every dime. The car should be tuned on a five gas analyzer if you are not going to run a factory carb. There are hundreds of experts, but almost none have a lot or pre war car experience in changing out carburetors. Be careful and don't make an expensive mistake by running an incorrect carb. Carbking will chime in, and take his advice. Ed