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  1. Wanted 1914 Cadillac distributor

    Charlie.....try Ron Blisset in Norman Ok. He may have one.
  2. Wanted For 1928 Stutz - Spring U bolts

    AJ should have the front ones off the parts chassis he bought......if he didn’t junk them.
  3. Reo Royale

    I can still get it done.......needs a manifold with an EE-3...........vroom vroom!
  4. Speedster/race car trailer "Period stuff"

    Hurry up! You bought that thing when I was a teenager, and I’m almost ready for social security!
  5. Hi Al........give me a ring sometime tomorrow, I’ll be on the road driving north. Ed
  6. Auburn Speedster paint scheme

    AJ, the car had the new and trick Goodyear multiple rib side walls on it........a correct in the era design that have been out of production for quite a while. There were many positive comments on them. And, by the way, I just finished another set of wheels...........painted spokes so we can have blackwalls also.......where are my spoke covers?🤔
  7. It Wins!! Amaxing Buick wins at Amelia Island!

    Careful what you wish for Steve, I am cleaning out the garage next week, and have two trunks and four sets of Pilots that need to find new homes........... It is a FACT that a true car collector can NEVER have too many Snap-On cabinets or tools. Used the Sun distributor machine for several hours today......that is a keeper!
  8. Distributor rebuilder

    Brian and his crew do great work..........they are one of the busiest shops in the country. It’s getting close to Pebble.
  9. Whitewall overkill

    Easy fix...........👍 Just take them off.........
  10. Reo Royale

    I could tweek it and make it perform better. The motor can handle it, and I would enjoy testing it before and after. Punch it out, do a trick valve job, regrind the cam, bump the compression, recurve the distributor, put a decent carb on it, improve the exhaust, bet it could get another twenty percent out of it easy. Maybe you should send me your motor before you install it? 🔥 💥 💥 🔥
  11. Ford full classic?

    The touring was designed by Ralph Roberts at LeBaron, it is a CCCA Classic. The speedster MAYBE but not definite. (If it’s a ford factory custom job not likely, if built at Murrary and done by a known designer with documentation it would probably be acceptable.) The Roadster is unlikely. The speedster has always been an intact car, the touring car was extensively modified over the years, but looks like it was put back to it’s original configuration.......and it appears to be well done.
  12. Distributor rebuilder

    Most good shops are very busy, and require advance notice to get a time slot to get any major service done. Correctly rebuilding a Delco distributor isn’t difficult, but it is time consuming. The biggest problem is plating. Time, lost parts, missing and worn parts......it all adds up to more work and costs than one would expect. Add in rivets, data plates, paint, bad pot metal on some units.......and you can spend quite a bit of money. I spent the day setting up two 1930 V-16 Cadillac distributors. Both cars were restored and serviced by “one of the top restoration shops in the country”. They had incorrect modern points and wrong condensers. The gap was not correct for them, and the syncnaratizon was incorrect. They also glass beaded the internals, and didn’t replate them, so they were rusty. Doing thing right takes time and money, and many people just don’t even know how to do things correctly anymore. It’s the small details that make the cars run, and more often than not, they are overlooked.
  13. 1926 Rolls-Royce

    Having a cross out on a RR build sheet is common, enclosed drive is just a fancy name for a 7 passenger sedan. Its quite possible the car went from a sedan, and then was modified and updated into a town car with skirted fenders. New head lamps, ect. It's possible the Marshal headlamps are original, as that is what would be expected to see on a car delivered to Paris. It's also possible they are a later update as well. I would run an ad in the RR club publication asking about the car. It may also have been serviced at the factory at some point in its life, and at one time you could get the information from them. Detailed photos of the windshield and front doors from inside and out would help determine if the body was a sedan cut down in the era to a town car.
  14. Locomobile

    It appears the incomplete and rusty parts car ad has a mistake in it.....it says 8500, I’m sure they meant $85.00
  15. '39 Packard V-12 timing cover

    Mine arrived last week, nice castings, no issues.
  16. Locomobile

    Rare and interesting does not translate into big dollars. Neat car.......with a bit of luck it will make it into a garage to preserve what is left of the factory finishes.
  17. Sadly, I must report my friend Al passed away late last year. I decided to give him a call after posting here, and his numbers were disconnected. A quick google search showed his obituary and a episode of American Pickers dedicated to him. He was a great guy and a wonderful human being........I shall miss my friend. Rest In Peace Al, you deserve it. 😞
  18. Less than three minutes ..........The Motor Car Company, Al Morkuanas
  19. I too am suffering from the same memory loss that Wayne is..........PS Don't forget that two hundred I let you........... The shop Wayne is talking about closed down about 18 months ago, he retired. When I remember the shop name I will post it.
  20. Ford full classic?

    There is a 1936 one off roadster thats never been seen before in the shop of a good friend. (European Body) Very neat car, and I'm quite sure you will see it at Pebble in 19 or 20.
  21. 1968 Olds Delta 88 Coupe

    Great car........very, very nice. Bought one as a kid for 350 bucks and kept it for ten years. That thing will burn rubber like nothing else on the planet..............so I am told. ;-)
  22. 1926 Rolls-Royce

    I wasn't too far off the mark! Looking forward to learning more about the car. Ed
  23. It Wins!! Amaxing Buick wins at Amelia Island!

    I think West’s post is spot on. I was able to look the car over while it was at the trailer parking field. Very tastefully done. Colors perfect. Wheel treatment excellent. Terrific restoration but not over restored. Rare, rare car. I agree with Al about removing the lights and trunk for showing. I made the comment to West while it was in the trailer that the clean look of the original design wasn’t masked by a bunch of junk placed on it. Interestingly, the big Buick is also an incredible driver, power to weight ratio is better than a Cadillac eight, and the motor is much lighter as is the chassis so it steers and stops better, with a much better rate of acceleration. Also, the Buick hood gives a better line and scale to the car than the short nose on a small Cadillac. Later in the thirties the boys over at Cadillac started to complain about Buick’s increased sales share eating into the Cadillac market, and GM squashed the slow but steady climb of the large series Buick’s. The “Big Buick’s” were one of the best values in the market at the time. It’s a wonderful car and deserved to win. Ed.
  24. Larger starter-generator needed

    The last time I saw the cub cadet set up it was placed on a Apperson Jackrabbit of 1913........and it started it fine. The early motors have little compression, I’m quite sure they have been installed many, many times. The units are very small, and rather inexpensive, even if they only last five years each, the cost of replacment would be negligible. The cadet motors are desiel, ask the guys on the HCCA site, I bet they have a bunch of insight.
  25. Packard block interchange

    Who said I was joking? 😜 I’m a purist but I would install the 39 so you can enjoy it ASAP. Just keep the factory block with the car. I wouldn’t bother swapping over the upper end, as it could cause a bunch of issues and expense with no advantage. Best bet would be install the current good running 39, find another donor motor, and then as time is available build the 38 motor and install it. Best of both worlds. I want to drive that thing before I get my social security checks!