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    Rare 1916 Buick D4 Express Truck

    There is an identicle truck in Western Mass, original unrestored, runs and drives. They are very reare with about six or eight known of the three years they built them. Seems Buick car collectors like them more than the truck collectors. Neat truck.
  2. edinmass

    1935 Lincoln K - Series 541 Sedan

    AJ, you don’t have to push it around much longer.........just finish it! Your at the end of the road so to speak, and could be driving in in a few weeks. Ed
  3. edinmass

    Auction on Craigslist for old cars.

    Sorry to be late answering, I’m “across the pond” chasing cars. We still have the 29 and it is still for sale. Ours has the engine, water pump, generator, distributor, carburetor, steering box, clutch, radiator, and a bunch of others things done. We have driven it at least two thousand miles, put another set of tires on it, and had nothing but fun with it. We drove it in Texas in 95 degree heat with a full load of people on the highway at 55 mph for forty five minutes, with no issues. It’s a wonderful car that won the “best original” at the meet in Buffalo New York last year. Send me a PM if you want a great old car that’s turn key. 37,500.00 we did the front end and brakes as well.......cleaned the gas tank, and a bunch of other stuff I forgot.
  4. edinmass

    1918 Kissel Roadster / Hardtop

    Another “easy restoration”. 🤔 Ron, you are hard core on your favorite marque.........I’m glad you ended up with that Coupe, and I’m sure it will be done correctly and tastefully. I’m looking forward to the restoration photos. Do you have a time frame for the first drive? 👍
  5. edinmass

    1935 Lincoln K - Series 541 Sedan

    The fact that such a nice car for so little money baffles me, it’s not a three window limo..........the car has nice lines, good color, sidemount covers, and seems to be a sorted driver. What more could someone ask?
  6. Great car, it’s one I am familiar with. Very well done, all the right goodies, and the impossible to locate four speed. Perfect color, and brings me back to my high school ride. If I only had more room in the garage. The only true post war class is in my humble opinion.
  7. edinmass

    1934 Packard 1108 Dietrich Victoria project

    There are no “missing” or “unknown” Packard Custom Dietrich cars left. Like Duesenberg, they have been tracked for MANY years, and several books have been published on them. If it were real, it would be worth 750k as it sits. And it would have sold in ten minutes. A real one can be purchased currently, at a multiple of the 750........several multiples. Just look in Edward Blend’s book, if you can find one....they sell for over one thousand dollars............yup, I have seen them bring that kind of money recently. I got mine for twenty bucks! 👍
  8. edinmass

    Mass. YOM plates and new inspection rules

    I owned two inspection stations in Mass for twelve years, three if you count the motorcycle inspection station also. I still have my two YOM plates on my cars registered in mass. I place the sticker on the registration. My local station never asks about the sticker, because they see it on the registration ahead of time. Try it. My best, Ed
  9. edinmass

    Model T mechanic needed in Central PA

    It’s easier to get a Model J Duesenberg fixed than it is to fine someone to fix a Ford T. I make this statement from experience!
  10. Now I know why George didn’t answer his phone yesterday!
  11. edinmass

    Stuck clutch disc

    Easiest way is to let the car idle for an hour or two.......it takes that long for heat to transfer from the engine and into the flywheel and clutch. When the trans temperature gets up to the same as the crankcase the clutch will most often release. If not, after it’s fully warm, pop start it and drive it around the block with the clutch down. I have done this many times, and it worked every time.
  12. edinmass

    1933 Pierce-Arrow Model 836 Sport Coupe

    The car is 100 points, when I last recently looked t it. It is not just a Seagrave engine, but a modernized engine with a Holly and down draft homemade intake. I know some of the people who have serviced the car, and they all say it runs fantastic. My guess is the engine is the later version with the bigger displacement Seagrave as Dee Howard liked to drive fast. All of the work that Dee and his guys did was first rate. Dee didn't care about how much he spent, he wanted what he wanted, and did it with flair and class. Is this car for everybody? Probably not, but I'm quite sure the last owner enjoyed it very much.
  13. Today a confirmed real car that has all new wood will bring 300k less than one with factory wood. Provenance is EVERYTHING on these type of cars today. There are about 30 V-16 Roadsters around, half are new coachwork, some are bodies off of 8's and placed on 16's. The listing is correct, there are about 10 decent cars out there with good history. An in the era engine swap with incorrect numbers years ago was no big deal.........today, a car with a "story" will bring much less money. I think one of the 10 known good cars without a story will run seven figures, even if it needs work or a restoration. GOOD car are VERY hard to find today, at almost any price.
  14. edinmass

    The toy box and the big shop, my New shop Build.

    George, anything with more than 140 horsepower is interesting, and in the multi cylinder race........sort of a slight of hand.......... but a DV-32 is just as interesting as any twelve or V-16. I may even include the W.O. Bently's even though they were 4 and 6 cars. Maybe a 851 SC Auburn.........I guess it just a low class Frenchman slang..........."multi-cylinder" means interesting to me.........
  15. edinmass

    1929 Stutz 145" Wheelbase

    The Stutz club has a website, and there are several active members on this site. I am not sure the roster has a list of all known cars, but my guess is that over the years the have built a list of known cars. If you send them a copy of the paperwork with your request, you may get a more immediate response. AJ, do you have a car listing? Recently at a major show, the 1928 RollRoyce Ascot that was the trade on J357 in 1930 when new were both on the same show field. Kind of neat to have two cars purchased new by the same guy still around almost 90 years later.
  16. Almost perfection.........throw away those extra lights and it will be perfect. Great car, interesting colors. Tasteful and well presented. A true American masterpiece. Wonderful driver..........what more can one ask for?
  17. edinmass

    The toy box and the big shop, my New shop Build.

    Looks great. Now you just need a prewar multi cylinder Classic to finish it off........maybe a V-16 or a DV-32?
  18. edinmass

    gardner automobile

    Neat car, and a fun project to get running and sort out. PLEASE never haul that car on a trailer like that again, it’s incredibly dangerous to you and others. Looking forward to more photos.
  19. edinmass

    1932 Hispano Suiza T60 RLS Coupe De Ville

    In the Northeast, we called them beach wagons.............but we also drive around rotary's and eat grinders.......
  20. edinmass

    Rhinebeck anyone?

    I see them all over the globe.......Maine, California, Illinois, they just scattered to the wind. Some of the true great stuff ended up in a few collections that I visit every year. Most of it hasnt seen the light of day since the 80's.
  21. edinmass

    Rhinebeck anyone?

    I sure miss the old days of the blue field, with all the good pre war stuff you could find. And the Ridgefield meet was always a favorite. Lots of great cars you would see only once every five or ten years would come out in the sun for an afternoon. Days gone by........
  22. edinmass

    1914 Locomobile - For sale

    Both cars a very nice........can’t beat a vintage Loco.
  23. edinmass

    Gettysburg CCCA Marmon/Stutz meet today

    The only thing wrong with a Stutz DV is their price. I clearly remember twenty years ago speaking to a well known collector, I would buy the DV he just paid 250k for at thirty cents on the dollar when I was closer to retirement age. I was wrong, that car would run me 1.4 now........so much for being certain no one would want a Stutz in the year 2020. True Story............
  24. edinmass

    Donny Carlson

    Martin introduced me to Don, a great old time collector. I was able to do some trading with him a few years ago, and it was always a fun time. Ed
  25. Why is it that I see price guides placing values for cars in condition from one to six, and the cars they are valuing do not even exist? And I’m not just talking about one year and one model, dozens and dozens. The price guides are worthless...